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August 2, 2015 - This has nothing to do with their singing abilities, etc. It's about the way they present themselves, their antics, their gimmicks and so on. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Justin Bieber
This little boy has to be the poster child for annoying little teen punks who think they're God's gift to the world and five years from now we'll never hear from him again, either because he's going to die from being stupid with drugs or he finally gets his license (the kid is only 16! ) or the world will finally wises up and just ignores him. At least Lady Gaga has an interesting image and can sing reasonably and Miley Cyrus can really sing and actually has a couple hits. Justin Bieber has nothing, the kid hasn't even hit puberty completely so his voice IS going to change and the kid is only 16: every celebrity or singer that started that young either killed themselves or killed their career.


This one really sucks. Justin Bieber should be stoned to death. He's so annoying!


I mean he is so overrated! I started to vote for Rihanna, but then I saw his name and almost gagged!
[Newest]Because he is a Douche Bag...

2Lady Gaga
This woman is unique, in the weirdest way possible. I will never forget that rotting meat dress. They killed animals so she can wear something to something stupid then she probably threw that dress away. They could've used the meat to send it to hungry kids! It's not just the LGBT, Lady Gaga. There are other suffering people.
such a lack of talent- and so much publicity. I can't wait til her 15 minutes of "fame" are over.
She always wears weird clothes and she sings terribly.
[Newest]Load of rubbish

Get madonna back to topping the charts

3Miley Cyrus
We want singers not disney garbage
Honestly, this girl is just too much. Why couldn't she have stayed in college and have a good education and lead a good life. I honestly don't think she's a nice person, she disses people on stage and shows off everything she doesn't have!
The way she's been acting lately is supposed to get her positive attention? Really? No wonder there's so much criticism if that's her goal

She's an awful singer. I have no idea how any of her songs even classify as music, she just "sings" about having sex with people... Gross. She can't dance either and her costumes are horrific.
TERRIBLE singer. She just sings very loudly, and annoyingly. Everytime one of her songs come up in Pandora, I start screaming at my computer and try to skip the the next song. Hope she quits singing real soon.
All her stuff sounds the same. Vocally all of the place. Off key in many areas. Not smart brains wise either. Shows up late to many of her shows. Probably only famous cause she looks good.

Annoying is all hell. I mean okay, I know she's supposed to be a parody and all that and in truth she's really intelligent... Yeah yeah... I get that. But that still doesn't excuse S*** quality songs and music like she produces year per year. God she's annoying.
Bubble gum hip hop. Horrible.
Just like Iggy Azalea, I didn't know they were white

6Avril Lavigne
Such a poser, not to mention the fact that she swears only to look cool. Avril Lavigne is worshiped by legions of self-hating 7th grade girls who think her songs are "deep" and slit their wrists to her music.

P.S. Why is Celine Dion not on this? All she sings are boring sappy love ballads meant for hippie grandmothers.
Whats so bad about her? She can sing
How can a woman become a pop-punk singer?

7Christina Aguilera
There's no doubt that she can sing. She's got a great voice and has the vocal prowess to back it up.

However, her style of singing is so annoying it makes me want to smash my head against a wall repeatedly. She always has to change the song and add unnecessary vocal acrobatics and random inflections here and there in an awkward attempt at trying to make it sound all emotional but really it just comes off as overdone and tacky.

Like, girl, sometimes you should just sing the words instead of trying to compete with some imaginary specter. No one is there. You don't have to try so hard to act like you're a good singer when everyone already knows you can sing; it's not a damn contest.

TL;DR: Sometimes lyrics are supposed to be sung simple and easy on the ears. Singing "I love you~" is much better than "I LOOOUUUVEUH AYOOOUU! "
Christina Aguilera has a beautiful voice but chooses to over due it and starts yelling, wailing. Christina Aguilera is also annoying because she can't stop channeling Marilyn Monroe for the last 14 years it's ruining her originality. Christina Aguilera has not gone an hr, day, year without saying something, wearing, doing some video, magazine spread that Marilyn Monroe has already said, done or worn. Christina Aguilera is delusional to think she's Marilyn Monroe. Her talent is being overshadowed by her obsession as a wannabe.
She's a good singer, but she always has something to prove. In her live shows she belts a million different notes just to showcase her range.

[Newest]If she would not do all those stupids riffs or runs whatever you want to call them she would be so much better. Someone please tell her sometimes simplicity is best.

8Katy Perry
She kissed a girl and she liked it... Only because it got her famous :p If not for Katy Perry pretending to be gay for the Tila Tequila show, she would have never been able to poison our ears with her nonsense.

9Taylor Swift
Maybe she'd be okay if she stopped complaining about all her boyfriends
Little whore.


This girl should be in the top ten! Why Nick Jonas?

10Nelly Furtado

The Contenders

11Nick Jonas
Thanks a lot Jonas Brothers. But why is Nelly Furtado on the list? She's a pretty good singer.

12Ariana Grande
She's just TOO fake :/
I don't buy her cutesy persona.
I Hate her Voice

13Simone Simons

14Michael Jackson
Remove this right now why is the king of pop in the same list as all these disney auto tune garbage douchnozzles

Such a fake bitch

Still Fat After Her "Love Diet". Can't Sing At All Whatsoever. She's like" 24"-supposably, she looks at least 51 unyouthful looking! Her Only Good Song Was Rolling In The Dope-all of the others stunk!

17Mariah Carey
I love Mariah! Lets put it this way, she can sing better than me and for sure can better then anybody else on this page and can probably sing better than most pop stars out there, she has a fantastic voice why is she on here?
She is another one who has to do all those stupid riffs. She was good when she first started but now all her music is toilet water.
Why is she so damn popular?

18Rebecca Black
She sounds like she's a duck. In her song Friday, she has to decide whether to sit the front or back seat. 😤
Who cares if it's Friday? I certainly don't! Who put Katy perry, Taylor swift, Beyoncé n Selena Gomez on this list?! That's not fair. Hey. I like gotye.

19Selena Gomez
Can't Sing! Dumb Enough To Date The Ugly Justin Bieber!
Dated or even dating JB, oh gosh...

20K.S. Chithra

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