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Horseback Riding
There are so many fatal riding accidents that it is near impossible to keep count. Working around on with any living, thinking animal immediately presents obvious risks. Jade South, Jessica Forsyth and Emma Jonathan are just some names of promising young riders who have lost their lives doing the thing they loved most in the last 3 years. The first two names were girls of 14 years.
It should be horse riding! People are risking there lives! If you can't see that then your just a very stupid person! There are more deaths from horse riding each year compared to other sports!

" you play football? That's cute"
Most athletes get injured a lot more often than horseback riders. But when it comes down to the horror of the injuries, horseback riding has a ten furlong lead. We're talking about people balancing their assbones [Contrary to popular belief, you can't hold on with your hands or legs, because you're using those to communicate with your horse. For that matter, you've got to do the assbone-balancing in a very specific way, too. ] on the backs of extremely well-conditioned, high-strung twelve-thousand pound animals with a flight instinct, and then asking said animal to gallop at speeds in the vicinity of sixty or seventy kilometers per hour over terrain that a traceur would gasp at, stopping and turning on a dime [mind--a thousand pounds and sixty kph is a lot of intertia, ] or to vault over two meter high, four meter wide fences, many of which are solid wood, brick, and earth, with nice three-meter-drop ditches on the other side. Current statistics say that horse riders can expect a serious injury for every 350 hours of riding. We're talking about people getting their skulls smashed in, their spinal cords snapped clean in two, having their livers chopped in half by a horse's hoof, their rib cages crushed flat when a thousand-pound animal lands on them coming off a ten foot fall. Does that happen often in cheerleading? Lacrosse? Maybe sometimes when people get really drunk before a game of rugby union. And let's not talk about the equine casualties. No, let's talk about them. Globally we've got about fifteen hundred horses dying each year from racing related injuries, about a thousand dying at polio, a few hundred dying in the jumping disciplines, a few hundred in cross-country disciplines, and unknown thousands of pleasure horses dying of injuries. Generally for every fatal injury to a horse, there are another four to six permanently crippling injuries, and unfortunately permanently crippled horses, being extremely expensive and difficult to maintain, have this awful habit of ending up euthanized or shipped off to slaughterhouses. But I don't think that I've ever seen a footballer get euthanized.
The first time I was bucked off I fractured my arm, sprained my neck, pulled a muscle in my leg, and dislocated my knee. When my cousin was a toddler she walked behind a horse and got kicked so hard she flew ten feet, became cross-eyed and since she hit a fence, she became paralyzed from the neck down. So yeah, horseback riding is VERY dangerous on and off the horse...
[Newest]You can die with one mistake. Show me another sport like that
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Here's to the people who say cheerleading isn't a sport and that cheerleaders aren't athletes. The very definition of sport is, and I quote, "an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature. We practice just as much as you do. Every day of the week, 2 hours. We condition, We run, We do ab workouts and pushups and planks. No, we don't lift weights, we lift our athletes-and we hold them 10-15 feet in the air until our arms shake. Until our legs quiver. Don't doubt the flyers either. We have more muscle than you seem to think. The amount of balance, leg muscle, and core tightness it takes to stay in the air is unbelievable to someone who has never done it before. We run full speed at nothing, then flip in the air, twist, and land on our feet. We jump. We jump high-without a trampoline. Concentrating on pointed toes, extended legs, tight arms, jump height, facials, and smiling Ever based a basket toss? You get blood blisters on your hands. Softball sized bruises start to appear like magic. As for the flyers, if you're not tight, expect to have your back jammed into your bases knee. Don't forget about the backspots. We are the lifeguards of cheerleading. We save lives everyday. We get concussions, hit, and rammed into the ground. Without us, your flyers would be injured. Sprained ankles, broken fingers, and pulled muscles don't slow us down. You practice like it doesn't hurt. Now you have 2.5 minutes on a paneled mat. You have 1000 people in the crowd every time you go on that floor. 4 judges. 2.5 minutes of horrendous physical activity and we make it look easy. Perfection doesn't exist, but here we go reaching for it anyways. You hit or you miss. Toes weren't pointed? Deduction. Didn't stick your tumbling? Deduction. Stunt didn't hit? Deduction. You all think were the prissy girls who always have to have perfect hair and makeup. You're wrong. At practice, we have messy buns and running makeup. Competitions? Sweats until we absolutely have to get ready. Do you think that cheer uniform is comfortable? Its not Sure the hair and make up is fun and gets us in the mood to perform, but ultimately its to unite us as a team. To be uniformed and have the same look. Think we don't eat & are obsessed with being skinny? Good joke. We love food. Not all cheerleaders are mean girls who think they rule the school. We have really good grades and don't hang out with the cool kids and go parties every weekend. We don't all have starting quarterback football boyfriends or even any boyfriends at all. People see us as stereo types. Its wrong. Cheerleading is in the top 5 most dangerous sports in the world. Did you catch that? Sport. Proven to be in the Top 5 most dangerous, and you still have the nerve to say its not a sport? You've got to be joking. Cheerleading is something you have to want and work for. You have to love it and have a passion for it. So you doubt us? Fine. Well prove you wrong. Say were not athletes? Okay. Come to a practice. Compete with us. You'll think differently. Say what we do is easy? Try it. I dare you.
This is seriously perfect. My guy friend tried telling me today that cheerleading is not a sport. I really took offense to it. Yeah he plays football so he doesn't exactly see how hard we work. But the nerve that he had to say that made me sick. I told him that it is the most dangerous contact sport and he still continues to tell me that it is not a sport. All of these people dissing cheerleading need to take a step in our shoes if they really say that cheerleading is not a sport.
Okay so first of all to everyone who says cheer leading isn't a sport or its not dangerous. Think again. Football they have padding. Most other sports have padding because they are all scared to get hurt. Cheerleaders like me are fierce and we never give up. Football players have a broken toe and they let their coach know and then can't play until its better but cheerleaders could have a broken wrist and will keep it from the coach so they could finish the seasons. We cheer for months straight. Football players just go for one season. We go for multiple. We don't all date football players. That's a stereo type. That crap is in movies. My boyfriend is going to do football next year but I didn't date him because of that. Most of my team is single. We have great personalities and we're not rude or snotty. We work as a team because we have to put our lives at risk with each other. To the motorcross guy who said which is more dangerous being thrown about 60 feet in the air and falling or going like 40 mph on a motorcross and falling? Me, being a base and knowing how this all works, when we throw our flyers up in the air about 60 feet, they come down into our arms at aprox the speed your motorcross vehicle goes over those bumps at. So think about it. I'm a freshman and I do high school cheer. I'm a base. I've tried being a flyer as well. It's fun. Yes. But football and soccer where you throw or kick the ball and get it to your goal, if a stunt group doesn't get to our goal of a near perfect stunt, someone could be killed or paralyzed for the rest of their life. Think about it. Football you run. You work out. So do us cheerleaders. We do an work outs. We run laps until our legs shake and we can't move. Then right after that we are expected to pull a near perfect stunt. We get softball sized bruises all over from being kicked or elbowed by our flyers. A base gets screwed up wrists as well as the back girl in the stunt group but we don't complain now do we? No. We don't. Because when it comes down to it, we're finishing that stunt and routine no matter what aches or is broken. Being a back in a stunt group is like being the flyers lifeguard. If you think cheer leading is a popularity sport then think again. We cheer not for the boys or for the glory but we cheer for our teams. We cheer because that's what we love to do. Even on our worst days we have to have a smile. Getting our legs straight and our toes pointed is just part of our hard job. We stretch daily so we could look good and not sloppy. I am a varsity cheerleader. I cheer with only 9-12th graders and if your coach tells you to do something you better do it because if not then you will fail or get severely injured. We need muscle. Timing. Strength both physically and mentally. We need to be tight with our bodies and if not then we haven't succeeded as a cheerleader. You try pulling a basket toss into a toe touch or even just a full. Try doing the star spangled banner in a stunt group and being a base or a back you'll be having your arms and legs shake. We make it look easy but that's because we have two seasons to perfect it. We do it nonstop. Two hours a day or more then a game. It's not all about being pretty or having your face look good. It's more then that. At practice we have messy hair and we wear shorts and a teeshirt. We get sweaty. We're not perfect. Some are better then others but each of us practice just as much. It's hard sometimes to get a cheer down. You need to practice it time and time again. Try having hundreds of people stare you down during your routines. Try being on MSG varsity and having the whole world see you and if you mess up its the most embarrassing thing in the world. Having MSG varsity call each of your team mates names and having everyone see you. Only some cheerleaders go through that. Like me. But if you mess up you feel like you failed your entire team but you feel like you failed yourself as well. Try having all that pressure on you as well as having the pressure of everything else. I'll continue going through the nasty remarks by others and the pain and broken limbs if it means doing the one thing I love and enjoy the most.
Every single time we (cheerleaders) throw a girl in the air everyone of us are taking a risk of getting killed! One wrong move could make her land on our heads and break our necks! One tiny mistake in cheerleading can leave many injuries! The reason it's so dangerous is because it's 5 different girls working together to accomplish one task and when one thing goes wrong all of them are at risk!
[Newest]In no other sports will you rely on other people to hold you up in the air, flip you around, and catch you. And 90% of the time when it doesn't work the way you planned, someone is going to get hurt, either a flyer falling, or a base getting kicked in the face.
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3Bull Riding
Bull riding is a amazing sport. Also a dangerous. You could break a lot of bones and be in bed for a long time. Bull rider's are risking their lives for everyone that thinks it's a fun sport it's not. What if when you fall down the bull steps on your guts hm, that would be kind of pain full. This list is kind of messed up
I totally agree with you this should be I the top of the list and you can have back broken as easy as that, the people who created bull riding or. Even do it are idiots wanting to kill themselves
For the bullrider this has got to be the toughest 8 seconds to endure, if you're successful, particularly in the short round with the bulls like Bushwacker, Bones, or Voodoo Child. But there is little danger to the audience as in other sports such as baseball. Baseball, to me, has the highest potential for serious injury... Not only to a batter, infielder or pitcher, but to spectators in the stands. If it isn't a super fast ball coming at you, it could be a splintered bat!
I play soccer, volleyball, and swim. I've personally never done bull riding. If bull-riding is a sport, (which it really shouldn't be included with soccer, football (like motor cross and NASCAR), you're not doing anything the object is) even though I don't do the sport, I can easily agree that bull-riding would have to be the most dangerous sport on the planet. "Eight seconds isn't a long time! " Say that when your riding a two ton bull. It's a pretty stupid sport (in my opinion), but it's the worst. You have no sort of protection, just your clothes. No one to catch you if you fall, cheer leaders. Now add crazy rampaging bull to that. Don't get you face stomp on.

More people die in bull riding than cheering. Really think this logically, even if you don't play the sport.

Cheer leading the " MOST DANGEROUS SPORT IN THE WORLD? " No, really, I don't even think it's a sport. Sure, it hard work, but your mostly just cheering for my team. Whats the point to that? You're the half time entertainment, or the hot chicks during the football half time. Sure, you do flips and you can fall and get hurt, but another other sport can get just as much (or even more) injured. Your practices? I'm pretty sure there a harder practices than your cheer leading practices. If it is to be a sport, it should not be the top. They should make a new list that can be made by professionals not by which-ever amount of people who play a certain sport that are online.

Also, for those who say soccer shouldn't be on the list, its just as aggressive as any other sport. We don't have any protection besides shin guards. There is a lot of more rough contact trying to get that ball. Believe me. And Rugby shouldn't be last, its like football with out padding!


Cheer leading is not what would most people think. We have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to show off some impressive skills. You try competing in our shoes. I have literally broken a bone at the beginning of the routine and had to keep going threw all of the pain. It does hurt, but you gotta do it for the team. I agree that this sport should be higher ranked (bull riding), but I also believe cheer is also one of the most dangerous sports. We also have absolutely no padding. we throw some girls 30 feet in the air and you are trying to tell me it's not a sport? Try spending one day at a competitive cheer practice, then have the nerve to tell me it's not a sport.
[Newest]Let me just say I don't want a bull to stomp on my rib cage and brake itπŸ‘

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The only reason people say that cheerleading is the most "dangerous" is because most cheerleaders are preppy, pretty, snotty girls that guys like to watch... Yeah well that should make it a wimpy sport, because most cheerleaders do cheer for looks and popularity and not to say they are in a grueling sport. I was a level 10/open gymnast when I stopped and picked up my dream as a full time coach, and I live in pain still from the intense means a gymnast must go through. I have watched my friends be rolled out on stretchers and had so man surgeries there families went into debt with the cost of gymnastics. At the same time compared to the difficulty level of gymnastics we have a low number of injuries only because we are literally trained how to fall, we workout and condition so much that we are so strong and used to pain half the time we don't even tell anyone about the constant pain we suffer. I broke my ankle once and I was forced to go to a doctor they told me I would be out for weeks and needed a cast, I wouldn't get a cast, I wore a brace and took about a week off and was back full time in the gym a week and a half after I broke it, I trained on a broken ankle, and was miserable for several months, was that smart, probably not but it paid of in the end and was state vault, bars, floor, and all around champion that year. When you look at a cheerleader, you see painted on abs, bows, and about 12 gallons of make up plastered onto there faces, they are painted to look good, but gymnasts are trained and built and sculpted to look good! I was home schooled and trained about 35 to 40 hours a week depending on the week, that's like a full time job. I would go weeks where moving hurt, coughing hurt, laughing even hurt. I have no fear because gymnastics makes you be fearless or you go to cheer were you can be babied and get more credit than gymnasts who work 100 times are and get no credit. If you go to any cheer gym and ask every person on a level 5 team how many were gymnast, I guarantee you at least 75% of them were former optional level gymnasts, and most will tell you that gymnastics was way harder, they came to cheer because it was easier and a flow off of gymnastics. Cheer is simplified version of gymnastics floor. A double back is illegal on the cheer competition food, yet in is a requirement for a level 8/9 gymnast in order for them to step onto the competition floor. Oh a gymnast can do a standing full on a padded floor, yeah well there are several gymnasts that can do standing fulls on a beam-- a 4-inch, wooden beam.

