Most Overrated Video Games


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Call of Duty
Crud, at my school all I hear is call of duty is the best game ever, get it. So I first look at IGN reviews and it got a 9.4 out of 10 for bo2. I wasn't sure if I wanted to get the game so I borrowed it from my cousins. I beat up the campaign on veteran on the 1st try. I analyzed the game's multiplayer, zombies and campaign. Multiplayer gets a 3/10. Boring and repetitive. Campaign 1/10 Bad storyline and 6 hours is not worth a $60 game. Seriously! The guns seem all the same, like smgs, assault rifles, and light machine guns. There is no difference! Zombies 2/10, shoot, shoot shoot, reload. Gets old fast. But the worst part of it is the fanbase. Call of Duty fan:Ya Call of Duty IS TH best, GUNS AND****** DESTYRCTION MTLPYER IS the BRST AND POOKEMN IS***** FOR ****** DS BAYBYS.
Turns out 7 year olds play this game yelling cuss words through a mic.
Nothing interesting or classic about this game or franchise. Just the same crap EVERY year with updated graphics.
I used to be OK with Call of Duty, then it all happened. I found a rubbish channels named Codsvvag. By what I can tell, 7 year old are playing this darn game. Hell, even my dad plays it. Everyone that Call of Duty is horrible and it will always be since losers taken over the planet with Activison as a ally. It sold over 9000 copies in each game's first month. (no kidding)
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Not a bad game, just ridiculously overrated.


I mean halo is a pretty good game, probably one of the best xbox exclusives but way to overrated, too many people are like Halo rules and No game can beat halo
Let's make a quick recap:
Halo introduced the regenerating health bar trend (even if it's a regenerating shield, but you get the point), it introduced the whole "carry only 2 weapons crap", its story was unoriginal and pretentious, its main character is a lifeless shell, it's heavily unbalanced, the gameplay is mundane and slow-paced, the music is nothing special and overall, for a game whose tagline is "Combat Evolved", Halo did the exact opposite. How ironic, huh? So yes, Halo "Conbat (D) evolved" is not just massively overrated, it's also partially responsible for the downfall of shooters as we know it nowadays.
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3World of Warcraft
Way too overrated. Not fun at all. It feels and looks like a childish game. When I played the tutorial, I fell asleep at my computer. I tried to get into the game and just couldn't. I can't imagine dishing out tons of money for the constant expansions on top of the monthly fee. My friend's family lost their house due to paying for this game and in game items over their rent!


yes overrated and boring game


Awful customer service, and is becoming one of America's most rediculous addictions. I know exactly why it's so appealing to people, but I hope someday they'll realize it's mediocre at best.


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4Angry Birds
How did this game get so popular? Sure its good technically, however it is so unoriginal its a surprise people think more of this game than any other indie game out there.
This is one of the most repetitive games I have ever played. There are tons of games similar to angry birds that deserve more popularity. The games are also released more than once but yet people still buy them why?!


I was going to choose a call of duty game because of obvious reasons but when I saw this I knew immediately, mostly because of the MASSIVE boner people have literally rubbed numb on this stupid game. I've seen this form of game many times and many years before this particular version called angry birds came out. Its outdated and overrated.


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I am a true lover of Minecraft yet I can still recognize that it's overrated. The game really only appeals to those who participate in one of mankind's greatest abilities: building stuff. That's the basis of the game with some survival elements and unfortunately, more and more RPG elements. I stopped updating after 1.3.2 because I had enough of that bull.

The idiots below me are but simple haters who refuse to understand why someone could like this game. It's "a ripoff of legos", yet LEGO actually ripped off someone else, and they ripped off bricks. Anyways, Minecraft is similar to LEGOs in one way: you build. And that's not something you can rip off.

As for the graphics, I'm sure they were beta graphics but weren't updated because either A)Notch didn't care and/or B)they were reminiscent of the good ol' days. I personally like the 8-bit graphics and they're much quicker to load, the game couldn't handle more advanced graphics since EVERY THING IS INTRACTABLE.

One thing I love about this game is how it creates such predicaments for you, as if the game hates you and just wants you to die. But these situations often require quick thinking. Except nowadays, if you have armor, you just win.

All in all, I love this game and its awkward animation cycles and freedom. It is massively overrated as some people prefer to have a goal preset for them and aren't content with doing whatever they want.

