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July 27, 2015 - The people who changed the world with their screwy ways and sick minds or just plain evil. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Justin Bieber
More people have committed suicide since his rise to fame
1994 was the worst year ever in history. Kurt Cobain died and this garbage singer was born.


He killed at least more people than hitler because of his music :(
I need to have him at rank 1. Is my dream since I know him and that should be great if he overpass hitler.
[Newest]He is a absolute disgrace to the USA

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2Adolf Hitler
This man was an evil person, he caused the biggest and most unforgettable event in human history, WW2. Unbelievably sick, he murdered people who were "Different", he must've had a crazy mind. People will never forget him, and there will never be anybody like him, not one person. This man had made his mark in history. Responsible for more than 60 million people, A lot of families lost their sons, fathers, cousins & uncles because of this German maniac.
Actually he only killed 37 million if you count all holocausts and dead soldiers from the Allies. Get your facts right. Plus Stalin killed much more than Hitler.
How can anyone compare Saddam or Osama or Justin beiber to him. If All the villains were put in tents for how evil they were the only person that would be with him would be hienrich Himmler because he was the architect of the the holocaust and made it possible for hitler. Staline was in power for 17 years longer than hitler so of course stalin killed more.

How is Justine even on this list. He hasn't ordered 1 execution. Bad attitude and singing you hate is not the same as mass genocide and starting ww2.
This man was the most terribly evil person ever in history. And probably will be for hundreds if not thousands of years. He would blame the Jews for absolutely everything. And he even had gypsies killed. How does traveling a lot make you inferior. And he attacked the you. S. S. Are when he was already at war with Britain. He then had to fight on two fronts. How could some one so stupid get into power.
[Newest]Adolf killed so many people should be number 1
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3Osama Bin Laden
Well, he's dead now so that's good!
He is a high level terrorist, hiding somewhere, I hope he gets found, he has done some bad things
The others are dead (may devil bless them)...
But Osama is alive & should be the most hated person...
[Newest]He is mad... he is still alive I have proof... if you wanna know meet me

4Marian Rivera
Naturally, she is hated by the people, cause of her irksome attitude or approach, feisty yet annoyed. Many people are in the state of bewildered why she is a queen of primetime. A disputable and quarrelsome argument.
Her smile is fake. She does charities for the cameras, and not really as a genuine concern. She gets into trouble most of the time for the little things that irritate her, bringing out her foul-mouthed tirades.
Her flirt-acts and garbage-like manners plus scandals made her name wild. She is so devil. Someone that has a foul characters that anyone would really hate her. She is a Tupperware symbol.


[Newest]I hate her because she's beautiful!
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5Joseph Stalin
I'm surprised to see him so low on the list. Perhaps it's because he was considered as one of "our guys" for the most part of the WW2, so no one took a closer look on what he was doing.
Hitler was a bad man, that's true, but Hitler was also delusional and might have genuinely wanted to create a good place to live for his people. Stalin on the other hand never cared for the people of Russia and never even tried to act as he cared. Plus he was absolutely aware of what he was doing and what are the consequences, which makes him bad by desin.


his "red terror" campaign, "great purge" and the infamous gulag death camps has killed millions of people. over 40 million Russian perished during his time (exclude world war-2).

many historians and academia's regarded this man as "the greatest murderer" on modern history.
Russia knows who he is and they hope he is dead and gone! and no influence to people!
[Newest]I hate Joseph Stalin and the communist Because he destroys Berlin and made the city ghetto

