Top Ten Most Beautiful Women In the World


Whose your Pick of the Most Beautiful Woman to ever grace the Earth, and Place Comments as well. I will probably work on more as the space on here is not going to be enough. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Angel Locsin
. . . no. 1 most beautiful woman in the philippines!
Shes the 1 that captivating & very beautiful face. That's why shes got the name "ANGEL".
MOst beautiful Women in the Philippines! I love her eyes her nose her cleft chin her smile her heart shape face shes truly Angel on earth not only beautiful outside but ALSO beautiful INSIDE! Sexy and beautiful women ever!
[Newest]Marian, Liza, Julia, rhian, Taylor, where
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2Anne Curtis
Hot, beautiful and sexy that's anne curtis.
She's gorgeous and oozing with sex appeal!
Beautiful and sexy? That anne curtis. Only ANNE CURTIS!
[Newest]She is very beautiful
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3Sandara Park
She is beautiful with or without make up...

A natural beauty..
We can say there is no word to define her beauty and aura... Has a beautiful heart..
A loving daugther, sister, and idol... Her fans inspired because of her determination..
If you know her you can say that nothing impossible...
She must be number 1! A natural beauty indeed! Unlike any other celebrities who are full of plastic surgeries just to be beautiful. Not that I hate those that had plastic surgeries, or something like that. But if we choose to who should be the most beautiful. Of course we should choose the one who has the natural beauty. And beautiful inside and out. And that is MS. SANDARA PARK! NO OTHER THAN HER! Aja!
I've seen a lot of beautiful faces in T.V. and internet but her beauty is amazing she always glow and she's a vampire her youthful looks, flawless white skin, bright smile and pretty face oh god! She's a Goddess..Dara is the most beautiful woman in this world cause she even look so pretty in a half shave hair.she is very beautiful like an angel.but I'm sure she's a Goddess..
[Newest]I think Sandara deserve to be number one... Because beauty can't be measure on how you bare your body in front of people. The aura she has, it is different looking at her makes you smile. A beauty that attract... But an exception of lust by men
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4Marian Rivera
I never met her personally. I wish I could. And I'm still hoping. First time I ever saw her act, I already loved her. She must be one of the most beautiful celebrity in the Philippines. Her face, her body and her inner attitude must be very beautiful. She possesses that smile you can never forget the whole day, it brings positive vibes. Many people love her so much for her kindness and beauty in and out. Very real girl, and very loving when it comes to her family, friends and relationship. Her heart always go to those who is less fortunate, she gives hope to anyone hopeless. She loves her fans so much. She is a goddess. Proof is her being Philippine's Sexiet Women. No doubt, she could also be the most beautiful girl in the world.
Gorgeous ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ and amazing ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ she's one and only beautiful in the universe ๏ธhaha ๐Ÿ˜‚
I love Marian Rivera, she's the most beautiful woman all over the world specially in the Philippines and she's so talented, versatile actress and she has a beautiful face among the celebrities in the Philippines. She's not plastic but Frankly, and some filipino loves Marian Rivera not only in the Philippines but in the whole Asia. She's so Popular because she is great when it comes in Acting performances.Lastly, We love Marian Rivera she is the "Goddess of Beauty"
First I saw her in person, I could not believe she has that kind of aura that will make you blown away. So classic and social beauty that everyone should do anything just to see her. The reason why she is blessed is that because of her enigmatic beauty, very kind, down to earth person and the attitude that everyone should know how pleasing her personality is. A true/real person which you can never say bad things about her when you already knew the real her. I Love You.

-Randy Reyes-
[Newest]Marian Rivera... The best... Beauty and brain! Simple but elegant!
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5Taylor Swift
I believe she is just beautiful even Aishwariya is but Taylor also appreciates her fans I saw that in a speak now world tour and when I met Aishwarya sorry but she boasted so I love Taylor
She's damn beuatiful and make me jealous! Taylor I love ya! I can't choose between Taylor and Kstew they're both beautiful! Oh my god I'm the biggest fans of them.
[Newest]She's the one and only one beautiful women in the world ๐ŸŒ

6Angelina Jolie
She's not just beautiful, but a captivating action star.
The most beautiful lady of the world
A true beauty inside and out!
[Newest]Most Beautiful & dashing Lady..

