Top Ten Most Hated People


The people who changed the world with their screwy ways and sick minds or just plain evil. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Justin Bieber
More people have committed suicide since his rise to fame
1994 was the worst year ever in history. Kurt Cobain died and this garbage singer was born.


He killed at least more people than hitler because of his music :(
I need to have him at rank 1. Is my dream since I know him and that should be great if he overpass hitler.
[Newest]He sucks at life

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2Marian Rivera
Naturally, she is hated by the people, cause of her irksome attitude or approach, feisty yet annoyed. Many people are in the state of bewildered why she is a queen of primetime. A disputable and quarrelsome argument.
Her smile is fake. She does charities for the cameras, and not really as a genuine concern. She gets into trouble most of the time for the little things that irritate her, bringing out her foul-mouthed tirades.
Her flirt-acts and garbage-like manners plus scandals made her name wild. She is so devil. Someone that has a foul characters that anyone would really hate her. She is a Tupperware symbol.


[Newest]Go back to your country
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3Adolf Hitler
This man was an evil person, he caused the biggest and most unforgettable event in human history, WW2. Unbelievably sick, he murdered people who were "Different", he must've had a crazy mind. People will never forget him, and there will never be anybody like him, not one person. This man had made his mark in history. Responsible for more than 60 million people, A lot of families lost their sons, fathers, cousins & uncles because of this German maniac.
Actually he only killed 37 million if you count all holocausts and dead soldiers from the Allies. Get your facts right. Plus Stalin killed much more than Hitler.
How can anyone compare Saddam or Osama or Justin beiber to him. If All the villains were put in tents for how evil they were the only person that would be with him would be hienrich Himmler because he was the architect of the the holocaust and made it possible for hitler. Staline was in power for 17 years longer than hitler so of course stalin killed more.

How is Justine even on this list. He hasn't ordered 1 execution. Bad attitude and singing you hate is not the same as mass genocide and starting ww2.
This man was the most terribly evil person ever in history. And probably will be for hundreds if not thousands of years. He would blame the Jews for absolutely everything. And he even had gypsies killed. How does traveling a lot make you inferior. And he attacked the you. S. S. Are when he was already at war with Britain. He then had to fight on two fronts. How could some one so stupid get into power.
[Newest]While the two above stink enough, what did they really do, and if they did anything, is it as bad as trying to kill all the Jews and start World War Two?
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4Osama Bin Laden
Well, he's dead now so that's good!
He is a high level terrorist, hiding somewhere, I hope he gets found, he has done some bad things
The others are dead (may devil bless them)...
But Osama is alive & should be the most hated person...
[Newest]He deserved not to be shot, but to be crippled with a chainsaw while being run over by a train and having has organs inside his body ripped out

5Barack Obama
Agreed, the people who were illegal immigrants before he made it legal for them to be here. All of them people who are not registered American's don't have to pay taxes. How is that far? People who have lived in this country for years families, generation after generation; though he lets people live here, who haven't even lived here for at least a year, and they don't have to pay them. I find like extremely messed up unfair and I'm surprised our country hasn't submitted protest to him yet. Maybe it is the fact that this is his last term but either way the people had the option our options I limited I believe we should be allowed personal and exceptional options that allows us to choose between a more diverse selection of beings who are running for a spot in office. A much, much larger selection. I also, believe this man is a disgrace to America for what he has done which is worse then G. Bush ever did or Clinton. No body wants Hillary in office because of what her husband did to our country that's probably one of the bigger reasons why Obama was chosen, he was also chosen by the majority of African American's, Obama I'm fairly sure isn't even 45% black I'm not racist but people are gullible and full of themselves and think, "OH well this man is black like us so he'll definitely help us." No Clinton, Bush, and him have set us over 17 million dollars in DEBT (and counting) made our government fall to the point where we might not ever get it back on its toes again unless we restart from scratch. Anyways, no body likes him for what he has done and is still doing to us.
Obama seemed like a nice guy at first, but then he started Messing up everything, and the country is in a worse state than when bush was here. Bush wasn't great, but he isn't nearly as bad as Obama. His ego has inflated to the point that he flat out refuses to compromise his principle for the good of the people. Gas was 1.46 a gallon when bush was in, and has since doubled under Obama. He also acts like a snob because the media loves him. If bush had sent us to Syria without the consent of congress, he would be hated by the media, but when Obama does it, nobody bats an eye. He got reelected only because he kept the poor poor so they would vote for him and his welfare, and because he played the race card, saying you were racist if you voted for Romney. I hate him, I hate him. I hate him. Obamacare is a massive failure, and people are finally starting to see that he is stupid. Barack Obama, worst president ever.
This man is the most destructive force in the United States. We have no need for foreign enemies with Obama in the White House. He champions racial divisiveness, disregards our laws, shreds the US Constitution, spends our money like it's his own, caused the border crisis, is embroiled in uncountable illegal activities and cover-ups and makes Richard Nixon look like a saint. These and countless other reasons are why he was recently named the worst president since WWII. He's a disgrace as a man, an American and to the office of the President of the United States.
Obama is the best he worked hard to get to where he is today and stop ✋ hating on him he's awesome
[Newest]He needs to be moved up in the ranks. He's earned it
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6Joseph Stalin
I'm surprised to see him so low on the list. Perhaps it's because he was considered as one of "our guys" for the most part of the WW2, so no one took a closer look on what he was doing.
Hitler was a bad man, that's true, but Hitler was also delusional and might have genuinely wanted to create a good place to live for his people. Stalin on the other hand never cared for the people of Russia and never even tried to act as he cared. Plus he was absolutely aware of what he was doing and what are the consequences, which makes him bad by desin.