Also, that person below me might as well said "this game isn't bad, but the most basic games of all time are infinitely times better"
I don't understand why anyone would like this game. First of all, nothing exciting ever happens. You dig around, fight the same 6 enemies, and then you build stuff. It consumes more time than almost any other video game, and it doesn't even have skills or levels besides making better armor and weapons. Even then, there isn't anything to do with all that stuff. You only need armor and weapons to fend off those same repetitive enemies. There isn't any goal within the game. All you do is build and add on to whatever you build, then build something else. There is no story, no characters to get attached to, not even a diversity in weapon choice. As for the graphics, I don't care about those. There are far better games with graphics like like, and they were all made 20 or more years ago. Yet even with all of this, people are still obsessed with this game. I wouldn't care except I can't escape this damn game. It's everywhere on YouTube, Xbox and people even talk about it all the time. I think it's time that everyone stops caring about this game. Life would be a lot less annoying if they did.
I don't understand why there is so much videos on YouTube about minecraft.
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6The Legend of Zelda: Ocarnia of Time
Overrated? It's far from overrated. It might not be the best game on the face of the planet, but to call it overrated is a sin. The worst part of the game was Navi the fairy. The graphics were great for it's time, the levels were progressively challenging, and the weapons and items were amazing, AND you could time travel! Do this website a favour and take this game off the list. This list however shows the credibility of this website. Two Halo games on the list and Ocarina of Time, pathetic.


Ok so 1998, this game comes out in a 32mb cartridge and critics give it 10/10 when there are games like tomb raider, metal gear and half life who have far better GRAPHICS, SOUND, CONTROLS, CAMERA and overall a far better campaign.

The controls in this game and the camera are a failure, the graphics are unimpressive, the sound makes my ears hurt, but the actual gameplay is the biggest problem.

The game gives absolutely no clue on what to do next and where to go, yet the game will find the most ridiculous thing for you to do and somehow expects you to figure them out. Eg play a random song to a character that doesn't say that he wants you to play that song and he will let you continue the game. Now where the hell that song is and how to acquire it, totally different case.

A horrible attempt at platforming thanks to lack of jump button and a camera that gets f up all the time and a ridiculous combat system with a disastrous target lock.

If you played the last 3 Zelda games, wind waker, skyward sword and twilight princess, you must not touch this piece of crap because SIMPLY everything in them is done BETTER than ocarina of PAID OF CRITICS AND STUPID FANBOYS.

I wont even bother talking how stupid the story is.

If you wanna see what Zelda is all about without having to suffer.

-Garbage camera and controls

-awful kiddy music and poor visuals

-Awful frame rate

-repetitive dungeons and endless padding and stretching to make the game feel longer than it really is and end up being tedious and boring.


Climbing on vines on the walls CHECK
Boomerang CHECK
Slingshot... Well you got a gun, that's better.
Bomb flowers, CHECK
Grappling hook CHECK

SO just play that because its awesome and not this trash.

Most overrated game ever 4/10
How is this not number 1. Each Zelda game that followed improved on everything this game has done but you guys still think it is better than eny other game on the planet. It is the worst 3D Zelda game. Critics should look past Nostalgia, Influence and Age, if they do they will see this game is weak compared to Skyward Sword, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and Majora's Mask. The fishing isn't that fun either. The music isn't that good. The Dungeons are fun but they could of been more interesting. The Bosses are Overrated, Navi's Annoying, The Running Man is Unbeatable and the story isn't a masterpiece either. I think people should just move on. Ocarina was great for its time but now it is nothing. So many games have came out after this that are both better and more fun than this game. But you guys are closeminded and refuse to change your opinion but you want to. This should definitely be Number One. No game has ever gotten WAY TOO MUCH PRAISE than it deserves. It should be a sin to call this game the greatest video game in the universe.
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7Halo 3
I take back what I said on my other account(potbellypup2)the game is awesome for machinimas and multiplayer, but single player never really lived up to it, I just felt like it was too overrated for my likings. But there again, that's my thought.


Its all right, but way to overrated, I hate to see modern warfare, I mean half of the games on this list are not overrated, all right halo is halo 3 is, but that is it, everything else in the top 10 list are not overrated
Definitely overrated. It was a good game but nothing special compared to it's predecessors


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8Grand Theft Auto IV
Is it a good game? Of course... Is it a 10/10 rated game? Absolutely not.

The game got an amazing graphics upgrade since Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but San Andreas overcomes Grand Theft Auto 4 in everything else.

What you got first in Grand Theft Auto 4 is a lack of gameplay, the controls are bad and also when you drive car you feel like driving over ice. Most of missions are fun at first, but then they're all the same: You drive a car, get some guns, and shoot to kill people. While Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has a lot of dynamism in its missions eg: Swim underwater, get a boat, hope a board a ferry, get some guns, kill people with guns, and then run away from heli shooting you missiles.

Also, in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas there are lot of things you can explore, since forest to nowhere desert, Grand Theft Auto 4 is just a city, nothing more, nothing less.

In Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, you felt like you can do almost everything, and you do... Meanwhile in Grand Theft Auto 4 you get that feeling too, but you simply can't. Some people wondered in Grand Theft Auto SA, "Why the hell would I want to ride a mountain bike downhill racing against the AI? " but when you realize that after completing all the missions you get a feeling of more, you can have it, and you say "Hell yes! I'm riding a mountain bike downhill! " meanwhile in Grand Theft Auto 4 is like, "Ok? What should I do now? Kill people? "

Whether a game is a sequel or another part of the game, it must include more or better content that its predecessor and in the case of Grand Theft Auto SA and Grand Theft Auto 4, well I said once, now I say it twice. Grand Theft Auto 4 is just a graphical upgrade in terms of content, it has LOT OF LESS things to do in comparison to Grand Theft Auto SA

I'd give Grand Theft Auto 4 a 8/10 but 10/10? NO WAY
Ok, I'll admit that the graphics, story, characters, and other things in the game are really great, but some of the things I felt where lacking were controls, gameplay, and the fun factor, rockstar made a bold move by striving for realism and although most people enjoyed this game because of that, I think it was a mistake, when looking around the city, it can be really nice, but one you've seen what there is needed to be seen, it doesn't really matter anymore and I think rockstar focused more on the visuals and story rather than the core mechanic of a video game, the gameplay, if I wanted a great story or beautiful graphics, I could always watch it on youtube, I always thought when creating a video game, it should always be gameplay as first priority and then story and graphics that revolve around that, not the other way around.
No disrespect to Nikko fans out there, but I think releasing gta4 after a masterpiece like San Andreas was an insult.
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9TNA Impact!
WWE games are better than TNA because they got better control skills and better storylines! Plus, I hate TNA Impact Wrestling!
God damn this game. Was terrible. Why is Grand Theft Auto sa. On here
Well, this was unexpected. I thought this game was pretty much unknown, I guess not. Personally I liked the game. Sure in terms of story line and roster, the game isn't to great, but I just feel it had a more genuine wrestling feel to it (and by genuine I mean the way the wrestlers interact with their opponents, allies, and the audience). But that's just my opinion. Both TNA and WWE suck nowadays, but I pop this game in every once in a while and it still makes me smile.

10The Sims
Boring beyond belief, Repetitious, Time is quirky and meaningless, and the Annoying speech by the characters are some of the many problems I have with the Sims. It's odd how the best selling games are hardly ever the best games.
Excluding FF7


Pretty blan. Sims 3 is pretty sick.


This game is incredibly boring and repetitive, social interactions are so meaningless, the nonsensical gibberish gets on my nerves, and taking care of the characters seems no different to me than taking care of a baby, for me this is the most overrated game ever.
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The Contenders

11Final Fantasy X
I like the game, but The main character is SO annoying. Also the enemies do cheap moves getting everyone killed. Good game but flawed.
If I hear this is the best game ever, one more time, I'm screamin then stabbing the nearest person.


The only cool guy in the game dies rather early, I'm talking about Auron, and the character we watch has nothing to do with the story
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12Final Fantasy VII
It's an okay game, but it hardly deserves all the praise it's gotten. The storyline is somewhat interesting, but the graphics are terrible, the gameplay rather boring, the main character is very unlikable and the villain has no personality or motive. I can't say I actually cared when Aerith died either, she was a pretty annoying character, in my opinion. There are so many other Final Fantasy games that are better, but for some reason they're always overshadowed by this one. I've never understood why.
Considering that I am barely playing the game, this game is very over-hyped because it was the first 3-D Final Fantasy game, limit breaks were added, 3-D cut scenes, 3-D games were a huge deal in the 90's, and that's all I have to say. I strongly disagree that this is the best game of all time. I played many rpgs and the rpgs I enjoy more are Kingdom Hearts, Chrono Trigger, and Phantasy star 4.
Mediocre main character.
Over complicated story that is hard to follow.
A villain who plays as a pawn and is really a lackey. That's not all either:Sephiroth never does anything evil either and don't say aeris death or nibelheim, cause that was jenova.

An overrated soundtrack that is way too melodramatic.

Mediocre good guys with a terrible plan.
I mean seriously:Barret was boring tifa was ok yuffie I liked cait sith I couldn't stand him vincent I couldn't stand him.

Lastly:melodrama:I hate japanese melodrama.
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13Half-Life 2
I played them when they were released and I dunno what world some of the people posting were living in but the first really wasn't that mind blowing at all. Doom and its sequel were better games level design, atmosphere and fun wise, and came out about 5 years before it. Hell they even ripped the story off from it and Doom barely even had one to begin with. That's what you're trying to say is impressive about it? They're both pretty generic in that regard Half-life just flushed it out a little more and gameplay wise was very boring and weak. But it was rendered in 3d so I guess it was the best fps ever made? It's presentation was nice but it was severely lacking in other areas in my opinion. Half-life 2 was just more of the same for me, gameplay just was not fun and the story was as generic as ever
I bought this game a few years back, tried it out, and returned it after the first day. This game is so damn boring, yet people treat it as though it's the best game ever created. And people call Ocarina of Time overrated? If you ask me, the most overrated games ever made are Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Halo, Portal, Minecraft, Angry Birds, and of course, Half Life. ENOUGH OF THIS!
There is nothing special about this game

14Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Modern Warfare is great! But I can agree, it might be overrated... But the game is still awesome. This game, number 2 and 3 for it too, aren't overrated. Just purely and simply... Good and awesome. And this is coming from a girl. Most boys love this game. People who voted this are probably little sissy girls. I voted to say what I said.
Some people has compared this to Uncharted 2! What?!
Uncharted is an amazing game by Naughty Dog, this is just in a line of copy paste sequels! And for WHATEVER reason, I see this game in a LOT of top ten lists. It just doesn't deserve it.
Oh, When I clicked this I thought it was talking about Modern Warfare in general. They add absolutely nothing each game and try and pass them off as a brand new game. You play one, you've played them all.
P.S Why is Halo CE /Halo 3 on this list? Those games well deserved their popularity.
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15Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Waay overrated. God, in my fave games ever list, this wouldn't be in the top 100. There are just way more better games that haven't been given enough credit. Jak and daxter, Modnation racers, infamous... Things like this are LOADS better than Call of Duty because they're different. Oh, the new Call of Duty! Oh. Online, same crud. Campaign, same crud. Ideas, old, same crud. Yawn. Will it ever die?
if it werent for everyone else playing and unlockables, no one would play it. And people say halo hasnt changed? look at the transition between cod4 to black ops. Same game with different guns
2nd best game ever! The person who put it on this list either has never played it before or has no clue about awesome games. COD4 isn't that bad either!


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17Devil May Cry
I know that this THE game that influenced most hack and slashes of today... But that does not mean that it the most "perfect" hack n slash to ever exist... I think I would understand if the people like this franchise because the people like the gameplay and the coolness and style that the characters provide... But I don't understand why there are people who are emotionally attached to the game's story. I am sorry to say, but this is one of the laziest writing I have ever seen in my entire life! They did put effort on the gameplay but not the story! Not the characters! I don't care, if the game is supposed to be "cool" and "stylish" at least make the effort to write a good story and create well written characters! My first and most important complaint are the characters! Dante for an example! Why are there people emotionally attached to this guy? He isn't well written! Yes he is indeed a badass and cool but coolness does not even define a well written character! I barely know who this is! I have serious questions like "what was his relationship with his mother and brother? " "what was his childhood/teenage life like before he became a demon hunter? " "how and where the hell did he learn how to fight? " these things were never answered! Not even the Anime! All Dante does is just act cool! What's worse is that this guy never develops ( except in DMC2, I don't why he turned serious all the sudden! )if you want people to care about the goals of your characters, you must at least give them time to interact with other characters, explain their story to them or make them have time for themselves and reflect, flashbacks are good! DMC3 Dante for an example has this dilemma with his brother Vergil because Vergil wants to activate Temen ni gru just so that he can release demons and become stronger, now does Dante reflect or talk about the good times he had with his bro? Of course NOT! He just acts cool while wandering around Temen ni gru, again I don't care if Dante is supposed to be cool! Give me a reason why I should care about Vergil! Heck I didn't even care if Dante looses Vergil by the end of the game! Nero for another example is the worst! By the time he went back to the base, his girlfriend Kyrie gets kidnapped and the villains always call their bond the "power of love", F THIS, why should I care if Nero saves Kyrie, I barely know these people! DMC 4 never showed a strong reason why the hell are Nero and Kyrie are romantically involved! What's even worse is that Kyrie serves no purpose in the overall story! She is just some damsel in distress! Heck not even Nero contributed much in the story! He is just a new "cool" character that Capcom came up with! The second bad thing about the franchise is that they too also make use of cliches that was already done a million times and they still don't explain much! Like in DMC 4 where there is this organized religion that is similar to Christianity and they will a divine power (Sparda's power to be specific! ) to take over the world! As if that wasn't even cliche! This was used loads of times in Assassin's Creed( it came out before DMC4 and they have done it better) in Xenogears! Final Fantasy tactics and that god forsaken game Final Fantasy X! The only difference between those games is that they never tell us how the religion works! What their beliefs are! Why they wanted to take over the world!, nothing is explained! That's not even the half of the flaws that exists in the DMC franchise! The story and characters are so convoluted, I frequently go to the DMC wiki and not even the wiki explains much! I know you might say I am overreacting but I can't believe that so many people got attached to the bad writing! They are even willing to beat you/criticize you/even make fun of you if you ever say something bad about their precious DMC! But for now, I wrote this because I want to raise awareness that their game isn't perfect! It has flaws! And it so convoluted that even aliens will kill themselves from the horrible writing this game provides! Before you give me a thumbs down, READ A BOOK! This game really does not follow the fundamental aspects of story telling!
The way you can save anytime but still have have to start from the mission's beginning is counter-productive and a total waste of time. Also it spontaneously becomes hard out of nowhere. You must run around randomly to re-collect thing(such as the lion-stone thing) every time you die. Also how sometimes there is enemies to fight that sometimes respawn when you come back and sometimes they don't. The camera controls are horrible because there are NONE! Therefore when you try to come up behind an enemy all of a sudden the camera rotates and all you see is a wall and you get hit. I am happy I only paid $3.00 for the game so when I snapp it in half out of frustration I won't feel bad for throwing away money. PS to the smarty pants out there that think whenever someone has trouble with a game they're stupid-not the case! Games should be challenging and fun not repetitive and lame.

