Most Unique Singing Voices

A list of singers who have a trademark sound. These are the people where even if you have never heard the song before, you instantly recognize it as theirs. This is not a list of the best singers, just the ones with the most unique singing voice.

So if you are thinking of placing your votes based on how much you like their songs, how well they sing, their octave range, or whether or not you think they are attractive, you're doing it wrong.

Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Singers ought to have distinction in order for listeners to distinguish who is singing what. Super Junior Yesung's voice is husky, strong, and very emotional. He can bring out the soul in every song. His voice is one of a kind and is very addictive to listen to.
His voice is the only one that only he has it in KPOP world, you haven't heard anyone in KPOP who has similar voice with him with all the husky quality. He's a great singer and emotional singer~
Say something about his voice? Baritone, a little bit of husky. He can do the high notes for a long time. Ah, I don't know what to say now, but we can recognize his voice so easily!
[Newest]Listening to his powerful-hoarse yet beautiful voice has become an addictive routine since 2012 for me!
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2Michael Jackson
Of course it's Michael. Instantly recognizable, impossible to copy. There was his octaves physical range and his emotional range. He could, can and continues to make us laugh, cry and dance. He always gave it his all. Thank you Michael.
Micheal voice is so unique and identifiable that even non fans recognize his voice. I think his voice was amazing and he had such control when he sang. His back ground beat boxing and just the emotional range he used when singing gave his music something special that stands out in the crowd of singers. He was simply amazing! Speechless...


Michael most definitely had the most unique singing voice. He went from singing the earth song to singing I'll be there, and Dancing Machine, Thriller... Was so unique... He put so much emotion into his music which also makes his voice so unique and special...


[Newest]Come on guys, we all know it's Michael!
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3Freddie Mercury
This guy is the reason that I love rock music so much. His voice is beautifully unique, completely unlike any other I've ever heard in my life, and his song writing was just amazing. RIP, Mr. Mercury. You'll always be in our hearts.
What?! Not #1? Not even top 10! Oh my god... Where are the music, real, listeners? This guy isn't a voice, he is a legend! Unique voice and presence on stage!
Most unique voice is something Freddie Mercury definitely deserves to win. Nobody could sing like Mercury because he is just that different. If anybody could find a singer that could come even close to singing the song 'Show Must Go On' I will pay them 100$. It's simply that impossible to pull off unless you are Freddie Mercury.


[Newest]Freddie Mercury is my man and should be at number 1

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The sole purpose of his body is to contain the word's most distinctive, unique and powerful voice.
Yes. Thanks for posting this. Most fall into a genera... A style that is heard over and over. Vitas has a unique quality I have not heard. I would group him with Bjork who also has a very unique voice. Thanks again for sharing this artist.
Just wow. Anyone that has never heard this young man needs to look him up right now. He can reach higher than any female I have ever heard and his falsetto is so high, it's eerie. No one on Earth like him.
[Newest]This young man has a really unique voice. When I am listening his "Angel without a wing" my heart is melted and my soul goes to heaven.

5Sarah Brightman
I've always loved Sara's beautiful voice. She has one of the most unique soprano voices I've ever heard. I have all of her albums and love every one. She is my favorite female artist of any I've ever heard. Plus she is down right beautiful. Donald Braswell is my favorite tenor, in fact, to me, he is the greatest male performing artist of today. Like Sara, he has a beautiful unique voice and the most handsome man I've ever seen. I would love to see these two do a duet together. What great sounds that would make plus both such delicious eye candy.
Sarah Brightman has the most angelic voice the believe I have ever heard. She is just so amazing. I could listen to her forever. Her voice is unique and unmatched by any other person alive!
There's no one like you. On of her songs that fits her pretty well. Her voice is so beautiful and unique, there will never be anyone like her ever again. Why? Because her voice is so angelic and it touches everyone when she starts to sing
[Newest]The most perfect voice of all times!

6Cho KyuHyun
I can always pick out Kyuhyun's voice in all of Super Junior's songs. In my opinion, he is one of their three best singers, and I don't think anyone would disagree with that. His voice is very unique and to be honest, I think he was the reason I first started to like Super Junior's music.
My favorite male Asian voice! So unique that I always recognize him among a crowd of singers. Really hope to see his solo album someday
He's my favorite band member from Super Junior! His voice is very unique apart from the rest of the band members. He's recognizable as well. His voice is very smooth and it can go strong and it just melts you when you hear it. It's very soft as well and he does have talent.

7Josh Groban
No one sings like Josh so I'd say his voice is unique as I'd recognize a song of his anywhere! Just beautiful!


He is original with his voice and his songs are so different from other artist's songs. He continually sings great and can reach notes other singers cannot. He also is a talented piano player,
Josh makes me feel relaxed, yet excited. I don't know how to describe his voice except for heavenly! I truly ADORE his song 'So She Dances'. Makes me smile every time!
[Newest]His voice is one of the best voices I have ever heard! It is just so beautiful.

Beautiful powerful emotional voice

9Jared Leto
Jared's voice is incredibly beautiful and unique. His voice makes me feel like I'm soaring through the sky and it touches a part of me that I had no idea that existed. When I listen to him sing, I feel like no one can touch me and it truely makes me feel like I can conquer anything I set my heart to. He's created this new world for us, all you have to do is believe and you'll fall into the right path.
Jared has the unique voice indeed!


Jared has a great voice. He reaches hight tones and his velvety voice makes his fans shiver! He does a great songwriting with emotional and catching lyrics! He is the most wonderful singer I have ever heard in my life! Love his voice and his charisma!
[Newest]Incredible, hypnotic, inspiring, emotional and beautiful.
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10Tose Proeski
Fantastic tenor voice, multimedia singer! I can recognize his voice mile away...
He sang like an angel. And had the soul to match.
Fantastic singer, left us too early :/

The Contenders

11Kim Jaejoong
His voice is wonderful, amazing and easily distinguished.
His voice covers a wide range, even doing a cover of "I Have Nothing" by Whitney Houston with his band mates, no doubt a challenging song to sing.
Furthermore, he was initially tone deaf and had to work really really hard for his voice to become what it is today.
You can distinguish jaejoong's voice easily, because his voice is so unique.
You can feel different emotions when you listen to his music. He is definitely a great artist.
He has the most angelic, unique husky voice I've ever heard. Not only that, Kim Jaejoong was able to deliver the emotions very well effortlessly, unlike other singers. Its a very RARE voice and once you've heard it, you'll be smitten day and night.
[Newest]Jaejoong has a very beautiful unique voice that make you melt
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You can definitely tell when this member of Super Junior is singing. His voice is so unique and pretty
He is so Talented! When you hear his voice you could actually say quickly, hey it's Super Junior's Kim Ryeowook. His voice is so clear, when he sings you can feel his emotions. He always leave his listeners in agape.
Ryeowook and yesung both have amazingly unique voices, however ryeowooks voice stands out much more in any song!
[Newest]Ryeowook voice is the one I always hear when the chorus starts. His voice really stands out in a crowd to a point that if the same verse was given to others groups I'd recognize Super Junior because of him.