We all know why cheer is number one, and it is because cheer is the popularity good looks sport, and if anyone took the time to really look at the order of this list, they would see that gymnastics is clearly the HARDEST SPORT BY FAR, AND BY ANY MEANS, and anyone with common sense that puts away there bias towards "hot girls" will see that gymnastics truly is the hardest sport.
We aren't at all "preppy and snobby" and cheer is not up higher on the list because guys like to watch it. It's up there because we put our lives at risk. We throw girls 30 feet into the air and catch them. If you think that cheer is not even dangerous then you can try it yourself. Go ahead and hold someone up in the air while she hits different motions or you can try to be the one being up in the air standing on somebody's hand. Have you ever seen a girl rip a hole through her lip because he got hit in the face with her flyers head. And then continue to perform with a smile on. Have you ever seen someone break a bone and continue to hold her flyer in the air like there is nothing wrong. Probably not. Because we are cheerleaders. We are very tough. Sure gymnastics is hard. I used to be a gymnast. But seeing it from both sides I definitely know that cheer is harder and more dangerous.
Hi I'm a cheerleader and by the way cheerleading is gymnastics except we as more challenging stuff to it. You think we are snobby we are not. As a matter of fact most cheerleaders are straight A students. We don't cheer for the boys we cheer for our team. The boys just choose us to cheer. If you would like to look up pictures of cheerleading stunts go for it because then you will see how hard it is. I know gymnastics is hard too because I have done it for 2 years but I have also cheerleaded for 6 years. We tumble and stunt. When a flyer is being tossed and a base moves their foot one centimeter away… BAM she hits the floor and breaks a bone. I have seen it happen before. It literally happened 1week ago. She broke her arm. Oh and Here's to the people who say cheerleading isn't a sport and that cheerleaders aren't athletes. The very definition of sport is, and I quote, "an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature. We practice just as much as you do. Every day of the week, 2 hours. We condition, We run, We do ab workouts and pushups and planks. No, we don't lift weights, we lift our athletes-and we hold them 10-15 feet in the air until our arms shake. Until our legs quiver. Don't doubt the flyers either. We have more muscle than you seem to think. The amount of balance, leg muscle, and core tightness it takes to stay in the air is unbelievable to someone who has never done it before. We run full speed at nothing, then flip in the air, twist, and land on our feet. We jump. We jump high-without a trampoline. Concentrating on pointed toes, extended legs, tight arms, jump height, facials, and smiling Ever based a basket toss? You get blood blisters on your hands. Softball sized bruises start to appear like magic. As for the flyers, if you're not tight, expect to have your back jammed into your bases knee. Don't forget about the backspots. We are the lifeguards of cheerleading. We save lives everyday. We get concussions, hit, and rammed into the ground. Without us, your flyers would be injured. Sprained ankles, broken fingers, and pulled muscles don't slow us down. You practice like it doesn't hurt. Now you have 2.5 minutes on a paneled mat. You have 1000 people in the crowd every time you go on that floor. 4 judges. 2.5 minutes of horrendous physical activity and we make it look easy. Perfection doesn't exist, but here we go reaching for it anyways. You hit or you miss. Toes weren't pointed? Deduction. Didn't stick your tumbling? Deduction. Stunt didn't hit? Deduction. You all think were the prissy girls who always have to have perfect hair and makeup. You're wrong. At practice, we have messy buns and running makeup. Competitions? Sweats until we absolutely have to get ready. Do you think that cheer uniform is comfortable? Its not Sure the hair and make up is fun and gets us in the mood to perform, but ultimately its to unite us as a team. To be uniformed and have the same look. Think we don't eat & are obsessed with being skinny? Good joke. We love food. Not all cheerleaders are mean girls who think they rule the school. We have really good grades and don't hang out with the cool kids and go parties every weekend. We don't all have starting quarterback football boyfriends or even any boyfriends at all. People see us as stereo types. Its wrong. Cheerleading is in the top 5 most dangerous sports in the world. Did you catch that? Sport. Proven to be in the Top 5 most dangerous, and you still have the nerve to say its not a sport? You've got to be joking. Cheerleading is something you have to want and work for. You have to love it and have a passion for it. So you doubt us? Fine. Well prove you wrong. Say were not athletes? Okay. Come to a practice. Compete with us. You'll think differently. Say what we do is easy? Try it. I dare you. One more thing. If cheerleading isn't a sport then how come they have a whole place in Disney reserved for cheerleading. I don't see a reserved place for gymnastics
There isn't just one type of gymnastics you know. There's also something called acrobatic gymnastics. Yes, I do agree it's bull when people think cheerleading is easy and link all of you to the stereotypes. Acrobatic gymnasts do stunts that are as hard as what cheerleaders do, if not harder. There are a few different types of gymnastics and they each have elements that you need to train very hard for. I do agree that cheerleading is hard and is a sport, but then... ACROBATIC GYMNASTICS.
Gymnast... Almost 11 years... Seen kids do double backs off beam and land on their heads and not be able to move. A girl was doing full twisting yurchenkos into the foam pit and broke both bones in her shin. I pulled in on double backs on bars and hit my feet (some serious soft tissue damage) and my head.


Yes my friends mom ripped her vagina doing gymnastics. She was 3 months pregnant at the time. Ouch.
[Newest]Well me myself is a gymnast
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I find it funny that all of you football players are saying things like "Are you kidding me! Cheer leading and horseback riding arnt even sports! Each week of nfl at least two people get concussions or broken bones" and
"Football is dangerous and horse riding and gymnastics aren't sports! " Then you say "if you have never played football then don't say it's easy! " Like really? Have you ever ridden a horse? And I'm not talking about being lead around on a pony when you were 5! Every time I go to the barn we do conditioning, oh and this is every day and I'm there for up to 5 hours. Conditioning consists of running up a steep hill... 20 times, running across a feild that's about 100 meters holding a hale bail that weighs about 75-100 pounds... 5 times (back and forth). Then we do 100 sit-ups, then we do a wall sit for 10 minutes, then we repeat this 5 times. Also when we ride it looks like we are just sitting there... Yea. No. When we ride we have to flex. Flexing means pulling the horses head one way (which is an indication to go that way) then making it go the other way by putting pressure on the horses side with the strength of one leg. That is pushing 1,500 pounds of muscle with one leg. Oh and then we do 2-points which is a squat while on the horse... For 10 minutes. And what about when this horse spooks. You think it takes no strength to stop it from going completely nuts? Haha. The definition of a sport is "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment." We have shows that we compete in against others. There for by the definition of sport... Both riding and COMPETITION cheerleading are sports. And I hate cheerleading but if you want to say that throwing a person in the air takes no strength then your just stupid.
Horse back riding is a sport! People spend there lives training for barrel racing or jumping, I'm one of them, so don't say its not a sport.
I played football for around 11 years and this sport is more dangerous than cheerleading. Seriously, at the games the cheer leaders just sit behind us and start signing their cheers and doing what ever they do while there is a game going on. There's halftime when you go out on the field and do the pyramid or whatever, but most of the football guys and team are focused in what their coach is saying about what the heck is going on in the game. If you think doing planks and abs are really that bad, that's a breeze compared to what we do. Try being coached by an ex US Army Ranger, and doing the drills, such as Oklahoma and King of the Pitt. I've seen my fare share of team mates getting hurt, bloody noses and scratches from these drills, and even in the game. I recall a couple time an ambulance would have to come onto the field during a game and help a team-mate or player out. Seriously these injuries the players get put them in the hospital for a good week, concussions are usually the common factor. So, cheer-leading with jumping around and doing a back flip is dangerous, along with getting make up in your eye, and doing your "hard workouts" make cheerleading dangerous, haha I think that's a big joke. How about you not use make up before you cheer if it really causes a performance issues, I do not recall any cheerleader I know complaining about it, the workouts I was told by any cheerleader are pathetic and made them feel like they were out of shape. Football should be ranked higher than 8, and more show cheerleading should not be before football, since without football, where would you cheerleaders be? What point is there to cheerleading if there is no football? I consider this a direct insult, cheerleading would not exist without football.
I'm a cheerleader and this is actually really offensive. First of all you have no idea what you are talking about. Second we do stunts that you wouldn't even know what to do. And I suggest you try doing what we do for a change and maybe you will have more respect for us cheerleaders. The cheers we learn are for you guys out there on the field. If you don't like them go ahead and say something because most of us work hard for what we do. And the girls that do their makeup for the game are ridiculous I agree with that part but I don't understand why you would put that on all of the cheerleaders in the world. And you have to remember there are other sports in this world. Why dis on cheerleaders when they are the ones keeping the boys motivated or at least trying? If anyone disses on all cheerleaders please check yourself you know we aren't all that way.
Horse back riding? Really? That's not even a sport!

Really? Do you know how insulting that is? We work 4 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week every week of every month and Every month of every year. So that 1 or 2 times a month during the summer we could have a chance to win a 20 cent ribbon. If it's not hard why do we have to work everyday of the year for a show, and still have the possibility to get 8th place. Why then, wouldn't we not work all year then go to a show and get 1st place? If it were so easy. And you say a real sport is scored and not judged, and that horse riding is judged. But it's not. Judging is an opinion. Is it an opinion... That I knocked down a rail? That I wasn't on the correct lead? That the horse took a half step before the jump? Are these opinions? No. They are facts. We get scores. Knocked down a rail? 4 faults. Horse refused? 4 faults. Over the time limit? 2 faults for every 5 seconds over. Messed up the pattern? Disqualified. If you mess up a play in a football game are you kicked out? No. You aren't. But if we mess up our course all of that work. All of the hours of practicing are down the drain. Have you ever jumped a horse over a 3 foot jump? Didn't think so. You people think we just sit there but you are so so wrong. Has a horse ever just started jumping around, bucking, and rearing? Have you ever had to hang on for literally your very life? Have you ever had to calm or stop a horse that is bucking and rearing? If it's so easy we would put you on our horse, point you to a 3 foot jump and say go. But we don't want you to ruin our horses, so we try to explain it to you. But all you do is dismiss it, like its easy. And it doesn't change anything. So we don't know why we try. But we do. But know one ever listens. No one can see the physical effort that goes into riding. No one truly understands this sport unless they are a part of it. And that's all I can say. Though this won't change anyone's mind. Like I said we try. But our efforts are always wasted


HA! You go sit on a horse and them jump a 4 foot jump, see how easy it is buddy! You go do that and then maybe ill believe that FOOTBALL is more dangerous, when you clear a 4 foot jump your first time on a horse, ill believe you.
[Newest]Okay. I'm a cheerleader, reading all these comments and you football players are saying that football is more dangerous? Its not 100% proven it is, first of all. Second, (this is such an old quote) but we throw 100+ pound girls in the air, you throw a two pound ball oh and we actually catch ours. read all of the cheerleading comments. high school, sideline cheer may not be considered a sport but guess what? WERE TALKING ABOUT ALLSTAR COMPETITION CHEER HERE! So think again and come to our practices please. try it.
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Hockey is should definitely be in the top 5 or at least ahead of soccer. You are constantly getting hit into the boards which can lead to broken bones, concussions and more. I broke my arm twice from a slash, lost 2 teeth getting high sticked, and KO some guy in a fight
Come on! WAY more dangerous than soccer! I see only 3 players in a soccer game get knocked down. In hockey, EVERY player gets knocked on their ass at least 3 times per game from what I've seen! I can't even name one NHL player that STILL has all their teeth except for the first year players.. Did I mention you are allowed to fight? AND it's full contact. Face first into glass walls, I'm not even 20 and I lost a tooth ALREADY. Worst impact was ending in a 3 week coma. I slammed another player into the wall, BROKE the glass and his whole face was covered in BLOOD! (it was nasty) slamming a guy on grass is nothing.. You wanna talk about pain, how about HEAD FIRST ON ICE! Let's talk about more pain, how bout a 110mph puck in the face.. Never happened to me... Well not yet but I've seen it plenty of times.. Not pretty! Which is harder? Running or skating? Obviously skating! To play hockey, you need to skate just as well as you can walk and run. Anyone can run backwards. Try skating backwards when your on defense. I know what I'm talking about.. Hockey should be at least 3rd. What else is there to say? Wait I almost forgot.. Solid wooden sticks being swung all over the place. Players use them to help them knock down others. Think about a piece of solid wood being slammed into your arm and landing on your shoulder. How bout on your chest and landing on your back and head.. Not on soft grass or turf. Were talking about HARD, SOLID ICE! Even the padding and helmets don't seem to protect you from pain. Head first with helmet: concussion. Head first without helmet: cracked or broken skull. Broken skull is far more worse than a concussion! If you think soccer is more dangerous than hockey, watch an NHL game, play the NHL video games, go on YouTube and watch some of the hardest hits and worst injuries (mostly head and neck injuries) or how bout play some REAL ice hockey with skilled players that will hurt you!
Alright I've been playing hockey 3 years (now midget) each year was to hospital at least once, broken bone, fracture, sprains, I'm lucky! Coulda had some bad concussions, throat slit by a blade, its rough and some people go out to hurt people, on ice, its hard look what happened just the other week habs vs bruins, chara, that happens more than that, that was just serious, never know what can happen, horseback is dangerous too I do it, not as dangerous, but soccer? Come on seriously? Put some hockey players on the ice with just shin pads you see what happens then! We've broke the glass 3 times this year with pucks, a midget team! They're hard rubber and go fast.. Maybe not number 1, but past soccer? I think so
[Newest]#1 in my opinion
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Boxing is brutal. Much more dangerous than the other sports on here. Don't get me wrong, I ain't ripping on any of the other sports on here, football, hockey, etc are all still rough, but think about boxing. The pure science behind everything in that sport is brutal.

Boxing is 50% hitting and 50% not getting hit. When you play football, your goal is to run the ball down to the field and score a touchdown. When you play hockey, your goal is to slap the puck into the net. When you play baseball, your goal to to hit the ball outside the field. When you play basketball, your goal is to shoot the ball into the net. When you box, your goal is to physically and intentionally hurt your opponent. You also have to be quick and be able to have the energy to move around just to not get hit. You play football. You play tennis. You play volleyball. You don't "play" boxing. When somebody hits you in the face with the intention to knock you out, break your nose, or give you a black eye, that ain't "playing". There's nothing "playing" about that.

The training is very intense in boxing. Multiple times a week, I have to go jump rope for 10 minutes straight, hit the heavy bag for 8 rounds (3min rounds, 30sec rests), hit the mitts for 4 rounds (3min rounds, 30sec rests), hit the speedbag for a few rounds, and at the end of all that, sometimes I'll have to spar (2min rounds, 1min rests). Sometimes 5 or 6 times in one night. With some big dudes to that outweigh me by 30 pounds. Then when I ain't sparring, I'm usually running the tredmill for a mile at least or doing a few sets of pullups. And when I ain't at the boxing gym, I'm strength training. I have to bench, incline bench, squat, front squat, and deadlift all the same day. Then I do curls, dumbbell curls, military presses, nosebreakers/skullcrushers, and dips another day. Then another day I just work on back muscles (usually just pullups). Then every 2 or 3 days I'll do P90X Ab Ripper. After all this time training, your opponent may still beat the crap out of you, making it feel like you've wasted your time.