his "red terror" campaign, "great purge" and the infamous gulag death camps has killed millions of people. over 40 million Russian perished during his time (exclude world war-2).

many historians and academia's regarded this man as "the greatest murderer" on modern history.
Russia knows who he is and they hope he is dead and gone! and no influence to people!
[Newest]Again, far worse than Hitler

7Janet Lim Napoles
She was just served a warrant of arrest and how she's hiding from the authorities. She said she's innocent but why is she hiding. It's possible that Senators and Congressmen are helping her to keep their names clean.
Stealing the people's money? Nah...that what comes to my mind when I hear NAPOLES. And that what makes her the MOST HATE woman in the Philippines..although I also hate Marian Rivera..but for now..its Janet Lim Napoles..she should be number 1. You really can't run the evil deeds that you did to the Filipino are an evil. I must say
For being so rich and just calling it a "blessing" when in fact she knows that she STOLE the money
[Newest]She deserves on top

8George W. Bush
GW didn't create the mess we're in today; he just exacerbated it with his tax cuts for the wealthy, starting an unnecessary war when we were already involved in one because nine months into his presidency, he failed to learn anything about foreign policy and the intelligence agencies, that were in complete disarray. He deregulated the banks and credit card companies, unleashing a army of predatory lenders on unsophisticated consumers. Thankfully, his plan to privatize social security and medicare never took off. Every time I hear the rightists criticize Obama, I have to think what would McCain and Palin or Romney and Ryan would be doing different. Nothing.
An Elitists member of a secret society “Brotherhood of Death” aka “Skull & Bones”, transferred the American taxpayers hard earned money over to the richest 1%, cost families trillions of dollars and thousands in lost lives in wars designed by corporations of death for profit and an unquestionable ignorant person who greatly contributed to the embarrassment of our nation and a worldwide decline of confidence in the American peoples judgment!
George Bush Senior was the definition of a crazy man. Everything he did was to benefit him and his fellow rich companions. His son was the same. He knew that the war was unnecessary and it was not true. Long depressing story short, he wanted to go down in history as a war hero, a Presidential hero, and the face of American hope to others. Instead he killed 100, 000, 000 people, wasted billions of dollars in tax money that we worked hard for, and put the orphan level in the world to an all time high. This is what we get when vote for a unprofessional airhead who thinks that since his father was president that he would automatically have high expectations.
[Newest]He started the the costliest war in history ( kinda)

he betrayed Jesus, He is the reason why people think Jews are cheap and was the reason for discrimination against the Jewish Religion
Judas is known for his betrayal of Jesus. He betrayed Jesus for 27 pieces of silver, and was the reason for Jesus' death


He was supposed to die anyway for us. Jesus was supposed to die for us that is the whole reason why god created him.


He is the reason our Lord is dead, he is one of the reasons everyone hates Jews
No... Read the bible... I'm not Christian but I like to study religions and he died for all Jew's sins... So I believe he would have died no matter what.
[Newest]Jesus died for his sin, literally

10Lady Gaga
Somebody had to put her on the list. And what's megan fox doing here?
I don't know why she is on here😞😞
I don't hate lady Gaga at all, she's actually talented. May have bizarre fashion statements but not someone id hate
[Newest]Lady gaga should die in firey hole of death

The Contenders

11Miley Cyrus
She Raped A Foam Hand
Is there a reason to like her?
She is so annoying and nobody actually thinks that she is a good singer. She tries to raise her fame by making out with pretty much everyone she finds available!
[Newest]I am a boy and I want Hanna Montana Back even though I never liked the show.

12Saddam Hussein
Was the President of Iraq from 1979 - 2003 was linked to al-Qaeda and was executed in USA in 2006


I just hate him...he reminds me of a salad
He's the best man on earth -_- stupid Americans kills him for no reason

13Rebecca Black
The auto tuned version of Justin Bieber, got the whole world to go against her with just one song.
Did Anyone Ever Think That She Might've Made Them Just To Be Funny And Fun And All? It's Not A Crime... Better Then Bieber Anyway!


Its really kind of funny, not that Rebecca Black is any good, but she sounds exactly the same as a bunch of the other so-called pop idols, due to the fact that they also use Auto-Tune.
Whether its Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, or the rest of that lot, they all sound exactly the same as Rebecca Black, and that is bad.
At least Rebecca Black seems to be a nice person otherwise, wonder why everyone blames her for doing what the rest of them also do?
[Newest]She didn't acknowledge any other day of the week :-( poor Saturday

14Kim Kardashian
No talent in that family whatsoever...
She gets my vote! I hate her and really do not see why the media likes her so much. she is just a daughter of a rich guy who made a porn tape?
She is a very bad role model for kids, beauty and money aren't everything. The way she acts and treats life is sickening. Her porn video is what made her famous, before that she was Paris Hilton's maid. Drama is what she thrives on, and with out it she would be boring.
[Newest]No talent porn star and she ain't even good at that...