7Megan Fox
Megan Fox has to be the most beautiful woman in the world at the moment. She has this Elizabeth Taylor appeal going on about her, dark hair in contrast to her light eyes, porcelain skin blended with a killer body, come on " 34B-22-32! " and to top it off she has a dark sense of humor that can get everyone wanting more. The epitome of femininity --- beauty wise.
Shes very sexy
And hot. You will melt when you se her. Yes, shes an atomic bomb an also have the style for driving crazy crazy. Megan wait for me
She is very damn hot... Beautiful woman... Shew... Its hot in here... STEAMY HOT
[Newest]Most beautiful face. Hot ass hot boobs what do you need more from a woman?

8Avril Lavigne
She I the perfect blonde
1. Fair skin
2. Girly highlights
3. Everything... Clothing line (abbey dawn )fragrance (forbidden rose, wild rose and black star) last but not least her best songs what the hell<girlfriend, when your gone, innocence and complicated. And if I say 3 bonus songes sk8er boi, goodbyelullaby and best damn thing
Love you Avril! From your looks, your songs, your albums, your fragrance and your... EVERYTHING! I can't believe anyone could hate a perfect angel that is as beautiful as you! LOVE YOU AVRIL! All your fans should vote for you! VOTE FOR THIS ANGEL NOW! - Little Black Star
What?! Avril not in top ten?! She has to be the number 1. No argument! She is the most beautiful women in the world. Now, she is 28. But if you look at her, you will think that she is under 18. She is just WOW!
[Newest]She looks like a vampire

9Emma Watson
What's deficiency from this beautiful girl? She is perfect! She is the cleverest girl! Her school is Oxford and Brown university! What a ridiculosly smart girl! And Emma took a gap year between her A-levels and university. She is the most natural beauty in the world! She had her own way to look beauty, just not like with other girls. She is awesome actress! She was very deep in her role. She could leave her as Hermione Granger, and to be someone. She was great! And she is role model! She was photogenic! Love her!
Emma Watson... No doubt she is a perfect woman with perfect head! Her skills are magnificient.. She is such a beautiful actress, cute, gorgeous, exquisite and adorable.. If the word beauty has millions of synonyms.. I think she would fit for all... Love you EMMA CHARLOTTE DUERRE WATSON.. God, I always do that...
Emma so beautiful Her dainty, feminine bone structure, dark, straight brows, and wide brown eyes are seriously beautiful. Her refined taste for fashion and passion for the arts conveys a heightened sense for aesthetics, proving she is truly full of beauty by me maryam gillani
[Newest]I love you Emma Watson!

10Im Yoona
I'm Yoona is simple and yet has a strong aura.. She doesn't need to project sexy like any other woman. Because by the way you look at her face, physique, and the totality of her personality, you will definitely admire and appreciate her beauty. Just wearing simple shirt and jeans, she is more than a beauty queen.. I love Yoona. :-)
I like her... But really... I don't think being her on this list is fair... Because she is not natural.

She has had a nose job and jaw surgery and you can Google it... !


! YoonA is extremely beautiful... I would say the whole Girls' Generation members are pretty
[Newest]Yoona is BEAUTIFUL! I can't believe she's in the top ten and honestly, she does deserve it, she is pretty inside out. I'm so jealous of her.

The Contenders

11Beyoncรฉ Knowles
Beyonce is the most beautiful woman in this world. She is the definition of a powerful dedicated woman who has great talent and looks. She has the body of a Goddess and also her hair is amazing her eyes her smile everything! Vote for beyonce. She is my greatest inspiration and hopefully I would get to see her one day and she is naturally beautiful unlike most celebrities these days
Beyoncรฉ is gorgeous! She should be #1 in my opinion! She has a voice of a goddess, the heart like an angel, and she's a mother, she's done the most beautiful thing in the world! QUEEN BEY FOR LIFE! She gives her all, and doesn't follow anyone but herself! She doesn't stoop down t the level of those icky "singers" such as Keyshia Cole, the girl who uses her popularity for powering over fans not giving... At all... BEYONCร‰ RULES ALL!
No one should be above Beyonce she is absolutely gorgeous! I definitely think she is the most beautiful woman in the world! I hope you or the voters decide to make her number 1!
[Newest]Beyonce the most beautiful woman in the world she nice and supports her fans she is tots pretty and gorgeous I love her music and she has like the most best songs in the world.