And for anybody about to say "what about MMA? ", MMA is brutal and dangerous, but not as brutal and dangerous as boxing. You may think MMA is worse because it mixes many fighting styles like boxing, wrestling, BJJ, kickboxing, etc, but that actually makes it safer. MMA is about 80% grappling and only about 20% striking. And only about 5% of strikes in MMA even go to the head. The usually throw lowkicks because MMA fighters can react to headshot easier. So in MMA, you might get in an armbar or a triangle chock, but you won't be taking as many shots to the head. Boxing is AT LEAST 80% of the shot taken to the head. Boxing is headshot, after headshot, after headshot, after headshot. MMA is a few headshots, a few knees thrown in, and then a bunch of grappling and submission. That's not nearly as damaging as boxing. Another reason why people say MMA is more violent is because it's more bloody. That's because the gloves are a think 4oz, making them cause more cuts, while boxing a heavy 14oz-16oz. The bigger boxing glove causes more damage because it covers a wider area of the head and you're absorbing damage to a bigger area. So the gloves in boxing are more dangerous than to ones in MMA. Another thing that makes boxing is dangerous is the 10-8 count. If you get knocked out in an MMA match, the fight is over. The fighter cannot go on and can't take anymore punishment. The boxer, however, has a chance to recover after being knocked unconscious. After being completely KO'd, getting back up just to take more shots is NOT got for your brain. Your brain needs time to recover. You just got hit so hard in the face it KO'd you, you fall head first onto a hard canvas, and then you get back up to take more hits. That's why the number of brain injuries in boxing are much higher than MMA (that and because MMA is so young, while boxing is hundreds of years old).

Let's look at the damage boxers have from their carers. Muhammad Ali had Alzheimer and Parkinson from taking to many shots to the head. After he fought Frazier, he was pissing blood for a few days from taking to hard of body shots. Look at somebody who's been boxing for a long while, and you'll see that they usually ain't the sharpest tool in the shed.

I love boxing, but is sure has its risks. VERY painful, brutal, intense sport.
One mistake in article... Dude damage is most with smaller gloves because force is distributed in less area ultimately causing more damage
Boxing is dangerous you people say it's just babies hitting each other in the face. REALLY YOUR PUTTING STUFF SUCH AS CHEERLEADING IS MORE DANGEROOUS? Let me ask you one question. Have you ever been hit by a 12 pound mallet in the face going 20mph? I don't think so and that is the average punch by a pro boxer. Imagine getting hit my 500 of those! YOU THINK BOXERS ARE WEAKLINGS? And the training for boxing is brutal. Running 5 miles a day, hitting a 150 pound bag for an hour... If you think boxing is a children's sport imagine fighting Mike Tyson, Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali, Nikolai Valuev... You'll probably be dead before round 1 is over. 9 out of 10 pro boxers have concussions that decrease the life expectancy for people like them. Sure you other sports hurts so bad to fall on the ground. Imagine breaking a few ribs, your nose, bruised eyes, severe brain trauma, even death. Sure falling 15 feet, getting rammed by 250 lbs imagine 1000 pounds of force to your face! If you cheerleaders say something like lifting a person in to the air, think about how much a boxer can lift and how much damage they can take. Worst of all you don't know if the next punch you take could be your last. Still don't think it's dangerous? Search up 'Is boxing dangerous' hope you than know how dangerous boxing is.
Dude. This is boxing... Do you realize how much damage is dealt to the brain over the course of time? This is a ridiculously strenuous sport, definitely past the realms of some lame cheering 'sport'. How is that even #1? This voting system is out of whack. Idiots shouldn't be allowed to participate in this. Filter, please. There's no way in hell MMA, Skydiving, etc is less dangerous than cheerleading. Is that even a real sport? I refuse to call it one. I cheer for my teammates at sprinting competitions. Does that mean I'm not only a boxer and a sprinter, but a -cheerleader- as well?! Man, talk about multi-tasking. It's straining on my vocal cords, too. "Go, Ben! GO! YOU CAN DO IT. DO IT FOR THE MEDAL BEN, DO IT FOR THE MEDAL! " Add some backflips in there and bang. I'm a professional cheerleader. Can't die from that lmfao. The only way you can risk death is if you have a retarded team that doesn't know what they're doing.
Cheerleading. you think that cheerleading isn't hard? Well obviously cheering for a team but that isn't the competitive aspect. have you ever been to a cheerleading competition? Its dangerous and people get hurt. people die. if all you think cheerleading is is cheering on other teams and yelling then you are wrong. go to a competitive cheer competition. try one of our practices. maybe you will have some respect for cheerleaders if you see what our training is really like. now I am not judging boxing at all. I mean personally I think that it is dumb but I wont let that cloud my judgement because WHO AM I TO JUDGE SOMETHING I HAVE NEVER TRIED. so who are you to judge something you have never tried and obviously know nothing about!
[Newest]This is the most dangerous
Jesus! Horseback riding is a sport! I have fallen off many times... Broke my leg, arm, and collar bone from this SPORT... You try getting on a 1200 pound animal, gallop it to a solid obstacle, and clear it like us equestrians... So before you start Judging us... Try it and see how you do
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Cheering I understand. But it's not more dangerous than BULL RIDING! Nor is it more dangerous than Lacrosse... Or Wrestling. Wrestling should definitely be in the top 5 at least! I've been a wrestler for years now and I KNOW how dangerous it is. Hell, I've had 7 practices so far this season (I'm writing this comment 2 weeks into season) and I have already re-injured my busted shoulder and my left leg is almost immobilized from landing on someones arm 50 times in ONE PRACTICE... It hurts. And I'm no softy. To the other posters, fear is inevitable. You must conquer it in order to be a successful anything. I believe that this article is biased... But so is every comment on it. Honestly, a cheerleader probably wrote it BUT... I'm a wrestler - just voicing my opinions. Every sport has it's risk - but there is no way that cheerleading is the MOST dangerous sport. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that wrestling is. I'm just stating my opinion.

P. S. - Lacrosse is probably #1 or #2... Reason: Flying projectile @ 90 mph
I currently wrestle for my highschool and I can say from experience that wrestling is a pretty dangerous sport. luckily, I haven't come across many severe injuries, but I know lots of people (practically my entire team) who have broken bones, injured their backs and knees, injured their necks, received cauliflower ear, received cosmetic injuries come across concussions, dislocated shoulders, and still wrestled the next day after coming across some of these injuries. With this I do believe wrestling is a dangerous sport, but definitely not as dangerous as bull riding, football, or MMA. personally I think mma is the most dangerous sport. even though in my eyes wrestling isn't the most dangerous sport, I still believe that it's the toughest sport, and makes tough individuals. I've never met a successful wrestler who didn't have a killer instinct, a high pain tolerance, and a competitive drive.
Wrestling is VERY dangerous and I know why.. When I was fourteen I started wrestling and at first I felt like I could do it but then my enemy attacked me so angrily I broke my two legs my nose and one of my teeth came out. So from now on I get beaten up a lot and I always injure SOMETHING in my body and yeah cheerleading is dangerous but not dangerous enough to come TOP. The whole point in wrestling is HURTING somebody! So you get beaten up hurt or injured much more in wrestling.
[Newest]I trailer wrestling before.. I can't do that anymore because I hurt my shoulder on a training before. It will hurt for the rest of my life. SO WRESTLING IS VERY DANGEROUS.
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Definitely the most dangerous. And to all you people that think that cheerleading is the most dangerous, tell me this. Is falling in cheerleading from about 10-15 feet or falling from up to 50 feet going 35 or 40 mph more dangerous? You decide..
We fall from about 60 feet going faster than that. don't diss something you have never tried. why don't you try a senior 5 competitive cheer practice first? Then I will let you judge us
Hah I can't believe motocross is number 9, this is mostly due to the average persons lack of knowledge of the sport and how extremely dangerous it is, there isn't just a possibility of getting hurt but it is guaranteed that at some point you will be injured..
Anyone who's played any other sport knows that moto-cross is by far very very hard
[Newest]In motocross you have to have balls

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Every lacrosse game, your nearly guaranteed to have at least one serious injury. In our last game, we had to stop 12 seconds early when one of the kids on the other team got sandwiched... Hard. Concussion. Dislocated shoulder. The whole shebang. We called in the ambulance and the kid didn't remember half of it the next day. The best part: it was a completely legal hit. Today. Our goalie got knocked unconscious by a hit. A guy got hit in the throat with a cross check (have you ever been hit in the throat by a guy sprinting at you? All we could do watch watch him squirm on the ground, struggling for air. ), and one of the guys on the other team took a shot on goal and hit our teammate straight in the head. That knocked him out for a little bit there too.

THIS IS DANGEROUS! I'm a goalie and I'm putting my life on the line when I step in the cage.
OK so as goalie, you guys are WRONG. I've broken bones three times in the past two years and that isn't even bad. The pain I get from breaking bones isn't even bad, past two times I've broken I haven't gone in for two weeks because shin hits are so much worse and they don't break and I just assume "hm well this is like a 6/10 compared to the 9's I get from shin hits at (as low as) 65mph and (as high as) 88mph (clocked by not even my hardest shooting teammate and I'm only in HS, college and pros is normally 90. Cheerleading really isn't that dangerous in terms of extremes, multiple players have died. Everyday situations, multiple players on each team break bones in a year while everyday situations for cheerleaders is a 10 foot fall onto a padded mat, sprains are what most cheerleaders face. Hockey is just lax with more pads, Horseback riding is pretty dangerous (for extremes only though ie trampling) and football... Well no one really dies in football (sorry to sound extremely blunt) the worst I heard in the past decade is the wedge blocker from the buffalo bills getting paralyzed and he can now walk (yes I know what I'm talking about... ) and the worst normally is a situation like Austin Collie the Colts WR who had 2 concussions. To be brutally honest these rankings are right: Horseback Riding, Bull Riding, and either Lax or Rugby. Sorry everyone else, you're 100% wrong. (yeah I know I sound close-minded and stupid but I don't really care, you guys don't know our extents of pain. )
[Newest]It's a great sport and all but you can get hurt really fast.
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11Rugby League
How is football higher on the list, when rugby is the same sport, just without the padding? Rugby players in pads would kill football players.
In rugby people are intentionally trying to get you down, plus you have no protection. People on the ground getting stepped on by a 180 pound man with cleats doesn't feel good. Yes sports like motocross are dangerous but in moto people aren't trying to hurt you. For every rugby game you play there is a guarantee that you will be sore, and if your lucky you won't be injured. Imagine running at full speed and then having another person running full speed tackling you from the side, the impact on your spine and ribs is brutal, knocks the reach out of you and makes you feel like throwing up, but you have to keep running and keep tackling, rugby is not for the weak and it is dangerous no doubt. Not as dangerous as skydiving but certainly more dangerous than soccer and cheer leading and moto!
Rugby requires no padding and football is based off of it, if boys say football is the most dangerous sport they are wrong
[Newest]Rugby should be higher! No pads, no fakes. Soccer players plat 90 min pretending to get hurt. We play 80 min pretending not to be hurt
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I come from South Africa. Rugby here is way more tough than in Europe and the USA. It's nothing like NFL, because its meant for men to play. Rugby is a much more quick paced and rough and there are no pads needed because we ain't girls.
I've played rugby for 8 years and I have have my face split open teeth put through my cheeks and lips, sprained ribs dislocated thumbs and shoulder, broken nose (twice) ligament damage in my knee elbow sholder and neck, knocked out roughly 5 times, concussions, muscle tear, and some bruises and cuts, but I still love playing :D because I have done worse injuries to other by running into them when crash balling such as beaking their jaw, other their nose, others I knocked out their teeth, I've broken peoples ribs I've broken peoples legs and wrists

