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181Down for My N*****

One of the best freestyle raps ever

182Tha Block Is HotV1 Comment
183Bow Chicka Wow Wow
184Nothing But Trouble
185I'm That N***a

I love this song

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186South Muzik
187Black Republicans

How come this ain't on the list?! its 1 of his best songs in my opinion... guess its because yall don't listen to mixtapes, which is where he is best in my opinion. His studio albums is for the general public, while his mixtapes if for the hiphop heads - oliverpaw

188TriggamanV1 Comment
189Stuntin' Like My Daddy
190Talk 2 Me

With out a doubt top ten

191Mrs. Officer

It seems like Wayne's songs where he doesn't go hard aren't liked, and I don't get it.. What a great song!

Totally agree! People only here Wayne's music that enters the charts, like lollipop..

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193S On My Chest
194Prom Queen

I love weezy's rock'n'roll side and it completely explodes in this song which describes so truly high school years and the behavior of some teens

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Lil Wayne and nicki are the ultimate rap couple. The tune is really catchy

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196P****, Money, Weed

Ah! great songs wid great lyrics And yaah you all will surely like the calm flow of this song!

Possibly Lil Wayne's best song on love. Period. Even though it may swear a little bit, (don't all of his songs? ) it's still amazing.


Best Lil Wayne song ever! And I think he is the best rapper alive

One of Wayne's best songs EVER! Love this no other version of this song can compete! His metaphors and word play in this song can not be competed with another!..

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