12Jessica Alba
Come On! Jessica is much beautiful than Beyonce or Raven-Symonรฉ
A kick ass action girl. Hot too great.
People have done studies that show her face is the perfect proportion for beauty. And her waist to hip ratio is the perfect 7.0. These are facts
[Newest]Jessica is so beautiful!

13Sarah Geronimo
Sarah is most beautiful for me.
Powerful voice.
Love her powerful voice!
[Newest]She got all... For me, she is the most beautiful female artist.. She can handle everything... And she has a cool voice!

14Aishwarya Rai
She is the word beautiful women... The world gasped when Aishwarya Rai was crowned Miss World in 1994. And when she stepped out from the limousine and on to the red carpet at the 2003 version of the Cannes Film Festival, the world was mesmerized. Indian beauty had always been legendary. And Aishwarya Rai is an epitome of it. she is my inspiration...
I have no words to explain her beauty. ,. ,. ,. ,. She deserve my vote for her excellent acting also. ,. ,. ,. , Really she's awesome,. ,. ,. ,
I Love her a lot as a talented actress and a born beauty... Her eyes are so attractive to me... I watch her films to see her... just to see her... Am extremely proud to say that am her fan...
[Newest]She is vary smart
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15Park Shin-hye
Simple, beauty, humble, love sport. Love her smile, She just the way she is. Have a normal life like other people, going to college like other people, hanging out like other people. She has a normal person life. Love her so much.
Her beauty is a natural which is very rare nowadays amongst actors/actresses who usually have their faces done... Park Shin Hye is the epitome of NATURAL BEAUTY and ELEGANCE...
I just simply love how caring she is and how much she appreciate the love and support she receive from her fans. I also love how fans may think she is perfect in everything but she still remain to admit that she also has fault in stuff. She is a person who is truly down to earth and I'm so glad that she is my role model. Love you Shinhye.
[Newest]Because park shin hye is the epitome of natural beauty
For me, park shin hye is the most beautiful among of all because she is talented and nice her act is very very great I love you..
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16Selena Gomez
She's beautiful, Kind, Talented and Cute! I Love her so much!
She is very pretty. As a young woman she sings really well.
Selena gomez. She's cute. My favorite parts of her body are her round face & her beautiful hair and her cute eyes. But when she is on a bikini, she's damn hot and sexy! Her curvy ad slim Body is seductive.. !

17Jennifer Lopez
Even I as a girl would say she's gorgeous and definitely hot!
Why is she not in top ten
I'm shocked not to see this BEAUTY in the Top 3! Jenny is gorgeous


18Kristen Stewart
She is a really gorgeous person... She is the best and 1 of the most beautiful women ever
Kris it's the most beautiful woman... Her beauty its naturally.. No surgery or anything... Also her fashion style it's so look.. Great... Not only beauty but she's great actress... She's my inspiration... I hope she will got married with her English boyfrien Robert Pattinson faster... =)
She's very cool, very gorgeous woman, humble, very talented... N'i think she's very2 beautiful actress in the world... GREAT N'AMAZING ACTRESS IN THE WORLD...
[Newest]She have the most beautiful eyes in the world

19Britney Spears
In '00 every boy and girl had her pictures on their walls. Every girl wanted to be like her and every boy wanted to date a girl like her
Britney your so hot. I hope you can visit in the philippines. You are the most expensive face in the industry and no one can get your beautiness and sexy body. SheanaPUNK4433 and jean_princess simPLe anGel girl...
Not just beautiful but so cute at the same time. Again, you can hate her music but don't ignore real facts! Britney is very beautiful!


20Demi Lovato
Her smile can light up any day.. such a true, beautiful women. And, not only on the outside, but also in the inside.
She is the true definition of gorgeous.
Her smile is so beautiful contagious, it will make you totally fall in love with her.
She is a good singer also she is beautiful...
[Newest]She is so beautiful, cute n sweet!