Id say this sport should be number one in the list and its more tough in europe than south africa in my opinion
It has no pads if your hit you can break around 3 to 5 ribs or more!
[Newest]Saw guy snap arm bone pop out
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Ok for all you haters... Let me just tell you something. To be a soccer player you have to be in amazing physical shape. So listen up cheerleaders and football players, because you seem to be the biggest haters. In cheerleading you get 2 minutes and 30 seconds to go out and dance, jump around, and lift up a girl who weighs around 110 pounds with 3 others helping you. 2 minutes and 30 seconds? Are you kidding me? That's like literally 5% of a soccer game. Plus, you guys get almost 6 months to practice those same 2 minutes and 30 seconds. We get about an hour and a half to practice something that might happen in a game. Soccer is unpredictable. You never know when or what's gonna happen. And you have mats to protect you from "falling". We have dirt and rocks. Lastly, you guys complain about running two laps around a mat the size of a basketball court. We run around a field that's bigger than a football field for 90 minutes, and it's not a jog. Hell no, if you jog you're done. You'll be benched for the season. We don't know the definition of jog and certainly not walk. Sprint is all we do. And I love it. Ok so football players... Let see where do I begin? Oh yeah lets start with offense and defense. As a soccer player, we play both. You win the ball you're offense, you lose it you're defense. In football when the defense loses the ball, the offense goes on the field.. When the offense loses it the defense goes on the field. And every 15 minutes you get a break. Basically you run for maybe 30 seconds a quarter... If the other team is good enough. Just a funny fact for ya.. Haha... We play on a bigger field than you. With less people... For longer. Ouch. Lastly we get tackled too. And we don't have a ref watching our every move. We have 3 and usually the hardest hits come when they aren't looking so now foul comes out of it. We also don't wear padding on every part of our body. I could say more but why bother... I think I proved my point. I respect your sports but obviously soccer is the most dangerous sport. And horse-back riding? Seriously? How is that a sport? Your whole sport is you sitting down. The horse is doing the running. I understand there are bad falls and it is very dangerous but it isn't a sport. Sorry. I think soccer should definitely be above football and cheerleading in this instance. I bet the person who ranked this is probably a cheerleader.. Just saying... They're all haters.
I as well play soccer and horseback ride, and I think that both sport require an incredible amount of focus and dedication. And even if you can be subbed out in soccer some players are in the whole time. Both sports are unpredictable from the horse to the players on the field.
Of course soccer isn't the most dangerous sport on earth (I'm probably the only person with the common sense here) but it is not just a sport that any one could play you know, you have to be super fit to become a professional. Physically and mentally, you have to be smart as well, one mistake can cost the team a lost, that's why soccer players play it safe, you know passing it around until they get to the opponents half then start attacking but there are a lot of players out there that likes to risk it, you know those tricky players that does amazing tricks. If you think it is so easy then go and play a competitive game of soccer, you won't even last a game, you'll probably get way too tired to play. As I said before soccer players are really fit and that's why a lot of soccer players are models, and their body fat percentage are real low (just saying). Another thing, you should know that normal soccer (like high school ones) are not like the professional ones, there aren't cameras every where, and because of that there are always rough tackles and cheats. It seems easy right? , kicking the ball/sprinting at full speed with the ball at your feet, no it ain't! You need loads of practice to be able to kick the ball right or to be able to sprint with the ball with full control and without losing speed. You know back then when soccer balls were made out of leather, professional soccer players gets brain damage from headering it all the time because it soaks water (you probably know already that soccer games are played in every condition; sunny, windy, rainy, snow, anything). Did you know that soccer was once the same sport as rugby? And you guys know how some players act, like pretending to be hurt or something? I honestly don't know why they do that, stupid, they're just embarrassing themselves. You should know; only few players does that (few players that are stupid enough to), I mean I will never do that! Last thing, I just want to tell you guys; if you don't agree with me about soccer don't start an argument (what I've said about soccer is true, face it), don't judge, talk about your own sports how it is dangerous and stuff, did you see me complaining about how your sport isn't good or that it is not even a sport, etc? No, I don't, because I'm not like the people that do that, what do you think judging other sports you don't like will do? Make players from that sport turn to playing your sport? Seriously it does nothing, so just don't. My point is soccer is definitely not the most dangerous sport on earth but its not like it is a sport that anyone could play you know, it uses real skills and fitness is really needed for this sport (you know how long soccer games are right? How know how huge the pitch is right? You know that us soccer players have to train every week, multiple times for at least 3 hours right? ), and it is worth it training so hard to become a professional (you know how much professional players make money right? Yes that's right; an average $100k to $2M per week). And you know how much players are worth right? , if you want to buy them into your team (they can be worth up to $135M). Yes and you can say 'they aren't worth that much! Why so much money running in the soccer business?! ' yea well, you forgotten? , it is the most popular sport in the world. That's all I want to say really, that soccer is a sport, and I don't judge my least favorite sport, after all a sport is a sport and it is not something we should be arguing about over. Yea, that's it, laterz. Peace my bros.
Been playing for over 10 years and in that time I haven't broken a bone but that is only because I have unusually dense bones. I have seen so many broken legs, torn ligaments, broken shoulders, collar bones, twisted ankles are quite easy. In a Under 14 game I witnessed one of my team mates break a oppositions' leg and the bone was poking through the skin and sock. The blood made a puddle on the grass. A lot of damage to the knees particularly the cartilage and ligaments. I have seen the occasional arm break as well from a bad scuffle or a rough shoulder on shoulder contact. But just like any other sport the fights are quite common particularly in a rivalry game. I have also seen the results of a tackle called Studded Tackle. With both studded boots pointing sliding at the player, I have seen legs bend like jelly at those tackles. The victims of those almost never play a game again, and take months and even years to even walk properly. Those types of tackles are instant reds, but that doesn't stop those types of tackles, particularly in a heated game. Add common weather issues that fail to stop a soccer game like hail, heavy rain and high temp. Above 40 degrees. I once got a concussion from a player who kicked the ball from halfway, which I headed back, but in the process got knocked to the ground, and everything was a shade of yellow for about a minute. Shin pads are useless and most players get the smallest pads for "less weight or wind resistance". They only prevent bruising from only the most superficial of hits. I always come home after a day of soccer bleeding and bruised in one way or another. I have been kicked in the face, elbowed, knee in the gut, punched in the back and gut, ankle stepped on and nearly fractured, tackled with studs up, kicked in the balls so many times I most likely have cancer, kicked in the back of leg, shoulder barged (ramming a player in full sprint with shoulder knocking said player to the ground) and regularly come out of a game dealing more pain than I was dealt. So a lot of people say that it is a boring or wimpy game but play a Senior Men's game in club, and expect to be limping home if your not good enough. Not fast enough? Not heavy or strong enough? Lack skill or clearly have too much in comparison to everyone else? Don't expect to last a full game with your legs intact and not be broken. People die in Soccer as well from tackles and hits in the head from the ball.
[Newest]Most of the people who voted for soccer. Aren't talking about danger. Sure the players are in great shape and are very athletic. About 50 people have said that, but there's barely any danger. There's no hitting or much contact at all. And the players just fake so many stupid injuries it's so annoying
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14Mixed Martial Arts
MMA is a sport that no normal person can handle. Jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and etc, with little to no protective gear. Concussions and bone breakage is a must in this sport. Death at an early age is almost impossible to escape.
UFC fighter are bad asses they could break bone with one punch most dangerous in my book
MMa is for sure on of the most brutal and dangerous sports out there. Imagine getting elbowed and kneed in the face several times than thrown to the ground and getting punched while on the ground until you can't see straight and then expected to do it again. And again. And again. So yeah for all you haters out there that's mixed martial arts. Trust someone who knows what it feels like
[Newest]MMA most dangerous most fun
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What! Are You kidding me? Has Anyone ever actually seen Parkour? Look up the 'Worlds Biggest Parkour jump', and its across two buildings 20 stories high! Come on Parkour brothers and sisters, VOTE!
Every time Traceurs practice Parkour on a high level, they risk the chance of injury and death. Especially when attempting high jumps and stunts. Can the rest of the sports boast in jumping down 20ft objects and landing unscathed? Definitely more dangerous than cheerleading. Yeah, you sissies can break a bone or get paralyzed if something go wrong. In Parkour, accidents on high levels are non-existence, it's death. Land wrong from a jump- death. Miss a precision jump in heights- death.
I, myself am a Traceur. And I was extremely surprised that parkour is this far down! Come on people! The whole point of parkour... The reason people do parkour, is not to get from point A to point B the fastest (although that's the aim) the reason people do it is for the adrenaline. Knowing that one wrong footing or placing your hand 1 inch off, could kill you. Cheerleading? Are you serious? The only reason it's number 1 is because there are so many girls that do it! I would love to see a cheerleader cat to the edge of a 3 story high building or jump off 2 stories onto concrete (Not having a bunch of people there to catch you) and tell me it's not dangerous! I'm not saying it's the MOST dangerous sport... But under cheerleading. No. It's common sense. Go look up and watch some PK before you vote... Really people!
[Newest]Other sports are dangerous but parkour should at least be in the top 5-10
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16Sky Diving
If the parachute doesn't open then you're pretty much dead
Skydiving needs someone with a strong heart and needs to practice well before diving skydiving is one of the most dangerous games that people above 18 must go and practice it as well as jumping from high places
Not as dangerous as some might think. Certainly no where close to BASE jumping. Look up swooping and now skydiving just got more dangerous
[Newest]I would've voted for equestrian because I am an equestrian and I know that if we fall off we could die. But, yeah, sky divers win my vote because if that parachute ain't opening your pretty much dead.

17Base Jumping
MUCH MUCH harder than it looks, easily #1, you must get a jump, and then steering is super hard to control, but if you don't steer well you will run into the edge of the cliff and die.
You must open the pursuit at the right angle, time and place if you want to stay alive, then, you must control your para-suit so that you land in the right spot.
The landing is also very dangerous as well, you could get seriously injured.
With base jumping, you're jumping of a 500-800 ft structure (sometimes even lower) but with cheerleading you're jumping off your best friend's shoulders? That doesn't really add up.
How is basejumping not in the 3? Never less 5 or 10 haha. This is a sport where you can make no mistakes. Even if you pull your parachute does not mean it will open in time or if you will land in control. The slightest breeze can through you off and kill you
[Newest]One little mistake you die

If we consider life or death issues, Mountaineering is up there. Close to 300 people have died attempting to climb the Everest alone. Well over a thousand deaths for 8-thousanders climbs, and plenty of deaths in smaller climbs as well.

As a percentage of people attempting the climb, fatality rates in mountaineering are far far higher than they are in any of the sports listed in the top ten.

And if we compare the seriousness of injuries, one should remember that a broken bone or a trauma of some kind occurring during a climb is made far far worse by the lack of access to medical services. If you break a body part while cheerleading, you get rescued within seconds and minutes later you are in the emergency room.

Cheerleading is tough, it's very challenging and fortunately, it's not even close to being one of the most dangerous sports.
How is this not at #1 or close to that. Ok cheerleaders see you on the mountian. Lets really put you to the test. So basically to start out you save up a few thousand even to start. Then you fly 5000 miles or so to your destination. Then you take a never ending hike up the mountains and through all the villages with 30 pounds on your back the entire way. Finally you make it to the mountain out of breath and sweaty but cold. As time goes on air becomes more and more of a need until your taking 20 steps with one breath. You can't even enjoy yourself once you get to the top because you have to rush back down due to the lack of oxygen. This may sound like its a two or three day trip. Try two or three weeks. Or even months depending on weather. You stick to your competitions, we will stick to our goals to survive.
Pretty sure that statistically this is the most deadly sport. Note that markers for Everest climbers include bodies of previous failed climbers. Close might be other competitions against nature/physics like base jumping or cave diving.

In any case there's no way any sort of game (football, rugby) or fighting sport with rules/referee (boxing, MMA) will be as dangerous. And whoever is voting up cheerleading and gymnastics is just being silly.
[Newest]One time I ate chicken and pooped

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19Free Climbing
Free climbing(rock climbing) can get some one extremely injured or even maybe killed! If you are on belay and something goes wrong and the person accidentally drops you... I went on a few other websites and they said rock climbing was either number 3-5... That doesn't even mention when some one's free solo climbing! That's when you climb with no rope what so ever!... I think this website is completely under estimating free climbing on so many levels
Rick climbing is easily one of the most dangerous sports out there. When your on belay, your relying on your equipment and abilities to stay alive, along with other people, especially your belayer, who literally has your life in their hands. If a piece of equipment breaks, or a rope snaps, your dead. Free soloing is even more dangerous, without any equipment to break your fall. Many companies such as Cliff don't even sponsor many free climbers any more, though many have amazing skills such as Alex Honnold. If you do a rate out of 1/3 between climbing and other sports measuring how dangerous they are, climbing will be sure to surpass the other sports by far. I love climbing and am extremely passionate about it, but it is extremely risky.
Free climbing should easily be #1, most people won't climb a tree to the top let alone a vertical rock. Angles 90 degrees or more, no ropes... Thousands of feet up. How is horseback riding anything compared to this.. You see this should be judged off of the consequence of making a mistake. You make a mistake horseback riding or cheerleading then yes you can get hurt I'm not saying there is no danger, but you make a mistake free climbing and your paralyzed from the neck down, consider yourself lucky.
I agree free climbing is difficult, but with horseback riding you are not in total control. You can also get paralyzed if you have a bad enough fall. You have to remember that when riding horses, the horse has a mind of its own!
[Newest]Only when I grow wing's, an 8' ladder gives me a rush. I can't even look at the pictures.

Most dangerous in my opinion. Your on a peice of wood with sandpaper and wheels. Doing tricks off ledges sometimes higher then 15 feet. In dangerous places. Such as a 20 stair that leads to a street. And that's thought of a kinda dangerous situation in skating..
Okay, skateboarding while it is a dangerous sport and people can be hurt from it. Most people who aren't skateboarders or interested in it are completely ignorant about it. Professions do what they think they can do. Yes look Nitro Circus they jumped off the Grand Canyon and "had enough time to use his parachute". Even if you DO fall off the stairs because you don't know what you are doing you won't die like some people have commented. A cut or two? Or maybe even a slight chance of a sprained list sure but dying? That is one of the stupidest things I've ever read, this isn't all that dangerous, the worst is breaking a bone, Football and a ton of other sports are a lot more dangerous than this.
This sport is dangerous as hell. It causes the most snapped arms and I even split both my teeth and I ate one of them so I had to get surgery this should definitely be on the top of this list. I also cracked my head doing it and got a ton of stiches.
[Newest]I don't think skateboarding is a sport even though I'm a skater

Ok I will always think cheerleading is dangerous but so is surfing my dad was surfing yesterday and cut his foot open and had to have 8 stitches in his foot(it almost hit his artery and could have killed him) he had to have 12 staples in his head because one of the fins on the board got stuck in his head (long story) he also broke his neck (when he was 16) and many more injuries and seriously I can't believe golf is on the thingy and the comments are so stupid like the one that says your back could give out... That has NOTHING to do with golfing it could happen anytime and yea I mean you could get hit in the head with a golf ball but you would have to be pretty retarded to swing you club the wrong way and aim the ball at your head in cheer you have to throw a 100lb girl in the air and risk your life for her because if she falls from that height SHE could die my friend had to be rushed to the hospital because her stunt group dropped her and she had to have an emergency surgery on her arm and 3 pins in it the same thing happened to me except I was doing a standing back tuck and broke my finger and I only had two pins my other friend had the same thing on her arm but like me only two pins and this other girl I know had to have titanium screws in her finger and my coach broke her back at the age of 13 my other coach had to have metal plates put in her foot and some girl broke her ribs and my friend broke her one foot 3 times this girl had to have almost 12 surgeries because her arms are completely ruined and another girl on my team recently broke her ankle so if you're worried about your back giving out then you are probably just a little whiny baby because my sister sprained her neck and my coach didn't care that she was hurt so he told her to suck it up and keep going and so after practice we took her to urgent care and they told us it was fractured and if he didn't make her keep going it would only be sprained
I've seen numerous amounts of surf injuries including seeing sharks, stingrays, jellyfish etc. Surfing can't be compared with all those you call dangerous sports. You can also get hit by the rocks or the reef and those are fatal or really painful injuries. Surfing those huge waves like mavericks is super dangerous because you got the reef the rocks the cold water the sharks and the wipeout so that's probably the most dangerous or one of the most dangerous sports in this list
It's true that Rugby and Football have concussions, broken ribs, and fractures; however, Surfers such as myself have to deal with Shark attacks, Coral Reefs, and most of all OTHER SURFERS! Surfing is a sport where death is possible and many people around the world do this sport because it's just AMAZING! However more people die in surfing than any other sport.
[Newest]Crazy wipeouts, getting hit by reef or rock and dangerous creatures in the sea. Not even top ten?

22Horse Racing
I would like to say it's not the same as horse riding. You are racing not jumping. This should be higher because you are working the horses WAY TOO HARD! They are running to fast and their leg could give out and the 1,200 pound horse could land on your head paralyzingly you, giving you a cuncusion or even killing you!
At any moment while the horse is running the horse can trip and fall not just on you but it could cause out her horses to fall also
Guys, horse racing is within horseback riding. So you are still at the top either way. If you ride horses, then you do the most dangerous sport in the world. Same difference.


