Top Ten Most Arrogant Celebrities

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The Top Ten

Kanye West
Say no more, self explanitory.
He whines like a 2 yr old when he's not nominated for or win enough awards. Other artists work just as hard and deserves some recognition too.
He is very talented but he constantly compares himself to Jesus or a god. disrespectful and narcissistic. His old music was better
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2Kim Kardashian
A no talent person. She should lend herself and her "fame" for something other than herself. I cannot wait until the whole family goes away. They are despicable
I'm so pretty my sister are uglier than me, she so self obsessed!
She always think she pettier than everybody
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3Alec Baldwin
If your an ass be brave enough to be one at all times, not a great guy when the cameras are on you then a complete as to everyone in the service industry
He cussed out his daughter!

4Lindsay Lohan

5Charlie Sheen

6John Wayne

7Paris Hilton
... What does she even do?

8James Cameron

9Cristiano Ronaldo
Look at me and my hair.

10Jennifer Aniston

The Contenders

Not even a celeb but oh well...

12Michael Buble
Not only has he gone from that "individual" hipster garbage, but he took the pop culture of being "hipster" down the toilet of arrogance.


14Lady Gaga

15Barack Obama

16Taylor Swift
All she ever writes is about how my ex are an ass. Hello, what about you

17John Lennon

18Steve Jobs

19Nicki Minaj

20Victoria Beckham

21Michael Jackson

22Mariah Carey

23Courtney Love

24Tom Cruise

25Trent Reznor
Do you know how many concerts Nine Inch Nails canceled because they didn't headline!? Although Nine Inch Nails is a great band... Reznor just needs to show some respect to other bands a quit being so damn cocky.


26Ronald Reagan

27Megan Fox

28Selena Gomez
Something about her.. -_-
Wizards of waverley place is terrible

29Miley Cyrus

30Julia Roberts

31Gwyneth Paltrow


33Joe Jonas

34Steven Spielberg

35Meryl Streep

36George Clooney

37Natalie Portman

38Harvey Weinstein

39Bob Weinstein

40Sean Penn

41Sandra Bullock

42Cate Blanchett

43Jane Fonda

44George H. W. Bush

45Robin Thicke

46Shia LaBeouf

47Oprah Winfrey

48David Cronenberg

49Warren Beatty

50Dwayne Johnson
He was arrogant as a WWE supstar & he is also arrogant as a celebrity.

5150 Cent
All he cares about is him, his label and his money.

52Jodie Foster

53Michael Douglas

54Peter Guber

55Jon Peters

56Barbara Walters

57Piers Morgan

58Paul McCartney

59Robert Wagner

60Raquel Welch


62Faye Dunaway

63Don Simpson

64Chuck Lorre

65David Clennon

66David Keith

67Gary Bettman



70Edward Norton

71Josh Brolin

72Ashley Judd

73Jim Carrey

74Jenny McCarthy

75Virat Kohli
He should be topped the list. Don't even have a respect for the game he plays.

76Rick Ross
This rocket scientist just tattoed "rich forever" on his face.

77Richard Dawkins
He thinks he's better and smarter than everyone else especially to religious people.


79William Shatner
I guess your poop don't stink if you've been in space.

80Gene Simmons

81Paul Stanley

82Michael Bloomberg

83Bill Gates

84Jackie Evancho

85Justin Bieber
Thank you for putting him on this list! He is constantly going for that winning smile he thinks is so good looking, he cares more about his @#*^#$@! Hair more than his fans! Not that he has any. He a shallow arrogant son of a-
Went from sweet little boy on Ellen to this huge "sexy appeal. " Isn't he still a minor? Calm down 40-year-old women... But seriously.
He should be number 1 arrogant person
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