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Dora the Explorer
"Do you see the lake? " YEAH, IT'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Dora's voice is extremely annoying and she doesn't really teach you Spanish at all. How is her show educational? It's just horrible.
I'm gonna discuss dora first. First of all, her voice is so annoying! Make it stop! MAKE IT STOP! Anyways, Dora also is stupid. "Where is the tree? " Gee, I dunno... IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE! And when it finlly throws some Spanish at you, she just repeats the Spanish word. There is a difference between teaching kids words, and just repeating them a bunch. Now, for the overall show. Its about Dora Exploring places and collecting stars along the way. First of all, What caring parent lets their 7 year old travel the world alone? With a talking monkey? Do you see anything wrong with that? And let me get this outta the way, the theme song is so annoying! Also, I have seen an episode were Dora went to Swiper's berry field and straight up stole some berrys. They weren't donating them or anything, they just took them. I could go on, but we'd be here forever.


Dora is blind. She's like, where's the school? Even though it's right infront of her, and the songs are so stupid, E.g I'm the map I'm the map over and over and over. And she seems like an idiot. If you use your arms though nap at crocodile's They'll run away!, imagine if a kid just got attacked by a crocodile and just copied dora and went snap snap! Eh... You see what I mean.
[Newest]Dora is by far the most annoying cartoon character, I'm really surprised how this show is popular and it hasn't been cancelled.

2Barney and Friends
Here is the most stupidest kid show in pbs kids history Barney. This creeper loves kids so much. Too much. Way too much anyways he teach kids about manners and be safe. OH BOY ITS EDICATINAl. NO ITS NOT! I mean this episode has a lot of singing too. That's UGLY! I will buy a Barney doll and RIP IT TO SHREDS! Or better yet ABANDON IT! Yea that will teach him a lesson.
Have you seen them on toontown? I LOVE YOU! BEE MINE! WE ARE A GREAT FAMILY! Ugh! Its so annoying! Even though I've hated Dora the explorer since I was just three years old, barney is like kids boyfriends who want uhfuoefiweo- recording beep - sorry barney is just bad AND THE REASON TOONTOWN IS SO ANNOYED THAT BARNEY IS ALWAYS HERE TO SAY I LOVE YOU!
Barney is creepy, it gives some of my friends nightmares

3Go, Diego, Go!
Stop shouting, annoying little twat!

Caillou is some messed up, bratty, spoiled, annoying, whinny, little high pitched thang, that is in like kindergarten for eternity cause he is so stupid!
This show LITERALLY TEACHES kids to whine and cry! My brothers (who were silent little angels) watched this show and now I have a life-time headache from their screaming! I still have nightmares of millions of little caillous screaming in my dang face! I didn't have enough socks to plug them all up! WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS SHOW!
He is so bold! And the rest of his family have hair. All he does is complain hate the show so much. My 8month old even hates it.
My sis watches this. Boy does she watch it. It's so annoying!


[Newest]One of my friends said he has cancer, not allowing him to have hair.

5Spongebob Squarepants
You guys are mean
Best show ever! I've watched this since I was 2!
THE VOICES are awful. Everyone loves it, but it's weird. Doesn't give good messages, it's a waste of time, and not just because it's not educational, in my opinion.
[Newest]Hey. SpongeBob is awesome!

! I hate this show so much! My sisters used to always watch this and it was so so annoying
When I was lil it scard me because I didn't know what the hell those damn things where what are they any way I'm eleven now and I still don't know what the beep those things are
It's so creepy that people also made a horror game about it.

7Dance-A-Lot Robot
No point in learning with him.
Every thing about this show is anoying! The robot is a retarded.


8Little Einsteins
This show might be confusing for younger kids. It is already teaching them about famous composers, etc. Please, come on, the show is aimed at a 2-6 year old age level. How do you expect kids to know this? I personally, dislike the show. Every episode seems to have the same story. But who am I to judge? Kids might see it through different eyes and find it entertaining.
Little butty face because that's all your spank that butty My girlfriend
Who activates a vehicle by clapping their hands!?


10In the Night Garden
So annoying people have no brain I would tell them to go to dollarama to buy one. Wait it would be so cheapy like like this show. Try Michael kors mabey they have commen sense

The Contenders

This guy eats whatever he wants good become a sumo wresler your half way there

12Special Agent Oso
"Special Agent Oso... we have a very important mission for you... listen carefully... we need you to... help Jake... clean his room! "

Yeah, like there isn't anyone in the entire world who seriously needs help. I sure wish a magical bear would appear out of nowhere to solve MY problems.
When this comes on I say help! Take this, I watched them tie a shoelace. I'm 10, and I don't know how to tie a shoelace. As well as give a horse apples and throw a horseshoe at your grandpa. Oso is Oso Stupid!
Okay, I saw an episode about, get this, brushing your teeth! Imagine how many parents had to sit through this mess of a show.


[Newest]Special Agent Oso, go help Jim how to walk!

13The Amazing World of Gumball
This Show gets on my last nerve! The kids are retarded, the dad is so stupid and lazy, and the only smart character is the 4 year old girl. I can't stand it!
It's okay and good enough.

14My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Not to bad, pretty overrated, but it's level of annoyance is what gets me. You honestly can't it anywhere you go, and the bronies, well, most of them, will get mad if you don't like the show or want the spamming to stop, all coming from personal experience. It isn't necessarily the show that is annoying, but the douchebag type bronies who make it so.
Terrible show with a terrible fandom that makes terrible gory filled fan fictions.
I hate this show.


15Johnny and the Sprites
Your right! This should be on this list because its just only about barf colored sprites that are so annoying. Its more like johnny and the sprite cans.
Ther only 2 good characters it Ginger and Lily are verry good root is annoing and the green sprite is the most annoying voice I heard but hey it my list


16Gravity Falls
You sir, have never seen gravity falls to know it sucks, tell me why it has 2 million hits for one episode? Adventure time has 5 million hits altogther, 2 MILLION HITS FOR ONE EPISODE
Whoever put Gravity Falls on here is a big stinky jerk.


This show is awesome! The person who put this needs to actually watch the show.

I hate this show


18Sesame Street

19Dude, That's My Ghost

20Quiet Is...
More like quiet is... LOUD!

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