23Figure Skating
This is a dangerous sport, way more than most of the sports higher on the list. I'm a figure skater, and I work as an ice rink guard so I see LOTS of falls and injuries, people knocking each other down (unintentionally usually), people getting skate blades jabbed into them because they fall unexpectedly in front of other skaters, banged heads are highly common. Recently an instructor ended up having to have surgery for head trauma because some kid plowed into her causing her to hit her head. This is the only sport I know of in which a person can break bones from just standing still! I suffered simultaneous spiral fractures in my tibia and fibula requiring surgeries and a metal plate to hold my tibia together, and have permanent damage, when all I was doing was standing still talking to someone... My foot turned on the slippery ice and I fell on top of my leg. One time I leaned a little going into a spin and banged my cheek bone so hard that everyone in the rink heard it and thought I had broken it (thank goodness I didn't, but it was badly bruised). I was permanently scarred by someone whose toe picks ripped across my leg when she went into a spin without first looking to see if anyone was in the same space - there were 5 distinct scars parallel to each other, one for each of her toe picks. One time a kid fell and slid across the ice right under me when I was in mid air jumping - I would have killed her if I hadn't caught her out of the corner of my eye and yanked out in a 2-foot land on the tips of my toepicks - the only reason the backs of my blades didn't cut into her face is that I was upon my toes; if I had fallen on this little girl, I'd have crushed her probably to death. What makes me mad is parents who send pre-schoolers out on the ice alone without even putting skates on themselves to make sure their children are safe.
This should be far above hockey and football, I mean you have to be crazy to think that this sport isn't dangerous. The jumps, when performed correctly, look effortless and easy, but when you land them wrong or have an off day like in all sports it can be devastating. My friend broke her ankle and almost had to stop skating, because when she landed a double axel, her foot twisted to nearly a 90 degree angle which caused her to then sit down it. You are rotating so fast that if you make one mistake in the air or on a landing of jump, who could really cause some damage. When you go into spins sometimes your muscles give out because they are so tight from everything else that just the action of bringing you leg around from the side to the front pulls them. And the times that I have been cut with the blade by performing and practicing catch-foot spirals and spins are countless. I have also had cuts on my knee, shin and upper leg from the blade when I fall, or land weirdly. I have even cut through the leather on my skate when I two footed a jump - landing while my feet were still in the rotation position. The falls - especially the repeated ones are just awful. I have black and blue bruises all the way down my side right now from falling on repeated double flips over and over again. And probably the most dangerous thing is the time on practice ices. The times I have seen, (or been part of) collisions, and crashes into other skaters, sometimes one or both of us ending up with a skateblade slash, or in the boards. At a competition once, I saw a girl slip on a landing during a warm up and trip the girl behind her, not only getting the girl on the ice cut badly form the skate blade going over her leg, but the girl that tripped ended up in the emergency room with 40 or so stitches in her head because when she tripped her head smashed into the boards and she cut her head open. This is an extremely dangerous sport, and it should be much higher up on the list.
Almost every figure skater I have met has had to get surgery because of skating. I have a massive scar on my right leg just from doing a single loop my skate was in the wrong position and my blade cut through my tights. I've face planted into the ice so many times from leaning to far forward on my toe pick. Unlike most sports skaters have no padding or helmets all we can wear are some tights and a dress. In pair skating the man has to be able lift the girl above his head and throw her at fast speeds and catch her. As well as spinning side by side and If with one travels then that can involve a blade in the face. I believe figure skating should up there with gymnastic and cheerleading, honestly and not down here at 24.
[Newest]How is this a dangerous sport ( other than that lady being clubbed in the leg) there is no way this should be higher than racing
We skate with blades attached to our feet which are very sharp and can cut into a lot of things and we risk our lives because I've seen someone open their head open on the ice right in from if me
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24Cliff Diving
Cliff diving is quite dangerous if you know how to land but at the same time its quite fun;I've been cliff diving before and it was amazing. People should just be aware of their surroundings... Rocks, shallow waters you get the point
Diving in General is dangerous if you do it wrong you can get seriously hurt!

I snowboard, within the first month of ever riding I broke my wrist and my tailbone. How is this not a very dangerous sport? It should be in the top ten for sure. On my schools snowboarding team, out of 30 boarders, 15 had concussions in just a three month time period. 10 were hospitalized for serious injuries and 17 were injured but never went to the hospital. I had two friends who died from snowboarding. They were both only 16. How isn't this an extremely dangerous sport?
Played football and basketball, football is definitely more dangerous that cheerleading come on now. However while snowboarding I have had 10 times more injuries than when playing football.
Snowboarding should be higher! I've been boarding for 10 years and I've had so many injuries! I have broken my tailbone, gotten multiple concussions and so many more injuries. I'm so sore the next day that I can't move without crying. Snowboarding kills 44 people per month during snowboarding season, and has one of the highest rates of injury.

Wow, Luge is after walking? This is one of the most dangerous sports ever! If you flip over have fun scraping your face off, and god knows what else. You go incredibly fast and you have little hand holds to grab onto, if you slip there goes your fingers! If you do flip and go sailing through the air, no one knows if you'll land without busting your head wide open or worse death! How is walking more dangerous?!?!
People die like in 2010 Olympics
So many people die in luge

I am a taekwondo junior black belt. I have hurt my leg quite a lot of times and had gone to see the doctor thrice. I have never regretted joining taekwondo because I like it even if it is a dangerous sport. You can easily sprain or twist your leg. Sometimes you can get hit at your head and thigh. I have injured by mouth. Sprained my hand once. It still continues to hurt at times even though I hurt it 5 months ago.
I did Tae Kwon Do for 8 years and I'm a blackbelt. I've seen so many injuries. My friend broke her arm when she landed wrong on a flying side kick, but she had to keep going. My mom owned the Tae Kwon Do place and she twisted her knee. She had to get surgery on it and to this day it hurts her. I've sprained my ankle, I almost got a concussion and much more. I'm also a cheerleader, and I think it's VERY dangerous. I think Cheer and Tae Kwon Do should be ranked pretty high
Taekwondo is dangerous. Especially if you are a demonstration performing because these days, they include acrobatics and jumps from 8 to 10 feet high. You can easily break a leg. I personally had several sprains from Taekwondo while practicing for nationals.

28Speed Skiing
I've been a ski racer for more than 10 years - and I'm only 17! Over the years I've seen far to many devastating injuries as a result of high-speed skiing. Think about it: you're throwing yourself down icy slopes as fast as gravity will allow, and then putting tall plastic poles and a blizzard in the way.
160 mph and no metal to protect you like in a car!
Trees, bears... All at 150 mph. Skiing is already enough for hurting yourself! I knew someone who got injured very badly during speed skiing, and had to go to the hospital.
[Newest]Way more dangerous than horse back riding! Imagine being slammed to the ground while going 180mph with two skis that most likely hit you. Also way more than gymnastics! Skiing is awesome!

Many people do not see the physical aspect of skiing. This isn't some sport any person can do. You can pick up a football and learn how to throw it. You can learn how to kick a ball. Your playing against some other person head on with the whole truth if you are better or not. Skiing takes years of practice, hundreds of grueling hours of the same thing over and over again to become the best at sport you used to love, but has now become a full time Job. You can say that some people just have talent or have always been able to do something, but in truth-- They've worked harder than everyone around them. You don't see Cheerleading up there in the Olympics, or the X games. Skiing is like gymnastics. Its a sport that you need start young, and never stop. The sport has so many different disciplines that your can't narrow down the things some of them do. Alpine racers do five events that test there skills of technique and guts. Slalom skiing is super technical where the slightest mistake can make you end up Messing the entire run, or take a gate between your nuts. In downhill, with speeds of 100 MPH, the mistakes are life threatening. You cannot do the once in a while mishap that you can in cheerleading. Imagine being in a car speeding down the freeway at 75 MPH. Now remove the safety belts and airbags. Today this is illegal and most would not own a car without such safety restrictions. But now take away that car, replace it with some skis, put on a helmet and back protector with changing conditions such as wind and temperature, but keep that speed. The ice that you are skiing on is almost bulletproof. Now fall. Your now sliding down on the hard snow, where the only thing that is going to stop is this huge orange fence that isn't the safest thing in the world.

Now, go to the freestyle side of the sport. Jumping on skis is like jumping off of a three story building. Most jumps go from 20 to 70 ft. in distance. But take in the tricks that are completed in that short time of air are crazy. People are now doing three flips in the air while spinning. They also slide down railings that could have them end up breaking people up. Aerial skiing has some skiers down four flips with four spins and then landing on their heads and dying. Its not some little thing that is easy. They have been training those tricks and the ones progressing to the ones before for years, with thousands of back slaps, broken bones, and concussions. Skiing is a sport that is progressively getting more dangerous and dangerous every second. Its a sport that takes gymnastics, balance, coordination, and persistence to conquer even the easy things in skiing.
Okay, don't try to tell me "oh I ski, or I snowboard" no, you've done it before. Your not a true skier/ snowboarding and you will NOT understand the dangers of it if your doing it solely on a social level. Its a lifestyle, and a dangerous one. How many other sports have first aid emergency stations at their field, court, or wherever you compete. I understand that cheerleading is hard, but guess what... The hard part about it is the flips. The GYMNASTICS part of it. So I'm really sick of hearing it from cheerleaders. Guess what, we do flips... Of jumps. With our feet stuck in boots and bindings attached to our board or skis. Which we have to land in piles of snow and sometimes ice. More injuries are acquired from these sports than any other. All you have is you, and no one to help you. You buy a board or skis, right on the box or anything for the bindings or whatever. "skiing/ snowboarding is a dangerous sport that can result in serious injury and even death" were hardcore. Cheerleaders, sorry your not. Football players, look at all the padding you have. And the other sports also have a low risk injury level as in football. Were our own support while skiing. Were flying down a mountain at high speeds, maneuvering around people who don't understand it IS a sport and go only to socialize. Please, if your gonna treat it like that don't even try it and risk our safety and yours. Try the terrain park. Its dangerous... All the hard equipment you can easily slip on and break something. Not to mention the freezing weather at risk for hypothermia. Anyone care to argue?
Skiing, it is the best sport in the universe. Trust me, I would know. I've been skiing since I was 1 years old and race and do freestyle competions competetively since I was 6, ( like you see in the Olympics. ) over the years nothing has brought me closer to the outdoors, other people, and other things. I met my best friend skiing and I've been meeting so many other amazing people. Also, skiing is the only sport that you can do in over 20 ways! To prove it here are some examples (slalom, giant slalom, downhill, super g, cross country, moguls, half pipe, slopestyle, backcountry, aerials, big air, ski cross, water skiing, carpet skiing, parachute skiing, super combined, powder skiing, urban skiing, free skiing, and grass skiing. ) and those are just some to get you started. Even if your not a competitive skier like I am, it is also super fun to go on a nice trip with your family, even if it is for a weekend. And you don't have to be good at it to like it. Skiing has changed me, and I will NEVER stop skiing.
[Newest]Skiing is a very dangerous sport and I have been skiing for basically my whole life I love it but it still dangerous out there, you know.

I believe the stats indicate more people die in cycling related contests than any other sport in the world. However, if you compare the ratio of participants, something like bull fighting can be ranked higher, as there are far fewer events and bull fighters than cyclists. When will safety become important enough in pro cycling to made strides in improving this statistic? Auto racers in F1 can smash into a wall head-on at 150mph and walk away, yet a cyclist can go down at 33mph and die. 'enough said. It's time to make helmets capable of preventing a concussion the norm, as well as protective gear similar to that used in motocross. Sure, times will decrease, but everybody will be equal (and safer).
I think this is a very dangerous sport. some of the best racers are going 30-40mph. if they accidentally hit the back tire of another racer then they're going to go flying, hit the pavement, and get run over by all the people behind them causing an even bigger crash where everyone else get hurt. Sometimes people on the sidelines will grab players causing them to crash. Go on to YouTube and search tour de France crashes. You will a lot of people getting injured just because of the one or two people who started a crash.
Cycling is very dangerous, Have you ever heard of Ironman races? Yea people are expected to bike 130 miles at a time. Just imagine how fast the cyclist is riding. Imagine what would happen if you made one turn too quickly? A fall from a bike going extremely fast can kill you, Especially since when you're road biking you have your shoes clipped into your petals. Try getting out of that one.
[Newest]Very fast and high chance of injury

31Free Diving
My dad is a free diver and he loves the sport. It takes a lot of training and patience my dad has taken courses in Florida and trains at least 4 times a week. The farthest he drove down was 190 feet a lot of people aren't aware of this sport. Not so long ago one of my dad's friends had a blackout when he was diving and died it is extremely important that you never go free diving alone always had a buddy with you
Free diving is the sec on mod dangerous sport in the world 4 your information People! HELLO OPEN YOUR LITTLE BRAIN YOU HAVE TO HOLD YOUR BREATH FOR A REALLY LONG TIME
There are only about 5, 000 free divers around the world. It's a unique sport. An estimated 100 people die from free diving every year. This is compared to an estimated 20 deaths per year from horses, which is a far more popular sport.

With free diving, you are working against yourself.

Here's a list of the greats who died racing: Senna, Peterson, Vukovich, Vogler, Fireball Roberts, Clark... The list unfortunately goes on. No other sport has that many deaths.
29 really are you kidding me so many people have died and your putting racing at number 29 on the list so me a list of how many people have died from cheerleading I mean I've seen broken bones and stuff from that sport but this is the most dangerous sport list ok so until someone gives me a list of the people that have died from cheerleading then racing is still the most dangerous sport
Pavement is painful from any angle you might hit it, especially at the speeds these guys are going
[Newest]So many people crashed and burned it has its own article on Wiki. How many people die from cheerleading?


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33Aussie Rules Football
The national sport of Aus has to be one of the hardest, roughest sports around- you have 36 muscle bound men tackling you from every angle, driving you into the ground, at break neck speeds (a guy became a quadriplegic about a month agi). They constantly throw themselves in front of a swinging foot, put their head over the ball knowing that at any second they could get knocked out, ride on top of a pack of people over 2 metres in the air only to have gravity pull them back down with a thud and a concussion. They do all this and more with absolutely no padding, outdoors, no matter the weather conditions. These are men who are not willing to lose their integrity by diving for a free. I appreciate that many of the above sports are dangerous- but soccer?! It is only there because of its popularity- it requires skill, no doubt, but it isn't nearly as dangerous as half the sports below it!
Try a game of AFL- and you will understand the dangers and risks been taken!
No Protective gear at all just big guys tackling each other


This game requires you to be able to take knocks or you will end up on the sideline for half the season. I have played soccer, rugby, cricket and hockey and AFL is by far the most dangerous sport I have experienced. The reason being is that you can be tackled from any direction with no padding on. Last time I played I had about 8 bruises turn up all over my body. Needless to say I only play soccer these days which is still dangerous but not even close to AFL.
[Newest]This should be number one no doubt

I've been watching polo for about 8 years and can't tell you how many times I've seen players get hurt - yeah broken bones like football but try having an opponent at 1,000 pounds landing on you! Not the same equipment as football/hockey (helmet and knee pads only) and having horses tripping and then rolling over onto players is not unusual. I've also heard too many actually getting killed while playing (one horse spooked and quickly jerked it's head back hitting the players head killing him instantly).
How is Waterpolo not higher on the list. This sport kicks your ass. This is my first year of playing gosh school polo and I already have had a concussion, a broken tooth, black eye, bruises all over my body, a bloody head, and am now out the rest of the season for a torn shoulder. This sport must be higher on this list.
I play polo and it is as dangerous as hell there are people hooking you left and right and also you are aloud to bump people!

