Top 10 Linkin Park Songs

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The Top Ten

It makes me feel like WOW
The tune, The lyrics
Everything's perfect
Chester at his best
It soothes the soul
Just once I hear... I can't stop playing it again and again
Best song of Linkin Park
Linkin Park forever!
It's a very beautiful song having a very good meaning... One should listen it at least once...
There is a reason for it to be up here and the reason is that it's awesome... Just makes everything go awe...
[Newest]Yes, it is the best, that right.
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2In the End
I love this song. The lyrics are awesome and have a great meaning. My next favorite song would be "Numb" but this is the one I have listened to since it came out and will always be my favorite. I love Linkin Park so much I even bought the songs from iTunes to support them and give them money instead of ripping them off. Linkin Park forever!
This song is old but cool. I don't like very much the new CD "A Thousand Suns" from Linkin Park. Hybrid Theory is very much better.
Best Linkin Park song at the moment hopefully they will make some good album because a thousand suns was awful
[Newest]This should be #1
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3What I've Done
the best song by linkin park
maybe someday it would beat numb too
linkin park are singing for the new transformers movie too
Easily their best song, even with stiff competition from New Divide, Numb, and Papercut. Linkin Park takes awesome lyrics and pairs them with a haunting melody that is simply mesmerizing.
this song should be no.2... chester is undoubtedly the best vocalist of the best band ever... and the drum beats are faboulous... what I've done... linkin park.. love you
[Newest]This song still gives me Goosebumps, amazing composition...!
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4New Divide
So awesome.. The best I ever heard, Chester had a very beautiful voice, the effects and the instrumental is blowing, LP You're the best!
This is my favorite LP song, the instrumental and the vocals are at Linkin Park's best, this is the best song of all time. If I had to pick a best of all times song I'd pick this one, It just can't be better. I FELL IN LOVE WITH NEW DIVIDE!
Love it, awesome use of instruments, I wish they made all their songs like this really cool one for the transformers movies.
[Newest]So different thumbs up

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5Breaking the Habit
This is one of my all time favourite songs... Love this song, love this band... The music is very empowering. Its has been so many years since this song came out, never got bored with it.
This has some of the deepest lyrics. This isn't just one of the best Linkin park songs, it's also the best song period. It haunts me every time I here it.
It deserves a better place than 6 :/ the beat is just awesome and not to mention the video please people vote for breaking the habit linkin park rocks

[Newest]I love this song
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Just and awesome Song, have to listen to it loud no other way!
I like each song but this is the first song in my playlist so this done it
... woohh... this is my favorite LP song...
... I like the screaming part... GRRRR...


[Newest]Love the screaming part... Great song even without it😲
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7Somewhere I Belong

Somewhere I belong is certainly somewhere it doesn't belong! I think its the best linkin park song after numb and what I've done! I think it at 8 because no ones heard it! Somewhere I belong should be top 3 at least!
This song deserves to be there right on top... Don't know what it is doing here right down


[Newest]Very underrated. Amazing song.
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Papercut should be among top 5! I can't believe that more people vote for the Catalyst!
I'm very surprise that this song is only no. 11.
Come on people! Do vote this song.
This song is awesome as hell.

Papercut for the win!
It's the best year... No match for it! It must be @no.4 at least.. It is damn good! Starting music is awesome...
[Newest]This song easily should be in the top five. My favorite Linkin Park song of all time!
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9Waiting for the End
This song is so great it has different types of music in it there is classic rock and rap. It is my favorite song
A thousand Suns might have been awful as a whole, but this song, along with Iridescent has certainly outclassed all of Linkin Park's other song... You can just feel the song, the lyrics are MINDBLASTING... Magical
Think and do different... That's what Linkin Park has shown through this epic and strong sounding song... What a great and classic song.
[Newest]The rap and singing are amazing, and the experiments they have done in this are so bold but they work.

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10Leave Out All the Rest
Beautiful song great lyrics no idea what its doing down here in 12th, this and given up should be a lot higher really
How could It be 8th...
It undoubtedly deserves 1st Spot (and I Mean It)
Just Listen To It once and you can't Stop from voting it..