15Kanye West
Words do not describe how much I hate this rap hitler
He's truly a joke. Disgrace to blacks. Cocky, rude, and not talented.
I hate him very much. In an award show he was nominated for an award someone else won the award, he started shouting for not getting the award and was saying that he snatched my award.
[Newest]I hate him so much

They always claim they are number when in fact, all of their works are flop.
Claiming number1 station not true
All their works, come on! It's a bo! Cheap and most of the plot specially the artist.. Super clique and redundant
[Newest]I can't feel their actors and actresses' character emotions whenever they act...

17Mahatma Gandhi
Whoever who put this here is so stupid. Along with whoever put other Gandhis.
He fought for peace, he revolutionized India as a country, he is still one of history's great philosophers. He does not deserve to be on this list, he deserves to be on the world's greatest people
He was a very great person I can't understand why he is on this list
[Newest]He is one of the greatest peace maker he should be the greatest not the most hated

18Vice Ganda
He's not pretty, I don't know why he's called Vice Ganda! His jokes are really offensive and insulting and he's changed now because of his long stay in Showtime! He should not be in the show anymore since he is a bad influence to the people here! I don't like him! I wished he did not became recognized so he won't be on Showtime or on any show in Channel 2 (or in the other channels if he will transfer)! :/
Sometime he makes we laugh, but he is a stupid frank comedian..!
Not everyone likes that kind of humor and he doesn't realize that he is hurting other people! I have to change the channel or turn of the T.V. for me not to see him on Showtime or any other show that he's in (like GGV)! He's really bad influenced! Life is so unfair!
[Newest]Irritating.. He's so talkative, making fun of other people.

19Taylor Swift
Her songs are starting to annoy me. She has different split ups with guys, they dump her, and she writes about them. Take harry styles for example -_- apart from her Adolf Hitler is definitely the most hated person though.
Good riddance
Taylor needs to grow up! Stop singing about your heart break over guys or getting revenge because they dumped you, your not setting a good example for your fans. You have a huge fan base and you should use it for good (Example Demi Lovato she sings about her struggles and helps people get through them) you could help someone just by singing a song
So what earning a million bucks, you just lucky enough.
In fact you are zero talent,
Plus if you never date anyone, you wouldn't be famous.
[Newest]Taylor swift is the biggest / best artist in the world

20Angel Locsin
Angel locsin is good inside and out..that's not true shes very nice person..
Is she wearing a VENEER TEETH?!?
Such a hypocrite girl!
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21Kim Jong-Un
30-year old North Korean dictator. Is the only fat person in his country.
I think that he shouldn't be hated. He should be laughed at and made fun of. Just face it: He and North Korea are no kind of threat to anyone but South Korea. Kim Jong Un say he is going to destroy America, when he doesn't let anyone in or out of his country, and the farthest he could probably fire his so called "WMD" could probably be equivalent to the length of a human pinkie-finger. What's more is that the missile (if it could take off at all) would probably go about as fast, and probably the same distance, as Internet Explorer AT ITS BEST. (very slow and IE can't even load lots of pages, thus making its "range" horrible).


He will become the next Osama Bin Laden if he is not stopped soon!
[Newest]Why is he higher on the list than all the others? See, I can understand him being hated less than Bieber, but come on people!

22Muhammad (Prophet of Islam)
Muhammet is my prophet so anybody must be criticism about his. Everybody have got religous values and this values are holly.
I'm a Buddhist and even I respect his truth and his courage, for it was not the way of the sword that made him great, it was his honor that did, whoever put him on this list is an ignorant person, who is probably a fundamentalist Christian, if it isn't then I'm sorry but your people tend to act this way.
How would people feel if Jesus was on this list? Well I hate the person who put him in this list
[Newest]I am a Muslim and I strongly believe he is an idiot that killed people. Because of his evil teachings I feel embarrassed everyday, the killings in his name have brought enough insult to me.

23Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
She stole the presidency not only once but twice...the chance for the filipinoes to live better with the real president Fernando Poe Jr.
The worst Philippine President ever!
She's so irresponsible! She'd never be a true in herself!
[Newest]Like Julia gillard she stills positions and backstabber...

24Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony is a piece of scum on this earth and she needs to get what she deserves. She knows that she killed he daughter, but then tried to frame someone else with her mistakes. But that is just my opinion anyways. You can disagree
Should be higher up. She literally got away with murder and her parents probably helped her cover it up.
She should be # 4 afte Hitler, Osama bin Laden, and George W. Bush
[Newest]She killed a kid for no reason. She's gonna burn in hell.

25Fred Phelps
If you don't know who Fred Phelps is, look him up. I guarantee that when you do, you'll want to punch something (preferably Fred Phelps).
He's not a true Christian, like the rest of us, I was taught the God loves everyone no matter what.
A deplorable person, a hatemonger of the worst kind. The world is better off without him.
[Newest]Stop using God so you could point at someone and yell, "Burn in he'll."