She is one of the greatest women in the world and she doesn't deserve to be in the twelve place, she must be in the first place I think she is sexy and hot and clever and you know it. I have been her biggest fan since I was a kid. With two words"i 3333333333333 her! "
Most Beautiful Woman in the world... Looks like she never get's older by face, she's stunning and has a great body... Perfect!
She's a beautiful woman. I like her. Because there are many reasons, I can tell you that. She's an evergreen columbian beauty with sultry eyes and seductive, curvy, super slim body which every guy desires in a woman. I wanna touch her sleeky blonde hair and skin at least once I n my life time. She's also sexy with hot butt and boobs. Her belly dance is the best talent I like in her in which she moves her sexy waist in curves with elegance! Love ya SHAKIRA baby.
[Newest]She's so beautiful what is she doing on no. 23 she looks better than any one else on this list even without make up

22Kathryn Bernardo
She's so pretty snd good and great with her fans
Super ganda in whole world. idol :-)
I love Kathryn super duper! I love her! She is the most beautiful teen actress of all time of course!

23Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence, 0.3% ranking at 70, are you guys kidding me. She's the most beautiful genuine person. She should be about ten!
She's cool a very flexible, talented and open-minded person. She's more beautiful than any other Hollywood actress.
[Newest]She is beautiful she needs to be in the top three!

24Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway, beautiful and cute name to hear. She has all the feminine features. With a sleeky hair, cute lips they're dazzling when she smiles a winsome smile. Amazing boobs and hot legs! Best part is her porcelain skin, rosy lips, and her boobies! I wanna caress her porcelain skin and body from top to bottom. And finally I wanna go tatse her gorgeous lips!
I LOVE HER FACE! Innocent looking and very feminine.
Why? First because she did an amazing job as Catwoman in the dark knight rises. Second she made almost everyone want to bang her after seeing those amazing boobs in love and other drugs! Case closed people.

25Scarlett Johansson
I would rather look at Scarlett Johansson for 10 seconds than make out with anyone else on this list. Easy pick for me.
Knowbody comes close to the beauty of Scarlett Johanson
She can melt the whole iceberg of north and south pole
[Newest]I can't believe Scarlett Johansson is not in the top 3!

26Katy Perry
Love her, she is beautiful. She is the best singer ever and she is prettiest women in the world I dunno what else can I say she's AMAZING!
She got round and beautiful eyes.
Katy Perry all the way.


27Jennylyn Mercado
She has the beauty.She don't need to act sexy because she is already sexy the way she is! Very Stunning yet Gorgeous:) She is the woman to admire for even her co star says so.Love you jen - --lovely
She's beautiful even without makeup. A really talented actress. What can you ask for? She's on my top, no doubt. Knowing she's already a mom.
Why isn't she in top top 10? Come on guys, Jennelyn beats some of the girls listed above her, she's gorgeous and irresistibly sexy!
[Newest]Shes beautiful inside &out

28Kim Chui
She's very beautiful inside and out. Her sexy body has nothing to do with and her beautiful face was exceptional.
She's truly the most beautiful woman for me. She's very good in acting...
.for me she is the most beautiful woman of the world because she is so captIvating.! She's perfect!
[Newest]She have a genuine smile that makes her beautiful

29Catherine Zeta-jones
Catherine zeta jones is to beautiful to rate just to see her would be better than winning the lottery.
Beauty, class and talent all in one.


Shes the most beautiful definitely oh and by the way I'm not sure that half of these women are in the right list... I dunno man

30Shamcey Supsup

31Maja Salvador
. . a pretty girl with great humor!
Maja is so pretty
Simple and she has a pleasant face even no make up..fresh and young!
[Newest]Shes very beautiful inside and out..Natural beauty..

