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I've seen a lot of bad guitarists on the top and great guys way down. So here are the most underrated guitar players. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Richie Sambora
Seriously. Richie Sambora IS the most underrated guitarist. This needs to change in this poll. He is one of the most important Guitar players of our time.
The best guitarest you could ever find! He can do anything with his guitar! Listen to any song and you can tell instantly that is a Richie Sambora riff!
There are no words to describe this extraordinary guitarist: musician, singer, songwriter... He did everything, now also a designer :) His main gift is simplicity, spontaneity, joy, knowing how to put into play constantly and he showed with the latest solo album! A complete artist, a sensitive soul!
[Newest]Dry county is amazing. He is so much faster than slash.

2Dave Mustaine - Megadeth
I would say Dave is probably the inspiration for much of what Kirk Hammett has done... If not the original composer of some of it. I totally disagree with Slash being number 1. Slash is a good guitarist, but he's judged more on popularity than his prowess... Dave Mustaine doesn't win the popularity vote against other guitarists (which is one of the reasons I like him even more) but has the raw talent and creativity that the rest lack.
Take a look at the top guitarist list Slash at no. 1? Kirk Hammett @ no. 5? Dave @ 41! He destroys them all
Dave mustaine is not only a shredder from hell but he has written some of the ickiest metal licks ever! And then he overcame some nerve damage only to shred once again! I'd also put Michael bloomfield and roy buchanan on the list.
[Newest]Dave Mustaine is awesome

3David Gilmour - Pink Floyd
This guy is absolutely incredible! In 2011 Rolling Stone ranked him 14th best all-time, which is better that 82nd back in 2003, but for me that still doesn't give him justice. His guitar sound is unlike anything I've ever heard, he was the guitarist for Pink Floyd, definitely one of the greatest bands of all time, and he also has a great singing voice. Some of his greatest solos are "Comfortably Numb, " "Money, " and "Time. " "Comfortably Numb" might as well be the single greatest guitar solo ever recorded. Pink Floyd rules!
David Gilmour's riffs are incredible. Nothing can comprehend to it and there certainly won't be anyone that can copy or replace him. If you wanna hear some of his solo's I personally recommend watching comfortably numb on the pulse disk (1994), Marooned on bootlegging the bootleggers, high hopes, On the turning away (also an inspirational song.) those are only a few.
Very, very underrated. He is one of the greatest guitarists of all time. Comfortably Numb is the greatest solo of all time. It always gets my blood up. Brian May is overrated. Why is he on the list? He has never written a good solo in his life. David Gilmour from Pink Floyd is in another league.
[Newest]Everyone knows the solos, not many know the name though

4Gary Moore
Unbelievably good guitarist, could play anything from blues to heavy rock RIP Gary
Mark Knopfler is my favourite. Never listened Gary much, but definitively the most underrated guitarist ever.
So Underrated, don't believe me go listen to the loner, Parissienne walkways, empty rooms, over the hills and far away or any other gary moore song.

5Brian May
If you don't think Brian May is an amazing guitarist then you're just plain ignorant to the guitar and music as a whole. Listen to "good company" by Queen and just guess at how many instruments you hear. I have ashed my girl friend, close friends I've had for a very long time and all of them come up with different lists of instruments. Its ALL bass, ukulele, drums and guitar. No flutes, penny whistles or anything. That last solo is 24 different guitar tracks layered over each other. I DARE anyone to name a guitarist that has layered 24 different guitar tracks together and made it sound this good.
He should be mentioned in the same company as Hendrix, Clapton, and for my money, the best ever, Van Halen. Just soaring solos and great musicianship.
Queen best band, Brian May best guitarrist, in Queen and in his solo carrer. Just listen to: Brighton Rock, Bohemian Rhapsody, Last Horizont, Bijou, Dream of the, Liar,...

6Al Di Meola
Al Di Meola is an absolute giant when placed next to other guitarists. Watching him play alongside John McLaughlin and Paco De Lucia will change how you view guitar.

7Dann Huff

8Stephen Stills
People listen to CSN for the vocal harmonies, but forget the great music behind them. From "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" to "Woodstock" Stephen Stills' guitar has shredded the shroud of musical apathy, leading the way for the voices behind it.
Is ripped on long time gone Wow
LONG LIVE SEX BOBOMB! I love Scott Pilgrim series


9George Lynch
Seen Dokken live and George Lynch was on fire note for note also was at a guitar clinic that George Lynch put on very Talented. George knows his music theory like the back of his hand. Very Smart man great person to talk to.
Like Marty Friedman, George is one of the most technically sound and influentual talents behind the axe.
Mr. Scary- 'enough said.