26Jack The Ripper
He killed a lot of women brutally, and was never found! he should definitely be on the list
he killed women, he was never found, he is one of the biggest mysteries in history
he is one of the most recognizable killers, and in many list books he is voted as one of the most hated people!
[Newest]He is the next birth or osama bin Laden

27Vlad III the Impaler
It baffles me on how terrible this list is. I mean, really, why are Justin and Rebecca even on the list. Justin is progressively getting more better over the years and I think he is getting overhated. Friday is one of the worst songs I've ever heard in my life, but still, Rebecca Black is now less hated and more recently, her songs are now more better.

Why is Gandhi even here? Okay, I am a Pakistani, but trust me, even I respect Gandhi. Even when he was against the making of my state, I still admire him. Whoever wrote Gandhi's name here was a complete idiot for not knowing History. Why is Muhammad here? For what I see, someone here is a complete racist for insulting my religion and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Why is Jesus and Moses here? Why is Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah here? He created a country, despite many people going against him! Really, what is Taylor Swift, Kanye West and other random singers and actors doing here? And Why Obama for the hate? He's trying to repair the U.S after what George Bush did. Why is Jack the Ripper here? We don't even know who he is. All we know is that he killed 5 women and that's it. Too many influential leaders and way too many singers and actors are here. And plus, they didn't even kill people. When did Justin Beiber decide to kill people just by singing. How can a 13 year-old girl go around and just sing to kill millions. This is the worst list I have ever seen in Top Tens. I might also exclude Hitler. Though he may be hated, I do know that he was a brilliant and influential leader and that he had a really depressing backstory before and during WWII. Adam Lanza, I'm not really sure since he murdered 20 people (Most of them Class 1 children) but however, it was sad that he too committed suicide at a very young age. I'm not sure about Osama, but in my thoughts, I think Bush, Mao Zedong, Ivan the Terrible, Saddam and Stalin do make good candidates on this list.

But however, nobody could be as horrible, selfish, evil, despicable, gruesome and cruel as ruler of the Wallachia State Vlad I, or as people like to call it, Vlad the Impaler or Vlad Dracula.

Vlad is so evil, you just don't even want to even hear his name. Okay, the name says it all. He loved killing people. Mostly by impaling them, but with unsharpened stakes since he wanted people to suffer while seeing them scream in agony, blood flowing down their bodies. But that's not all. Vlad would also kill people in all sorts of ways including stabbing, hanging, strangling, decapitating, burning, burying, nailing, skinning, boiled, anything that you could find to be horrifying, but that's not all. He would stab children and infants through their mother's chest and he would also like to cut off limbs and sexual organs. What's worse was that he also boiled little children and forced their parents to eat them. He also killed his wife and cut off her sexual organs to keep for himself. He also worked people to their deaths and he would smash their head against a hard wall for no apparent reason. He also burned numerous innocent people on a fake party. There were also rumors that he drank blood as well. He killed 100, 000 people which means he massacred over 20% of Wallachia's population. It wasn't until 1476 where his demise would finally be received, by decapitation.

Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin may have been evil and stuff, but still, their cruelty was not enough to be matched against Vlad's. Vlad is also infamous for Bram Stoker to create the most well known vampires in history. He created to original vampire appearances until Twilight ruined it. In fact, Vlad could be a vampire (After all, Dracula means "little devil").

You could say whatever you want to, but in the end, it's Vlad Dracula who could be the most evil and hated man in the world. And for goodness sakes, please remove Justin, Rebecca, Gandhi, Jinnah and all these actors, random people, singers and great leaders on the list.
I'm a Jew and despise Hitler and Stalin, but Hitler was not nearly as sadistic and inhumane as Vlad the Impaler. Vlad took pleasure in impaling men, women and children on spikes going up through the anus and put through the mouth. He'd have them positioned around his diner table so that he'd dine while watching them scream in agonising pain and drip with blood as they slowly died. The deaths would take hours, sometimes even days. Hitler was evil, but WWII would have been far worse if Vlad took Hitler's place.

He's one of the few people I wish efernal suffering for, and I'm often a forgiving person. Death by beheading was too good for him.
His behavior and reputation had some people thinking that he had sold his soul to The Devil and that Heaven would never accept him.
[Newest]One sick person the name says it all!

28Benigno Aquino III
-Ballooned his pork barrel (national budget) to 500%
-He is posing as the "savior" of the masses in front of the media, where in fact, he is as corrupt as those traditional politicians.
-Always plays the blame game.
The most stupid president ever.
Can't even focus in his own administration.
The top blamer in town.
Doesn't deserve the position. Only won because of sympathy and their family controlling the media.

29Janet Napoles
The Pork Barrel queen, she steals the Taxes of the Filipinos and splurge it, 28 houses, 44 Cars her daughter Janet Trying to fit in with the elite crowd of the United State.
The brains behind the pork barrel scam in the Philippines!
Maybe she's so happy that the whole Philippines sponsored for her 18th birthday through our taxes.
[Newest]A very stupid bitch..

30Heinrich Himmler
Why is he so far down should be third after Hitler and stalin he masterminded the holocaust he masterminded the industrial scale mass murder of 6 million innocent men women and children a cruel evil sadistic man.P. S he was a chicken farmer before he was a Nazi.
You're thinking of Adolf Hitler. Not heinrich himmler, unless that's German or something for his name.