18Team Fortress 2
What... TF2 is extremely underrated...

19Kingdom Hearts
I played this on ps2 best game ever great storyline great graphics and epic characters
This game was my first ps2 game and I loved it and I still love it becaues it has great graphic, unforgettable character, one of the best storyline ever, great combat gameplay and most of all what make this game one of the best game ever is that it has one of the best video game music ever
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20Final Fantasy VIII
Way too much popularity

21Borderlands 2
That makes no sense. Its coop how is it unbalanced. Mr torgue for the win
The charecters are forgettable, the story isn't that interesting and the multiplayer isn't balanced although it has some funny dialoge and its cheap its still not worth it.

22Tomb Raider

cool game? yes. best game ever? no.


23GoldenEye 007
The thing that makes a game great is its core concept and how well it has stood in the face of time. Sadly, in Goldeneye's case the problem is that it hasn't aged all. As is the case with every other N64 game, the graphics are just awful. The controls? Despicable. Since the N64 only has 1 analog stick, it makes shooting and aiming loose and clunky. And since the aiming reticule always returns to the center, you cannot aim properly without having a subtle grip.
And moving around is even worse than in Doom or Wolfensten 3D. Again, another reason is because of the N64 controller.
As for its "groundbreaking" multiplayer, unless you prefer playing deathmatch all the time, you'd best just play a bit of Quake instead whcih at least had more variety.
Overall, "nostalgia" is the main word here.

24The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Great graphics, not enough voice actors, and gameplay was "dumbed"
Down from Morrowmind. Although Oblivion is not a bad game, it suffers from some very serious flaws. It's not that great as an RPG, nor as an action game.


It's just too easy, too short and there are better RPGs out there. I used to love this game, but I've started to dislike it more and more over time, but I still love it's sequel, Mother 3.
Earthbound is not the best game ever everyone who has played this game just falls in love with it a site that was supposed to sign a petition over 30.000 in the first year this game is truly overrated it makes Pokemon the first games feel sorry it didn't get vc but earthbound and earthbound has porky minch one of the most hated charaters earthbounds just very overrated


Good game yes best rpg ever no!

Tetris is synedochal with videogames, the purest most abstract distillation of eye-darting, finger-twitching, button-mashing action and a game that could only ever have been realised in digital form. Its simplicity and its psychological basis probably make it the most timeless game in existence.

But it is not the "ultimate" or even the "perfect" game: it evokes no memories and pushes no boundaries.

Tetris is only "perfect" because its design is so unambitious that it is virtually impossible to screw up.

There are plenty of games out there with all the virtues of Tetris, that also bring something new to the table, and they deserve at least some of the attention that Tetris has hogged over the years.

And that's why Tetris is (one of) the most overrated game(s) of all time.

This game is so overrated, it's crazy. What is there about this game that is even somewhat gratifying? It didn't revolutionize the gaming industry in any way, that's for sure. It's not addicting - in fact, I can barely play this game for 10 minutes before getting bored out of my skull.

It would be one thing if the Tetris "franchise" had actually evolved over the years, but that's not the case. I don't know if it can even be considered a video game anymore, with all its appearances on iPods, the Internet, and even cell phones.

And yet, reviewers give high praise to this abused game. It ranked in the top ten in G4's "Top 100 Video Games of All Time" list. Many gaming communities rank Tetris very high up on their lists as well. Why? What is so good about this game? It's not revolutionary. It's not addicting. I don't understand. There is absolutely no reason that the game is treated the way it is.
Extremely overrated and boring
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27The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
I hate wii games
Overrated game from an overrated series.
This game IS for babies!
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28Pokemon Red
People say this is the best pokemon game ever. After playing it I have to disagree with that statement. Doesn't anyone give a crap about Pokemon Heartgold or SoulSilver?! No they don't. HG and SS are in my opinion the best pokemon game ever. I mean, Could you rematch gym leaders in Red? No. Can you walk with pokemon in Red? No. Can you explore Kanto and Johto in Red? No.
I have to admit that Pokémon is by far my favorite video game franchise of all. Although people say Pokémon Red is a terrible game I still believe it is more creative than Black Ops and Halo. It is also a classic game and the best of Generation 1 of Pocket Monsters. It doesn't have the best graphics but had the best Pokémon of all (the 151 original Pokémon). It is a very great game.
These people need to learn to tell nostalgia from reality. Pokemon Red is not a good game. Physic types are so overpowered, the stats are terrible, the sprites look bad.