13Elvis Presley
This poll is just a joke! Elvis Presley has the best and most recognizable singing voice in the entire world. I have never even heard of most of the so called artists that are featured here. Elvis has sold more records than most of these put together he remains the King of music many years after is untimely death. Long live the King.
Why is Elvis down by the 70s? Elvis is known as the king of rock. No one could compare to his amazing rich voice. When one of his songs come up on the radio, you could tell that it is him singing it. He makes the song meaningful.
I love Elvis! His voice can be so soft and soothing, or anything he wanted it to be! He is truly a legend and will always be remembered. Just as someone already said, he had an amazingly recognizable voice :) I loved all his song when I was little, and still do! He's the King of Rock and Roll! RIP Elvis.
PS: Why isn't Jason Mraz on her? Or John Mayer...? Hm!
[Newest]Should be number 1 a great voice he has he was made for singing

14John Lennon
John lennon not just touched lives, BUT he also wrote great lyrics. Has a unique voice that even my dog can recognize!
John Lennon should be way higher on this list. His voice is so unique and amazing all he has to do is sing for a couple of seconds and you know its Lennon.
[Newest]Very unique voice you know when you're listening to John he harsh Scouse accent complimented by high falsetto notes over his well developed baritone voice! I'd say John should be closer to the top 5 for me but this isn't my list.

15Morten Harket
Although I prefer his songs as an A-ha member, I agree that his voice is deep and eerie
Mortens voice is the most unique. His voice makes me dreaming...

16Amy Lee
Yeah, in my opinion Amy Lee has the most distinctive voice of anybody I've ever heard. It's sort of throaty, in a good way, and very very powerful. Her voice just really stands out to me. Every time I hear it I go, " it's Amy! " and I have to stop and listen to the song.
And she sounds just as good live as on her studio recordings - even without artificial touch ups on-stage and all that jazz.
Avril Lavigne beat Amy? Whoahh Amy Lee has one of the most unique strongest female vocals, perfect pitch all the time
Excuse me, Chester Bennington? Yes he is an unique singing but Amy Lee is different. Her voice is very RARE AND UNIQUE! Amy is should be in top 10.

Go Amy! You're is the most unique voice ever. She is the best. Sorry Chester!
[Newest]Amy Lee is really beautiful and unique voice, Amy's voice is heavenly and peaceful, because she is an ANGEL!

17Chester Bennington
I can't believe he is so down. His voice is best in the world. Ill recognize his voice even if I dead. He is not good he is best.
And he is best singer I ever heard
Chester definitely has a unique voice unlike any other artist. I'd definitely be able to recognize Chester's voice without truly knowing if I'm listening to one of his songs. His soft voice is something you don't hear many artists pull off with such emotion and beauty, and when he gets gritty and dirty his screams totally come off unique as hell. It's as if he's screaming, but singing at the same time, like two different voices at once. This list isn't about how good your voice is, but how unique it is. Chester does both. He definitely deserves to be within the top ten at least.
Crap list, I don't even know over 90% of the singers on here and 5% of the ones I do know have good voices, but not unique, Amy Lee really needs to be higher as well, but Chester is in the 20's?! This is number 1 in my top 10 worst top 10 lists. Listen to a song like "waiting for the end" or "breaking the habit" that really shows his voice. Like others have said, this isn't a list about how good the voice is (although his is amazing), it is about how unique it is, so artists like John Lennon shouldn't be all the heck the way up there, and neither should any lip sync pop artist.


[Newest]Chester Bennington is the Best singer and best screamer. Amy Lee is good singer but Chester is King. Linkin Park Rocks!

18Serj Tankian
Umm... People, read the title of this list... That's right, most unique voices, not most popular singer.
I apologize to everyone else on this list, but I HAVE to vote for Serj Tankian. He does have an amazingly unique voice, and I know for a fact that anyone who has ever listened to has voice, then heard it again later, in an entirely unfamiliar song, would know instantly that it was him singing. I had only ever heard him sing in System of a Down, but was listening to Pandora a while back, and I heard his voice. I was shocked, because I know every System of a Down song, and this was none of them! I checked the song title and artist name just to be sure, and sure enough, it was Serj!
Unique, inspiring and amazing! Serj's singing is so individual and some of the noises he can make just add to what makes him so unique!
[Newest]From aggravated growls, sombre and profound Middle Eastern/opera high notes to silly noises, serj has a unique, powerful and diverse range.

19Robert Plant
The singer for the greatest rock band of all time. His screechy yet somehow enjoyable voice is immediately recognizable. God I love the Zep...
I see at the top every comment has to do with how beautiful and sweet her voice is. Guess what, plenty of singers have beautiful and sweet voices. Know one could yell and change their tones like Robert Plant. So many people have tried, none have managed. Come on people... Immigrant Song? Black Dog? Can't beat that voice as far as uniqueness goes... You CAN'T.
Whenever I hear a Led Zeppelin cover band, the first three things I think are: 1. The drumming isn't as hard. 2. The solos aren't as awesome. 3. THAT GUY DOESN'T SOUND ANYTHING LIKE ROBERT PLANT. Robert Plant's voice is something from another world. Nobody can duplicate that voice. He can scream like nobody else, listen to Dazed and Confused, and he is very great at soft singing, too, listen to The Rain Song. My favorite singer from my favorite band.
[Newest]Jon Anderson, Robert Plant, Geddy Lee have very unique singing voices

20Axl Rose
This list is a joke.. I haven't even heard of half the people on it so there's no way I'd instantly recognize a song of theirs.. And even most of the ones I have heard of are not particularly unique... Axl Rose for all he isn't the best vocalist on this list, I would say has the most unique sound.
Axl rose has an awesome voice it is literally impossible to mistake his voice for anyone else's his voice is so hardcore and meaningful it actually makes you want to listen to his songs whether you like rock music or not
by the way why is Rihanna number 27 on this list? Why is she even ON this list it is most unique voice not whose voice could mentally corrupt your brain the fastest if it was she would be right underneath Justin bieber.
Axl has one of the most distinctive voices I have ever heard. If it were up to me he would be no. 1 on this list. I've never heard anyone sing like him him in that sexy, screechy, two voices at once style... I love you Axl..
[Newest]AGREED - what a joke - give us some singers that we KNOW - not these foreign people... How about popular people with RASPY VOICES!

