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141Doodle Jump

To me, it's very boring now that it's been one of the biggest iPod games. I still play it, but it's definitely bland.

Its problem is not that it gets repetitive but that (contrary to its title) it's not even marginally addictive! (to me at least... )
For me it was BTF - Bought it, tried it, forgot about it.

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If anything this game is underrated. It's more deep than kids praising it like Jesus ' Christ.

No way! This is an awesome game! Minecraft is what you call overrated!

Not to famous but very fub I wish it was as famous as Minecraft:(

I want this game! But my parents won't let me get it

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143Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii UV4 Comments
144Candy CrushV2 Comments
145Assassins Creed IV Black Flag

This game would have been better off as a new pirate franchise.

Not bad games. Just way too many installments. - Money1208

146FIFA Soccer 13

OH MY GOD! What is this doing in 66? It should be at number 1 all my friends talk about it and it's so annoying!

How is this not higher? Call of Duty is very bad and repetitive but at least they add stuff no matter how miniscule. If you want to play football just go outside forgodsake. - Erikelelf

Fifa is 2nd to Grand Theft Auto for being the most overrated game ever

Soccer sucks, this should be higher in he list.

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147Disney Epic Mickey
148Super Mario World

Overrated does not mean bad, but I do strongly prefer the chocolate hacks of this game.

Yoshi looks, um, strange on the cover... He's high isn't he?!

149Mario and SonicV3 Comments
150Talking Friends

Boring with a urban legend that makes no scenes and it's so boring. BBBOORRIIING and annoying. Ben is the only good one the rest is boring.

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151Fire Emblem: Awakening
152Game of War: Fire Age

Just clash of clans only copied with confusing gameplay and horrible graphics

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153Duke Nukem
154Metal Gear Solid
155Mario Kart 8
156Twisted Metal

I rarely hear people mentioning it

157Blast Corps

Though I love the original Starcraft, I thought that Starcraft 2 was a huge disappointment and definitely not worth the long wait. It looks nice, but nothing new about the gameplay. Worst of all, it is bloated and pretentious.

Sure its a great game and fun. But it gets old. Once a unit fires it can't miss the target. Very annoying. - Celidor

160World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
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Call of Duty isn't bad, just overrated.
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