I can't believe this isn't high up. We get a perfect pass on a ball going 80mph without a scratch. Our passer will do anything to get the ball to the setter. Bruises floor burns and scraps show up after one practice even with our knee pads. Our setters can make any pas s into a perfect set right to the hitter. Our hitters hit the ball so hard that no one on the other side can touch it. And our passers can always dig the hits coming to our side. This sport involves great agility stamina reflexes and strength. An when we get spikes in the face by a ball going 80mph we don't cry we suck it up that's the only reason you don't realize how dangerous it is. Not to include the broken bones.
In volleyball, you dive for every single ball and can't ever let a ball touch the ground. You do jump training and practice 6 hours a week. You train and train for it and you get balls slammed at you and have to dig them up into a perfect pass. It takes lots of practice, you can't just come out and be able to play volleyball at high level. You have to get a pass, a set, and a hit. Well, first a serve. So for those of you who say volleyball isn't a sport, it is. It's dangerous and you're constantly on the floor diving for balls.
Honestly, volleyball looks petty and simple on the outside but when girls are smashing a ball down into your face with the force of a grown man, its simply terrifying. You don't get a second or two to think you have to be ready and get to that ball even if you knock a few people down on the way to the ball. And if that's not enough you have all of the pressure coming from your team and coaches to make the perfect play. Maybe I'm being biased but I think this sport should be higher up.
[Newest]I'm sorry, but getting hit in the face with a ball going 70 mph is a lot more painful than some of the things on here. People come out of the game with jammed fingers, sprained wrists, broken ankles, and concussions. In soccer, people fake injuries, in volleyball, people fake NOT having injuries so they can keep playing.

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36Pole Vault
That's stupid pole vault should be way higher then this. There was a kid that killed himself pole vaulting a few years back. He wrote a note and everything talking about how he was gonna do it, come on if you can plan killing yourself in a sport, it has to be dangerous. Not to mention the highest death ratio out of all spots. Going 15+ feet in the air upside down hoping your pole doesn't break, whip back and smack with 160 pounds of recoil force (depending on what weight you jump on). Oh and let's hope all that goes well and you lad on the mat and not the concrete from that high up. One thing goes wrong and you can get seriously messed up or die. Basketball should be on the top softie sports list then you might get a place for all those sissy faked injuries from prancing up and down the court. Please basketball shouldn't even be on this list. Pole vault is one of the most dangerous sports ever.
I do realize that cheerleading is a dangerous sport but... Broken bones and black eyes? Let's be honest... With this sport we're dealing with death and other catastrophic injuries. There's a reason why some of the most dangerous sports are low on the list... There's not enough people who do these sports because, well, risking your life every practice just doesn't suit everyone
Getting flung onto the runway from 15 feet up, landing in the angled metal box from 15 feet up (head first or feet first), or missing the mat entirely. I've see all of those injuries along with concussions from hitting the crossbar enough times to know that pole vaulting is definitely one of the most dangerous sports.

37FreeStyle BMX
Ok I can understand skateboarding and motocross being more dangerous but fishing? You gotta be kidding me.. BMX requires a lot of skill and is very risk taking. I've landed head first PLENTY of times off the quarter and ended up with a concussion. The worst EVER was when I ended up in a 3 week coma. Go on YouTube and look at what professionals do and you tell me that's not as dangerous as fishing


HAHAH! It's Stephen Murray.. I wouldn't go as to say skateboarding and BMX are technically as dangerous as a lot of sports out there. I mean you get beat up and break bones and like many riders, "Usually trail riders", have been paralyzed or knocked into a coma.. Etc.. I would agree fishing is more dangerous. Look up some of the fish out there in the rivers and Oceans.
I ride Bmx been in an air ambulance smashing my back and I had amnesia in the space of two months biking is hard work and dedication stay strong andy murray

38Weight Lifting
Weight lifting is not dangerous at all unless you're not doing the right thing or if your dropping your bar.
So much room for error, dangerous stuff. Torn my rear del just doing dips before.
Crushed my foot attempting to powerclean 265

39Mountain Biking
Not just specifically mountain biking but DOWNHILL/FREERIDE. The most intense sport I do and definitely the most exhilarating. Snowboarding does not produce the same amount of adrenaline (yes not just groomers but the terrain park) one slip up and very easy to get injured. Even more dangerous than motor cross in my opinion. DH is a growing sport and you will definitely hear about it in the future.
Mountain biking should be way higher on this list. Loads of people have ben killed or seriously injured coming off a jump. I myself did a small jump and the wheel twisted on landing and I came off the bike and landed on it. My back hurts for weeks!
Have you not seen Redbull Rampage? What is more dangerous than this.

I am a Soft ball/ Fast ball (My reasons will also work for Baseball and 2 pitch) player, and I often play third base. where, the right handed batters (note, there's a lot of right handed people) most often hit the ball at HIGH speeds. 70 and over? This goes for any spot on the infield... Especially third, since you are about as close to the batter as the pitcher is. our protection? Nothing. Despite a slider, slider shorts and if you choose. A face Mask, which is very hard to see out of. I've been playing for 4 years (Pewee) and on my last tournament 2 girls got injured, in the first inning.

One, a ball to the throat, the other got her hand and wrist jammed between the ball and her glove. Not to mention the first base man is having a ball thrown to them at every play (Almost) out field have a lot of running to do, whether it's in to back up a play or out to catch a fly ball, believe me. It hurts. The sun was in a bad spot where it was directly in my eyes, and I got a ball to the face. Lip split open, ruined braces. but if you are hurt, the play is still alive! So you have to suck it up until the play stops.

Lastly, batting! You are having balls being thrown at you at high speeds, and if you are hit. It's gonna bruise. But you still have to play until you get out, or get home. If you get on base, great! Now, you have to run your hardest to the next bag and risk being hit with a ball that's thrown over hand to try and get you out. Or even being hit with a ball that's batted.

Now sliding, you have to run as fast as you can and throw your self into the ground in hopes of not getting hurt. The sliders do not stay up, so you get a extremely bloody knee filled with gravel and dirt. I have scars the size of a hockey puck on my knees from sliding. Minor to mention you are sliding directly into an object (Thw bag) my friend broke her ankle sliding into second.

The practices are brutal, you need to be fast, have good hand to eye cordnation, have strong arms and a quick brain.

Not only is it a physical sport. But it's a mental one as well. One wrong move, and you have 4 runners in.
I play softball. I am a catcher. I have been hit countless times and the bruises aren't pretty. Once I got a hand sized bruise just from getting a foul tip to my leg. Of you get hit, you are sure to get a bruise. If you get a bad hop it will most likely hit you. To make things worse, once you are in fast pitch 14u you can wear metal cleats which does not feel great being cleated. Once I was catching a I put my glove up and my hand next to it to trap the ball after I caught it and the ball hit my nail, bent it back and it started bleeding. I actually had to pull my nail back to its right position. I do agree that cheerleading is dangerous however I don't feel it should be number one. I feel gymnastics should be number one because I like to do gymnastics as well as softball and I have several gymnast friends who have problems. My friend broke her arm and has knee and back problems and my other friend broke her finger and is very clumsy. Softball should definitely be in the top 20 and gymnastics should definitely be number 1 or 2
Softball is very dangerous. I got hit slightly above the eye off of a composite bat in practice and I was swollen to about the size of a baseball (maybe a little more) and I had a black eye for about 2 weeks. The doctor said if I got hit at least a half an inch lower than I did, I could have lost all sight in my left eye, and if I got hit slightly to the left, I would have got hit in the temple and probably have major brain damage. Thankfully I was very lucky and got hit in a spot that affected nothing but it was very close. Softball deserves to be in the top ten.
[Newest]This is way more dangerous than number 39 I just broke my hand and in the same game a girl injured her back and someone got a concussion
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41Downhill Biking
Completely agree with this, many people break their backs and necks when they fall off. Not only that but there has been times when a rider who has fell off has continued to roll done the face of a mountain. This sport should be so much higher in the list!
I broke my neck downhilling this should be top 5 at least there are so many people that do what I did and don't come back from wheelchairs, comas, and even death. This sport should at least have more respect.
Easily one of the most dangerous sports due to when you fall there is no soft snow, no cushion, no net if you're on bridges. Most likely you will be injured twice in a 1 month span.
[Newest]Really horseback riding first. We downhillers go 30+mph and go over extreme terrain and when we fall off we usually break something

Seriously, there is no whitewater sport on here? Paddling death defying and dangerous class 5 rapids completely outweighs the danger of catching balls with sticks or tossing idiotic girls in the air
I'm sorry but how are so many of these sports more dangerous than kayaking the only reason less people die of it per year than other sports is that it has less people doing it. I can see why other sport are in the top 5 but really 89 that's a bit low for kayaking
There is no doubt that kayaking deserves to be higher up. I am both a kayaker and a hockey player. I I have seen a lot more serious injuries in kayaking. I admit sea kayaking and sprint kayaking aren't as dangerous but all the other disciplines are very famous. Don't believe me, then watch "kadoma" and that's no where near as gnarly as it can get.
[Newest]The risk of drowning.

43Roller Skating
In my opinion, skating should be in the top 20 of this list. I have shattered my knee, dislocated my shoulder, and received serious gashes and lost a lot of blood a few times, which is nothing compared to what many other people have been through. While skating downhill earlier today, a wheel popped off of one of my skates and I almost lost my balance a few times down. When you are going that fast with no protective gear, falling over could easily result in broken bones, especially if you hit the asphalt wrong.
I've been skating for a few years now and have had a broken toe broken angle and even was busted open this sport should be in the top 15 if not in the top TEN because if your doing the smallest grind still so much stiff could go wrong even if you do a tiny jump and land a wrong way you could have serious injuries its so under rated just because you see 5-8 year old girls the stuff older people do on skate is mad I'm shocked that this is even under top fifty and when this gets to ten or fifteen this list will at least a little more fixed up
This sport really should be in the top ten. Now, I can see how there are more dangerous sports around(ex. : sky diving). But one of the main reasons skaters don't usually get too serious of injuries is because they train. The first step in the sport is learning to balance and not fall! Falling is like a trick; if you land it right, you won't have much trouble getting back up.


44Muay Thai Boxing
Thai boys training from they are 6 to adult, then getting knocked out with knees to the face has got to be a damn dangerous sport. How can you even argue against it, especially if you have seen them clinch, which is even considered "irty" in regular boxing. This should be in top 5.
The art of the 8 limbs is considered to be one of the most deadliest forms of martial that utilizes 8 human body parts-Fists, Elbows, Knees, and Shins. This should definitely be in the top ten.
I have seen one of these matches and if you did, this sport would be so much higher. They use elbows and knees to break jaws and every other bone in your face and shin kicks and normal kicks to break ribs and rupture internal organs. If you don't believe me look up muay thai fight, go into the first video and skip to 1:30
[Newest]I never even knew this existed until now

So I was riding down this big hill things were going fine until I got to the side walk until my board started to wobble and I fell broke my arm and some of rib cage and that was a year ago so its dangerous
So I was riding down a big hill on a longboard and I was wearing a bathing suit. My board started to wobble, so I jumped off and I couldn't stop myself from running, so I ran about 10 yards. Finally, I lost my balance and slid like you would dive back to first base in softball. I got road burn on my stomach and my breasts. 😁
Riding down mountains on a plank of wood with cars coming the other way, perfectly safe until you fall off. Which is common.
[Newest]Are you kidding me you go down hills at 80 miles per hour if you mess up one single foot placement... Then your screwed

46Cross Country Running
People puke, and some pass out, from not running smart. Other people are aggressive, and threaten to hurt the people thy beat them. And yes, you can so easily get tripped up or spiked.
You could get spiked with 1/2 inch metal spears. Spit on. Elbowed. Out of the 30 girls on my team, 3 were in boots just this year! Others have been in boots previous years.
Some people say cross country is just running, its not. I would like to see those people come to one, just one practice with me and see how hard it is. I have had hurt knees and ankles and fallen. I was in a boot for weeks because of running injuries.

47Field Hockey
I don't understand how hockey is 59th! It should be in the top 10 if not top 5! There are so many sports that I've never even heard of that are supposedly 'more dangerous'. I've seen my fair share of injuries in my life but nothing compares to some of the injuries I've witnessed for field hockey! I once got hit in the foot while walking past a boys team that was training - the guy mistrapped, ball hit my foot and I was on crutches for a month because I couldn't put pressure on my foot because it ha bruised my bone... Another time during my game a girl from my team got hit in the forehead with the ball and the blood was everywhere! It was running down her face and all over her stick... Before training one day my team mates brother was playing a game and the ball hit his thumb and he needed to go to hospital for 3 days to have surgery and graft some bone from his shin onto his thumb... My coach was telling me about a girl in her team that was defending a goal and got hit in the face with a 100 mile per hour ball and had to get metal plates in her face... I have seen people get hit in the eye, stomach, leg, hand and I got hit in the ankle 2 days ago but yet we all carry on playing after a little cursing and swearing. Can't call us tough! And all this is just at club level so now try and tell me hockey isn't one of the most dangerous sports!
I play hockey at district level. It is brutal if you don't protect your feet it is ok to smash the opposition in the feet which leads to broken toes. imagine having a solid ball collide into your head or body when it is going at over 110km/h that is normal in hockey. You need lightning fast reactions otherwise you will be unconscious in under 5 minutes in a hockey match. Our coach tells us in hockey not care who's in our way when scoring just smash it. The top hockey players don't care if you get hurt in their minds you just got in the way of the ball. if you still don't believe me look at penalty corners in YouTube. I am first runner in defensive penalty corners which means I am the idiot who when the injector (person hitting the ball to the person ready to smash the ball at the top of the circle) I run out of the goal at the person hitting it at the top of the circle. I know I am not going to get there before the ball. Therefore I have to put my stick down and hope my hockey stick gets the ball before me. This sport should definitely be in the top 5!
Wow all I can say is that this is really sad. Horse back riding really? All you have to do is like sit on a horse. Plus the horse is like 4 feet tall not a real big drop. A bunch of girls on my field hockey team needed to take a concussion test. Well all I can say is good thing, because one of the girls had a huge head concussion and was out for a month of school. There were also about four girls that got a leg injury luckily I never got one. But all I have to say is come on really horse back riding that's a joke!