To be honest, I don't understand why people put jesus and muhammad nabi saw on this list? They are good people with kindest heart.
And why people choose to bash these celebrity like Bieber, taylor swift, gaga, kanye west and many more? These celebrity just like the rest of us, all have shortcoming and makes mistake but why people don't instead vote for this evil men?
1. Justin Bieber = he just has a bad attitude, bad singing, suck music
2. Gaga = well her music is bout sex, but she's still a great singer, just creepy enough.
3. Kadarshian = maybe she doesn't has any talent
4. Taylor swift = write songs to disses ex's, arrogant maybe, a bad attitude
5. Kanye west = arrogant, can't sing
6. Rebecca black = annoying voice, stupid song
And etc...

Compare to this evil, sadistic, cruel man
What has he had done I'm sure you guys all know about this
Killing millions Jews, gyspy, and other race who didn't have blued eyed and blonde hair!
This man need to bash, he should go to hell.

To be honest I don't like these celeb too, but compare to him.
They are much better than him.
And why you don't put hirohito on the list?
This evil man killed millions Chinese and southeast Asians.
Evil, cruel, heartless!

I hope you will agree with me, and sorry for my bad grammar.

31Cristy Fermin
Extreme ass kisser. A disgrace to Philippine showbiz and to her so called journalism.
A bad example of a public figure

32Claudine Barretto
Claudine baretto has an attitude that people think that she is not a good type of person but its not all about measuring the bad doings that claudine done, but rather we have to measure the good side of a person
She is a mentally deranged has-been actress who punches people in the airport. She quarrels her siblings and husband and fond of making up stories.
She is fake a filipino fake not marian rivera

33Maja Salvador
She stole her bestfriend's ex boyfriend. No shame, no manners

34Harry Styles
His music sucks, he is a hypocrite, he only preforms for the money, and is part of the worsrt boy bands in history. I just want to shave all of his retarded hair off. And if he isn't hated, why does he have so many hate pages on Instagram and Twitter? Lets face the facts, 1D is just a fad. In a couple of years or so, you'll all have a new guy to swoon over.


I'm not a fan of the band, but this is wrong. Just because someone's music isn't to your liking doesn't mean that they're bad people. He has a ton of loving and supporting fans and is a real person just like any of you. What makes him different from singers you like?
No he is not hated..he most be love by some hazzas
[Newest]His hair looks like a rats nest god please help this man

35Anne Curtis
Always want the center of attention. Her singing really irritate and pisses me. She ruined every song that she sing. A good actress indeed but trying hard to be a singer!
Sometimes she is not consistent...
For being so liberated. A symbol for sex. An aphrodisiac!

36Selena Gomez
The worst person to ever walk the planet.
How can anyone hate Selena?
Loves dating boys for fame, only relevant for dating the biebs.

37Mao Zedong
I SWEAR that I am from China and the truth is, MOST people in China HATES him VERY VERY VERY much. HE caused accused rich people to be wearing tall hats, thrown veggies and fruits at, as a disgrace. He tortured or killed anyone that disobeys him. Dang Xiao Ping and Zhou En Lai did not have observant ceremonies when they died was because he hated them both. He even tortured their offsprings. He told Chinese not to learn, but worked for the government.
Well he is the most loved person in china, he has also made many powerful enemies in his campaign for power though
He is one of the biggest madmen in world history. Responsible for the death of over 30 million deaths should be criticized for the ass that he I s Should be in no 3 position after hitler and stalin
[Newest]Thank you someone thinks I'm right

38Lil Wayne
A very ignorant and clueless rapper.
He is one of the worst rappers ever that isn't even rap why is he famous fort minor are just way better than him you can't even compare
Stupid lil weirdo. See what I did there?

39Sarah Geronimo
She's so plastic! She has no originality, she just copies every Beyonce moves there is! She's a mediocre performer, always lip syncing her songs!
She just act while singing. Her voice is not classy. Shes just acting out...
Her fans does not respect Regine Velasquez.

40Kristen Stewart
Once a cheater always a cheater. It's girls like Kristen that ruin loyal men... She gets lucky with a sweet, caring guy then cheats on him? She doesn't deserve him back. He should walk away.
I don't care about her social life. I know a horrible actor when I see one. She looks like her life has been trying to keep all light and fun away from her for her entire life, to the point that her smile makes people want to cry.


She is a boring actor

41Donald Sterling
A racist rich person who should be banned from NBA and pay a 5 million dollar fine at the minimum

42Ferdinand Marcos
Marcos is one of the great president in phil history..phil is the richest country during his period.if he is a corrupt at least phil also benefits because of his popularity and economic growth..Gloria Macapagal Arroyo should be here and Napoles family!
Former Philippine president who ruled the Philippines for 20years. He abused his power and jailed political enemies. Sequestered all the big companies from their rightful owners. Amassed billions of pesos from the treasury and declared martial law to get away with everything and extend his term. He caused the dramatic decline of the Philippines' standing as the best and most modern country in Asia after world war 2 to one of the poorest in the region and has not recovered since
The Best President ever to lead the Philippine Republic.
[Newest]He is a dictator, yes, but no him means the Philippines would be weaker today

43Jesse Jackson
A puke who has gotten rich exploiting his own race and shouldn't be considered a Reverend at all.

