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Gymnastics is very dangerous it is an amazing sport and just by doing it day by day you risk your life just in the gym. It takes a lot of concentration to do a complicated tumbling pass with the slightest impression in the back of your mind knowing that yes I could kill myself doing this and yes I will regret it when I fall on my neck/back halfway in the middle of a full twist and maybe have a slight concussion. But you know what us gymnast, we are not cry babies we fall on our heads, stomachs, backs and butts so, many times in just one practice that we seem to get used to the fact that gymnastics is HARD and DANGEROUS! But we keep trying because we know that with practice and Injuries, live threatening injuries that we can achieve what we want to achieve. Because why would someone want to run 16mph towards a metal table and throw themselves into twist and flips just to get a judge hold up a few numbers? Well I if your not a gymnast you wouldn't know the feeling that comes with putting your life on the line in every step towards that metal table and every twist and flip that comes after the throwing yourself into a metal table bit. I think that the people that say gymnastics is not the most dangerous sport in the world are not even gymnasts themselves. Gymnastics is not only Physically hard and Dangerous but it is also mentally challenging. If your not a gymnast you would never understand the emotional challenges gymnastics pressures you into. When we are just in the middle of achieving our goals and something stands in the way like an injury or loss of confidence in not only yourself but your dignity. It is like a train just crashed into your dreams and it does take a lot of self concentration to get back on your feet and realize that your have to put up with re climbing that hill that you fell down and that the climb will be much harder than the first not because you thought you knew the route to take, not because its going to take so much longer than the first and not because the track will be rougher and skinnier then last but because we know that the worst is yet to be felt. In gymnastics before we learn a skill we literally get taught to fail them skill before we get to learn because we know and the coach knows that we will fail and that we will split the beam, that we will face plant into the metal table on vault, we will miss the bar and body slam onto the floor and we will hesitate and fall in our tumbling passes but guess what we get up and do it again, and again, and again until we know that we have reached the top of that mountain and that we have stuck our flag on the summit. If your not a gymnast you will understand the passion, the love and the cherish we gymnasts have for our sport not only for our sporting achievements but also for our self esteem and confidence achievements.

So if you're not a gymnast and you have no love for this sport than I suggest you keep your thoughts to yourself because you will NEVER understand!

I've been around gymnastics all my life so far. I've also done a lot of other sports for almost as long or at least 2 seasons including soccer, dance, basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, softball, football, wrestling, swimming, and track. Out of all of these sports I've been included in, gymnastics has to be the most intense, most difficult, and most dangerous sport I've ever done. Once you get to the point where you are doing double backs on the floor, there isn't much spotting, and from then on you're on your own. At any time while you are performing these skills, one little difference in execution can be the difference between a stick or becoming paralyzed. These athletes are soaring through the air by their own power and strength reaching heights and speeds that few humans will ever be able to on their own and they do it in complicated and twisted positions. A lot of times these people can land very gracefully, but there is plenty of error as well before that is reached. Having done both gymnastics and cheerleading, and watched closely to the highest levels of both, gymnastics wins. Cheerleaders do one event of gymnastics which can be argued is the 'safest' of all 4 events and most controlled. If you take a high level gymnastics team and then compare it to the same level of cheerleading, the gymnasts can do everything the cheerleaders do and more. It is true that there are some moves that are illegal on a cheer mat that are required on a gymnastics one. Not saying all cheerleaders are like this, but from what I have witnessed personally in many high schools and some clubs, there is a reason why the stereotype of a cheerleader is preppy, superficial, and airheaded. The main reason for the majority of the injuries I've witnessed is stupidity. Not being where you need to be or doing what is needed to be done let alone correctly and consequently someone gets hurt. Not saying gymnasts don't make stupid mistakes too, but their mistakes hurt themselves. The strength, endurance, and training that some gymnasts endure could match those in the marines. Any part or muscle of a gymnast's body can be hurt, all are at equal risk because all are worked and used. The percentage of all in gymnastics that suffer pain and injury compared to the percentage of any other sport I can think of is much higher. The work they put in from how difficult training is to perform these skills is also more than that compared to any sport I'm aware of. Gymnastics-hands down.

