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1 Sunflower

I'm more of an oldies person, but I actually like a few modern pop songs! I actually downloaded this to my music! It's THAT good. I also think "Into The Spider-Verse" is a brilliant movie!

It's such a deep and meaningful song. I always think of my girlfriend when I hear it. It's our song.

This song is just to good to be true. This song is the song you always want to sing to.

2 I Fall Apart

Takes you so deep! This is the song which is always struck in your head and plays in loop.

Not a huge Posty fan, but I saw him at reading festival 2018 and this song was an absolute tune. On repeat ever since.

Sick flow and makes me fall apart down to my core every damn time.

3 Circles

This type of music suits him so well, it compliments his voice.

Definitely not the best rap song, I just love the groove.

Good song, I just wish it would come on the radio less.

4 Candy Paint

First song I ever heard by him. In fact I didn't even know it was him until two years after sadly.

Better than the rest. Only other song that could tie it would be Physco.

Sickest beat ever. Can't beat it.

5 Take What You Want

The song showcasing his versatility...and also for Ozzy Osbourne, 'enough said..

This shows his versatility. I HOPE he keeps doing more stuff like this

I love how he teams up with Travis Scott and Ozzy Ozbourne, it's awesome!

6 Congratulations

I love this song just because Kyle David Hall uses it in his music video"penny boarding in cali" I LOVE IT!

GUYS! I found a good Post Malone song! After these I'm glad he made something fun. Even he sounds decent and Quavo brings the song up. 4/5

7 White Iverson

If you are gonna think Post Malone. Think White Iverson, this song shows the true Post malone. Great lyrics smooth beat that gets cemented in your head. this song defined his career, not some wishy washy love song like Better Now that gets painfully annoying after the first 5 listens.

This is the greatest song on Earth. From the melody to the beat to the genius 200 IQ references, this song is everything.

Post said he only had one good song...

8 Rockstar

Nothing can beat this song. I remember when I heard this song for the first time, I literally jumped and shouted at my brother " Bro, this gonna make a record"

This is the most popular. It reached number one, it is far behind any other song. Psycho is great as well though

Awesome to much cussing why not number one?

9 Better Now

Fantastic groove, gets stuck in the head! Nice lyrics right to the point. I love it!

This song isn't bad for a Post Malone song, and the ending is actually pretty nice. 3/5

I love this song
Amazing sad and cool at the same time.

10 Psycho

This should be number 1. I like this song the first time I heard it.

Needs no explanation. It's a fantastic song.

Best beat out of any Post Malone song, great lyrics, and has a nice rise, unlike songs such as Rockstar

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11 Stay

By far my favorite song by Post. "Every time we make up the truth is faded..."

12 Go Flex

This is my favourite Post Malone song. Deja Vu is my second favourite one. Go Flex is a song that combines Trap Soul with Country music. It sounds so amazing. Post Malone is a very underrated artist who deserves more credit

This song makes me sad for some reason...

13 Came Up

The Flosstradamus remix is fun, but the original version (that can still be found on YouTube) is such a vibe

14 Feeling Whitney

Makes me reminisce on all my life decisions. Best song he's made and maybe all of 21st Century hip-hop.

Simply the best song ever. No song even comes close to this masterpiece

Needs to make more like this, amazing song.

15 Hollywood's Bleeding

Every time I hear this song I feel alive and I want to go do something

16 Jackie Chan
17 Wow

The beat along with the lyrics... just a treat man!

This is the best song I have ever heard.

18 Dial Drunk
19 Rich & Sad

Underrated, awesome hook/chorus, but DIDn't EXPECT this to be in the top 10! Felt good about about it, though there are better ones that are way lower

Really never gave his music a chance until I heard this song amd felt the lyrics... This song is in my opinion his best til date

This song is flames. Needs to be way higher...

20 Deja Vu
21 92 Explorer

Underrated song with such a dope beat and good lyrics.

22 Too Young
23 Jonestown (Interlude)
24 A Thousand Bad Times

My favorite song of his right now, should be a the top of the list.

25 Enough is Enough
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