21Kurt Cobain
Kurt easily has one of the most unique voice ever, took influences from previous musicians and made it his own. No singer has accomplished individuality the way he has.
This is THE UNIQUE, I was shocked when I first time heard it! SUPER!
Kurt's voice is amazing its raspy and unique he's personally my favorite singer
[Newest]We're talking about unique not best, and I don't think anyone will ever sound like Kurt again... Miss you Kurt

22Sarah Geronimo
Sarah Geronimo has her unique singing and speaking voice quality. I would bet you would also like to hear how she laughs, contagious! To testify how unique and recognizable her voice, I just heard a new song the very first on a Radio and I knew it was her. I searched for the lyrics and song title and YES it was SARAH GERONIMO! That's how unique her voice is. You would know it was her even without any clue about the new released single.
She just don't sing, she gives emotion & message of the song. That's why when you hear her voice, you'll know it's hers, full of passion and emotions. There is something in her that makes you want more. Sarah Geronimo rocks!
Whenever she sings, it's as if you can feel the lyrics... It's always coming from her heart... So sincere... So moving... And her voice is distinct...
[Newest]Her voice is Unique
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23Ann Wilson
She is the greatest female power singer of all time! And even in her 60s she is still fantastic! Her range is unreal, her passion is over the top and way out there!
There no voice that sounds like hers.
What a voice it sounds like a Barracuca! Love it

No matter how sad or depressed I am. Madonna always gets me through it. I adore her and her voice is very distinct you can always tell it's her
There is a warmth to Madonna's voice. It sounds like a mother singing to you.
I know her voice when I hear it and it makes me feel secure and hopeful.
She is unique singer with very special unique voice


25Layne Staley
His voice was the most unique, beautiful, soulful voice ever. I have never listened to another singer who has touched my very being the same way he has. I am so thankful I had the chance to know him through his music but so sad it was his demons that brought out that surreal beautiful voice that would reach down and touch your soul. Absolute best voice ever.
Layne staley is by far the most unique, emotional, amazing voice I have ever heard every word this guy sings the listener can feel the emotion this guy had and feel the pain he went through, with his struggles he was so broken and yet had such a strong voice! He could sing really low and then sing really high as well one of the best vocalist as far as range goes. Every time he pick up a microphone you knew it was him singing. He was very underraged and looked over and deserves to be at least in the top 3 in this list!
Layne Staley/God with a mic - his vocal style is one of the most copied in rock, next to Kurt Cobain. What makes Layne so special though, is that no one could sing as powerful as his chest range. All those wannabes could do is copy his snarls and twang but no one could really sing as powerful as Layne. And he could sing with that intensity and power... live! You only see that type of talent once in a lifetime.

To me, he's the most underrated vocalists of our time, next is Mike Patton. You can tell by his 24th spot in here that his talents are not given due credit. Kids today may not be aware of this, but a lost of vocalists (formed after the Seattle era) are trying to sound like Layne.
[Newest]Layne was the most amazing singer. He was a true natural talent. His voice was so unique. It touched your soul when he sang. Truly missed!
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26Sonu Nigam

One of the most self made versatile singer and musician from India and a great amalgamation of Indian Classic and Western touch...
The best singer in the world! Perfect voice! Beautiful!

27M. Shadows
He has such a raspy and harsh singing voice at times, and yet he can also sing so beautifully that you wouldn't guess it. He is honestly the exact example of a voice you can recognize and realize who it is regardless of whether you've heard the song before, and even if you haven't heard a lot of Avenged Sevenfold's music.
If you hear his voice, you know why I voted this guy. His voice is so unique, nobody can copy that. He is the best screamer, but he can sing some peaceful songs beautiful too. Everyone need to vote this guy, because this guy is a winner! A Hero, and a really good MUSICIAN!
M Shadows has a great, unique voice and there's no doubt in that! He should be higher rated! He can sing any type of songs and his voice is so easy to listen to.
[Newest]Such an easy voice to recognize, yet very diverse. Try comparing dear god, so far away and warmness of the soul to songs like trashed and scattered, unholy confessions and turn the other way. Ya can't! But his voice is truly recognizable.

28Shirley Bassey
Amongst a sea full of POP Sopranos who dance their way through a number, Shirley Bassey stands out as a combo Alto/Mezzo Pitched Vocalist with powerful belting capabilities who can simply walk up to a microphone, and SING! Those in the audience are mesmerized as Bassey's body, arm, and hand movements are at one with her tremendous vocal ability and it brings each performance to another level. She IS a very unique performer!
This is really one of the unique voices! Along with Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald, you can't forget this voice.

Bjork should be in the top ten. She has the most unique female vocal! Most people at the top shouldn't be there because they don't have unique vocal bjork does no-one else sings like bjork
Her voice touches my heart... it's weak and strong... like a pixey... it's gorgeous, there's no other warming sound like it. I love her lyrics... they open feelings that you can never recollect from anyone else's voice... she's amazing.
Why is she this far back on the list? Her voice is much more unique than, say, Nick Jonas?!?! Bjork is the most unique voice of the avant garde, and is one of the greatest modern "composers" of our time. She is underrated. Her voice is mind-altering.
[Newest]Technically I don't think she is a great singer, but that is what just WORKS with her music! Love her

Her voice is so unique. I could recognize it anywhere, and it is never tiring to listen to. Her songs are unique in themselves, and the way she sings them is so great. Adele is amazing
It's one thing to have a great strong voice and another thing to have a great unique voice. Many recorded singers, have great strong voices but in my opinion, Adele is one of only a handful that have both a unique voice as well as a strong voice. I can think of two other singers that have very unique voices. Sam cooke and Julia Carpenter. I can't understand why they're not on this list.
Adele has a very unique, recognizable, and enjoyable voice. I have yet to hear anyone else who can sound like her.
[Newest]Even if I don't always like her voice, she sings in a unique way.