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29Grand Theft Auto V
Great game, overrated. I would rate it 8.5/10 while a lot of people say 10/10. I mean its great but overrated.

30Call of Duty: Black Ops
This game is so overrated, it makes Mario look underrated
Everyone somehow loves this game but I can't get into it. Every time I go in my family room somebody is playing it. This game makes me want to break my PS3.
Eveyone is always saying how awesome Call of Duty is and its the best game ever. Yeah right I can name 12 games better than this overrated peice of crap
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31Battlefield 3
This game is continuously defended by fanboys that can't find better shooters. The multiplayer is good about 10 percent of the time. The other 90 percent is a nightmare. How do you heal a bullet wound with a health pack? Defibrillators revive people with bullets in their face? Leaving people on 2 or EVEN 0 percent health and still getting killed by them! Teleporting out of a burning tank that took 4 rockets to destroy and then killing you in a second, only for them to repair the destroyed tank with more fire. That's just a little bit of the game.
Who ever put this here should go hang them self. Battlefield is always amazing especially Battlefield 4. There's too much Call of Duty fans in the world.


Unoriginal campaign in almost every aspect, overhyped multiplayer maps, tacky aesthetic, too much focus on quicktime events, and as much as they RAVE about the Frostbite 2 engine being so ' GREAT, it's actually rather mediocre.

32Moshi Monsters
Moshi monsters is overrated. They have a limo, bus, and moshi jet! The millionaire who runs it is a idiot. It's such a boring game! It's not as safe as they claim it to be! Liars! People do all kinds of adult stuff. They are liars.
Laugh out loud I was just playing this it is addicting!

I'm sure no ones played this game in a very very long time, the only reason pong was addictive was because there was nothing else available people didn't really have a choice.


I seriously can't imagine spending more than five minutes on this game.


34God of War
After playing the game and its sequels and comparing it to all other games, I can safely say that this game has the most overblown fan base for such a bad game. I can tell you this about the campaign, I never died, and people whine about Halo games being easy, the puzzle part is mind numbingly easy, and I never could like Kratos, He is the biggest Asshole I have ever seen, watch the game and you'll see there is a reason why I felt sorry for Zeus and the Gods. Unlike most Video game characters which are noble, Kratos is the poorest excuse for a good character and constantly reminds me of Hope from Final Fantasy 13.
Laugh out loud, god of war is just slash slash, pew pew... Oh and, slash.

Non-stop boring killing...


Square Square Square Square
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35Halo 4
Really? Another Halo game, really getting uncreative. Certain games needs to just die. It should of just ended with Halo 3, though given Money$oft likes to milk franchises, I don't see this game coming to a end till they close down their gaming department, or just go bankrupt. Either Way Halo 4 was beyond overhyped and is much worse than ODST.

36Street Fighter II

37Guitar Hero
me neither, it's more expensive than a real guitar!


I don't see any point to GH
And all Guitar Hero games, really overrated. Kids thinking they're artists and guitar experts because they can play a false plastic guitar, no, just no. Why Halo so high? I have a PS3 and Halo 3 is one of the best games ever!

38Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
No possible way is this the best of the series, I'll give you 3 reasons why
1) Terrible Habit of making too many Symbolism (cooking eggs? Why? )
2 Action-Cutscenes are more interesting than the gameplay. (It's cool watching, but why am I not playing Raiden? Why should I wait for Metal Gear Raising? )
3) Every single time when you face any of the bosses like Laughing Octopus, Raging Raven, Crying Wolf, & Screaming Mantis you have to PAINFULLY watch them bitch and whine over their emo-suffering, they get out of suit when they're almost dead (making the fight more boring) and when you defeat them, Drebin unnecessarily messages you about their back story. Why do I really need to know about these crazy bitches? It ruins the story. I dare you not to skip any of them as say with a straight face that "it was awesome" in a matter of fact it NOT!
Only Sony fanboys say this game is great because they don't want to admit that 360 has a much better game library.

39Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Had it not been for the many glitches in this game, it would have definitely deserved all of the hype that had built upon it. It's a great game, but it's the glitches that keep it from being perfect.
Honestly one of my favorite games no idea how it's on this list. Took me a year to get truly bored with nothing to do
Come on... The story is pretty sweet but the graphics are not very impressive. Looks like a game from 2005. The fighting is not special at all. It is the same thing over and over just running and hitting and finding better weapons. But the game is still okay. It's fun to steal or explore. Game is very overrated.
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40Super Mario Galaxy
I tried playing this, but I felt my childhood games get draped by it. This game was so terrible that I almost broke the disk, but it wasn't mine so I didn't.