No idea that THIS IS AT 11. It is far more better than CATALYST. This song soothes my heart every time I listen it
[Newest]Keep me in your memory Leave out all the rest Leave out all the rest

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The Contenders

the change in tempo is awesome.
even numb is second to this one.
I find it REALLY sad that there is only ONE song from Hybrid Theory in the top 10 and it's not even the best one, it's just the most mainstream one. ONE STEP CLOSER, PAPERCUT, CRAWLING, POINTS OF AUTHORITY etc should be in the top 10, not all these crappy new songs. What happened to Linkin Park? Sad.
That's not true at all. Linkin Park is is as good as they've ever been. Take your nostalgia goggles off.
Stomach Turning Wound Scratching This Is The Song That Lead The Way From The Beginning Hybrid Theory

[Newest]Best song they've ever written and sang.
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12One Step Closer
Why does the best song from Linkin Park have only 2 percent of the votes? Where are all the real Linkin Park fans? This was the first song that they introduced to us and it is still their best song after 11 years.
The heaviest most powerful song ever created. "Shut Up When I'm talking to you"
Actually Second MOST CRAZIEST!. This was the song that got me into it. Till I head the CRAZIEST OF THEM ALL! A PLACE FOR MY HEAD! NOTHING BEATS THIS! CRAZINESS TILL THE VERY END! Unlike most linking park songs where the screaming last for one section. This craziness last for 2 sections.
LMAO. Linkin Park's best song is sitting here in 14th!? What the heck is going on!?
[Newest]Best Linkin Park song for me, very catchy, one of those anger/ fight songs
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13Lost In the Echo
The best of their new album living things... Got me the first time I heard it and since then I've been into it... Their new style is good.. And linkin park is back...

Epic Intro, Awesome Lyrics, Beautiful Chorus, Top Class Raps, A perfect Package to start with...

It Will Definitely reach top 10!

One of the most meaningful songs of Lp with Shinoda showing he's back and he is!


Mikes Rap reminds me of hybird theory
chesters scream and singing reminds me of lying from you
Surely the best of living things. Great composition. M shinoda rocks
[Newest]Great song lyrics just awake the soul
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14Bleed It Out
The rap part in this song rocks, mike shinoda was awesome.
Epic! Just too good! Mike raps the hell out in this song crazy vocals by chester!
Good mix of rock and rapping and a good music video too!
[Newest]Best song by Linkin Park, the guitar in beginning is just so awesome

15Lying from You
what the helll
lying from you is not even in top 10
it is much much better than bleed it out and catalyst
Why the hell is this not on top? This song is amazing and is much better than songs like waiting for the end. I mean like the only reason why numb is on top is because its the only song people know. People should get to know real linkin park.
Crazy good song! The chorus gets me fired up every time. "Lying my way. From. YOU! (No, no turnin' back now! )" All around good song, from the beat, to mike's rapping, to chester's vocals. The heart and soul of Linkin Park in this song!
[Newest]This song is amazing why is it not higher?

16The Catalyst
This is one of the best song from Linkin Park (in my opinion), its very disappointing that most of you guys in nowadays don't like the "new Linkin Park" because no matter how they've changed, they're still Linkin Park...
Linkin Park FOREVER!
Awesome song guys, got to love it in the last part, the drumming and the way Chester and mike have sung it... It almost touches my heart
You wanna see Amy Rose on the drums? Interesting fact, is that Tails can play the drums, which would be more easily thought to be Knuckles' role.
My favorite song forever followed by what I've done and new divide
[Newest]I think it's about nukes. The beginning is them dreading the nuke then when there is a little music is when the nuke is coming and they're praying and then when music plays really loud is when it's hitting then the slow part is the aftermath of the nuke.
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Good sound perfect melody excellent story.
"do you feel cold and lost in deperation
You build up hopes but failures all you've known
Remember all the sadness and frustration

This song contains inspiring lyrics. Not only with good sound composition they're also a good message composers.
Well my favourite off all LP songs. LP is my favourite band. Damn they just rock. And the last part of this song is certainly the best!


[Newest]Iridescent along with Burn it Down and Castle of Glass should be in the top ten.
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18Burn It Down
I like this song it's so energetic, and good to listen. And Nintendo rules!
LP is still amazing
Best Nintendo game: Super Mario 64.

Princess Peach sucks and this song is killer!
Heard it recently! ! So good song! Really amazing! Totally Mesmerizing! Awesome song... So Good!
Linkin Park Rocks!
They put so much energy in this song. It's unbelievable. I can't get enough of this one
[Newest]Depeche mode influence apparent. Good song.
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19A Place for My Head
This song is amazing the lyrics, the chorus everything, how is this not higher up on the list, should at least be in the top ten and if this was on a different album such as minutes to midnight, more people would love it more
This song just gets me pumped. I always listen to it when I'm pissed or working out.
This song is old school linkin park at they're best! This song is amazing. If linkin park looked at their change then and now, theyd realize why so many people who have heard they're old stuff hate em now.
[Newest]Best rap in Linkin Park

20From the Inside
I Love This Song Its Really Awesome. I Love The Beginning Guitar Instrumental Part.


What are you people even voting for? This is Linkin Park's best song because it shows off every single one of their elements... The scratching the guitars, drums, bass, and the vocal play between chester and mike... Great lyrics too! This should be #1 Chester's screams are epic as hell too, and a well-constructed song.
great song with great meaning and a great beat/guitar/bass its just an amazing song. :-)
[Newest]Not as over play like other songs. Deserve more votes!

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