31Avril Lavigne
The cutest voice! I never misheard her lyrics ever because she is so clear when she sings! And I never mistaken her for another singer EVER she is the best!
Hands down, I KNOW it's her when I listen to a song. Her style is also pretty unique, I can hardly think of ANY reasons at all to argue with what I just wrote although there are more reasons to SUPPORT how unique she is
Because she's amazing. Duh!
She has a really distinct and strong voice. She deserves to be up there with the rest of those people.
[Newest]She has such a unique voice! Whenever I hear it I can identify it right away I love her so much!

32Han Geng
HanGeng is really one of the unique voices. & amazing voice.
HanGeng is very definitely have the most unique singing voice. He went from singing the earth song to sing and Dancing Machine, He put so much emotion into his music which also makes his voice so unique and special.
HanGeng is good definitely have the good unique singing voice. And Dancing Machine, Thriller... Was so unique... He put so much emotion into his music which also makes his voice so unique and special.
[Newest]Great voice and feeling

33Fatin Shidqia
She is one of Indonesia female singer. She is 16 years old girl. She became a phenomenon after she won The X Factor Indonesia. She has a unique voice (you have to hear her voice first, then you'll believe) that just a few people who has the voice like hers. She has different appearance with another female singer because she wears hijab (veil).
She is a 16-year-old girl who has unique husky voice which is similar to Brenda Lee's. She is the winner of X Factor Indonesia 2013. Even she is a new singer in Indonesia, I'm sure she will become one of world famous singers because of her limited edition voice.
Fatin is the future of indonesian music.. She have the most unique voice who I know.. She is like an angel with the hijab.. We all love you fatin.. God bless you my little angel
[Newest]She's very wonderful singer from Indonesia

34Bon Jovi
He is unique. Never seen any similar voice. Would like to be able sing like him
I always recognize JON Bon Jovi's voice... He has the most unique, no question. He definitely gives you the creeps.
Jon Bon Jovi has the most unique and best voice in the business. No one else sounds like him. All the new stuff sounds the same!


[Newest]I can never mistake his voice for another persons! It so beautiful!

35Thom Yorke
His voice is touching and that makes me cry when I listen to Radiohead. He is singing and sharing his emotions in his own unique special manner.
Listen to "How To Disappear Completely" "House of Cards" "Pyramid Song"
Amazing experience, no matter how depressing most of the lyrics are. Thom really transposes into a world of feelings through metaphors and soft, suggestive voice, and this is what real artists are supposed to deliver.
I would recognise this man's voice anywhere. It is truly the most unique voice I've ever heard. I could go months without hearing any Radiohead and still know his voice.

36Whitney Houston
Lets just call her the voice. Lot of people can imitate her but very few have the range or the control to be able to
Transition through a note the way Whitney can. Also what the hell is she doing down here at 60.?
Surely we will never hear any voice even near hers again..
What the heck is whitney doing in #37? Avirl above Whitney? WOW.. I mean seriously Whitney sounds like an angel when she sings. Not to mention remember the Star Spangled Banner? She sang that and it sounded absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I love her voice, And she can do a beautiful ballad anytime like "I Will Always Love You."
[Newest]I would recognize this voice anywhere! One of the most unique vocal ranges in the world. Soft and hard at the same time.

37Amy Winehouse
Her voice is very unique I must say. There is no one else in the world who has a voice like her. Once you here her for the first time and you her her for the second time you will automatically know it's her voice. Sad she died though rest in peace
I was just scrolling down the entire list looking for her name. Her voice was amazing. Amy will be missed.
No 568. A travesty. I seriously feel like crying. Justin Beiber's voice is considered more unique than Amy Winehouse's? What's the world coming to? I saw this list and immediately thought Amy. Then she wasn't in the top ten. Then top hundred. 568. Seriously?


[Newest]Especially her jazz is standing out. amazing voice and performance

38Lee Donghae
He has a good voıce. He's voice is very dıfferent and perfect.

39Bob Dylan
Reading the first comment that states it was unintelligible makes me wonder just what part of Dylan's career this poster had heard. Most comments from all lists are about more recent people. Dylan in his later years was very unintelligible, and I felt sorry for him that he sounded so bad.

But while his voice has always had a raspiness to it, one of the better things about it was that it was intelligible. That was the whole point of Dylan's music - to get the words across. Music was just the medium that Dylan used to do so.

And boy did some of his stuff have meaning. Read the words of "john brown", "with god on our side", etc. Even Dylan says that he can't write like that any more. That sort of writing comes from strong feelings deep within.
Raspy, garbled, unintelligible and distinctly Dylan
While not the prettiest sounding, there is no denying that Bob Dylan has, with-out a doubt, one of the most unique voices ever.


[Newest]I despise Bob Dylan, but I will admit that while he doesn't have the most recognizable voice, he does have the most unique. No other acclaimed singer sounds like they just smoked 100, 000 cigarettes right before singing and talk their lyrics rather than sing them.

Eunhyuk has a very... Different voice. You can hear a different tone than others. But different doesn't mean bad! He has a great voice actually! And he makes Super Junior sound great with it too! He also has one of those sexy voices and it is really comforting too.


41Louis Armstrong
His throat used to supply half the gravel demand for southern America. The trumpet he played couldn't sound more unique.
How is he this low? I've never heard anyone who sounds even remotely like him
Come on guys, there's nobody out there with a voice as husky and unique as good ol Satchmo's

Menowin has a fantastic and absolutely unique voice, that you hear right out of millions of singers. He can sing 5 octaves and his voice is so emotional that it goes straight to your heart. He is totally awesome!

43Shreya Ghoshal
Shreya Ghoshal has the most unique voice in India if not in the world She should be included in the list. Golden and divine voice


Shreya has the most sweetest voice in the world
I am shreya biggest fan she deserves our votes

44Janis Joplin
Her voice is actually unique unlike half of this pathetic popularity contest. Seriously people what's with all the generic, fake poparts?
I can't believe she is not in the top 10
Her voice was so unique. The wonderful raspiness of her voice. The full on emotion when she sang. All the pain that she went through you can hear when she sings. She had soul!

I love you Janis!

45Matt Bellamy
Why o why is my matty all the way down here? His voice is not just vocals but another instrument in the band! There is no way anyone could replace him and come even close to sounding like him. He is amazing live and on the studion records. You can feel the power of his voice when at a concert. Completely blows me away each time I listen to muse.
I am no Muse fan but I have to admit Matt Bellamy had a unique, beautiful voice. Britney's crappy voice should not be in the list, she was never be unique or anything other than just an ordinary pop singer.