I was in gymnastics for 9 years and had many minor injuries, but also had some serious ones. Such a difficult sport, and super dangerous. When I was 14, I fractured my wrist so badly that they thought they were going to have to amputate it from my elbow down. Luckily, I managed to go through 3 emergency surgeries and come out of my 4 day hospital stay with my arm! I know a lady who had to have both knee caps replaced, due to all the damage from gymnastics over the years. I have weak wrists and knees now, but I'd do it all over again if I could! I recommend this sport for males and females. It teaches you discipline, balance, flexibility, coordination, team work, etc. It is demanding, but well worth it.

Thanks for all your opinions on how cheerleading is the most dangerous. Now let me tell you a well known fact... GYMNASTICS IS WAY HARDER AND MORE DANGEROUS THAN CHEERLEADING! Anyone can clap their hands and shout out silly chants. You realize that cheerleading is just part of gymnastics but I feel for you because everyone wants to feel like they are tough enough to be in a really dangerous sport... But the truth is cheer is not dangerous. Gymnasts bust there butts everyday trying to perfect everything... But it doesn't matter if you guys mess up because they aren't paying attention... They are either sleeping or watching the basketball game. If you guys mess up you have people to catch you... But if you mess up in gymnastics... GOOD LUCK! Hopefully you don't have to get surgery... OR DIE! So all of you princesses who think shouting chants and jumping around the floor is dangerous... Try gymnastics... You will beg to go home after our conditioning... I'm sure anyone can crotch the beam or bail on a flip or even miss the bar... But all of you that think you can land it like we can... Try it... See how many bones you break... You'll change your opinion!

Gymnastics should have been higher than cheerleading. Yea, you get thrown up in the air. Cool. But you have someone to catch you or break your fall. In gymnastics, nobody is there for you. Your crying under the bars, or on your neck by the vault all because you fell as hard as you ever could going as fast as you could towards the ground. Our practices go for 6 hours a day and up to 40 hours a week. Under the section "Cheerleaders number 3" it says they practice two hours a day. Most of us wish for practices like that we had in the beginning of our careers. The only reason why cheerleading was picked was because there are a lot more of you. In gymnastics, as the levels go up, the amount of people goes drastically down. Why? Because it gets extremely difficult. Conditioning isn't the most fun. But all of us suck up the hours of work for one reason: to win. Some of our requirements are ILLEGAL in cheerleading. And those aren't even our top level. And last time I checked cheerleaders aren't flipping on four inch beams. Another reason why the cheerleaders may have a lot of injuries is because everything is performed weakly. In gymnastics, if your told you tumble like a cheerleader it's an insult. Yea, I do agree it takes skill to do some of the things cheerleaders do. But I don't really think it compares to what us gymnasts go through. I have pushed through so much pain in my career and I guarantee that most of my injuries will effect me forever. I know a person who reached level eight (TWO levels below the highest level) who can barely walk and they are fifty years old. Imagine how it is for the people like me who reach the highest level! Their injuries were fatal and you can look it up... People die from gymnastics. Some people ask, "then why do you do it? " I have a couple HUGE reasons why. The friendships made between people who go through the same grueling training. These friendships last a lifetime. Also along the way you learn discipline, respect, and how to be strong and reach your limits. I wouldn't trade my extremely hard journey for anything.

Well with gymnastics, you get injured very easily. You have to have a heart for the sport because if you don't care, you don't try as much and get injured a lot easier. Gymnastics for High bar, if you let go too late, you fly off, hit the bar with any or all parts of your body, then land on your head and break your neck and possibly become paralyzed. And the average gymnast has broken all their fingers at least once just from that. Then on floor and vault, if you don't set right, you don't get enough air or rotation and come and land on your head. Plus on floor, for men at least, you have these 1.5 flips where you're supposed to land on the back of your neck and roll out of them, like doing a back layout with one and a half twists and over-rotating it onto your head and rolling out of it on purpose. Being the slightest under- or over-rotated could prove fatal. Like how the distance the earth is from the sun is exactly perfect, that's how perfect you need to be in gymnastics to not come off injured. If you've ever heard of Kristen Maloney, she was a world class gymnast at the Olympics in 2000. She had never competed uninjured since 1997. She always had an injury and had to get a rod placed in her tibia. And there was another girl who landed on her head doing a 1.5 flip and become paralyzed two weeks from the olympics and then died. Gymnastics is all about perfect timing, injuries, and pain. If you don't set or doing everything at exactly the right time, it could prove fatal.

