South America's Most Famous People


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The Top Ten

Pele (Football Player)
great footballer of the world.
best in world. Did project on him. it was awesome
I'm doing a project on him now. Hope heget me an A :) Pele is a really interesting football player
[Newest]He is the greatest football player ever

2Diego Maradona (Football Player)
Diego maradona was probably the mvp of soccer but its close between leonel Messi and diego maradona
I don't know why I voted for this person I don't even know who he is all I know about him that he's a bloody football plaYER
This person is amasin I have met him in real life

3Leonel Messi - Football Player
He is the best current soccer player in the world, so I decided he should be voted for at least once in this. He is a really good player, and I wanted him to win :( at least he gets one vote. I think he should have gotten at least second, after pele, because he is the best current in the world.
He's AWESOME AND HE IS COOL! I think he is a good goalie. He is the best current soccer player in the world. (in my opinion) He is a really good player, and I wanted him to win :( at least he gets one vote. I think he should have gotten at least second, after Pele, because he is the best current in the world.
The best football player in the world. Ever.
[Newest]He is a great player

4Ernesto Che Guevara (Revolutionary)
because he is cool funny awesome
he is brave and a good man like all the other people like him I am his biggest fan
and you are some of other peopls biggest fans
you ar
Legend man, firm to his object. He devoted his life to freedom!
I am an admirer of rebels, so I naturally think that Che is the coolest person ever
[Newest]Its so amazing that he dedicated his life to tis laugh out loud


5Sonia Braga (Actress)
She is like so epic doing a exam on South American famous people she was the first I could think of EPIC

6Ayrton Senna (F1 Driver)
Ayrton Senna is a epic driver, sadly, he had a car accident when he was driving. He has no injured or anything, but he don't breath. I was crying when I heard the news that he had a terible car accident.
Hey people. Ayrton Senna had to be THE BEST formula 1 driver in history, by far. he sadly died one day doing what he loved, racing. he was amazing, with tons of awards. do you know how much he meant to so many people? Please vote for him, the man who changed racing history for all formula 1 fans. please.
F1 driver yeppie come on people vote for him if he wins you will regrete this

7Carlos Gardel (Singer)
A really good singer

8Hugo Chavez (Venezuela President)
An incredible man who fought for freedom and the same rights for all.
The revolutionary of South America! A great man! Equality for all...

9Pablo Neruda (Poet)
I picked pablo because he is really really good at writing poems
One of the greatest poet of all time.

10Gabriel García Márquez (Novelist)
I don't think Carlos Gardel or Selma Braga will be remembered in 200 years, but Gabriel Garcia Marquez certainly will. This list should be comprised of people who are worthy to be known.
To write is to give joy to others, and giving joy is the best thing you can do for yourself and every-one else. That is what she does best.
I think gabriel garcia marquez the novelist is one of the greatest novelist in this generation he is amazeing and I think he deserves the award
[Newest]Great novelist of all time.

The Contenders

11Shakira (Singer)
Great! Lots of info on her!
She is just d best in d world
I love her! She is the best
[Newest]She is best in the world

12Don Francisco (TV Hostl)
I think don francisco is the worst greatest T.V. host!
I watch him every day he needs the award.
He is brill

13Eva Peron (First Lady)

14Olivia Hussey (Actress)

15Paulo Coelho (Author)

16Gabriela Mistral (Poet)

17Luis Suarez (Footballer)
Best striker at the moment

18Radamael Falcao (Soccer Player)
Only the best sttriker ever

19Neymar Jr (Soccer player)
Neymar is the super star of Brazil. He ross

20Alex de Souza (Footballer)

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