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1Master of Puppets or Enter Sandman?

Master of Puppets! ENTER SANDMAN IS SO OVERRATED! It's not even on my top 10!

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2Load or ReLoad?

They're both decent albums, and I can't really compare them.

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3St. Anger or Lulu?

Lulu sucks. Do I need to say more? St. Anger is better!

St. Anger, Lulu is terrible album.

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4Enter Sandman or The Unforgiven?

Enter Sandman. Unforgiven bores me to death sometimes.

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5James Hetfield or Lars Ulrich?V2 Comments
6Cliff Burton or Jason Newsted?

Cliff is the beast! Nobody beats Cliff when it comes to bass! (Maybe with the exception of Steve Harris of Iron Maiden) But Jason has the great growls!

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7Master of Puppets or The Black Album?

MASTER! We got Welcome Home, Disposable Heroes, MoP, Damage Inc. And Battery!

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8Master of Puppets or Ride The Lightning?

This is the hardest choice that's killing me! RIDE THE LIGHTNING!

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9One or Fade To Black?

One! One of my favorite metal songs of all time. - LightningBlade

One! In fact, it's what I'm listening to right now!

10Seek & Destroy or The Four Horsemen?V2 Comments

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11Master of Puppets or ...And Justice For All?

...And Justice For All. Its one of my favorite metal albums. - LightningBlade

12Do you think Death Magnetic sucks?
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