6Barack Obama
Agreed, the people who were illegal immigrants before he made it legal for them to be here. All of them people who are not registered American's don't have to pay taxes. How is that far? People who have lived in this country for years families, generation after generation; though he lets people live here, who haven't even lived here for at least a year, and they don't have to pay them. I find like extremely messed up unfair and I'm surprised our country hasn't submitted protest to him yet. Maybe it is the fact that this is his last term but either way the people had the option our options I limited I believe we should be allowed personal and exceptional options that allows us to choose between a more diverse selection of beings who are running for a spot in office. A much, much larger selection. I also, believe this man is a disgrace to America for what he has done which is worse then G. Bush ever did or Clinton. No body wants Hillary in office because of what her husband did to our country that's probably one of the bigger reasons why Obama was chosen, he was also chosen by the majority of African American's, Obama I'm fairly sure isn't even 45% black I'm not racist but people are gullible and full of themselves and think, "OH well this man is black like us so he'll definitely help us." No Clinton, Bush, and him have set us over 17 million dollars in DEBT (and counting) made our government fall to the point where we might not ever get it back on its toes again unless we restart from scratch. Anyways, no body likes him for what he has done and is still doing to us.
Obama seemed like a nice guy at first, but then he started Messing up everything, and the country is in a worse state than when bush was here. Bush wasn't great, but he isn't nearly as bad as Obama. His ego has inflated to the point that he flat out refuses to compromise his principle for the good of the people. Gas was 1.46 a gallon when bush was in, and has since doubled under Obama. He also acts like a snob because the media loves him. If bush had sent us to Syria without the consent of congress, he would be hated by the media, but when Obama does it, nobody bats an eye. He got reelected only because he kept the poor poor so they would vote for him and his welfare, and because he played the race card, saying you were racist if you voted for Romney. I hate him, I hate him. I hate him. Obamacare is a massive failure, and people are finally starting to see that he is stupid. Barack Obama, worst president ever.
He has a bone to pick or if you would prefer a big chip on his shoulder with the white population. He is working to even the score out of his own bitterness. He definitely enjoys having the ability to annoy his critics with often times inappropriate and unpresidential conduct. (Too many examples to site). I am angry that he is our President and that a good number of citizens voted for him based on entitlements and all the other "hand outs" that he endorses and actually implements. What current, important figure with absolute integrity speaks well of his professional life? Fortunately he will be history in 2 years which can't come soon enough.
[Newest]Obama is nothing but a country hater and doesn't care about terrorist attacks or wars.
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7Miley Cyrus
She Raped A Foam Hand
Is there a reason to like her?
She is so annoying and nobody actually thinks that she is a good singer. She tries to raise her fame by making out with pretty much everyone she finds available!
[Newest]She used to be an amazing person, but just because Liam broke up with her, she turned into someone totally different, I mean, it hurts but not that much to become a horrible person!

8George W. Bush
GW didn't create the mess we're in today; he just exacerbated it with his tax cuts for the wealthy, starting an unnecessary war when we were already involved in one because nine months into his presidency, he failed to learn anything about foreign policy and the intelligence agencies, that were in complete disarray. He deregulated the banks and credit card companies, unleashing a army of predatory lenders on unsophisticated consumers. Thankfully, his plan to privatize social security and medicare never took off. Every time I hear the rightists criticize Obama, I have to think what would McCain and Palin or Romney and Ryan would be doing different. Nothing.
An Elitists member of a secret society “Brotherhood of Death” aka “Skull & Bones”, transferred the American taxpayers hard earned money over to the richest 1%, cost families trillions of dollars and thousands in lost lives in wars designed by corporations of death for profit and an unquestionable ignorant person who greatly contributed to the embarrassment of our nation and a worldwide decline of confidence in the American peoples judgment!
George Bush Senior was the definition of a crazy man. Everything he did was to benefit him and his fellow rich companions. His son was the same. He knew that the war was unnecessary and it was not true. Long depressing story short, he wanted to go down in history as a war hero, a Presidential hero, and the face of American hope to others. Instead he killed 100, 000, 000 people, wasted billions of dollars in tax money that we worked hard for, and put the orphan level in the world to an all time high. This is what we get when vote for a unprofessional airhead who thinks that since his father was president that he would automatically have high expectations.
[Newest]The real terrorist. Just imagine how much life have been taken away during his war campaign. Worst than saddam himself
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9Kanye West
Words do not describe how much I hate this rap hitler
He's truly a joke. Disgrace to blacks. Cocky, rude, and not talented.
He is some guy pretending Jesus just like every Priest Bishop Cardinal and Pope (not including Peter who wasn't a Pope) they are also guys pretending to be Jesus see Kanye West and al, the priests, bishops, cardinals, and popes will be sent to hell because they are pretending to be Jesus
[Newest]He thinks he is as great as Michael Jackson... 'enough said.

10Kim Kardashian
No talent in that family whatsoever...
She gets my vote! I hate her and really do not see why the media likes her so much. she is just a daughter of a rich guy who made a porn tape?
She is a very bad role model for kids, beauty and money aren't everything. The way she acts and treats life is sickening. Her porn video is what made her famous, before that she was Paris Hilton's maid. Drama is what she thrives on, and with out it she would be boring.
[Newest]The only good thing about her is her backside.

The Contenders

he betrayed Jesus, He is the reason why people think Jews are cheap and was the reason for discrimination against the Jewish Religion
Judas is known for his betrayal of Jesus. He betrayed Jesus for 27 pieces of silver, and was the reason for Jesus' death


He was supposed to die anyway for us. Jesus was supposed to die for us that is the whole reason why god created him.


He is the reason our Lord is dead, he is one of the reasons everyone hates Jews
No... Read the bible... I'm not Christian but I like to study religions and he died for all Jew's sins... So I believe he would have died no matter what.
[Newest]Haha, calm down people, he's just a fictional character from a fictional story!

12Rebecca Black
The auto tuned version of Justin Bieber, got the whole world to go against her with just one song.
Did Anyone Ever Think That She Might've Made Them Just To Be Funny And Fun And All? It's Not A Crime... Better Then Bieber Anyway!


