Top Ten Most Inspirational Movies of All Time

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Forrest Gump
I just finished watching it and I was so inspired I wanted to go own a shrimp company I wanted to go be in the Vietnam war and go compete in a ping-pong tournament one of the best movies of all time
It was a complete life Forrest Gump had


forrest gump represents the best in people!
[Newest]Boyhood is the new Forrest Gump
No. There's no new Forrest Gump unless it's a remake. Actually, no! There's no new Forrest Gump at all! It's too much of a masterpiece, even if it does get a sequel or a remake. But just, no. Boyhood is not the new Forrest Gump.


2The Shawshank Redemption
Some Awesome quotes
"Get busy livin, or get busy dyin"
"Fear makes you prisoner, hope can set you free"..
And most of all can't deny the acting of Tim Robbins and Andy Freeman.. You will never regret watching this movie.
Andy Dufresne is a young and successful banker whose life changes drastically when he is convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of his wife and her lover. Set in the 1940's, the film shows how Andy, with the help of his friend Red, the prison entrepreneur, turns out to be a most unconventional prisoner.


Shawshank Redemption is better than any other movie on the list. The acting by Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins had outclassed the others actors in the contemporary world. The most inspirational movie ever.
[Newest]Hope is a good thing.. And good thing never dies...

A true american classic. A film that embodies the true essence and amazement of the human spirit! Never back down, never give up!
it's really great movie, which I have ever seen. Hats off for this movie and silvester for such wonderful role...
People who have not seen this movie may think that it's about boxing and all...However, believe me it's much more than Boxing. It's about relationship with people. It's about how to keep on moving in life. One of the movies from which you can learn a lot of things. Must watch...
[Newest]Beautiful film makes me feel like I can do anything

4The Pursuit of Happyness
Few days ago I watched this movies by suggestion of one of the my friend who is working in accenture so I think it is one of the best inspirational movie I ever watched. This will give a lots of thing which is change my life.
The best inspirational movie in the list according to me and easy to understand also.
This is one of the best movies, I loved this movies, it inspire me a lot & guide me a lesson whatever the situation will occur you have to face without complain. Sometimes life will too harsh to teach us a lesson but we are not aware of that aspects. I must be a changed man after seeing this movie... Must watch it :-)
[Newest]A very good movie in my opinion the movie was so emotional.

5The Blind Side
Great movie.. This is one which teaches us that let your work speak for you. And everyone has a hero within him only thing you need to bring that out. Explore the hero within.
Based on the life of Michael Oher who is is in the NFL and plays for the Baltimore Ravens at Offensive Tackle
OK, these are some great movies, but the blind side is a true epic movie, the storyline, the characters, the moral it is all amazingly wonderful
[Newest]It is good movie

How can you not put this movie in your top 10 inspirational movies list when you have a warrior like William Wallace Defending his country against the much bigger country like England but Wallace was able to give England the fight of there history when the scotts fought for there freedom.


The most inspirational movie of all time.
Oh, I love this film, Every person should be as brave as William Wallace, he have the ultimate will and courage,
[Newest]I love this film

73 Idiots
Really Awesome must watch it truly inspirational movie... It shows the life of three student which are also good friends. One nice quote " Don't go beyond the success go beyond excellence success will definitely come behind you".
It gives you big message which is "LEARN TO KNOW"
Students study so that they can pass the examination and get a job and earn money and have good life style but that is not it.
This movie really deserves a position in the top 10 and I urge everyone who has not watched it to watch.
Awesome movie about passion and finding goal in life.
[Newest]A very nice and inspirational movie

8127 Hours
Real story based! Very inspiring...! I just loved this movie.. This teaches a lot of things.

Things like patience, taking the right decision!
This is the best inspirational movie which I ve ever watched beside 300, Aron Ralston became my superhero after I've watched this...
This movie shows you Not give up. The best inspirational movie
[Newest]Funny. My uncle, (I'm pretty sure) knew this guy!

9The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Proof that size doesn't matter when a two young hobbits barely 3 feet tall prove to the world that they bow to no one by destroying the one ring and freeing middle earth from the forces sauron and his orcs, this and the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit are simply amazing.
Friends who gave no oath lay down each their lives for the greater good, even in defeat. It shows the best of people, no contest one of the greatest films ever made.
Tolkien is one of the best authors ever he put Bible references in Lotr (like Aragorn's prophecy as the King remember Jesus he was prophesied to be king over all which he is) he put lessons like the smallest person on Earth can do one of the greatest things the world has ever seen
[Newest]Best fictional movie ever! Love it!

