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July 4, 2015 - The title speaks for itself, but please try to include some variety as to which artist and time period you add. This list is for the most beautiful songs we've ever heard, not simply the most beautiful songs of our era.
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The Top Ten

There's Never a Forever Thing - A-ha
Nice to see a-ha getting some credit. This is a great song but the band have so many to choose from for this category. This appears on the 1988 album Stay on these roads but was written before the band achieved fame.
Deep lyrics, perfect composition, the best male voice and one of the best songs ever.

Perfect pop songs = A-ha
Yes, A-Ha have loads of beautiful songs, though this is definitely a favourite. Surprised to see them at the top of the list since everyone, as least in the West, have forgotten about them. Other beautiful songs they wrote: Living a Boy's Adventure Tale (, still so beautiful after all these years), Lifelines, Hunting High and Low, too many to mention.
[Newest]NotHing to say more

2Art of Life - X Japan
X Japan is in general a band whose music makes you say: I like this, and nothing else. Had they started doing more in the west in the 80's and early 90's they would be a lot more known then they currently are. And Art of Life is their masterpiece. You see the 30 min runningtime and you say " Pfft, I'm not gonna listen to a song for 30 min" But once you get captured, you can do nothing but enjoy it. X Japan is THE band and Art of Life is THE song.
As the title says, this song tells you what life is in the most honest way. Listen to the lyric, feel the music, and you will say "yes, this is life"


One of the best songs I've ever heard so glad its on this list, amazing lyrics, great tune this song is perfect
[Newest]Totally one of the best and the beautiful song that created in this world.


3November Rain - Guns N Roses
The best ballad of the best rock band of all time. Unusual story clothed in words, the extraordinary guitar solo performed by Slash, the entire composition, melody encroaching into the soul... And what more could you want? I'm really sure that the music of Guns N 'Roses will live forever!
This song is so beautiful. I like it
This is MY love song!

4You Are Not Alone - Michael Jackson
Absolutely beautiful song and should be at the top, it expresses great feelings and it has beautiful lyrics
Michael pulls so hard at the strings of my heart with every note of this song.
Michael is always the best. You already know that
[Newest]Michael is the best

5Summer of '69 - Bryan Adams
What can I say about its just an awesome song... My early summer was passed away only by listening such a great rock of bryan adams.
I love this song very much
The Best. Only The Best.
[Newest]Anybody who has cared for music in his life has loved this song.

6La Isla Bonita - Madonna
Well yes this song is one of the most amazing and beautiful songs of all time, hats off to Madonna for recording such a amazing track.
Cool beautiful no words to say
The song it's so bad

7Nothing Else Matters - Metallica
under rated
it is more beautiful than art of life


Under rated! I think more people must show some respect to the songs of Metallica! It's not because they have a name with the word METAL inside that doesn't mean the song isn't great!
Beautiful song
I think people should think that way too, even though the people you love are far away, you always carry them in your heart
[Newest]The best song ever!

8Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
Hands down the most beautiful song ever, and this should top the list without question.. I know Cohen wrote it but I believe Buckley made it his own as well as he did it.

It's absolutely perfect, and only Jeff could make such a simple, elegant sound that makes all your troubles go away for seven minutes, with just an electric guitar and his flawless vocals.
An absolutely amazing song by Cohen, but Jeff Buckley took it to a whole new level. I have never heard a song that even comes close to being as beautiful as this song, and honestly doubt I ever will.
Best Song Ever. It gets you through anything and everything!


[Newest]This should be number 1 on the list no matter what. This song moves me to tears every time I hear it no matter who sings it.

9Imagine - John Lennon
Very simple song with a very powerful message.
If all the world could in the least consider this vision, it would be a very beautiful world indeed.

If you love this song then "Dreamer" by Ozzy Osbourne is also well worth a listen, as it too is a beautiful song that preaches much the same message.
How is this song not among the top 3?! There are a couple more I'd consider beautiful but seriosusly, this one is the one of the most beautiful songs EVER. Period. I'd consider Stairway to Heaven also beautiful and I am surprised that one is not even on the list! Imagine however should be #1. I mean, Summer'69 is an awesome song, I agree, but it is not anywhere near more beautiful than this song. Get real people!
Easily the best opus on peace
[Newest]Very nice song but? WERE are the Beatles?