Its really kind of funny, not that Rebecca Black is any good, but she sounds exactly the same as a bunch of the other so-called pop idols, due to the fact that they also use Auto-Tune.
Whether its Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, or the rest of that lot, they all sound exactly the same as Rebecca Black, and that is bad.
At least Rebecca Black seems to be a nice person otherwise, wonder why everyone blames her for doing what the rest of them also do?
[Newest]She sounds like a dying auto tuned whale

13Lady Gaga
Somebody had to put her on the list. And what's megan fox doing here?
I don't know why she is on here😞😞
I don't hate lady Gaga at all, she's actually talented. May have bizarre fashion statements but not someone id hate
[Newest]Once performing a concert, while singing she had pulled her frock and shown her underwear to everybody!

14Taylor Swift
Taylor needs to grow up! Stop singing about your heart break over guys or getting revenge because they dumped you, your not setting a good example for your fans. You have a huge fan base and you should use it for good (Example Demi Lovato she sings about her struggles and helps people get through them) you could help someone just by singing a song
Her songs are starting to annoy me. She has different split ups with guys, they dump her, and she writes about them. Take harry styles for example -_- apart from her Adolf Hitler is definitely the most hated person though.
Good riddance
So what earning a million bucks, you just lucky enough.
In fact you are zero talent,
Plus if you never date anyone, you wouldn't be famous.
[Newest]Love her music <3 stop hating

15Saddam Hussein
Was the President of Iraq from 1979 - 2003 was linked to al-Qaeda and was executed in USA in 2006


I just hate him...he reminds me of a salad
His big link to al-Qaeda was probably the fact that he gassed a bunch of those who wouldn't accept an eviction notice those same people that ripped him apart. Greedy, corrupt, morally bankrupt and above all ruthless in taking whatever he was after. I guess that's why he isn't in the top ten.
[Newest]He's the best man on earth -_- stupid Americans kills him for no reason

16Mao Zedong
I SWEAR that I am from China and the truth is, MOST people in China HATES him VERY VERY VERY much. HE caused accused rich people to be wearing tall hats, thrown veggies and fruits at, as a disgrace. He tortured or killed anyone that disobeys him. Dang Xiao Ping and Zhou En Lai did not have observant ceremonies when they died was because he hated them both. He even tortured their offsprings. He told Chinese not to learn, but worked for the government.
Well he is the most loved person in china, he has also made many powerful enemies in his campaign for power though
He is one of the biggest madmen in world history. Responsible for the death of over 30 million deaths should be criticized for the ass that he I s Should be in no 3 position after hitler and stalin
[Newest]Thank you someone thinks I'm right

17Janet Lim Napoles
She was just served a warrant of arrest and how she's hiding from the authorities. She said she's innocent but why is she hiding. It's possible that Senators and Congressmen are helping her to keep their names clean.
Stealing the people's money? Nah...that what comes to my mind when I hear NAPOLES. And that what makes her the MOST HATE woman in the Philippines..although I also hate Marian Rivera..but for now..its Janet Lim Napoles..she should be number 1. You really can't run the evil deeds that you did to the Filipino are an evil. I must say
For being so rich and just calling it a "blessing" when in fact she knows that she STOLE the money
[Newest]She deserves on top

18Nicki Minaj
She just is a complete twat
Nicki, nobody care about your rivalry with Lil Kim. Grow up and get over it! Nobody will ever remember you anyway, just like nobody now remembers Lil Kim.
Tip of advice for first time music listeners: Please refrain from Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus. Rhianna and Kanye West are also unacceptable.


[Newest]She does not know how to sing

19Kim Jong-Un
30-year old North Korean dictator. Is the only fat person in his country.
I think that he shouldn't be hated. He should be laughed at and made fun of. Just face it: He and North Korea are no kind of threat to anyone but South Korea. Kim Jong Un say he is going to destroy America, when he doesn't let anyone in or out of his country, and the farthest he could probably fire his so called "WMD" could probably be equivalent to the length of a human pinkie-finger. What's more is that the missile (if it could take off at all) would probably go about as fast, and probably the same distance, as Internet Explorer AT ITS BEST. (very slow and IE can't even load lots of pages, thus making its "range" horrible).


He will become the next Osama Bin Laden if he is not stopped soon!
[Newest]When you're worse than Hitler, Stalin, Osama Bin Laden, and Ivan the Terrible combined, that amounts to a lot of hate. 😡😡😡

20Jack The Ripper
He killed a lot of women brutally, and was never found! he should definitely be on the list
he killed women, he was never found, he is one of the biggest mysteries in history
he is one of the most recognizable killers, and in many list books he is voted as one of the most hated people!
[Newest]He is the next birth or osama bin Laden

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