32Lucy Torres
She's a goddess of beauty
Philippines goddess of beauty
If you saw her at close, you'll be mesmerize by her heavenly charm, she's so damn pretty.
[Newest]One of the most beautiful celebrity in her country

She cares a lot for her fans and all sones know that she has a really good heart. Shes very particular about health, and is always mindful of the health of the people around her. She is so unique, and definitely different from other celebrity. Shes so pure at heart and shes a really decent and well-mannered person. I don't treat her as an idol, I treat her as my role model. Shes not only beautiful on the outside, but even more beautiful on the inside. She works real hard towards her dream and she treats people really nicely. This alone inspires me so much and everthing about her makes me crazy<3 I really love this girl. Not to mention that shes really intelligent too.
Elegant statuesque frame, long flowing hair, a face like a doll. Her beauty is understated and regal at the same time, she is somebody with an unmatched aura. More than that she has a beautiful mind and heart. She works harder than any man and has a strong, intelligent character. A prime example of looks, talent, grace, humility, and loveliness.
She's an angel inside out. Juggling school despite her busy schedule, reminding us fans of life morals and taking care of our health too. Having an UN diplomat as an idol? There's no words I can use to describe the angelic her.
[Newest]She has a natural beauty

34Bea Alonzo
One of the Philippines' MOST BEAUTIFUL star. She's also called as the Box Office Queen because of her blockbuster movies!
She has beauty and brain.. And can compete all over the world with her beauty and body and talent in acting
Beautiful inside and out plus her classic, elegant and simply gorgeous beauty. She even always remain silent of all the good deeds she has done like what' she's doing to PREDA- (Prevent and Rehabilitate Drug Abuse)
[Newest]Beauty.Brain.Heart. What more can you ask for?

35Kristine Hermosa
She is beautiful since she were young!
She is beautiful and for her..i love you more than anything else..
Lovely as always Kristine Hermosa


36Nina Dobrev
Shes absolutelty gorgeous from head to toe.. Just love her
The Hottest brunnette on the Planet!
She is bulgarian and exotic looking!

37Mila Kunis
She's from Ukraine(the place where the most beautiful girls live)

38Georgina Wilson
She's hot, sexy and gorgeous!

Most beautiful women with most beautiful voice is rare combination that is K. S. Chithra
She is most powerful woman with talent and good looks, Prettiest gesture of her make top one
Chithra is the most Beautiful Woman in Existence both inside, and outside


A beautiful mexican singer with an outstanding voice!
I love you thalia your the best...

41Priyanka Chopra
She's the most beautiful Indian Actress!
She can look hot as well as cute and beautiful at the same time!
Shes elegant, graceful and awesome!
Shes the best.
I first saw Priyanka in 2006 and since then I have not seen a more beautiful woman. Just perfect!
She have beautiful tan skin... I love her eyes and she very down to earth actress.
[Newest]She most beautiful and talented actress... I love her acting

42Ariana Grande
ARIANA SHOULD BE NUMBER 1. She is so beautiful inside and out, I swear she's an angel
One of the hottest looking girls I've ever seen with my very own eyes
Ariana Grande is the sexiest woman in the world

43Karylle Padilla
Ate Karylle is beautiful inside and out and a wonderful person...
She's beautiful inside & outside appearance..
Sexy, talented and beauty and brain.
[Newest]Classy lady with beauty and brain.

44Toni Gonzaga
The best host in the world
One of the most beautiful woman in the world

45Park Ji-yeon
Thanks for votes is Ji Yeon

46Maricar Reyes
She is beautiful since she was young...

47Marilyn Monroe
Whoa! She's not even in the top ten? She was beautiful inside and out! Marilyn Monroe is the first thing I think of when someone says "beautiful". Please, please vote for her! She was intelligent, kind, and beautiful! Marilyn is my favorite :) She was also great at her trade. I <3 you, Marilyn! Xo
Are you kidding me?!? I'm not even looking at the rest of this list #1 must be terrible because Marilyn Monroe SHOULD BE NUMBER 1 you people are sick and demented Marilyn is the best thing that every happened to you people its just that life overcame her :(
Saw proof she had so many surgeries. I do like her a lot but don't think enhancement and tonnes of make-up should be on any beauty list! RIP

48Katrina Kaif
Perfect features... Unusual beauty that resides both in heart and soul to sum it up all everything about her is damn good. Ever noticed how mesmerizing she looks even without make up
She is a natural girl.
Its more beautiful than kristin kreuk
[Newest]She has international face. Who can someone be cute and sexy at the sam time

49Erich Gonzales
I love this beautiful actress, she is also a talented and a good actress...versatile actress...go erich we are here to support you always.
... Go erich I always support you! Anytime
Total package beautiful in and out
[Newest]She is the only one...super ganda

50Victoria Justice
She is a good singer good performer and a good actor
Victoria so rocks. She is a beauty queen

51Bae Suzy
Korean singer, known in Korea as "Nation's First Love" EPITOME OF ALMOST PERFECTION
Bae Suzy! One of the pretty face in South Korea! Super in love with her. SuzzY!