Matt bellamy voice is so strong and sexy. It is also unique and different. I love matt bellamy. I love MUSE! They are one of the greatest bands!
[Newest]A dramatic tenor with a huge vocal range, love his unique falsettos.

46David Bowie
A carrying voice that penetrates through the loudest and boldest of music, you recognize instantly when David Bowie is singing.
His baritone catches attention and breaks away from all other sounds, making everything else only ENHANCE it's quality. Listen to Time Will Crawl or Underground to see for yourself.
Even if you don't take into account his amazing ability as a composer and lyricist, this man should still have reached the Top Twenty.
David BOWIE HAS 2 B IN TOP 10 AT LEAST I MEAN WHO PUT AVRIL LAVIGNE UP HIGHER THAN David what people. AVRIL GOT NOTHING ON David, she can only sing pop/rock. David's range is extremely wide, he can sing really deep to really high and has changed the way he sings over time, about every decade. I mean come on this guy has done everything and nailed it, from folk to funk/soul to electronic and he experimented with heaps of genres like ambient and drum and bass.

He is photogenic in any setting at any angle as his voice is adaptabe in any tone in any genre. what's not to love?
David Bowie didn't just have one unique voice he had many. If you contrast his voice in life on mars, golden years and China girl it sounds like a completely different person in each. He is truly the best.
[Newest]David Bowie is a legend, such talent and his songs are catchy and meaningful. Love David Bowie, I don't know how he is so far down on this list, how did Avril beat him?

47Anni-Frid Lyngstad
Her voice is most unique, while you will recognize her if she sings in English, Swedish, or other artists with your eyes closed. I gives you warmth, emotion and a lot of love!


So deep and rare and pure. Swedish singers are just brilliant! You only get this kind of perfection in two other singers, Agnetha Faltskog and Julie Andrews.
Amazing voice! Her range of notes is so low, it has a charming quality, and coupled with Agnetha Faltskog's somewhat higher voice, is perfect.

48Rob Halford
Hey, ever listened to Painkiller, Dreamer Deceiver, Victim of Changes, Resurrection... Etc. Etc.? People who voted for Michael Jackson, Sarah Brightman, Britney Spears and the rest of those pop singers up there, who has never possessed any great vocal quality at all and got popular through lyrics and dance routines (excepting MJ perhaps), you really don't know what the term "Unique Voice" means. COME ON, Rob Halford had a 6 octave vocal range and still has over 4 and a half octave at the age of 60+! He can sing, he can scream, he can growl, he can hit the extreme highest note[painkiller, Resurrection etc. ] could hit extremely dark low notes[Dreamer Deceiver, Dying to meet you etc. ], could hit all kinds of note in one song with strong vibrato [e.G. victim of Changes, Dreamer Deceiver] and people actually gives the number one position to someone else?! Rob Halford had, has and will always have the most unique voice in music history. Anybody thinking otherwise... Please please just jump in front of a speedy on coming truck on the road and die. Metal God is number one, should always be number one. Robert John Arthur "Rob" Halford Rules. He is the Greatest Voice in Music
When I saw the list I instantly thought Rob Halford. Did nothing short of Ctrl+F and searching his name. To me, he fits number 1 on this list

49Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey, most definitely. Even if you don't like her, you'll recognize the voice when you hear it. There's no other person alive who can sing like Mariah. The Most unique I've ever heard.

Talk about manipulation. The lady can make her voice sound like anything she wants and sings in a vast amount of genres. From RNB, to Pop, to Hip hop, to jazz, to reggae etc. She's always on key and sounds just just as amazing, if not better, when she sings live. MC all the way, baby.
I would have to say that there may be some bias pertaining to the types of song sung, the genres dabbled with and the all round popularity of a singer, when I view this list and how the people have voted. I for one think that Mariah Carey has an undeniably unique voice. I quite frankly would vote for another singer if this was a list about the greatest singer's of all time, but this is about the quality of a voice and how unique it is, and so my vote goes to this woman right here.

ANYONE can recognize this voice.
Mariah's voice is distinguishable in the first few seconds of a song. I understand that there may be better singers out there, but for me it's Mariah all the way. It's not only her various and unique tones - silky whispers, husky and dark low notes, bell-like belts that ring with resonance, whistle notes that range from soft and airy to piercing - but her incredible style that is so incredibly indentifiable. Her vocal runs are so inventive (songs like "Vision of Love, " "Forever, " and "Lead the Way" come to mind...). Okay, some people may not like melismata, but I enjoy it (when not overused, which is something Mariah is not, in my opinion, guilty of! Peace!
[Newest]Why in the world is Mariah Carey on the #52 spot? She has the most unique singing voice ever. Seriously, like Simon said, it's a vocal suicide if you sing her songs. No one can imitate her voice as it is. She can go low register then high register and even higher register which are whistle tones. Talk about out of this world talent!

50Ville Valo
His voice is definitely unique. I like his wide range of vocal, and his low tone vocal is just amazing. Not to mention his screaming, falsetto, and the way he sing songs are very honest.
Unique singer, great songwriter and handsome dude. Too many gifts just for one man.
His voice is something different than any another singers voice. Nobody can compare with him. He has so special voice and it makes him unique. He's different, so different than other rockers
He is talanted man^^ Love him^^ vote for Ville!

51Gerard Way
This is insulting Gee should be right at the top! Come on guys! His voice is just so amazing words can't describe how much I love his voice. It's so pure and I could listen to it wherever, whenever and forever. He has such a recognizable voice and I could pick it out even if he was just humming in the background, this man is truly amazing and bonus sexy too!
Proud Member Of the MCRmy
First thing, why is Gee only at 35!?! His voice is amazing. I could literally listen to it all day, everyday. I could pick his voice from anywhere, no matter what. He has the most recognizable voice I have ever heard. Gerard Way is absolutely phenomenal. He should be in at least top 10. My Chemical Romance is my favourite band of all time, and always will be.
ONLY 35!?!? Nowadays you can't pick out who is who out of all of these new rock bands. I've always been able to pick out Gerard's voice! Now, My Chemical Romance is my favorite band but it is because of this fact. Gerard's voice is phenomenal and he should be in at least the top 15, but what do I know?
[Newest]Gerard's voice is bae alone... And I'm a straight guy.
More comments about Gerard Way

52Christina Aguilera
Her voice is so unique... Many people quickly distuinguish her voice from others... Best!