41Club Penguin
Overrated. It's not as good as it used to be! Disney is making all the club penguin players look like idiots by putting "shake it up" on there! It's becoming a childish game. I'm quitting for sure. Disney just wants money! Don't get membership!
I used to play Club Penguin, it got so boring. Definitely not as good as it was. The last decent thing in there was the Marvel Super Hero Takeover! Which was alright.
Disney ruined it period
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42Candy Crush Saga

43Call of Duty: Black Ops II

44Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
I like this game but it is my least favorite Metal Gear game. I am a huge fan of the Metal Gear series and I don't know why people call this the best metal gear game. The enemies are cool and the boss fights are awesome, but some characters are annoying. Ever is really annoying constantly trying to seduce snake. The gameplay is good and it is fun sneaking around enemies, but Naked Snake is so overpowered and it is easier to go gun blazing! This is Metal Gear Solid, the game series that encourages you to crawl on the ground and hide in a cardboard box to avoid enemies. The story is good and what you'd expect from Metal Gear Solid. I am sick of people saying MGS3 is the best and MGS2 is overrated. I love MGS2 and it is my favorite Metal Gear. I like MGS3, but it does not live up to MGS2.
I love its design and story but not the gameplay. This game is fun actually but it's very annoying when you have to aim. It would be the best game of the year if its aiming system was not such bad. Most of its fans try to protect this game by saying "It's a stealth game, that's why. " I think that's a very bad excuse. Why a good stealth game can't have a good aiming system? What about the boss fight? Still stealth? No. What you can do in a boss fight is running and shooting repeatedly. That's quite annoying.
The Metal Gear Series seemed to step in a new direction, the 3rd being possibly the most praised of the series. The game brings with it
Terrible voice acting, and to me, had a bit more of an anime feel to it, the previous 2 having more of a
Summer blockbuster luster that I loved about them. This is not a bad
Game by any means, but not even comparable to MG for the PS.


45Far Cry
At school there's a kid that talks only and always about this piece of Junk.

46Plants vs Zombies

47Sonic the Hedgehog
I hate sonic! Should be 1
Sonic is the worst his whole series is bad, even is his glory days. Also, it ripped of Mario. Besides, this is for children. Lame!

48Temple Run

49Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

50Animal Crossing

Ok, I love animal crossing, but it's a bit overrated. In most of the games, its the same thing over and over again. Like this: You move into a town, get a job, finish it, pay off your house, do favours for the animals, catch fish, bugs, Decorate your house, and it just goes over and over. There's no story, and you don't even know why the kid left their parents to go to a animal town. When you get all the animals, have a mansion, get all the golden tools, and do all the holidays, it gets boring. I'm a fan but they need to make it more interesting! I hope new leaf (3ds) doesn't go over and over. All the games are like that.

51Mario Kart Wii

52Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
I'm sure this game is fun (I don't have it), but don't you think it's a bit overrated, even RPGwise? I mean, sure, from what I've seen, it's better than Sticker Star and Partners in Time, but it's a far cry from the best Mario RPG (either ML:BIS or ML:DT, in my opinion). It seems that people like this better than even Super Mario Galaxy, which is THE BEST Mario game of all time (If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, PMTTYD and SM64 fanboys). So yeah, this game looks fun, and I might even buy it, but I'm pretty sure it IS NOT the best (or even fourth-best) Mario game.


54Resident Evil

55New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Cannot beat a classic. N64 version never needed a replacement.

56Disney Epic Mickey

57Super Mario Bros.
I wouldn't exactly say Super Mario Bros. Is overrated, it's just one of the most popular game series, and it's really known well.
Treated way to much of a supreme game. You can't go through one day on channels about games without this being brought up. I have had enough of this game! Sure it's enjoyable, yet the way it's praised is like it's a god.
Sure the originals where good for the time but modern mario games are terible yeah there well built and don't rip off other games (except mario galaxy) but that's only because they are THE EXSACT SAME GAME its not even the best in anyway there are way better platformers out there like mirrors edge and much better kids games like sonic colours there are tons of games that beat them in every way price, gameplay, graphics, story but its treated like the most amazing briliant and revelotinizing game ever. Why?
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5850 Cent: Bulletproof

OH MY GOD it made no sense it was just one pointless mission after another starring a some washed up rapper.


59Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

60Final Fantasy

61Spyro the Dragon

62Star Fox 64

Lots of people say it was a great game. I'll tell you I didn't really enjoy it.