44Rahm Emanuel
Let's see, he makes a bunch of fake promises, and the results are, a week long teacher's strike, 50 schools being shut down and crowding other schools, red light cameras that have done more harm than good by ripping off people and causing more bumper to bumper accidents, and so on, he sucks

45Sonia Gandhi
She is actually not a political personality but due to her relation with rajiv gandhi entered the politics of India and enjoyed the power through manmohan allowing huge corruption by other political leaders.
The she leaves India it will be a much better place to live in

46Nicki Minaj
She just is a complete twat
Nicki, nobody care about your rivalry with Lil Kim. Grow up and get over it! Nobody will ever remember you anyway, just like nobody now remembers Lil Kim.
Tip of advice for first time music listeners: Please refrain from Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus. Rhianna and Kanye West are also unacceptable.


[Newest]She's a piece of crap.

47Benigno Simeon Aquino III
Stupid President.

Special Child.

Secretly In-love with Mar Roxas.

Don't put her on movies like battleship. Don't put her in movies at all, unless she's the prostitute that gets killed in the first five minutes of seeing her, because that's what she's best at.


She doesn't understand the concept of wearing clothes. straight up slut.
Less talented singer of all time, she can't write songs, she can't play any instrumental, she got an horrible voice

49Adam Lanza
Doesn't get any worse!
Oh yeah, Adam murdered 20 innocent children and 6 adults (one of which I actually knew for years, RIP Mrs. Hochsprung), but Justin Bieber makes bad music, and he's above Adam. Fix this list.
He murdered 1st graders and special education kids. What a jerk.
[Newest]He is just a prick all round- what decent person goes into a school brutally murders children and teachers then walks out and kills them self? Him.

50Lindsay Lohan
I'm really worried about her. in one of her recent arrests, she looked more exhausted than ever in her mugshot. and while she was in court, she looked very dazed and out of touch. I'm not a fan of Lindsay Lohan but I don't want someone this young to die. you only get one chance of living so don't waste it all.
I feel bad for her she needs help or she might die like most celebs do
If she keeps this behavior up, she's gonna die from a drug overdose. let's hope that doesn't happen.

51Tony Romo
Worst football player for the worst team


53Sarah Palin
I can see the Russians from my house too! I think we need to kill them because I just know they are going to destroy our country! They're going to come in with their tanks and destroy Alaska, then the rest of the country! (oh, and I like shooting wolves out of a helicopter too. Great way to hunt)! JK. She's a fail who thinks she was cursed by a witch. God, Republicans are getting dumber and dumber.


As dumb as they come in the Republican ranks

54Britney Spears
Haha this list is awesome made me piss myself laughing. Keep the comments coming folks.
Shaved her head bald and tried to come back with perfume
The definition of britney spears is insane

55Jennylyn Mercado
Agree! Pregnant and already has a boyfriend whom she denied, asked the guy to deny as well, told the guy she wants to focus on her career, but, was caught vacationing with his leading man. When there is smoke, there is fire - why do you think she has gotten a lot of good projects even beeing handpicked specially by the senator. She only admitted to 3 relationships so far, denied almost everyone and there could be more concealed. She has this trademark of crying for the public to see gaining their sympathy. She managed to persuade the crowd to believe that all her ex boyfriends (take note she only admitted 3) are losers and abusive! Lucky her, she's got a big fish for a backer and that she has smitten the crowd using her past as an abused child. She may be bipolar much like her role as rhodora now. This girl can't say something bad about her last "known" boyfriend... Could it be that the guy knows very influential people too that is why she can't make a scene on T.V. and make it appear he is a loser? She can't, not this time! The guy knows better. Stop believing her bull crap! They even asked manny villar for freebies (house and lot) and she would campaign for him anytime!
Super duper flirt.can't live without man. Stole mark herras from Cristine Reyes then immediately jump into relationship with Patrick Garcia.even flirting with Patrick in front of mark herras when three of them was guests in star talk. Need no time to move on and jumping from one relationship to another. His baby Alex jazz real father is bong revilla. That's why when she got bankrupt, she ask bong to provide the house she currently living right now. Was also an ex of jake Cuenca back when he was still not famous in Gma. So she doesn't want to admit the relationship. Dump Andrei Felix for Dennis trillo. And when Dennis trillo caught her still dating and meeting Patrick. They fight verbally. Jennylyn slaps Dennis face twice. Which leads to more nasty fight. And just after a few weeks or months she is already dating with Luis manzano. But the real reason behind why the two couple recently broke up is because Luis caught jennylyn still visiting Dennis house and asking for reconciliation. To which it's not good in public's eye because she is someone's girlfriend yet she is two timing another guy.

56Jerry Sandusky

57Thaksin Shinawatra
The world greatest evil corruptionist ever.
Corruption, betray one's country, tricky
Very rich but very bad
[Newest]Too demanding in power & money

58Emma Watson
Why would anyone hate her?
What is wrong with you people? How could anyone hate on Emma Watson?
The only thing I don't like about emma watson is she plays hermione. I hate hermione
[Newest]She's not a bad person. At all. Stop hating.