Cheerleading is by far a very dangerous sport... I'm a flyer myself and I am at one of the top 5 gyms in the country (Stingrays) in one of the best Worlds teams you can be on (Steel). Yes we through people 20+ feet in the air and have to catch them and if we don't we splat on the floor. If your base backs out then you go from 20 feet in the air straight to the ground. As far as tumbling goes there can be 20-36 people on ONE mat and we could all be tumbling together as a team and if 1 person goes crooked it could get everyone hurt badly. When we do cross tumbling we are going 5 counts after the other person just went and risk tumbling right into them if the other person doesn't go fast enough. I'm in the standing full section and we are so framed that the other day TWO people almost got concussions.

Gymnastics: For all of you stupid people saying that we are snobby and rude why don't you think twice about that because 99% of the time the gymnast are the ones bullying me. Oh and FYI there are two types of cheerleading Football & Competition cheer. Most of the time if you do find a snobby cheerleader it's probably going to be a school cheerleader (good luck trying to find one cause I bet you won't). When you guys are doing floor there's ONE person on the floor at a time not 20-36 at a time... Yeah Gymnastics is very hard I will not deny that for God sakes I was a gymnast for quite a few years. U.S. cheerleaders can practice for hours on in and not leave the gym until 10:00-10:30 P.M. just a few weeks ago we were down in Orlando FL for stunt camp and all we did for 4 days straight was stunt... Our schedule was crazy we went from 8:30-12:30 then 2 hours for lunch the back for 5 hours and Showoff then we got dinner and where back at practice the next day at 8:30. When we go to competitions we miss school on Friday to get to the hotel and don't leave until Monday. Yeah Gymnast have it but cause they are doing insane skills on 4 inch beams too and numbing from bar to bar.

To me Cheerleading and Gymnastics are a very close call but to me Cheerleading beats Gymnastics by a very small amount!

Disclaimer: I was not trying to offend anyone. This is just my opinion! 😉

Although many people think gymnastics is harder than cheer, I have to disagree. As a level 6 gymnast and modified cheerleader at age 13, I have to say they are equally as hard (and I'm not even on an elite cheer team). In gymnastics, there are four main factors into your skills floor, bars, beam, and vault. Mastering each of these events is extremely difficult and even if you get a skill, you can lose it just as fast. Gymnasts are trained to fall, so their amount of severe injuries is decreased by a lot! If they get injured in the slightest bit, you tell your coach because it can affect your score and you need time to heal. As for cheer... I am a base for my stunt group and I do a lot of hard tumbling. We catch and throw 80-150 pound girls (and I'm only 92 lbs)! We do tumbling like nobody's business on a hard floor WITH NO SPRINGS! Gymnasts get an extra bounce at competitions, but not us! Gymnasts don't give cheerleaders enough credit. We're not snobby, and we don't cheer to get guys. We cheer because we love being a part of a team. In gymnastics, it may be called a team but it's NOT. You don't need to work together with anyone and you are usually competitive towards your "team"mates. Cheerleaders are never competitive against our teammates and we all are basically a family. However, we are extremely competitive towards other teams. We keep injuries from our coaches so we can keep cheering. We can't cheer with arm/leg braces, casts, boots, tape, or "tiger paws". We have absolutely no protection from what could happen to us out on the floor. As bases and backs, it's our JOB to put the flyer before ourselves. If they fall, we have to catch them and hit the ground before they do. I've gone through bruised knees, stiff neck, sprained wrist, and bruised tailbone and guess what? I. KEPT. CHEERING. Gymnastics? I couldn't go back for at least 2 weeks. My tumbling at cheer is 5x harder than at gymnastics. This is not hate towards gymnasts, but I'm just defending my cheerleaders💕 - cheerandgymnastics1220

You know what? We have grips, tiger paws, and braces because we need them! BECAUSE WE WILL GET REALLY HURT! And guess what? That's just a sign that gymnastics is harder! So shut you mouth and have a good long think about it.