Since this has no comment I might as well. Most people don't understand the concept of trampoline. Please so I don't have to wast time explaining, just watch parts of the Olympics on YouTube or something. I was a level 8 trampolinist when I quit and honestly I don't understand why this isn't right next to gymnastics. We practice in a gym with all the other gymnasts. Our conditioning is pretty much identical as most of the coaches collaborate. Our warmup a consist of handstands, extension rolls, walkover, and other crossfit types workouts as well as some basic gymnastic skills. Again, if you have no idea what crossfit is, look it up. Then when we get to the trampoline, we do more flips than any other sport that has acrobatics in it at all. Skiing cheerleading diving gymnastics dance. We do flips up to 30 feet into the air, Olympians twisting up to 6 times in a skill or flipping up to 3 or 4 times in a single skill. Add 10 of these together with no extra bounces just the time in the air you create with your legs. It's so easy to fly completely off the trampoline, a single skill not taking off perfectly vertical or you head sticking out could cause you to loose control since your jumping so high. Since you flip so many times in 1 bounce it can be so easy to get lost in mid air. And there's nothing you can do about it except for letting go and waiting to hit the trampoline. Like seriously anyone who things it isn't dangerous just can't even be taken serious because they're too ignorant to even see what it is. It's not like jumping on your backyard trampoline. This sport should be in the top 5 and at least right beside gymnastics.
If your an athlete and you have ever fallen, whether you were pushed, punched, tripped, fell out of a stunt, fell out of a flip, or fell while skiing or whatever!... Add about 30 feet to that. And there you have trampoline βœ‹πŸ‘
That is not even a sport and the worst you can do is to fall of onto something

49Bull Running
That awkward moment when Cross Country and Kayaking are higher ranked than this
Is bull running a sport?
Bull running is dangerous ok? Wouldn't you be the least bit scared if a bull instead of a foot ball came running at you, breaking at least five of your bones instead of bwaking your whittle pinky finger?

50Road Cycling
A criterium, a style of Road Racing going around a square city block is much more dangerous than dance. You have over 20 people at minimum moving around at 25 MPH and you are close enough to the other racers that you can touch them. If one person puts the brakes on to hard, the whole group is on the concrete. How is that less dangerous than dance?
Have you ever had a car try to run you over? Then giant trucks fly past you just a few feet beside you. Tons of steel versus a rider? Cheerleading is that dangerous?
Just watch some cycling crashes... Then you will see how dangerous it is!

51Underwater Rugby
Is this even real
WHAT THE HECK IS THIS and how is it on the dangerous list pretty sure no one does this and its not a thing is this even real is right from the title it sounds like your beating someone up under the water.
Obviously this is the most dangerous sport it's rugby plus you might drown.
[Newest]It is a real sport

52Hang Gliding
Jumping off a mountain cliff with a large kite attached to your back and counting on the wind to keep you aloft, and then finding a place to land without impaling yourself on a tree.
You can fippin kill your self

Supercross is race you idiots freestyle motocross is when you do tricks any. Don't call it something you don't even know
This is bull, super cross is definitely a lot more dangerous than pointe dancing at least!
Motorcycles and backflips can be a dangerous combo

Netball is supposed to be a non-contact sport, but it is extremely dangerous, ask any doctor or physiology they will tell you that they get a hell of a lot of I jury's from netball. Why is netball such a dangerous sport? It's non contact yea but imagine running around on hard surface with a bunch of teenage girls all eagerly wanting to Win! That's a scary though! Girls push, shove, elbow, trip, kick, hit each other to get a ball. Especially playing on concrete courts, the constant stopping and starting is extremely bad for cartilage in ankles and knees.
Netball is definitely a very dangerous sport! It ruins your knees and ankles and later in life... Can cause arthritis. It's supposed to be a non-contact sport but every season I'm bound to have an injury that either puts me out for a week or three or send me to hospital. There's nothing worse than hearing the thud on the wooden floorboards or concrete of the bone smashing into the ground. I've been/had concussed, damaged some muscles, broken bones, jared fingers, as well as sore bones and bruises lasting for weeks. But ontop of all the bad stuff netball is a fantastic sport and I love it!
Really should be on this list. Even though Netball is a non-contact sport, in Netball you pretty much end up hitting someone or someone falls to the ground. It hurts, especially on concrete courts. I fell down twice yesterday while playing netball and last month, I almost fractured my ankle! So much for a non contact sport!
[Newest]Netball is so dangerous, it's a high contact sport and it is common to dislocate and break bones. I've suffered several jarred and fractured fingers during a game.

55Track and Field
In Track and Field, there can be many injuries and casualties. While running you can pull muscles, tendons, ligaments and many other things. The most common injury for running is shin splints. Some shin splints can take five months or more. I've seen many people tripping on hurdles and breaking their legs or arms. On the other hand, for field events, you can die from pole vaulting, and javelin. Ashton Eaton's wife nearly kill Ashton while practicing with a javelin.
How the heck is netball a noncontact sport in front of track and field the only reason you get hurt in netball is because you get into a randon fight with someone in track and field you actually throw a sharp disc (discus) and spear (javelin) and if someone steps on your foot with spikes have fun getting surgery in your arteries!
I've gotten 2 ankle surgerys because of doing track and field. And I still love it. Sure a lot of people think all you do is run but you do way more than that. You learn how to be a team and how to push your self. So many kids pull muscles, break bones, tear legament, or other serious injuries.

56Snowmobile Racing
This is not a sport and only teens that are high do this
Wow. I put this way before cheerleading

57Pointe Dancing
I know someone who comes to school with flip-flops! Which wouldn't be so weird had it not been the MIDDLE OF JANUARY! Her blisters have puss and blood! And she's in 6TH GRADE! She isn't even professional yet! The blisters are sticking more than an inch out of the side of her foot! This deserves higher up! People have to get SURGERY not because they did something wrong in technique, but because the sport damaged their feet when they didn't do anything wrong!
I do pointe, and let me tell you, it isn't easy at all. I almost twisted my ankle for going on top of the block. My feet have gotten worse since I started doing pointe. Most likely I will have feet and knee problems when I get older because the work and pressure they're doing now.
I know someone who had al her toenails ripped of because of bruising

I've been doing historical sword fighting and jousting for about 4 years now, the tendons in my elbows no longer sit in the joints right, I've broken all but one of my fingers, and there is a saying, its not a matter of if you take a big injury, its when, where and if it will be the one to end your fight career.
Now, everybody jousts, right? And for those cheerleaders who have to catch someone after throwing them up in the air, a jouster would just throw himself right under her and let her smash him to the ground--just another day at the office!
I think because you may get sliced or injured falling off the horse

59Wingsuit Proximity Flying
It's a new sport and not everyone knows about it yet. Well, my opinion is, that the top 10 are the most played sports in history, which have the most dangerousness people can think of these days. But there are other sports like Wingsuit flying which hasn't fully developed yet. I watched youtube fails for example how wingsuit people COULDN'T OPEN THEIR PARACHUTE! Or people hit their legs on a cliff or hit a bridge who DIED INSTANTLY! This is a sport where you could die in just an eye blink. I thought about doing it myself one day, flying through the air, the breeze rushing away and everything. I asked my parents if I could do it one day, (actually just my father because my Mom would flip out if she hears from it... ) He just said that it's a very dangerous sport that not everyone has the guts to do it because it is so extremely dangerous. And now I'm not sure if I really wanna do this... Now not just because of my father. The people in the videos also said that they lost 8 friends in just a month by doing this sport. So put this on the TOP 10! Nothing is crazier than wingsuit flying!
Base jumping with a suit that helps you glide extremely close to walls the ground and many other obstacles. 100+ miles per hour just you a helmet and a flight suit squirrel suit
As close to death as any human can be and survive - usually.

60Free Solo Climbing
Yes if you Just even misplace your foot. your dead. Nothing you can do
This should be at the very top. If you fall, you die. That's it. Over. Done.
Why isn't this on the top? It's simple, if you make a mistake, you die.

61Helicopter Skiing
We are going to land on that 15ft mountain peak speck! Make sure your heads are down or the blades will chop them off. Make sure you have your avalanche transponder so we can make sure to return your body to your loved ones. There is no ski patrol here to take you down so go for it, and by the way we are going to go as fast as possible to meet the helicopter. If you don't meet us down there don't expect to ride with us... each run is $300. Fluffy powder... yeah sure, under two inches of icy crust, and with 45 degree pitch with beautiful rocks on each side of the narrow shute. One mistake is your last! Not that many injuries because not that many people with the $ or insanity to do it. Having said that I loved it and it was the best experience ever!

62Roller Derby
In Roller Derby people have died, it is very easy to get hit as it is practicaly an every man for themselves kind of game. Sure your own team won't purposely try to hit you, but you could just as easily get in their way when you are trying to pass. People have had serious injuries like broken bones, and even death have resulted from this sport. Heck, you even have to be of legal age to play the sport and sign medical wavers to say, "oh hey yeah I don't mind if I get hit around to the point where I'm broken and bleeding in the hospital with a severe concussion"
The very first day of roller derby you are taught to fall. But that doesn't mean we don't get hurt. At least one person on my team is always out on injury. And I am on a junior team (12-17). We get smashed into poles, hit in the face, scratched etc. I have seen girls get concussions, hurt their shoulders, get their fingers run over, hurt their tailbones. I always have bruises from derby. Its a lot of fun but its definitely not an easy sport.
In one season, my team has had three broken legs, 3 concussions, one broken collarbone, a broken nose, a broken eye socket, and numerous sprains. Roller derby is football, hockey and speed skating combined... But with way less padding! Think about how many people hurt themselves with plain ol' roller skating, and then add the effects of trying to bust through packs of skaters, and knocking other skaters around. It's brutal.
[Newest]Only old people with nothing to do on saturday do this

63Pole Climbing
I was pole climbing and I fell 13 feet and landed on a metal bar.


65Water Polo
you haven't played such a demanding sport
until you have played water polo.
you sit and tread water for four eight minute quarters.
I'd like to see you guys try
to get half your body out of the water,
by just using you legs.
and... So much goes on under the water.
hitting, pinching, grabbing, kicking, twisting of the wrists and suit.
I mean it really sucks.
people don't think its that bad.
because I bet half of you don't even know what it is.
like if all you football players complain about how hard you work,
I wanna see you last one water polo game let alone a practice.
I am a lifeguard at a large pool that often hosts water polo games. Yes, I guard for water polo (and I also play). Never in any other sport have I had to see so many spinal injuries. The real problem with injuries such as these in polo as opposed to another sport is that A. ) If someone has a spinal injury they SINK FAST. They won't just die from a broken back, they will die from drowning, and if the person you're trying to rescue is large and heavy, (as a lot of polo players are), getting them off the bottom of a 9 foot pool is not fun.B. ) The material underneath them is NOT SOLID. In the time it takes us to get in the pool and get the victim into in-line stabilization, the injury could have worsened considerably if the water is choppy.C. ) Have any of you on this site EVER had to perform deep water back boarding? The few of you who have understand how difficult this can be and what a pain it is.

Aside from this, water polo involves shoulder dislocations, torn rotater cuffs, skull fractures as well as fractures of any other facial bone you can imagine, knocked out teeth, concussions, broken arms, legs, toes and fingers, broken and dislocated ribs (which can very easily rip up your internal organs), large contusions, and debilitating cramps that can send you to davy jones' locker in record time.

Keep in mind that the people responsible for providing emergency care at these pools are usually about 15-18 years old.

While you play the game, you get kicked, scratched, punched, pinched, grabbed, bitten, shoved under water, held under water, take something the weight of a soccer ball (but not half as soft) to the face at 50 MPH. That is just the start.

In the stands, it can look graceful. In reality, it is a brutal survival exercise. Water Polo is war.


Water polo is harder than football.
it involves constant swimming and treading
you have to propel half your body out of the water
and you get pummeled underneath the water, since the ref can't see and all low blows are legal
[Newest]I just found out this is real, and by reading the comments I know I would not last 10 minutes trying this. I don't even know how to swim. So I have respect for everyone that plays this sport and I think it should be higher on the list.
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This sport is very intense. They take left turns and then sometimes accidentally take a right turn and go boom.
What sport? Is it turning left or stepping on the gas that takes athleticism?
Hitting a wall at 200mph is really painful. Hear are some examples.
1. Denny Hamilon broke his back at Auto Club speedway last year
2. 2001 Dale Earnhardt died at Daytona
3. Jd Mcduffy Broke his neck at Watkins Glen International

Obviously This sport is more dangerous than baseball

It is very safe. If you wear the regulation gear you cannot get injured beyond minor cuts. I have been fencing for a while and know only two people died in fencing, one got stabbed in the face, so we have stronger masks and the other got stabbed in the armpit, so we have platrons.
I've played fencing for a long time, sure, I always get hurt by being hiting by others, but you're not DIE if you play fencing SAFELY
I've done tons of sports but fencing sure is diffucult. If you take one made step or wrong move you if a sharp pain of the foil go right into your chest. If you get stabbed in the left arm which as no glove you could instantly die. Sure it looks dangerous but you try it!
[Newest]I got stabbed in the eye. It Hurt Really Bad!

An awesome sport. Performance and accuracy.
This is like drifting

69Street Cricket
Been there and played as a child. Its fun playing as a kid but not so much when you are adult. I've seen people getting hit by the ball, people running the get the ball in the busy road. Very dangerous. People are very close to being run over by vehicles.

For Cricket in general -

When you're a batsman, being bowled at 100mph is not comfortable even when you are wearing helmets and pads. Forget full toss, full length or half volley. You can deal with them. Bouncers on the other hand are very difficult to deal with. Have seen many people get in the head and get cuts and knocked out (Yes. Even with the helmet on).