59Ariel Sharon
Just being a good Jews, he responsible for killing thousands of Palestinian, claiming that Palestine is their own. Because all of these sin he commit towards Palestinian, God punish him as make him suffering in his death bed even until now. Well, serve him right
The biggest serial killer of all time (he kill children)
This is bollocks sharon was a good man.

60Kris Aquino
She is a born plastic. Uses her parents as a shield to protect her interest. She knows how to play drama queen when caught in situations where she is actually the culprit.

She always cry on T.V., thinking by doing so she gets the sympathy of the Filipino People. She may fool some of them but more and more people are loosing interest on her because of her diva attitude.

She interrupts people while they're talking, talks more in her T.V. program than her guest.

She's Ms. I-know-Everything. Helps with malice, she can't even stand the filthiness of Manila or places she's going to for "Charity".

Uses artists for the campaign of her brother, now President of the Philippines but back-stabbed those artist who helped her during the campaign after her brother won.
Ultimate attention seeking whore!
Attention seeker, totally plastic
[Newest]Why do we need to listen to kris talk everyday? Who is this person?.

61Prabowo Subianto

62Jawaharlal Nehru
He should have been number 1

63Farhat Abbas
I hate anyone named Ferret.

64Jimmy Savile
This monster raped children so he is a ANIMAL!
Why isn't he at the top of the list

65James Holmes

66David Cameron
It's ironic how the biggest wanker in the UK wants to block internet porn...
He is snobby rich bastard


He left his child in a pub what a prat.

67Benjamin Netanyahu
One of our times most evil men who uses a policy of Apartheid on Palestinian making the 154 000 Christians Palestinians second class citizens.

68O.J. Simpson
Murderer set free because of highly expensive lawyers. No justice, even if he is now in prison.

69Indira Gandhi
She was a racist with ugly looks and complete idiot.
She hated on Sikhs and planned an attack on the hoy Golden Temple. She tried to accuse Bhindranwale as a terrorist but didn't have any evidence or witnesses. THE PERSON WHO WROTE THAT WHOEVER WROTE THE OTHER GANDHIS IS RIGHT BUT NOT THIS GANDHI...

She was a cruel Indian leader. And she give a next aim to Sikh community. A new separate land khalastan.

70Pol Pot
Why is he down here he was a cycotic madman who killed millions
Why the hell isn't Pol Pot on this list he killed of 1,000,000 Cambodians as a rebel I know Vlad the Implaler did some preposterous things but without him we would all be speaking Ottamanese (Turkish) and we would be slaves!

71Luis Suarez
Bites people, full of hate and a racist

72Al Capone
He's one of the best gangster you'll ever see I am surprised he so low

73Lee Harvey Oswald
Why isn't this in the top 10 spot? He's the person who killed JFK


74Chris Brown
Women beater and and complete all round idiot
This man has talent but he ruined it with bad choices, I don't know why people still listened to his music after he beat up a woman.
He is the ugliest person in the world looser

75Vladimir Putin
He HATES my country along with the entire western world.
He is extremely homophobic to he point where he persecutes LGBTs.
He supports "president" Assad in Syria, who slaughters his own people with chemical weapons.
He shot down a plane full of civilians and blamed his own allies, the pro Moscow Ukrainian rebels.
His people are living in poverty and for some reason they basically worship him.
He keeps rigging the election so he can always win (which is usually the case when a democratic candidate is in power for more than a decade).
There is no freedom of speech, press or really freedom of anything in Russia anymore because of him.
He took over the Crimea with military force instead of negotiating with the Ukrainian government, which was basically a puppet government of his at the beginning of last year anyways, and than proceeded to criticize the Ukrainian people for whining about it. He sent troops to annex Eastern Ukraine and got them all brainwashed into thinking that Kiev started the war somehow. He will probably try to annex western Ukraine too if he is not stopped. Now he has driven all of Western Europe into chaos and has gotten his own economy in the toilet. He is acting like he wants to re start the Cold War, and if Europe and the USA don't act soon he will succeed.
Vlad is just another miss understood drunk. Don't think too harsh of him please he's not really a bad guy.

76Angelica Panganiban
She is just so irritating, her tweets and her posts reflects how proud she is.I doubt if she still remembers what humility is. What happened to her angelic attitude when she was still youung? She became wild!

77Saloth Sar aka Pol Pot
The Cambodian tyrant. He killed over 2,000,000 Cambodians. This communist is the the reason why there are mass graves all over Cambodia. I'm glad Pol Pot is in hell where he belongs, along with Hitler and Stalin.

78Rajiv Gandhi


80Cristiano Ronaldo
I bet no one reading this even knows about Ronaldo, they only judge on the sport he plays, which he is very good at.

81Chito Miranda

82Koch Brothers
A couple of rich idiots trying to change the world with their money...

83Narendra Modi
Most evil person in the whole World
He is a mass murderer
He should not be in this list! 1

84Willie Revillame

85Richard Nixon
I think Richard Nixon was a bad president there's proof in futurama
Water gate scandal anyone?
George W. Bush was a great president. Richard Nixon was... Richard Nixon.