Sorry guys... My daughter has done gymnastics for 10 years AND freshman (varsity) cheer & stunt. I've seen her brake toes on the beam, take falls from the bars, not clear back layouts and many other falls in gymnastics NONE have scared me nor has she ever received a serious injury doing gymnastics. She can NOT do cheer or gymnastics any more due to breaking her back doing a stunt. Her last game she was partner stunting, for those gymnast that don't know what that is, it is when the base (person holing her up) extends his arms straight over his head holding the cheerleader up by himself. Now think of the boy being 6 foot tall, add another few feet for his arms, now add 5 feet for the height of the cheerleader, now picture being 15 feet in the air over a basketball court (NO MATS) and the boy dropping you and you falling 15 feet onto a court with NO mats. BOTH sports are dangerous and gymnasts shouldn't say it isn't when they have never done it. Oh, and since she broke her back cheering she can no longer do the sport she loves and had done since she was two years old - Gymnastics Please don't judge a sport you know nothing about. BOTH cheerleading (Stunting) and gymnastics are dangerous!

In gymnastics, not only do you go through intense and tiring training everyday, but you also have to deal with the soreness afterwards. People have been known to fall and break their neck or their back during competitions and also during practice. People pull muscles, strain muscles, and tear muscles while in practice, and it usually is not because of not warming up properly. Another thing is there is fear, and if you let that fear interfere when you are doing something, you hesitate, you could easily end up in the hospital the very next day. Gymnasts, every gymnast, pushes themselves to their limits, sometimes even beyond their limits, everyday, and every year that they are a gymnast. They strive for perfection, and tend to work through many injuries. Whether the gymnast is flying through the air to grab a hold of the high bar, or they are doing a front aerial on the balance beam, or a yurchenko 1 1/2 on vault, or even if they are doing just a simple round off back handspring on floor, they are constantly facing their fears, conquering them, and putting tons of pressure on their joints, muscles, and even bones each day. Therefore it should be considered both the toughest and most dangerous sport.

I don't want to start a fight or anything, but there is a reason we are ranked number 2. Cheerleading is a combination of tumbling, acro stunts (taken to a whole new level), dance, and jumps. I have done gym and I know it's difficult but I'm here to say Cheer is just as difficult, and for the record, most of us do it because we live the sport, not because we become popular. Most of the time, we are at the bottom and get no respect. I agree that gymnastics is difficult, but cheer is just as much difficult. Flyers are thrown 10-15 feet in air and expect their bases to catch them EVERY TIME. Not just most of the time, but she trusts the people below her with her life. More literally than metaphorically. She could break Her neck, receive a concussion, or even break a leg. Gymnasts can do the same thing on bars or beam or tumbling, it doesn't matter. Back spots throw their entire bodies under the stunt the second the flyer starts coming down. They keep going with a bloody face. Bases do exactly the same, but normally don't have as good leverage under the body because they have their FEET. The girls are held by their FEET! I think both of our sports are equally dangerous. We both throw ourselves into the air and nearly five our parents and grand-parents a heart-attack. Flipping through the air or tumbling on the blue, they are both sports. They both take effort. They both take practice. One of my best friends is a gymnast, we both know how difficult it is to explain gym/cheer to non-people. I understand her, and she understand me. (For the most part).

Well, that's all I have to say. Thank you for reading this!

Gymnastics is very dangerous and is the leading most difficult too it takes years to be a good or even great gymnast but the sad thing is you work for many years to get these amazing things you always wanted to do but then when you get to a certain age and you find out that your dream of going to the Olympics isn't going to work or isn't going to happen makes your gymnastics career shatter and it's sad but you just keep working for the skills you always wanted to do even though you know you're never going to the Olympics and you're never going to be able to be good as people like Gabby Douglas Nastia Liukin Shawn Johnson and other people like that but for some reason gymnastics is just that one thing that even though you could get hurt even though you're not going to get anywhere and you know that even though it's the hardest most tough thing on your body you have ever endured you do it anyway and the matter what if you fall if you fail try try again get up try to still again visualize it see it want to do it have to do it love it that's what's an affix is all about it's very dangerous though I've seen all these people who laugh at these fails on YouTube of Girl breaking their necks doing gymnastics or boys breaking the next doing gymnastics and its not funny it could happen to anybody have caution with what you love for it could break you but it could also make you into what you want to be someday