64Super Paper Mario
So what if it's childish, so what if it's not the same as the other paper mario games? This game is very unique and very fun. If anyone disagrees they will be thrown into the chokey!
its OK. not the greatest tho, but super mario is still awesome


This is a good game even it's overrated.
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66Assassin's Creed
Only played 2 but the game itself isn't bad but I don't think its a stealth based game now comparing this to deus ex if you play the stealth version of deus ex (human revolution ) if you don't use stealth you will die A LOT. But assassins creed is also kinda repetitive every game pretty much looks the same but ooh boats I don't hate this game but people adore this game like a child come on my friends says this is the BEVT GAVE EZAR ;3
Yeah sure it was fun, and there's nothing else like it, but it got boring and repetitive after awhile.


The first hour was great. Then the game ran out of ideas, and repeated said hour another ten times.


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67Medal of Honor

68The Walking Dead
I admit its a good game however it seems to get way more attention then really deserves for starters half the time your not directly controlling your character and your always given hard choices that carry weight which means no matter what you choose something bad always ends up happening.


69Grand Theft Auto

70Eve Online

71Secret of Mana

72Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening

73World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

74Kid Icarus

75Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Don't listen to this, the Uncharted series is one of the best series of all time. Anyone who voted for this is just jealous that this fabulous game series could not come to their console of choice, because this is PlayStation exclusive.

76Final Fantasy XIII
This game sucks, this is my 3rd least favorite game and I've played HUNDREDS of games across ALL Mainstream Consoles. This game makes me real sick, it is a barely interactive movie, a BAD movie. The sequel doesn't improve either, it's JUST as bad, if not worse because SOMEHOW they justified making it.
It's not a game. It's just a button mashing movie. Good graphics, but really really poor game. Just push X on the PS3 until you win. If that doesn't work, paradigm shift to heal.

77Doodle Jump

To me, it's very boring now that it's been one of the biggest iPod games. I still play it, but it's definitely bland.

Its problem is not that it gets repetitive but that (contrary to its title) it's not even marginally addictive! (to me at least... )
For me it was BTF - Bought it, tried it, forgot about it.

Insalely addictive but gets repetitive. Soz, Lima Sky :(


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78StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

79Super Mario Galaxy 2
This game is basically the same as the original with a worse hub world (come on, did you run out of ideas, Nintendo? ) and not a lot of 'galaxy' involved.


Though I love the original Starcraft, I thought that Starcraft 2 was a huge disappointment and definitely not worth the long wait. It looks nice, but nothing new about the gameplay. Worst of all, it is bloated and pretentious.
Sure its a great game and fun. But it gets old. Once a unit fires it can't miss the target. Very annoying.


82Perfect Dark
Many people think that PD was better than Goldeneye. After playing the game, that is just something I will never agree with.


I got a chance to play this "cult classic" about 6 years after it's release. Since I played it's predecessor masterpiece Shadow of the Colossus before this game, It may be why I was not overly impressed. Quoting a
Review I read, this game is "Silent
Beauty", but is plagued lacking depth. (can be completed in around 5 hours)


84Sonic Adventure 2
A very linear game that gets way too much praise among the Sonic Fanbase. It does have a few good qualities, and one of it's first levels, City Escape, was well remade in Sonic Generations. However, most of the levels are very linear (with the exception of Knuckles'/Rouge's), and don't seem to have what made the series great. It's how the "press and hold B to win" joke came into being. The music is also overpraised, but then again everyone has different tastes.

85FIFA Soccer 13
OH MY GOD! What is this doing in 66? It should be at number 1 all my friends talk about it and it's so annoying!

86Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

87Flappy Bird
This game is so stupid and overrated. The people that get angry at this game play it EVEN MORE! You might as well become an addict. Also this game ripped off all textures from Super Mario Bros. Hopefully there will be a lawsuit.


Everyone plays this stupid FREE game, they don't know what true gaming is.
This game is a boring slalom through Mario pipes, please add it.

88Rock Band

This game is just horrible. The community is basically a bunch of five year old retards. The admins and moderators don't care about there users. Also, you are forced to buy premium membership, in which lifetime membership costs over 300 USD.

90The Legend of Zelda
Far to much love in the series

91Super Mario World
Are you kidding? This shouldn't be even anywhere near this list!


93Final Fantasy 10-2

94Pokemon Ruby

95Super Smash Bros.
I guess you should know, you're probably 4 yourself, and besides this game deserves the fame it gets, it's too good to be true when you first hear about it, bilut absolutely amazing.
So dumb they make the weirdest noises and is easy for
A 4 year old

96God of War III

97Sonic CD
Good sonic game but is it really the best sonic game? I think not.

98Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure
Whoever came up with the idea of this game should really pull a gun up to their head. This is what Activision does to make more money just for themselves. And most importantly... Why the hell is Spyro in the game?
FOR WHAT REASON IS SPYRO THE DRAGON ABOVE THIS GAME! THAT WAS THE BEST GAME EVER! This game made me lose all hope for the little purple dragon. An I thought Enter the Dragonfly was bad!
This Game KILLED Spyro, enough said

99Counter-Strike: Source

100Final Fantasy VI

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