86Wally Bayola

87David Ben-Gurion

88Nancy Pelosi

89Margaret Thatcher
Did more damage to this country is every aspect of living, makes you wonder if there is a god, she out classed the german effort in world war 2, and the bitch still lives, is that idiot of a son still alive or is he still lost in the dessert and are we taxpayers still paying for it
Margaret thatcher she should be last hell, she shouldn't be on this list for crying in a bucket
She was a terrible person who tried too ruin England Scotland Wales many more countries and Ireland (she tried too ruin Ireland more than any of them because she hated ireland for no reason)
[Newest]The right wing idol who decimated the middle class in England. Glad the Iron Lady is gone. May she RUST in peace...

90Benito Mussolini
The leader of Fascist Italy. He gave Italians a bad name with his ways

91Rahul Gandhi
Oh please do really need to share my opinion about this one?
He is a total dumbass... Had the guts to contest the elections :/... He still needs spoon feeding!
Confident? He can't even talk properly. He still is a baby! Laugh out loud!
A dumb drop out student who claims to be highly educated.
[Newest]So dumb like hell

92LeBron James
Why is he hated? Cleveland was not going to get him a championship. He did what was best and I respect him for that.
To bad because the heat won the nba championship in 2006, 2012, 2013 but LeBron is hated because he left Cleveland LeBron is the mvp of 2013 and I think 2012 they beat the thunder in 2012 and the spurs yesterday
I don't like basketball (football fan), but I don't know why he would be hated?


93Kim Chiu
She is a goodie goodie girl on cam! Always pretend on cam like a sweet and nice person, BUT without a cam, she's a SNOB queen! She don't mind fans calling her name, as long that there's no cam or media, she never put a smile or at least wave to those fans who were calling her name, DEADMA queen!

People hates her, for being in denial queen! Before she starts showbiz she was seen on Big Brother house without make up and an innocent look without any medical surgery. But after she entered showbiz and gained popularity, same on her attitude her physical looks also has changed! But Kim always deny on this matter, but she can't fool the people who saw her from the beginning she entered Big Brother house! Why just accept and say it! There's nothing wrong with that, most artist now a days are mostly did with surgical! The disgusted thing about Kim is she keeps denying her magical surgical face!

One More thing about her being Indenial Queen, is about her EX love team / EX boyfriend Gerald Anderson before she keeps saying that they are only good friends etc etc! Until they broke up and people were got shocked of their revelation that they were committed to each other for four years! 2 more years later, she did an interview were she was upset after her Ex-boyfriend Gerald and Ex-BFF Maja were dating! After her interview about them saying she don't care and she moved on already, my points of view here, if she has moved on and she don't care then why speak up on T.V. and did an ambush interview who made people shocked!? Asking for sympathy!? From her retarded fans?! That's Kim Chiu always acts like a goodie gal on T.V. asking sympathy acting like she's being betrayed by her friend but the truth is NoT! How come your being betrayed while you and the guy were over years already!

She Being hated also for having a RetardedFans! She can't control her fans for being an ass and retarded fans who always threats and bashed some artist who has rivalry with Kim! If she a good role model for the youth she could advised her fans not to do and what to do, but instead of doing this.. She said on her interview she's thankful for what her fans did! Unbelievable!

She's a horrible child! She didn't communicate her mom for so long but after her mom died she used this for her own career and put this on T.V., like always asking SYMPATHY again! She didn't talks her dad after 5 years! See what kind of child she is!

She is one of a kind pretender user! Showing people through pictures that she helps people who were the victim of the flood, but for some people it was insincerity act! Because if she's sincere, you will help poor people without showing or interview! That's helping from the heart not for the sake of popularity or career!

She's being hated because she can't stand on her own! Her career always depends on love team! She don't have career without love team! She acts lame! Not a good actress! Always do "pa-cute" acts even it's not fit at her age being 23! She's not a teen already! Her acting should grow like her age! She has an irritating voice! Always seek attention during spiel on ASAP even it wasn't her turn! Attention Seeker! Always self centered! She don't have long time friends because she always betrayed her friends! She don't want her other friends will go higher on their career, because she only want herself to be centered and bida of their group! She is a PLASTIC like her nose job, fac, skin and boobs! Everything on her is PLASTIC even her attitude! She is a well known "SALAMAT DOC" thatswhy she deserves to be here as number one hated person! So vote for KIM CHIU!
Hated by many people. She is PLASTIC, RETOKADA & DEVIL GIRL!

94Yitzhak Rabin

95Muhammad Ali Jinnah

96Jeremy Kyle
This man lives off of family break downs and tragedies, how he is not already on the list just astounds me, but what shocks me the most is how Justin Bieber is number one, I personally can't stand the guy, but he is nothing compared to Jeremy Kyle and Hitler.

97Yoko Ono
After her latest "concert" she deserves to be higher on this list
She's an elderly woman. How can she be a hoe?

98Talaat Pasha

99Demi Lovato
I think Demi is a great person.
Only stupid people would say she needs to be on this list
Why is she on the list
[Newest]Who hate her and? Why?

100Dick Cheney

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