My daughter was in gymnastics since a little girl. Her team of approximetely 11, called the dream team competed together for many years. Most ended competing against one another in high school, because their bodies could no longer withstand the grueling 30 to 35 hours a week of private school. Nine of the 11 have injuries that will affect them the rest of their lives. Mostly from practicing while injured, skipping training steps to win in advanced competition levels and not taking extra time to strength and stretch train. Make sure you have a good coach and you have clear one on one communication with them solely. Many gym owners are running a business, wanting to win at all cost. These kids are pushing their bodily limits at such an amount that their growth is inhibited. A child in gymnastics can probably withstand more pain than any other. I believe this sport is more dangerous than any other. You may not see the accidents visibly, as in a competion, but if you asked all the winners what level of pain they are in, I would gues half would say an 8. The good ones you don't see ther anymore probably cannot, because they cannot withstand the pain anymore. This sport has taught them much discipline at the cost, I do not know. I wish I knew then, what I know now. Good luck to the parents out there, guide your children well.

I've been doing gymnastics for about nine years now, and in the last year, I have broken two toes, sprained my ankle and herniated a disc in my back (I'm only 13 and usually people don't herniated discs until they are adults. ) I have had many friends that have had to get surgery because of the injuries caused by gymnastic, and others that have had to quit the sport all together because their doctors told them it was way too hard on there bodies and it would greatly impact them later in life. Gymnastics is honestly the hardest sport I know of. I get where football and hockey players are coming from, I mean they are dangerous sports. But in gymnastics, if you make one wrong move or lean the wrong way a centimetre while you are flipping or twisting or something, you can break an ankle because you land wrong. You have to be so precise in this sport. The training and conditioning you have to do to get to high levels is ridiculous. Many gymnasts have to be home schooled because gymnastics takes up so much time and they can't keep up with their school work. Gymnastics takes such a huge toll on your body, school work, time for friends, and overall life. But in the end it is worth it, because it teaches you so many amazing things. It teaches you determination, focus skill, healthy eating ( you get yelled at if your coaches catch you eating anything even the slit eat bit unhealthy) and it helps you learn discipline, concentration, and body control!

In cheerleading yes you do fly into the air but you have people to cetch you! In gymnastics when you fall you fall on your face, no one is there to cetch you! And cheerleading is just a part of gymnastics, the floor part! (easy part) I would like to see those preppy cheerleaders do flips 5 feet high over a 3 inch wide beam 4 feet off the ground! Or swing from bar to bar 10 feet off the groung! Or even run twords an object and fly over it! Gymnastics is so much harder then cheerleading! The death rate for gymnasts is 5 deaths a year. Cheerleading is only 1! Gymnasts also have over 200,000 injuries a year! Cheerleading only has 10,000 or less! Cheerleading isn't even a proved sport! Look in the dictionary! I just broke a growth plate in my foot because I fell off the bars! Now I have to be in a cast for 9 weeks if I want my foot to grow anymore! If gymnastics was easy they would call it cheerleading! Nuff said!

Well I'm a cheerleader and hah you're funny! Cheerleading is hard! You have to do flips and more in the air, Memorize a routine complete it in 2.15 min or less! And what if they don't catch you?! I've been dropped out of prep and broke my arm, Twisted my ankle and got the wind knocked out of me!

So cheerleading is more than hard! And A LOT harder than gymnastics!

Oh so you say cheerleading is babies? That we're a simplified version of gymnastics? That we aren't a sport? That we're prissy, and popular snobs? Who the hell do you think you Are? You don't know what it's like to be a cheerleader so shut up. You don't throw girls 50 feet In the air do you? No. Are you the girl that is being held 15 feet in the air, pulling the most insane body positions, switching feet, and pulling needles, scales, and arabesques and double twisting from them? I don't think so. Are you the backspot of the stunt? They save their flyers lives everyday. If their flyer falls, it's their job to catch them, and go down with them, and get elbowed, kicked, and hit in the head and concussions with black eyes. The bases need to have enormous strength to lift and throw up a girl and hold her 10 feet in the air BY THEMSELVES. And you won't believe the amount of core muscle and balance it takes for flyers to be up there. We have insane tumbling passes just like gymnasts do. Whip doubles, front tuck step outs, standing fulls, everything gymnasts do for tumbling. Back to back fulls too. We do it because it's our life and we love it. Not for the popularity not for the boyfriends or anything like that. Not all of us wear 10 pounds of makeup for competition. Why do you care if we do or not? Don't tell us we aren't athletes unless you've been one yourself. Go through the pain and injuries and blood sweat and tears, and go to Worlds and be a back to back gold medalist. Then I dare you to tell me differently.

