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Dora the Explorer
"Do you see the lake? " YEAH, IT'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Dora's voice is extremely annoying and she doesn't really teach you Spanish at all. How is her show educational? It's just horrible.
Dora: Where's the mountain? Me: It's right behind you. And when she asks questions she never let's me finish. She's blind and rude for interrupting. Worst show ever and it's still on T.V.. I never even learned any Spanish anyway so what's the use of having her on T.V.?
Dora is blind. She's like, where's the school? Even though it's right infront of her, and the songs are so stupid, E.g I'm the map I'm the map over and over and over. And she seems like an idiot. If you use your arms though nap at crocodile's They'll run away!, imagine if a kid just got attacked by a crocodile and just copied dora and went snap snap! Eh... You see what I mean.
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2Barney and Friends
Here is the most stupidest kid show in pbs kids history Barney. This creeper loves kids so much. Too much. Way too much anyways he teach kids about manners and be safe. OH BOY ITS EDICATINAl. NO ITS NOT! I mean this episode has a lot of singing too. That's UGLY! I will buy a Barney doll and RIP IT TO SHREDS! Or better yet ABANDON IT! Yea that will teach him a lesson.
Have you seen them on toontown? I LOVE YOU! BEE MINE! WE ARE A GREAT FAMILY! Ugh! Its so annoying! Even though I've hated Dora the explorer since I was just three years old, barney is like kids boyfriends who want uhfuoefiweo- recording beep - sorry barney is just bad AND THE REASON TOONTOWN IS SO ANNOYED THAT BARNEY IS ALWAYS HERE TO SAY I LOVE YOU!
Dora is not annoying. But Barney is the most irritating T.V. character ever.

3Go, Diego, Go!
Stop shouting, annoying little twat!

Same plot as every
Kids show

5In the Night Garden

6Dance-A-Lot Robot
Every thing about this show is anoying! The robot is a retarded.


7Little Einsteins
This show might be confusing for younger kids. It is already teaching them about famous composers, etc. Please, come on, the show is aimed at a 2-6 year old age level. How do you expect kids to know this? I personally, dislike the show. Every episode seems to have the same story. But who am I to judge? Kids might see it through different eyes and find it entertaining.
I like it when I was 4 but looking back it bad


8Spongebob Squarepants
You guys are mean
Best show ever! I've watched this since I was 2!
SpongeBob used to be great until the movie

9The Amazing World of Gumball
This Show gets on my last nerve! The kids are retarded, the dad is so stupid and lazy, and the only smart character is the 4 year old girl. I can't stand it!

10Special Agent Oso
Yeah! It's just a bear that helps people do stuff that everyone knows how to do... SO WHATS SO EDUCATIONAL ABOUT THIS SHOW?!?
And plus Oso isn't 'special' at all! It should be called 'Retarded Agent Oso


"Special Agent Oso... we have a very important mission for you... listen carefully... we need you to... help Jake... clean his room! "

Yeah, like there isn't anyone in the entire world who seriously needs help. I sure wish a magical bear would appear out of nowhere to solve MY problems.
I saw an episode on how to eat spaghetti with a fork... WHAT THE HECK IS WITH T.V. THESE DAYS! There is like only one rule to eat spaghetti! Stick in yo mouth and enjoy it! The animation gives me the creeps. All the kids in this show have a deformed face. So that cruddy agent Oslo in a nutshell. 😊
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12Johnny and the Sprites
Your right! This should be on this list because its just only about barf colored sprites that are so annoying. Its more like johnny and the sprite cans.
Ther only 2 good characters it Ginger and Lily are verry good root is annoing and the green sprite is the most annoying voice I heard but hey it my list


13Gravity Falls
I hate gravity falls

14Dude, That's My Ghost

15Quiet Is...

This show is just a show about a girl and a boy singing songs but the annimation it verry good it good for verry yong kids


When I was lil it scard me because I didn't know what the hell those damn things where what are they any way I'm eleven now and I still don't know what the beep those things are
! I hate this show so much! My sisters used to always watch this and it was so so annoying

17Fleabag Monkeyface
This garbage is what is ruining kids T.V.. It's full of gross, disgusting toilet humour that we are meant to find FUNNY?
*BURP* *LOUD FART* = HAHAAHAHA no it doesn't

18Babar and the Adventures of Badou

Don't go crazy it the NEW BABAR! It sucks Babar and everyone is in cgi and looks ugly just it sucks.


19Shake It Up

20Peppa Pig
She is just really stupid, I can't stand her!

21Handy Manny
Okay does Manny live in his repair shop? Who lives at their own store? And it was messed up to have his grandpa get married, is their an age limit? He's too shy to admit that him and his girl, Kelly are a couple. And why doesn't he remove his hat to relax or something he just removed it for the wedding. He needs a new hairstyle. And he's two feet! The only character that anyone finds cute is Flicker and Manny. I just hate that show to the extreme.
Imagine a kid talking to tools because of this show

22Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

23Super Why

This show is brain eating

24Fanboy & Chum Chum
! This show is so Anyoing! Gumball should be off here! They should trade places!

25Max and Ruby

26The Problem Solverz
Horrible Animation
Awful Acting
0% funny

27Sophia the First
Well I Mean Spongebob and The Amazing World of Gumball are above this so they should trade places!
I acallaly never seen it but I heard it was horrible!

28Sanjay and Craig
A ripoff of Regular Show!

29The Wonder Pets
Why rescue only BABY animals? There IS a limit to how cutesy you can get. And why is the duck's speech impediment suppose to be cute and amusing? Show makes me want to buy a hunting rifle.

30The Wiggles
Four middle-aged men dancing around and performing for young children... Something just isn't right there. My brother has a disability and hasn't grown out of this show, so I've been stuck listening to these freaks for the last 15 years.
If a middle-aged man came up to a kid and started singing and dancing, I'd call the cops on him. Enough said.

Well I mean SpongeBob and Gumball are above this so they should trade places!

32Adventure Time

33The Backyardigans
They sing stupid songs all the time!
I used to like it but now I can't stand it! I like Spongebob much better!
3 words of wisdom THIS SHOW SUCKS👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 At the end of the show, THEY TELL THE AUDIENCE THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE A SNACK. Whaa? I did not need to know that

34Power Rangers

35A.N.T. Farm

Every time they sing lalaloopsy lalaloopsy! It's stupid!


38Johnny Test

39Yo Gabba Gabba!

40Toopy & Binoo
Toopy NEVER shuts up and I mean NEVER! It is so annoying I just want to kill him every time I see him!

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