10Robin Trower
Amazing guitarist. He has been present and pertinent for years now yet he is still not regarded as highly as some others. Go listen to Bridge of Sighs, or go on YouTube and listen to some of his stuff.
It is interesting to listen to Robin Trower's great "Bridge of Sighs" album and not even see him listed in some top 100 greatest guitarists lists.
Awesome player, definitely influenced by Jimi, but his own unique style.
[Newest]Criminally underappreciated. Pure Talent.

The Contenders

11C.C. Deville (Poison)

12Roy Buchanan
In my opinion the greatest white Blues Rock guitarist ever. Check out his "Second Album" from Polydor. Then go to "Guitar on Fire" during his Atlantic time. Then go to any of his time with Alligator records.

Roy's speed, phrasing precision. Just extra-ordinary.
Just check out his 1975 live show at denver and you'll know

13Chris DeGarmo

14Harvey Mandel
Best (lamb) chops ever. This guy rips - just grab yourself a copy of his album, Christo Redentor.

15John Frusciante
You have to be kidding! Frusciante is a musical genius! I've never seen someone so dedicated to music. Practicing for 10 hours a day as a kid and leaving the band due to stardom early on. He's humble, has a great work ethic, and is a guitar god. "Dani California" "can't stop" etc, don't unveil his true potential. Have you tried playing "snow? " His live stuff is amazing! He should be #1 I can write pages on why. Check out "don't forget me live la cigale" on YouTube. For those of you who appreciate fast guitar more than melodic here you go. Otherwise JF focuses on emotional, focused, slow solos that are not appreciated today which is a shame.
A great and emotional guitarist probably the best of this generation. Can play complex riffs with melody. Also one of the most prolific solo artists around 10 solo albums plus ataxia and appears on most mars Volta albums on lead guitar with Omar Rodriguez. Just loves playing music more than I can say for a lot of others.
Easily the most underrated guitarist! People refuse to look beyond jimi hendrix, slash, and van halen
He is the incarnation of jimi hendrix himself! Don't believe me the listen to dani California!
Listen to wet sand. so much emotions put into the guitar solo at the end. I brought me to tears
[Newest]I am hear because I am listening to "Blood Sugar..." and thinking, damn, this guy is amazing but he does not get his dues.

16Dave Murray - Iron Maiden
You can only be underrated if you can play with both technical skill and emotion, Dave Murray plays with those and much more. The only guitarist I think should be on this list above Dave, is Joe Satriani.
Dave is easily one of the 5 best guitarists of the world! and modest like nobody!
Every song of iron maiden have a great guitar sound. Their is no a weak guitar performance.
Dave Murray and adrian smith is the best tag team guitarists ever. Definitely underrated.
[Newest]I think Adrian Smith is better, but Dave is one of the longest serving members of Iron Maiden.

17Malcolm Young
Just Hear what he is playing on the guitar and hear his great voice, he is incredible and no one can play the guitar like him and sing at the same time! in fact... he is the Best! AC/DC Rocks! and without him it wouldn't be the same! Fernando Mendoza
Just Hear what he is playing at the guitar and hear his great voice in all the chorus of the songs! Hes the best of what he do! AC/DC Rocks! and he is the brain of AC/DC!
He makes great rhythm work for ac/dc songs and accompanies angus in his solos, I think he is a bit underrated. Under

18Michael Schenker
Schenker was never given credit for developing the melodic well structured style of guitar playing that dominated the 80s. He along with a small group of others started this in the 70s and he was way out in front but the glory later went to other guitarists that followed. Maybe being an alcoholic suffering very bad stage fright and leaving every band just as they hit the big time don't help
Rock Bottom by UFO. that is all.

19Marty Friedman
Seriously just check his solo albums and you will put him in the top ten best guitar players of the world and number one most underrated guitarist ever. No wonder he left Megadeth. I mean no offense to this legendary band wich is my 3rd favorite band, but I think he did his share with them and if he didn't leave we'd be missing so much good music from his solo albums. It's very rare to see a guitarist that versatile and being EXCELLENT in every style.
Marty has a style that is instantly recognizable... just listen to his solos on the albums "Dragon's Kiss", "Speed Metal Symphony", and "Rust In Peace" and you'll get the picture.
If You guys listen to his solo albums yiou will know that he is a living legand
[Newest]Listen to tornado of souls...

20Tom Morello
MOST DEFINITELY TOM MORELLO! Yes, sure the guys at Rolling Stone Magazine for example recognize his skill and have in the top 30 of the top 100 greatest guitarists of all times, but as someone who plays guitar is has Tom Morello as his idol, I can tell you that most people I talk to either don't know who he is or know who he is only because I got them into Rage.
Why in the HELL is he on here? Tom Morello is one of the easiest recognized names in music by anyone who has the slightest clue about anything musical
Many people seem to think the effects do most of the work. To utilize a guitar the way he does even with effects is unlike anything I have ever seen or heard. To play like him takes awesome harmonics and unreal creativity. Tom geys my vote!

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