And don't forget the bowler and fielders I.E. short leg, mid on, mid off ( fielders around/near the batsman). They particularly need to have a quick reaction. Late reaction could be fatal.
Honestly, Cricket in general is one of the most dangerous sports.
There is stuff like padding, but the ball travels average 149 kilometers an hour, and you are left standing there. Plus when you field, the ball is high in the air, what if it hits your face!
There s always a 10 percent risk of being run down by a passing vehicle while chasing the ball

70Street Luge
When you try too poop it ends up in your throuat and then it makes you eat it

This is totally wrong. Basketball is one of the most dangerous sports but you have to play it to realize it. Many things can go wrong. I've had broken/jammed fingers, bloody noses, bloody teeth, fat/bruised lip, elbowed in the side of the face. Broken noses, ACL tears, Achilles' tendon rupture, broken ankles and arms happen a lot. Rebounding the ball has knocked me on the ground, what is someone steps on my head or abdomen? I've seen girls SLAM on the ground or be stepped on multiple times in one fall. I'm always making contact with someone because of the positions I play. Basketball is a contact sport. You touch other people, you push them. The rules of basketball say you can't touch someone a certain way but every sport does. So basketball players are wimps because of it? We pull through cold/flu season, twisted ankles, jammed or slapped fingers, being elbowed in any spot, and being tired as hell. It's more work than you think it is. You gut everything out for four quarters a game, everyday at practice. We pull off plays and make them seem easy, but we're learning them all the time. Suicide after suicide, pain after pain, we still love it all


Basketball is awesome and very fun! But it's also dangerous. One time last week when my team was playing a team from a neighboring city, there was 2 minutes left in the game, and apparently their coach told them to do whatever they could to get the ball. So I had the ball for our team, and I looked to my left and my right, and I saw 2 kids diving towards me. I just dribbled out the side, and they collided into eachother. Both kids had to go the ER and had to have surgery on their noses, and one had a broken ribcage. BASKETBALL IS DANGEROUS
Basketball is more intense than many people think. 1) we don't have equipment except for a brace or two. 2) I saw on another sport they were saying how players would tell their coach about an injury so they wouldn't HAVE to play. That isn't right you tell your coach so you can play soon and not injure it again. Another one is remember the kid who's bone was STICKING OUT OF HIS KNEE? Tell me that basketball isn't dangerous after seeing how many injuries each year there R. I even dislocated someone's shoulder (not on purpose) that is just how it is.


[Newest]Did you not see what happened on Easter a few years ago! The guys bone was sticking out of his leg!
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72Kart Racing
Not indoor but proper karting, I'm 15 the class I drive in reach 80 mph at the end of the straight with grids of up to 30 drivers, roll happen frequently which can end up with 100kg landing on your head as that is the highest point in the kart the last two races I have been in have been abandoned because of accidents one of them ended up with the driver being airlifted to hospital and he ended up with a broken arm, collarbone leg, very bad concussion, a load of broken ribs and a hairline fracture at the neck. Doctors said the only thing that saved him from being paralyzed was his very expensive neck brace which no one else there had or could afford that day, if it had been someone else they would have been paralyzed or worse
Hey guys I'm going kart racing on saturday because I'm alone I mean come one little tommy got hurt because he tipped his kart over trying to race his mommy had to go pick him up and he lost seriosly people this sport made me laugh out loud
Wouldn't be half as dangerous if it weren't for the blue shells flying at me

Not only can you charge waves up to twenty feet but if that wave crashes on you you can easily drown or get cut on a reef many bodyboarders and surfers have died from that type of injury plus the risk of other dangerous marine life

74Yacht Racing
I once was just minding my own business, racing my awesome boat, when my wallet slipped out and fell into the water! I lost like.4% of my net worth! Very dangerous, stay away from this sport!
My buddy said his buddy died bro

You can be killed easy I have a friend how got a bloody nose from falling at 16 miles per hour
My the waterskiis and he busts his but doing it all day everyday and he had some pretty bad falls. He broke his neck and he has no cartilage in his knee because of this sport

76Sting Pong
I got hit by a ball and went to hospital and now I can't have children. My friend (Croney) got a broken leg from playing ping pong, weird but true.
Sting-pong is really fun and it hurts your back. if you turn around and get hit in the eye with a Ping-Pong ball you could lose your eye.
My friend died from sting pong... It was horrible. The shots can cause 3rd degree burns or more!

77Road Racing
I can't believe where road racing come on this list.
Look at all of the deaths at Watkins Glen and Le Mans Road Racing IS one of the most dangerous sports in the world.
Road racing really dangerous in the tt one year 13 people died and how is cheerleading dangerous

78Knife Throwing
Not only serial killers... I throw knives at cardboard boxes for no reason a lot.
Where does this fit in your list please?
Is this even a sport?


79BMX Racing
Very dangerous cause so high in the air and not much protecion

80Speed Boat Racing
I'm pretty sure speed boat racing is more dangerous than golf
This has been proved more dangerous than flying. So many things could go wrong! Drowning, broken neck from whacking your head on the boom, and just this week legendary sailor Andrew Simpson, who won 3 olympic medals dies in training. This is so dangerous, yet addictive.
At the highest level I think its like super powered drag boat racing, I saw on T.V. that 1 in 8 people who do it die so try get more dangerous then that
[Newest]I can't believe this sport is so far down the list. The # of fatalities is off the chart.

81TT Racing
Having raced on the Island in 1963 and '64 as a sidecar passenger I can tell you that passing stone walls while leaning out of the sidecar to maintain stability with your head within a foot of a wall at well over 100 miles per hour is quite exhillerating and quite dangerous. The fatality rate is nasty but no-one races unless they accept the risks. Racing on the mainland race tracks doesn't even begin to compare with the Isla of Man's Mountain Circuit for danger. I'd have to vote it the world's most dangerous sport.
No doubt about it, the event lasts 2 weeks a year and every year there are at least 4-5 killed. One year there was 13 deaths. Top speeds reaching 200mph on public roads with no run off area just manx brick walls. Awesome to watch!
Absolutely no doubt, over 230deaths since it began and it still carries on! Respect x
[Newest]Most people that have used this site have no idea from the what I read. TT racing should be number 1 & most motorcycle sports should fill the next few spots. It's just a joke to read the list on this site on this date 14/2/2014.

Even more dangerous if you're having wrenches thrown at your face/groin/pretty much any part of the body! :P


This kid who goes to my school broke another kid's arm during dodgeball but I still don't think it is that dangerous
I am a school nurse, and I wish I could outlaw playing dodgeball on the playground. I have lots of injuries during the recess time, and it makes no sense to purposely hit each other with the ball and then come to me for ice packs because you are hurting.

It's obvious why this is a dangerous sport I mean if something happens to you're wings you may fall and die but it's still fun.
Soaring the ridge, landing in a 50ft tree and falling off...

Thermalling 5000ft high, performing acrobatic maneuvers, get tangled in the lines and fall to the ground like a stone, if not lucky enough to pull a reserve...

84Alpine Skiing
Alpine Skiing must be one of most dangerous sports, skiiers can reach up to 160khm one little mistake at that speed...

85Sumo Wrestling
This is a sport of fat people in diapers pushing each other until one falls out of the wring so this is not dangerous

86Flatland BMX

90th! Really? Hurling should be in the top ten, at least in the top 20. It is the fastest field game in the world and so dangerous. I have got hit in the shin God knows how many times and it hurts like hell. I know someone who lost their eye and smashed their jaw playing hurling. The only protective gear is a helmet and only lately have they reinforced that. I got concussion playing hurling I don't know how many times I have got whacked in the face. I love it though. It is my life!
Well like the fact that the only protection you have from a ball or a 3 foot long stick often with a metal band on the end I'm sure this should be above lacrosse because the games are similar in ways but hurling is way more dangerous...
Much like Shinty (#58), witht the same historic background but Irish instead of Scottish. Full contact with little or no protective gear. It's a lot like field hockey, but the ball is played in the air. Swinging a club at a ball in the air, often smashing someone in the face or across the arm. You think hockey players don't have teeth, go check these guys out.
[Newest]It's really only a sport played in Ireland, and hardly knows what it is, but it is dangerous. It is also the fastest field sport in the world. Look it up!

88Antarctic Racing (Sailing)
This is a dangerous sport and the cold unbearable! You may lose toes fingers and freeze the sails get extremely hard to control and beware of blizzards
Sailing is real dangerous but real fun. There is a long list of possible injuries:
Hyperthermia (I had this a few weeks ago, it's not fun! )
DROWNING (If you don't wear a boyancy aid)
Concussion and series head injury (from being wacked in the head when gybing, not fun either by the way)
Broken bones (falling out the boat, capsizing, inverting etc)
Pulled muscles (from capsizing and stuff)
Rope burn (minor, but not fun, you get it from holding the main sheet, Gloves are a lifesaver :-))
Dislocated bones (from not moving across the boat, capsizing etc)
Limbs cut off (from rescue, RIB and comitee boats engine)

People say that cheerleading is dangerous, but I mean, seriusly, a black eye, you got to be kidding me! I agree with diving and gymnastics above us because they have have a higher injury rate. But as proof for my injuries, Andrew Simpson, Olympics sailore, was tragically killed out on a training sail.

Sailing also depends on the weather. If your out and the weather diterierates, your dead meat. If you don't know what your doing, do not go out with out a rescue boat. My friend was also knocked out by the boom and had to be taken to hospital in an ambulance. If you wanna learn to sail, come to chipstead sailing club because we are a lake and pretty much always have rescue boats out!

Thanks for reading!
Happy Sailing!
Only half of the participants who cross the starting line are able to cross the finish line.

89Trap Shooting
Trap shooting is not dangerous at all. All the people emphasize is gun safety. On the trap line there is no way that the gun will be pointed in an unsafe direction nor dangerous to any human being. It will be pointed down range and only one shell goes in the gun at a time so no accidental mis fires

90Free Running
Free running should be higher because on slip and you can get a concussion or worse
You can fall or slip and go head first into a wall

That, is so true. You could die if you fall on the ice not to mention on the rock while you are sweeping. Oh my gosh people are being so stupid with their votes I just can't believe it. Curling is simply DANGEROUS!
I don't even see the point in this sport there is nothing dangerous about this at all I would say sport but to be honest... Its not even that its more of a hobby
How is this not on there? You can drop that big heavy rock on your foot. You can also get serious repetitive motion injuries from all that sweeping. Not to mention falling on the ice. SHEESH people... What are you thinking with some of these votes?

92Speed Skating
I think this should be higher on the list because I used to speed skate and I know that you can fall and break arm or break a leg or crack your head open and things like that
Skating in circles with giant razor sharp blades strapped to your feet

93Shot Put
At top level the shot is 12 pounds, if you are stupid enough to get hit it will for sure break bones or kill you depending on where it hits

94Reno Air Racing
I would like to hear a sport that's more dangerous. In 2008 three pilots were killed in crashes.

These are highly modified, incredibly fast planes that fly in excess of 500MPH, and fly from 15 to 40 feet off the ground. (That's how fast they fly on the course. These prop-driven airplanes are fast enough to break the speed of sound! )

From 6 to 12 planes fly in any one race at a time and they come within feet of eachother at speeds from 450 to 500 MPH's. There have been dozens of fatal crashes over the years in Reno and Mojave. (Mojave has since been discontinued because no one will insure the event. )

In 2008, one pilot crashed right after takeoff. A woman pilot died after her engine blew and she was attempting an emergency landind. And another pilot was killed when two Formula One planes collided in mid air. The second pilot survived while the other pilot, named Hubler nosed over and flew straight into the ground and disintigrated. (Also, two pylon judges were injured after being hit by the debris. )

As far as injuries, I think bull riding is the worst sport. But I would say that pylon air racing is easily the most deadliest sport in the world.
1. Pylon Air Racing.
2. Free Diving.
3. Bull Riding.
These pilots are crazy!

Rowing is actually really dangerous! I've seen people get hit really hard in the head from catching crabs, sometimes even getting knocked unconscious or pushed out of the boat. Not to mention the fact that you're putting every joule of energy you have into every single stroke, in some races for up to 10 minutes on end, kilometre after kilometre until you puke. And there's also what happens if you fall out, and you're feet get stuck. That's a really horrible way to die. Rowing should be higher up the list than this, because it really is one of the most dangerous sports out there.
I'm not sure how to put this but rowing is one of the most dangerous sports I've ever participated in along my long sporting career, with such intensity that it is unusual to not see people vomiting after a race. The blood, pain, blisters, constant muscle aches! Without doubt this sport should be much higher on this list because it... unlike other positions above this really deserves a higher position!
Catching a crab is quite possibly one of those most memorable points in any sports. The pain of the unexpected oar rushing towards you sometimes knocking out teeth, tossing the rower out of the boat completely and in some cases breaking ribs. This is only one painful aspect of the sport as many scullers (single boat rowers) would know as they have experienced all the bloody knuckles. This is not to mention the obvious! BLISTERS! As any rower would understand. Coming back from any training session with hands full of scabs and flaps of skin folding off across your entire hand. This is extremely painful! Overall this sport is also a very high intensity sport which causes many muscular related injuries. To be completely honest rowing doesn't deserve to be this low! I ask you is badminton really more dangerous and worthy of its position?

Missed my shot causing me to run into the net and get tangled up in it! Almost suffocated that day.
Is it possible to get stuck in the net?
A friend of mine got the birdie in the eye and had to go to the hospital! If he had arrived 2 hours later he would have lost his eye. He did need surgery.

97Acrobatic Rock And Roll
Some years ago I have heard it's the second most dangerous sport (F1 first). There were many of really serious injuries ended by wheelchair or death as well. Only it is not so visible sport so nobody knows about this. I have been dancer and trainer for 13 years so I know what I am talking about. If female partner is falling down from 5 meters high...
I did acrobatic rock and roll when I live in Europe. Really dangerous sport that is much worse then cheerleading because one person is catching you not 4 or 5.

98Synchronized Swimming
This sport is difficult because you have to have advanced water skills, and requires great strength, endurance, flexibility, grace, artistry and precise timing, as well as exceptional breath control when upside down underwater. In competitive synchronized swimming, top clubs practice for about 10 hours to even 27 hours and sometimes up to 54 hours when there is no school. Top swimmers swimmers may swim longer than this.
Synchro is dangerous in the fact that we are constantly pushed to hold our breaths longer and longer. For example one time I held my breath too long and ended up injuring my lungs and having a massive nosebleed. I have also been kicked many times in the head, face, or eyes and I am not allowed to come up because of that, I have to keep holding my breath
I've had a concussion at age 8. I've also witnessed a girl hit her face in a high dive after a lift then falling to the water struggling to breath and get out. She ended up with 17 stitches around the eye. Imagine the danger of football multiplied by 4 then put under water. So yeah.
[Newest]How is this even on the list

Mad injuries.. I can't believe kiteboarding isn't even on this list. Also proximity flying should definitely be #1. We all have the brass to play soccer or ride a horse L. Nobody wants to jump off a cliff because it's insanity.

These guys do double forward flips 10m in the air and then they have to land safely with a board, mast and sail! There's also sharks.

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