Are you crazy.
at least in the top 5
Find 1 singer that has a voice just like Christina's
No one can do that!
80? Please, listen at "Hurt", "You lost me" or "Fighter" and tell me if her is the most unique singing voice. Yes, she is
[Newest]Christina is the best. No doubt.

53Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney's voice is easily recognizable whether it is from the Beatles, Quarryman, or the Wings. He is overlooked because of John Lennon in the Beatles, but he is no doubt an amazing singer.
I think Paul should not be #41, at least in the top 20! His vocal range is incredible and what he did in Wings was really cool and different! He definitely was more "rock n roll" than John Lennon or the other Beatles and he definitely deserves more recognition!
Paul McCartney's voice is unique in so far as it is THE MOST versatile voice EVER RECORDED! Any style or range... BUT ALWAYS uniquely McCartney! Check out Paul's Wings, Beatles and Solo Discographies! It's ALL THERE! MAGIC!


54Kim Jonghyun
His voice really is unique. It LEGITIMATELY stands out like no other.. Whether he's collaborating w/other artists or just singing in his band SHINee, no matter, his voice just beautifully stands out.. You can try to ignore it but his voice is JUST too different compared to any
His voice is totally unique. I love him so much!
Jonghyun's voice is so unique, so sweet, smooth as honey with the capacity to sing in many different styles! Bling Bling Jonghyun, hwaiting! X
[Newest]His voice is really great!

55Regine Velasquez

56Hyde (L'arc~en~ciel)
One of the most unique voices that you will ever heard and also changing from low pitch to high pitch with falsettos is very hard to do. If you fail to do it, it will destroy your vocal chords and you cannot ever speak again unless you are lucky.


Hyde has to be the best singer ever... He's voice is so different from most of singers, it's so unique... , I bet you've never heard something like that before... When he sings hitomi no jyuunin at the smile tour, wow that was one of his best performances ever... He's amazing, simply the best singer for me...
The best, the most unique and the most flexible voice


[Newest]Nobody can sing as Hyde. He has unusual voice! It is really unique. Flexible voice!

57Kate Bush
She has the most unique sounding voice that I've ever heard, and it took me a little while to get used to, but now I love it. She has such a strange sound for a soprano, and not everyone will automatically love her voice. It took some time to grow on me, but her voice is completely original. Listen to Wuthering Heights because her voice is absolutely hauntingly beautiful in a way. I would have expected Kate Bush to at least be in the top 10.
I don't understand why she isn't higher up on the list. She has one of the most unique voices I have ever heard in my life. I can't get enough of it, she is my musical goddess.
Very unique and beautiful voice, varies from high-pitched (on the verge of being childish) to low-pitched (and very mature). Her voice has a nearly inhuman range, which is combined with smooth rock music.

58Charice Pempengco
Charice really has a unique voice.


No doubt...
Most Unique Voice I have heard.
She can copy singers' voice.
But no one can copy hers.
Glad that she's humble 'till now.
How can everbody do singing like charice have done? No one because of her extra ordinary voice very unique!
I would recognize her voice anywhere.

59Kyo - Dir en grey
The man who has the most wide vocal range in music history. Seriously, do any of you even know how many voices this guy can make and apply them in live performances perfectly? If you don't, then that clearly means you voted in this list not knowing A THING of "unique" voices...

60Mohsen Namjoo
Mohsen Namjoo, is an Iranian musician, singer-songwriter. He was born in 1976 in Torbat-e Jam, a small town in northeastern Iran. His unique style of music is influenced by Blues and Rock as well as Iranian folk music.

61Kim Junsu
His voice totally unique! His dolphin-voice really cute. He can sing very well. Love You KIM JUNSU
If you ever list to him, will know why his voice so amazing, just as air to fill fully of every breath of yours, so tender but also so strong to cover every corner of the space, he is amazing.
Such a captivating, unusual voice. The lightness of his timbre is balanced by a underlying huskiness that never fails to impress my senses. The vibrato, the raspy tone that he easily produces, the breathiness... This complex but pure voice is addictive and completely unique. Surprised that he wasn't already on this list.
[Newest]His voice is the best for me I love you junsu

Are you kidding me?!?! This. List. Stinks. Almost none on this list have "unique" voices! I love Gackt and his voice really is unique! Go Gackt!
No matter if he's singing the lowest or highest notes, you'll always know it's him.

63Celine Dion
Taking into consideration that she takes on a job in the middle of the Desert working 6 nights a week for 5 years running and sells out all her shows and unmistakakble, there aren't any artist that would hold up a year let alone 5 and still has a fantastic family life, so in my Opinion she should be number 1, I have heard her voice over power most, at times where I thought she is at peak without any great difficulty she over powers and makes it look easy. This is one incredible women! God deserves all the Glory and honour

"The Power Of Love"
She is so talented singer and she is the one who can sing a high notes although she is getting old. She is titled as "THE UNMISTAKABLE VOICE" and "THE VOICE OF AN ANGEL". Her voice is so strong and powerful and I love all her songs specially "to love you more".
Celine should be number 1!

64Yma Sumak
More unique than anyone else I've seen in this list so far. Peruvian, with a voice that spans five octaves, imitates animal sounds, goes from operatic to Andean. Most of these singers are commercial Top 40 types. You don't need to be unique to make it commercially, come on people.

Heechul is always judged by Koreans that he doesn't have a good voice. But in fact, he has a really unique voice.
He makes covers of other artists of Korea and he does it perfect.
In super junior (you know they have 13 members) they don't give him long parts so some people cannot understand that he is brilliant. But you should listen his solo too.
He has unique fashion sense, unique personality... And he definitely has a unique voice.

66Ozzy Osbourne
If you hear Ozzy, you know who's singing straight away. I've never even heard of Rydian anyway!


People must not read what this list is about. Unique voice. Ozzy may not have the Best Technical voice. But sure as hell has one of the most unique voice and should be in the top 5 for sure
As far as recognizable goes, he's number 1


[Newest]When I clicked on this list I was expecting Ozzy to be #1. 75 really?