Cheerleaders are fake gymnasts. I'm a male gymnast and if you think throwing a Kolman off high bar (release where you flip of the bar) is child's play, I'd like to see you do it without landing straight on the thick, steel bar. Open your eyes you "prissy" little cheerleader, gymnastics out-ways cheerleading ten folds so quit whining about your silly "sport"

Quote: GYMNAST only the strong survive the rest are cheerleaders.

Gymnastics is the most grueling and demanding sport out there. It pushes your body far past its absolute limit and somehow gymnasts are able to push on through the pain. When my bodies beaten down, broken, and soar, I find the courage to limp back for more every single time. The reason gymnastics is so difficult is because all of the skills are mind over matter, and even if our body is 159% ready to do the skill, your mind just won't let you do it. Mental training is harder than physical training. Many people may argue that in cheerleading it's the same too, but in cheerleading do they have to tumble 6 feet in the air on a four inch wide beam that is four feet above the ground? No. In cheerleading do they have to let go of a bar 12 feet in the air, flip and twist, and hope that somehow you will land on your feet? No. Although gymnasts and cheerleaders both tumble, cheerleaders do not have to go through 3 other entire events and physically and mentally prepare for those extra events. Gymnasts have s much heavier burden to bear, and sometimes it is amazing that they are able to still carry themselves through the sport even though they are completely beaten down and broken.

I've done cheerleading and gymnastics for years. They are both hard not to get me wrong, but I have fallen from a stunt on gym floor and landed wrong outside in a stunt as well. There was pain where I wanted to sit out and I could even though I didn't break anything or sprain anything. In cheerleading it's easy to get hurt, but in gymnastics 10 minutes of simple stretching can leave you sore for days. It's hard to tell when your hurting and you keep pushing anyways- pulled muscle: example one. Vault: going full speed at a stationary object and if you make one wrong step there's a broken bone or two. -example two. When you tumble, the amount of maximum force exerted on your knee joint is anywhere between 8-14x your body weight. So if you weigh 110 pounds, that means your knees have to endure about 1540 pounds of force every time you land, punch, or block for a skill. And 1540 lbs is about the size of a grizzly bear. -example 3. There are plenty of other examples but gymnastics deserves to be higher than cheerleading in the rank for the most dangerous sport. I can see why we are behind horseback riding and bull riding, but cheerleading isn't as demeaning or strong at gymnastics and I'm not hating on cheerleading because I am a cheerleader too and I love it and I thinks it's hard too.

People say cheerleading is harder than gymnastics. No, just no. I did cheer and gym when I was younger. Now I just do gymnastics. I am a level 8 gymnast and no, I haven't had as many injuries as a cheerleader. Want to know why? Because us gymnasts are trained so that we don't get injured. Yeah, sometimes the conditioning isn't enough and you get hurt. But, we condition an hour a day or more just so our knees don't pop out or our ankles don't brake. Trust me, without this conditioning, we would get as many concussions as cheerleaders. Guess what! Cheerleading has been proved not a sport. Gymnastics is a sport. You're telling me to come to one of your practices? No, come to one of mine. Come to a practice of any gymnast. After the first day, you'll want to quit. But the few gymnasts that don't quit, they don't quit because they truly love the sport. It's been a sport that they have loved since they were a young child. They have a bond with their teammates that no one can take away. They don't quit because they enjoy the pain, it proves that they are getting stronger. So don't tell me your sport is harder until you have tried mine. - Tabcorwin

You're awesome. All you stupid cheerleaders take a look at this and read (if you're not too busy whining over you're wimpy bruises).

Gymnastics is very hard. Have you ever fallen from 10 feet in the air? Or have a friend land a routine and collapse and have to be carried to the emergency room with a torn muscle? Plus we have to work out all year just to stay at the same level! Unlike football players who get a huge 2-3 month breaks in the middle of the year! Also we have to work out 20-25 hours a week! And the gyms aren't all air conditioned and aren't a perfect happy environment like the movies portray!