52KC Concepcion
Inner/outer beauty... She's d one!
A perfect beauty, shes has it all, beauty, brain, body. I love the she talks, so sweet in the ear

53Deepika Padukone
Her dimple smile can put the city lights in shame..
Not pretty at all she's average and I'm guy she's alright. She's pretty but shouldn't be in this list..
Her smile ๐Ÿ˜Š make me crazy!

54Jennifer Aniston
To me Jennifer Aniston is the prettiest women in the world and among the Hollywood Actress I can' explain her beauty

55Drew Barrymore
The innocence of her heart, the mischief in her eyes, and the natural allure of her form are what makes her the beauty that all men seek in their lives. We love ya Drew :D

56Kim Chiu
Chinese Filipino beauty with good heart and positive attitude, always willing to help others, she came from a good family with beautiful genes, beauty inside and out!
Filipino Chinita. A very talented and versatile actress.
A beautiful woman with a good hear..she is the best! Vote for her..!

57Emma Stone

58Moon Chae Won
One of the most beautiful actress in south korea.she have a beautiful pair of eyes that I love.her acting skills was really good actually she won best actress in kbs 2012 drama awards..she's not only good in acting, she can paint and sing too..she love arts that's why.a very simple woman, and a kind hearted one.she love kids also..
Her fans call her as a melodrama queen because she's really good in crying scene.she captured the heart of many people because of her natural beauty, a loving and a very kind person..she loves simplicity and always down to earth.She won many awards because of her professionalism when it comes in acting..

59Kareena Kapoor
I think she is one of most pretty womans in the world she is perfect I love her sh is my most favourite actress
Kareena kapoor most beutiful woman in the world

60Monica Bellucci
Monica Bellucci is an Italian actress and fashion model, enjoys the 2nd position on our list of top 10 most beautiful women of the world in 2013. This lady has worked hard to improve her outlook and pays high attention towards her beauty. She has got beautiful hair, a charming smile and a very attractive physical body.
She And Megan are hottest women alive@


The number she is!

61Jackie Evancho
Jackie is a very young woman, to be sure, but possesses an aura of positive, caring and thoughtful qualities that, like her voice, are developed beyond her years. She's a beautiful role model for today's youth.


Just look at her "Awakening" album cover! Wow!
Drop dead gorgeous, with a beautiful soul to match. Incredible talent. An amazing young lady in every regard.
[Newest]As beautiful as her music.

62Natalie Portman
Completely stunning, I'm surprised she isn't in the top 5 of this list. She is smart, beautiful and talented, you can not fault her.


I can't believe she wasn't already on the list! I mean... What?
She is the most beautiful women in the acting industry. I want to be her one day.

63Jessy Mendiola

64Natalia Oreiro
A superstar from Urugway! An awesome singer and actress. She's so damn beautiful. Look up for her, you won't regret!

65Vanessa Hudgens

66Jenna Dewan
2 becomes 1 - hot&beautiful
Jenna is much beautiful than Megan Fox plus much more clever


67Michelle Keegan

68Carrie Underwood

69Amber Liu

70Mariah Carey
She is my idol. She has been my idol for about 12 years. I'm even named after her. Her music is catchy, inspirational, and I love it. (: She is and always will be number one!
Mariah naturally you are so beautiful and take good care of yourself. You are well trained and cultured. I believe you come from a good home. Your pictures are o admiring. Michael S. WEREKO, Ghana.
I just want to vote maria carey because of his talent and personality to the people ho idolise to his

71Keira Knightley
Top 5 easy, this completely blows my mind.

72Sooyoung Choi
She is the prettiest and hottest woman in SNSD! She has a very sweet smile that can melt you :D
She is SooOoOOoooO pretty love her โค๏ธ

73Shania Twain
She sings really well. I once had the opportunity to visit a Shania Twain concert, and I can tell you that she's amongst the top under-rated artists of our time.
She's more than pretty... She's evenly beautiful
When 'twas my first time to see her.. I was amazed of her stunning beauty!