67Ronnie James Dio
How is he not even on the first page? This man brought a new era of voice quality in music and you shun him for his genre choice? This is a list of the most UNIQUE voices. Listen to Holy Diver, Rainbow in the Dark, Don't Talk to Strangers, and Rock n Roll Children, and tell me that voice is not only the best to ever conquer metal, but one the most unique to ever hit the face of the earth. RIP RJD
He should be at least top 5, one of the most unique voices to ever grace this earth. Honestly what the hell is wrong with these people on this list, most people compared to him sound like crap, plain and simple
Finest gentle man in metal and music great performer very artistic more so than majority of singers... At least in top 5

68Greg Pritchard
Unique is the word for Greg's voice! He's a male soprano, covering four and a half octaves, has been receiving classical training. It just amazes me- the powerful voice that comes out of him- and he continues to get better and better... He's absolutely brilliant! And he takes my breath away! Gail
His new, he has a very unusual singing voice if you have not heard of him check him on youtube, he can sing and captivate any audience. Well worth winning this title.


Oh yes for sure very unique and he is unique himself, and I have been one of the captive in the audience he is truly amazing.



70Geddy Lee
Omg this creature has a magical voice.

America was winning the cold war arms race until canada got geddy lee. His voice after inhaling a live chicken and breathing helium was announced as the ultimate doomsday weapon. A weapon of this magnitude could have knocked japan off the face of the earth and into a land of magical flying pink ponies. BEWARE of Geddy Lee's beautiful voice!
No matter how many comparisons the man's voice has had to unpleasant things over the years, you cannot deny the unique sonic quality and technical prowess he possesses. Personally, I never found Geddy's voice annoying. Here he is, almost 40 (! ) years later, and still sounds good. Even someone like Sting (who's also been around almost 40 years) has ruined his voice. Geddy is #1.
Like it or not, definitely the most unique voice. He is one of the few singers whose voice is unmistakable, along with Cobain and a couple of others. I honestly can say I find his voice a bit annoying but I respect his/and Rush's refusal to commercialize. No Pepsi products, no Apple promotion, just high quality musicians and lyrical genius
[Newest]You could hear a single note of his vocals and you'd know immediately who was singing.

71Jackie Evancho
Unique? HaH! Try mind boggling, from another planet incredible, Heaven is missing one of its angels, drop dead, blow your socks off beautiful... Yeah, those come close to adequately describing the vocals of Miss Jacqueline Marie Evancho.
Routinely brings tears to the eyes of all listeners.. Her waveform patterns are unlike any other singer.. Her voice is unique.. It has been said that her voice is the only thing that dulls the pain of some chronic sufferers..
One of the few singers who can really sing "The Star Spangled Banner" properly, on-key, with all the words, and without lip-synching. I'd say that's unique.
[Newest]Jackie Evancho simply enraptures her audience every time she sings. In all my years I have never witnessed anyone else having the ability to do that.


73Sakurai Atsushi (BUCK-TICK)

Once you heard sungmin sing, you can never forget his voice. Although he is not a member of KRY, he has a sweet voice that makes others easily fall in love with. His voice is unique and beautiful! He may not as famous as others, but he shines everywhere.
Lee Sung-Min's voice is very distinctive, every time listening to SJ the song always can you recognize his voice ~ I also like him very much. So. Vote for him!
Sunming's voice is clear. The moment I heard his voice, I fall in love with it and can't forget it anymore. It's different with anyone else, loving sungmin forever!
[Newest]He has such a sweet and clear voice, really touching in sad parts. Once you heard him, you can never forget his voice. He is one of my number one voices.

75Billy Corgan
His voice is just amazing no one else sings like him at all! HIS VOICE IS SO AMAZING BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE
So unique and not to everyone's taste, but carries an impact whether loud or quiet. Amazing.
His voice is extremely unique, it's just so powerfully eerie... In a good way, lol.

Shakira has the most INCREDIBLE and unique voice of all time. EVER! The best period. Pure perfection. Listen to any song, or watch any performance she ever did, she's pitch perfect every time. No other singer has a vocal range like her. True International Super Star, She sing in french, Spanish, English and Portuguese. See Shakira in YOUTUBE. PLUS she is beautiful. HOT! HOT! HOT!

This chick is pretty hot but that's about it. I feel her singing voice is that of a female pee-wee herman.
She may not be the best singer, but she definitely has an extremely unique voice that most no one can imitate. I think people are confusing the question.
[Newest]She is all unique. excellent human been


78Jonathan Davis (KoRn)
For years I have loved Anthony Kiedis more than any other singer in the world. Next, it was Zack de la Rocha. It then went to Maynard James Keenan. It has finally been between Serj Tankian and Jonathan Davis. Anthony and Serj definitely have unique voices, whereas Zack's and Maynard's, although still very talented, aren't as unique to fit the bill. Serj's voice has this beauty to it. Jonathan's has the same beauty element, however it also has much more. His voice, I feel, can match almost anyone elses in history. His voice on the lesser known tracks had this melodic essence to it that set it apart and made it glorious. Then there are the tracks where he screams and growls. There have been other screamers, there have been other growlers, but none, EVER, have had the complexity and texture to Jonathan's. Twist? No one matches it. Freak On A Leash's breakdown? Few can match it. And so far no one has incorporated his screaming style into their own music. The continuous, "mainstream" scream can be found all the way from Metallica/Slayer to Slipknot/Disturbed. KoRn is set apart. Jonathan. Is set apart. His voice amazes me more and more each day.
What! There ain't nobody who has a more trademark voice. No other singer can I differentiate from all others. You can't describe it other than a voice that can go from a death growl to a rap to a sing to this strange but awesome half rap. He is number 1 followed by Serj Tankian then Matt Shadows then Maynard James Keenan then Corey from Slipknot then Chester from Linkin Park
This man performs a variety of techniques seemingly effortlessly, and at times doesn't even sound human (there was a reason he was chosen to be the singing voice of Lestat- the only good thing about that film). He has one of the largest range of octaves I've ever heard in a male. He has totally revolutionized scat, death screams, and clean vocal techniques. His technique is only eclipsed by the range of emotional responses he evokes in his listeners.
[Newest]The most perfect voice of angry feelings.