10Edward Scissorhands
Beautiful film that has a heart-felt powerful meaning that anyone can relate :) Tim Burton's masterpiece!
This is one of the best story I ever watched.
My heart grew 5 sizes when I watched this movie
[Newest]Never seen it heard it was awesome

The Contenders

11It's A Wonderful Life
Heart warming and inspirational makes you think what could have happened if I wish I were never born huh blows your mind away right?
AFI rated it No. 1 and we put it down to 19th. It's happening only because people don't have a choice of movies and are sunk on new ones; shame on these people!
Life is Wonderful indeed!
Gave me some real motivation to stay in my hometown Ajmer and make my way to the top right here.
[Newest]This movie is an utter masterpiece.

12Remember the Titans
Worth a watch! Loved it!
Well the cool part about this movie is it was based off events that happened under 20 miles from where I live
I wouldn't say this is the best in the list with Pursuit of Happyness sitting there. But in sport, this is the most inspirational you can ever watch and deserves to be in top 5. Too good. By the end of the movie, if you didn't laugh tears, you ain't human. And it's a frigging true story! :"D :"D

13A Beautiful Mind
This movie is very inspirational... Its about John Nash, probably the best mathematician of 20th century. The movie is about his life and how her wife helped her... Surely boosts you up after watching, very good movies for science students.
Great and very inspirational movie so far I have watched, that tell you that tell you man with a mind of very serious problems could turn to be noble prize holder with keeping his focus on real things and avoid fantasies..

14Good Will Hunting
This movie deserves to be at the top

15Schindler's List
Defiantly the best movie ever made. Period.
Its one of the best movie I have ever seen.
My all time favorite!

A movie about a guys dream to one day play football at the college of his dreams Notre Dame. Rudy was a long shot because of his size and ability but he was an all star when it came to heart. Rudy never gave up on his dream even though he was not smart enough to get into notre dame so he had to go to holy cross a junior college to get the grades for notre dame. Finally in his senior year Rudy is able to attend notre dame and plays on the practice squad. Because of Rudys heart the coaches took a notice of him and let him stay on even though his lack of size and ability. Rudy then gets his wish in the last game of his career to not only dress and march out onto the field but also to get in for two plays and makes a tackle in one of them.


Real men cry when they watch this movie.
It makes people want to go to college.


17Slumdog Millionaire
This movie make you belive impossible is nothing..

A movie for all time. The way it has touched my heart no other movie did before. This has to be the no. 1 of this list.
Ah! So sweet, adorable and cute. Just watched it for the first time ever great romantic movie, love story, classic, and ( NO OFFENSE) oldISH movie, watch it right now! GO
Most romantic and yet sad movie of all times, it inspired many people because your suppose to live our life cause you can die at any molment and if you love someone don't give up keep trying

19Saving Private Ryan
It's the best warfare movie I have seen so far

20One Flew Over the Cuckoos' Nest

21The Help
Its an inspirational movie for sure. I liked it a lot

22We Are Marshall

GREAT MOVIE! Inspirational with a Capital I! Especially how he sees his family in the end in heaven and how he fights in the colosseum for freedom! Russel Crowe is Amazing in this!
Russell crowe... The name says it all...
I'm surprised seeing this movie here at 18th rank. this is sad. if there is any movie ever that has shown the real face of war, anarchy and ancient politics more closely, this is it

248 Mile
This film is amazing mainly because Eminem is in it and it also inspired me to write my own rap lyrics and express my feeling and thoughts through them.
Eminem is there! It tells everything...

25Freedom Writers
Overall inspirational movie! Should at least be in the top ten!
Though I loved a lot of the movies in the top ten ish I believe this one should be there to... It's an amazing film. Oh my it's amazing
Best. every teacher should watch

26The Green Mile
Amazing movie to watch...
It's an impressive movie.

27Big Fish
I love how this movie puts more emphasis on how you feel than what you are

28Fight Club
Very inspirational! Now I'm trying to create my own another personality
Tyler durden... Leader of freedom movement
Tyler durden... I think I don't need to say nothing else.


30The Secret Life of Bees


32Almost Famous

33Groundhog Day

34Rain Man

If you can't get psyched to kick stuff and attack household objects from this movie, your watching it wrong
Awesome film! Higly energetic!


37Black Hawk Down

38Lawrence of Arabia


40Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
Its in hindi... But still search for its translation... Its a athletic movie which will inspire you... Must watch!
A very inspirational story of a simple boy from being no one to being one of the best athletes of his time.
Its truly a inspirational movie...
Must watch..
[Newest]Its really too good.

Best animated movie ever, a story about journey of life and achieving what you dream when you are very close to the end of life and its almost over and you have nothing to loose.
This movie is inspirational. its about a man that goes on a adventure to go to paradise Falls. The boy found a dog that talks with a device and the boy is also a Boy Scout. I think that movie is cute.
This movie is great, one of the best Disney movies
[Newest]This is the best Pixar film to date (2014).

42Battle of Britain
This was the story of how the RAF managed to repel the superior Luftwaffe assault on Britain to mark a key change in the war. Hitler's "Operation Sea Lion" was a failure thanks to the brave RAF.