74Lindsay Lohan

75Ashley Tisdale

76Adriana Lima
Come on guys you have got to VOTE HER, I mean, have you seen her...! She is a frigin Victoria's Secret model. I'm a girl and she leaves me breathless. Gosh she should be at the top 10 and not 52. COME ON even Mila Kunis is above her... That's really LAME! BOO
She is gorgeous, she is out of this world! Her body is amazing and her face is great too. She also seems like a really cool person, very chill and original.

77Milla Jovovich
Milla jovovich, jessica alba, megan fox. That's all I wanted to say.
She a very versatile typical type of a woman, when it comes to her career she really up on it she trully Beautiful, She perfect enough, that's All I could perfectly describe her.PERFECT! (and I'm A big Fan MILLA)
She is more beautiful than all the plastic girls! <3 should be number 1

78Jessica Jung
She is just like a barbie I agree with you if you guys have watched her belly dance with yuri and yoona she is like a barbie
She is a real life Barbie doll. A sweet looking and cute girl. I don't understand why people call her a ice princess when she is not icy at all. ^^
She is a member of Girls Generation. An ice princess but has warm heart. She also has angelq and unique voice. She was very good looking and attractive. Her cute face and at that time cold face, make her very unique

79Dawn Zulueta
Oh you are number 1 beautiful actress.

80Sunny Leone
She is the best

81Kate Beckinsale

82Christina Aguilera
Beautiful and talented since she was a child! Idol!
She has the perfect nose, head shape and eyes.


Very pretty...N... Most amazing voice... Love her!

83Amber Heard

84Kim Hyun-a
So hot and sexy

85Kate Middleton

86Tiffany (Stephanie Hwang)
Tiffany Hwang is the ever beautiful girl in this world~! She looks like a Goddess (for me :) ) like her members in Girl's Generation :)) She's beautiful inside and out..if you saw her beautiful eyesmile..even without make'll fall for her. Well I, myself proves it ^^
Tiffany is the most beautiful!

87Dianna Agron
She is a great rolemodel and a awesome singer!
She is a blonde beuty and a great rolemodel!
Oh my gosh I really love her she's perfect!
That angelic facE!
That humble attitude!
That perfect... oh!
Go Agroners!

88Park So-yeon

89Kate Upton
She is so dang hot!

90Sulli Choi
She must be in number 1 because she didn't undergone surgery and she is natural..

91Zooey Deschanel
She has the most beautiful eyes and the most adorable smile and laugh
Just like the most beautiful woman in this world
Most beautiful woman ever
she is unique and very original no body looks like her
[Newest]I like her so much.

92Krystal Jung


94Hayden Panettiere

95Song Hye-kyo
Song Hye Ko is one of the most beautiful face in the world! She's an actress from South Korea. I love her innocent perfect face.
2 Words: Epic Beauty. You are so going to love her :)) That's all.

96Jung Eunji
Amazing voice, Incredible acting skills, great personality, a beautiful face and a smile that will melt you in your shoes. This girl is F L A W L E S S.
Perfection, I tell you.
The best voice ever

97Taylor Momsen
Under the black racoon eyes she actually looks like that hot girl next door, with a bit of an edge, which I find perfection

98Jacqueline Jossa
! I absolutely looove Jaqueline! I can't believe that she's 95 when she should at least be in the top10-15! She's so pretty as lauren from eastenders and for real! I absolutey think she's stunning๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’˜

99Miranda Kerr
She is an Australian model. Miranda Kerr rose to prominence in 2007 as one of the Victoria's Secret Angels. She is the first Australian to participate in the Victoria's Secret campaign and also represented Australian fashion chain David Jones. In addition, she has launched her own brand of organic skincare products, Kora Organics, and released a self-help book, Treasure Yourself.
I can't believe she's not on the list... She is the mother of one and still she is hottest, most beautiful and that baby face!
She should be in number 1 you are the beautiful woman in the world

100Natasha Henstridge
She is the sexiest women in the world...
I love her.. She has the pure carved face with sharp features..
I think she deserves a place in top 10

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