In gym I van beat every boy or football player in there and don't give me that crap about puberty. Every boy in that room has been through it or was going through it! They al thought I cheated but I didn't! Also, we may use mats but football played have all that padding!

I'm a artistic gymnast There is NO way that cheer is harder than gymnastics when they get thrown into the air they have four people to save them we have NONE most of the time they just say stupid cheers yelling is not dangerous doing a full twist on a four inch beam with no one there to save you is dangerous and people are forgetting there is 3 kinds of gymnastics go and look up acrobatic gymnastics and tell me which one is harder then go look up elite artistic gymnastics and post a video of cheerleaders doing elite artistic gymnastics elite rhythmic gymnastics and acrobatic gymnast. Gymnast needs confidence dedication flexibility strong and willing to give 100 percent at the gym cheerleaders just need lipgloss and be pretty and have a stupid smile on there face when they just throw each other like stupid people. Gymnastics coaches make gymnast do conditioning and flexibility exercises until every single gymnast is crying. Us gymnast work ten times as hard as any other athletes I know that cause I'm a gymnast

Haha😏u think the cheer is hard😡the only more thing they have is stunting! Gymnastics has beam bars vault and way more dance on the floor! The only same thing that cheer has is tumbling! They think it's so cool to do standing fulls like really.. you gotta be kidding😒we'll guess what we do that on beam! I can't believe gymnastics isn't the most dangerouse sport like really some have died�"I've worked on gymnastics for most of my life!... I had some very bad falls like stupid things like not putting your hands in the right position and putting them far a part and crashing on my face😱bars trying to do a flyaway layout and smash your legs on the bars! Think that hurts cheer girls! 😠have you ever landed a round off full and squat to much and hurt an ankle! Well I bet if I tap on a cheerleader they will cry and all the mascara will drop down there faces! Have you ever landed a vault on there face. And if they fall they fall on a soft floor. We fall on a wooden bar with meta sides! We fall on hard rock beams we fall on solid vaults! I bet a cheerleader only got a little hurt doing stunting because they will have a bad bass because GYMNASTS😊 are better! And if a cheerleader is reading this I'm saying that gymnastics I think is more competitive

I know gymnastics is the hardest sport. You have to do flips on a 4 inch withe 4 feet tall beam. It is WAY harder than cheer leading and football and all those other stupid easy sports. I have broken and injured more bones than I can count. Cheerleaders just do easy tumbling and stupid dance. Gymnasts do impossible tumbling, out of this world flips on bar, crazy vaults, and unbelievable skills on beam. Dance is nothing compared to gymnastics, dance shouldn't even be called a sport if it is. All you do in footballis run around with a ball in your hand and tackle people. FOOTBALL, DANCE, AND CHEERLEADING SUCK AND ARE EASY. I can't believe CHEERLEADING is in front of gymnastics. Football players and cheerleaders do like 6 hours a week while most pro gymnast do 30. Olympic Gymnastics takes a lot out of your life. Most Olympic gymnast are homeschool and do 10 hours everyday. EAT. SLEEP. GYMNASTICS. Most cheerleaders, football players, and dancers are stupid retards who fail school, or at least deserve to

I'm really only voting, because I don't understand how cheerleading is above gymnastics. The only reason that cheerleading has more injuries is because they don't practice skills for perfection, all they do is get the skill. Don't get me wrong I've seen plenty of cheerleaders with gorgeous tumbling, but nine times out of ten it's because they used to be gymnasts. Cheerleading has less dangerous skills, but the performance of them is done unsafely a lot of times.

Also Motorcross, Bull Riding. Way more dangerous, however never in my life would I consider those under sports. Or at least not in the same category. Horse back riding would tag along with those, since it's an outside object that causes injury. Not the person doing the sport themselves.

Gymnastics should be at least number two. I have passed out during practices because my coaches wouldn't let me get a drink, and I've been in the emergency room three times. One with a concussion from falling off the beam. Two with three broken ribs from slamming my chest into the high bar. And three were I fainted in the middle of a floor routine and didn't wake up until the next day. All of those times the doctor told me I should never do gymnastics again. But once the injuries healed I went right back into the gym. Why? Because even though it is painful, any gymnast will agree with me that never doing gymnastics again is worse than dying. It definitely deserves to be higher in this. - Gymnast8282