43Back to the Future


45Life Is Beautiful
This shows the power of being no matter what situation is around us we can still make Life Beautiful. What love this man had for his family!
This should be in top 10
Must watch
The BEST MOVIE. UNPARALLELED CLASSIC. robert benigni's best ever. No words to describe.

46Three Fugitives

47Grosse Pointe Blank

48Soul Surfer
Love it! She is my absolute hero. Also like dolphin tale. Never seen rocky, but mom, I'm her hero, calls me rocky. Love the blind side. Watch this movie, read the book, and follow your dreams! Sorry, got kinda cheesy!

49The Dark Knight Rises
Must be in top three because we all got inspired by joker
It inspires me to stand for something!
It has to be there in the top 10

50Hotel Rwanda
That scene when they're driving down the 'bumpy' road just made me feel sick

51Dead Poets Society
Deserves to be in at least he top 20. Brilliant story of a teacher who shows its more than just a job
Carpe Diem... Enough said.

52The Godfather
Greatest movie in cinema history
Greatest movie in cinema history
Greatest movie in cinema history

53Erin Brockovich
Love the story... A mom who will do anything and everything for her family and neighbors...

54The Miracle Worker
I just watched this in school, loved it

55Never Back Down
The title for this movie is justified."Never Back Down".

56Gran Torino

57Boys Don't Cry

5812 Angry Men
It's a very old movie but never mind... go for it! It's an awesome movie!

59Toy Story 3

60My Left Foot
Daniel's masterpiece must deserve in the top 5
Where glory is over rated

61The Exorcist
In my opinion, this is a movie that will scare you out of your mind so much that morals will be brought back into humanity again.

62South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
Awesome as ever, south park rules

63Life of Brian

64The Best Years Of Our Lives

65Die Hard

This movie makes you THINK
Makes you FEEL that you gained some KNOWLEDGE

67To Save a Life

68The Milagro Beanfield War

69The Truman Show

70Norma Rae

71Billy Elliot

Why isn't it in top 10

One brother, a war hero who is struggling after leaving the Army, pinned against his detached brother, a school teacher struggling to make the payments on his home, fight their way through the most prestigious cage fighting tournament only to face each other in the final match.
The move that you want to watch over and over again..
This movie put rocky to shame.

74Requiem for a Dream
This movie is the ultimate drug PSA. everyone should see this movie if they're about to take drugs.

75Rocky IV
The reason i have chose 4 over all the rest of the rockys is because one its my favorite of all the rockys but second because he passes the major test that no one thought he could pass without losing or even dieing againt a mountain of a boxer Ivan Drago who already killed rocks best friend. Now out for revenge rocky trains his heart out and is able to get his revenge by not only beating Ivan but also knocking out the russian champ.


One of the best inspiration, must watch,

76October Sky
Must be at the top
Great movie
Every student must watch this movie
You'll never find anything inspirational than this
Yaa, definitely it is an inspiring movie. Showing way to success.

77Life of Pi
Enthralling story about never giving up.

78Working Girl

79Cinderella Man
A boxer who was working his way to the top of the mountain but was knocked down to the bottom by the depression and a broken hand. Now needing money to save his family he gets back into the ring and is able to make it all the way to the world heavie weight championship bout against the bear max baer and passes every ones expectations when he beats him for the belt.


One of my favorite movie.. Really gave me a feeling that we always get a second chance and how we can turn things around from worst to best
Its really inspiring... Need to be in top ten for sure

80Crazy Heart

81Pay It Forward
... Sincerely, this movie made me the kind hearted being I am... It is a movie every household must make their child (ren) watch, and I have never been more hopeful that we would have a great world where we watch not just for ourselves but for one another. MOVING!

82The Simpsons Movie
This movie proves that if we don't protect the environment, we'll end up domed like springfield in the movie.

83The Road

Any athlete would agree with me


86Like Stars on Earth

87Peaceful Warrior


89Blood In, Blood Out

90Gridiron Gang

91The Jungle Book

92Into the Wild
Happiness is real only when Shared!

Amazingly inspirational.
It's about one of the best rivalries in racing, in the 70's between Niki Lauda and James Hunt.
Tells us how two men of completely different personalities can be successful in their own right.

Success of Steve Jobs.
Every one agree his obstcles makes him great in the world

95Kung Fu Panda
Please add kung fu panda
Great movie of all time in inpirational movie

This movie shows what the earth and humanity will become if we don't recycle and take care of ourselves (i mean, the humans in this movie are already really fat! ).
There are so many concepts beneath its skin as a movie.

97John Q

Maybe the best hockey movie ever. This is definitely one of my favorite hockey moments ever, most films like this are boring too me but I couldn't stop watching this one!

99Rocky II

100Gifted Hands

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