80Tom Delonge
Come on why did I have to add him to the list; why wasn't he already here?! He has the most unique singing voice I've ever heard and sounds so different to everybody else! He should be in the top 10!
Couldn't have said it better. Three different bands and you can tell hear him in every one. In fact sometimes its hard to differentiate the band because his voice is the most unique pa.
I can recognize his voice even when I'm dead. Common people VOTE... Punk rock rules. And Blink 182 is one of the best punk bands.
[Newest]Tom DeLonge's voice is recognizable anywhere. He's an amazing singer, and the good looks is just a bonus

81James Hetfield
You don't even need music and you can know it's the mighty table himself, all you have to do is hear a "YEAH". For me the way that makes him unique is his style for example "deep down inside I feel the scream-AH"
WHAT! How is he down hear? You people are crasy this man is moses in metal form
Not the best singer easily the most unique, way more unique than Layne Stayley, yes he is good but so is Kurt Cobain and they do sound similar. Many people have tried to copy James almost all of them have failed "YEAAH" - James Hetfield 1990

82Brian Molko
It's to difficult to find words to express my feelings for Brian! His voice is definitely unique, incrediblly deep and unforgetable! No one singer have voice that makes shiver down my spine, but Brian has. You know, Brian, Russia loves you! And can't wait to see you again
Placebo would not have been half as good as they are now without the so recognizable and amazing voice that Brian Molko possesses.
He has a strong and really unforgetable voice, no one has a similiar one =))
[Newest]Break my world and crash my heart!

83James Blunt
I don't understand why he isn't up with the most unique people. He obviously has an incpredible voice that should be more listend to. If you listen to more than just "You're Beautiful", then you should know what I'm talking about. Now matter what song he sings, the very second you hear the first word of the song, you know that it is him, and that it is unique.
Clearly the most unique voice ever.

84Karin Dreijer Andersson

85Kim Tae-yeon
Hold on, I'm talking about SNSD's leader Taeyeon. She has the BEST voice ever in the world and she's definitely the best female singer ever in the world!
Girls' Generations Kim Taeyeon have absolute the most beautiful voice a girl/woman can have. Her voice is strong, beautiful and very emotional. Hwaiting!
Health is better than all. Take care of yourself. SOSI with Sone forever and ever.

86Neil Young
This list is a joke Neil has to be higher, one of the most beautiful and unique voices I've ever heard. He should be first on this list

87Tim McIlrath
His raspy and beautiful voice makes Rise Against fans love every song.


Tim's voice isn't "pretty" by any stretch of the imagination, but he sings with such passion that you get caught up more in the music than his voice in particular. That's what makes his voice so unique and inspiring.
Nobody else can sing like this guy, and I don't know why he isn't here already

88Bruce Dickinson
come on people, Patrick Stump is ahead of Dickinson? Honestly just listen to Iron Maiden's Number of the Beast, Piece of Mind, Powerslave, Somewhere in Time, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son and A Matter of Life and death. Any song from these albums, you will be amazed
Best singer in the world, once again people have preconcepts about iron maiden, of all of this singers, Bruce is the only one NO ONE can imitate, the other ones I've seem people singing just like them
Seen them 4 times in Atlanta on last tour... Please he blows 95% of all singers AWAY I'm 49 and have good an eye for talent and Bruce is in top 2 only to Rob Halford... Good company

89David Draiman
This guy is a legend, his voice is not only unique but has a vast range as he can go from fast pace songs to growls, to slow. DAVID IS KING!
I'm a guy and I'm straight but I love davids voice he has a unique voice of rock he can growl scream whale the whole 9 yards and if you know about disturbed hiatus then I would like to tell you that divid draimen has a new side project band names the divice or divice the band cjeck em out if they have songs out yet

90Adam Lambert
Why isn't he in the Top 10?! Seriously, just watch his performances on AI and on Glamnation Tour. His voice is pure, strong and unique. He also has an amazingly wide range. And unlike other artists nowadays he ALWAYS sings live. He performed with QUEEN, KISS and nailed it! An outstanding talent!
Adam Lambert singing ability is out of this world. No one can sing like him. A super talented singer who always sings LIVE with extraordinary vocal technique combined with deep expression, emotion and his stage presence and charisma is just electrifying. His performances with Queen were insanely gorgeous and over the top!
He is more than amazing! His high notes can't be compared. It is very hard for others to imitate. So, it is definitely unique. His unique voice made him be one of the best singers in American Idol. And he is a unique guy.
Hey dudes.Adam has to be in top 10.He has a 4 octaves and 5 notes vocal range.He sings so good.He hits notes that no one can hit.He is a legend.He is best male vocalist of 21st sentury.

If you think about it, NOBODY sounds like Rihanna. Y'all are sleeping on her. She's not the greatest singer every, but definitely unique.
There is no one like Rihanna <3 she is the best she is the most talented I have ever seen in my life.. I have listened all the old new singer but she is unique
She's getting better and better with each song! Anyone who's listening to her from earlier period can easily detect it! She's become a strong and amazing vocalist! Her voice is smooth, edgy & unique!

92David Archuleta
No one sounds like David, his voice is unique and amazing. Listen to his Live Performances, be careful you just may turn into a fangirl/guy unwillingly and there's no turning back.
The strongest voice is not always the most unique one. So, I definitely think that all the singers that are above David in that list have stronger voices than him, but his voice is without a doupt the most unique.

93Florence Welch
Florence Welch rocks. Her voice is so warm, more deep, and has an amazing energy.
The most amazing singer of her generation. Better than Adele. Her voice is so hauntingly fantastic.
No question about flo's voice being unique. What a voice... and an exceptional vocal range!

94Tom Chaplin
Wait here! Since this is a list of most UNIQUE voices, then there shouldn't be anyone better than the other as each singer is unique in their own way! So people are voting for just their favourite singer!
Should be in the top 5, he has a wonderful unique voice, surely the heart of Keane and their trademark, he has incredible control over it and moves me every time I hear him singing. Combined with TRO keyboard magic, they are unstoppable. WOW!
Tom Chaplin has an angel voice. Must be in top 5

95Trent Reznor

96Alison Goldfrapp

97Benjamin Burnley
The lead vocalist of the alt-metal band Breaking Benjamin. No one has a voice quite like him.
He's probably rated where he is because his band is as popular as the other people on this list.
Look up the album saturate some time. This album show his wide skill set, I believe, the most.
Who with that angle face can scream like him?!
Benjamin's voise is unique..
Benjamin's voice is special and unique


98Steven Tyler
Once you hear his voice, you will feel that men's voice can be so beautiful
No one could claim that his voice isn't unique.
He's voice I think just only one in the world

99Klaus Meine
The most unique voice on this planet and he only makes it to number 23, Klause Meine should be number 1 on this category, Without Klaus Scorpions would've not been a great band, He is really A Legend. Love you Klaus Meine, Best--ever.
I could fall in love with him just over his voice again and again.
Needs to be much much higher on this list

100Johnny Cash
There was only one Man in Black, that gravel voice had no equal.

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