10Heal the World - Michael Jackson
I sang this to my whole school once... they were throwing roses at me... haha pretty weird, I claim this song, Song of the SUmmer of 2010


This song is the best. Forever will you and your songs be engraved in my heart Michael.
It's sad to see al these children suffer, but the song is amazing. I personally think this should be #1

The Contenders

11Love Walks In - Van Halen

12Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap
My favorite song. I've sung this in with my a capella group. Everyone is left speechless. The song brings out such intense emotion in just about everyone. It is PURE and BEAUTIFUL. I hope everyone hears this at least once in their lifetime
I sang this in my choir for a competition and got countless compliments afterwards. It's an emotional a beautiful song and so different to other songs out there. Her range is incredible as well.
The first time I ever heard this young woman was with Joe Bonamassa. What an extraordinarily beautiful voice she has. This song is no different. She pulls at your heart and soul and it leaves you with such wonderfully haunting feelings!

13Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
I'm sorry, but the fact that this is only 30 hurts me. Definitely deserves to be at least in the top 15. This song is SO beautiful and just eases away all tension.
This is an incredible piece of art. Why this isn't #1 is beyond me, but I cry every time I listen to this song. It has changes lives, and made bad days better. This song deserves a spot in at least the top three...
The live versions of this song, around 1973, are simply UNBELIEVABLE, it makes every other piece of music seem hollow
[Newest]This song is so beautiful! It deserves first place.

14I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
Well, I don't have to describe how great it is. The passion, The emotion, they're in the song. Whitney did a great job interpreting it in her own way. As it turn out, her beautiful voice build the emotion until the climax. That feeling of love, you can feel how much she loves him. I also love classical too but my favorite one is Chopin Etude Op.10 No.3 Chanson de L'adieu
This song is unbelieveable! Beautiful! She hits notes people only dream of hitting! I love her and miss her. RIP WHITNEY HOUSTON!
When I think of the greatest songs of all time... Many come to mind but this is always the first thought... Definitely a timeless masterpiece of music, tonality and range! Phenomenally Number 1!
[Newest]Well, this song is beautiful.its voice is nice

15Beyonce - Halo
I've never heard another song better at describing love. I think it perfectly encapsulates how wonderful helplessly falling completely in love with someone is.
Earth-shakingly beautifully. It takes the theme of love to a whole other level. It's not about sex, or money, just pure unadulterated love.
Wow! This song is excellent... I'm so glad I found it. It's absolutely beautiful...
[Newest]I love this song! It should be in the top 10!

16You're Still The One - Shania Twain
This song is still perfect


This just should be number one! My favorite song in the world!
I love this song, but I love Shania Tawain more.

17Smooth Operator - Sade

18Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Simply the greatest song known to man. The lyrics just envelop you at the beginning, and they take you on for a wild ride. As you reach the end, you are deeply thinking about life and all of its wonders.
The first half of this song is very beautiful (and sad), and it has a pretty cool part at the end which is sweet.
How is Lady Gaga, LADY GAGA, above Queen. This song deserves to be in the top five! No, top two, along with Led Zeppelin.


19I'm a Believer - Neil Diamond
fairy tales... big deal.. my grandfather played this before he died.. it was so sad


Not only meaningful lyrically, but the way the music interacts with itself, there isn't a prettier sound...
I can't help but loving this song, the lyrics are so personal and they make me feel strong and powerful inside.
[Newest]I think Neil Diamond was one of the best singers of them all!

20Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
Learned about this from my dad. Look at the comments on youtube people who have lost their loved ones very emotional and this song helps them through it
It's one of those songs that makes me stop and think about what really matters in life. I never casually listen to this song.
Wonderful, Wonderful song. Never ceases to bring a sad smile. If this were my list, it would be number one.
[Newest]This song will make you tear up

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