Most Unique Singing Voices

A list of singers who have a trademark sound. These are the people where even if you have never heard the song before, you instantly recognize it as theirs. This is not a list of the best singers, just the ones with the most unique singing voice.

So if you are thinking of placing your votes based on how much you like their songs, how well they sing, their octave range, or whether or not you think they are attractive, you're doing it wrong.

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1Freddie Mercury

This guy is the reason that I love rock music so much. His voice is beautifully unique, completely unlike any other I've ever heard in my life, and his song writing was just amazing. RIP, Mr. Mercury. You'll always be in our hearts.

What?! Not #1? Not even top 10! Oh my god... Where are the music, real, listeners? This guy isn't a voice, he is a legend! Unique voice and presence on stage!

Most unique voice is something Freddie Mercury definitely deserves to win. Nobody could sing like Mercury because he is just that different. If anybody could find a singer that could come even close to singing the song 'Show Must Go On' I will pay them 100$. It's simply that impossible to pull off unless you are Freddie Mercury. - metalmaiden

Just before the God of music died he felt like a rock god RIP king of queen

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Singers ought to have distinction in order for listeners to distinguish who is singing what. Super Junior Yesung's voice is husky, strong, and very emotional. He can bring out the soul in every song. His voice is one of a kind and is very addictive to listen to.

His voice is the only one that only he has it in KPOP world, you haven't heard anyone in KPOP who has similar voice with him with all the husky quality. He's a great singer and emotional singer~

Say something about his voice? Baritone, a little bit of husky. He can do the high notes for a long time. Ah, I don't know what to say now, but we can recognize his voice so easily!

His voice is so amazing

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3Michael Jackson

Of course it's Michael. Instantly recognizable, impossible to copy. There was his octaves physical range and his emotional range. He could, can and continues to make us laugh, cry and dance. He always gave it his all. Thank you Michael.

Micheal voice is so unique and identifiable that even non fans recognize his voice. I think his voice was amazing and he had such control when he sang. His back ground beat boxing and just the emotional range he used when singing gave his music something special that stands out in the crowd of singers. He was simply amazing! Speechless... - love4mjj

Michael most definitely had the most unique singing voice. He went from singing the earth song to singing I'll be there, and Dancing Machine, Thriller... Was so unique... He put so much emotion into his music which also makes his voice so unique and special... - love4mjj

He's the king of POP!

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The sole purpose of his body is to contain the word's most distinctive, unique and powerful voice.

Yes. Thanks for posting this. Most fall into a genera... A style that is heard over and over. Vitas has a unique quality I have not heard. I would group him with Bjork who also has a very unique voice. Thanks again for sharing this artist.

Just wow. Anyone that has never heard this young man needs to look him up right now. He can reach higher than any female I have ever heard and his falsetto is so high, it's eerie. No one on Earth like him.

The first time I learned about Vitas was when I watched a video off him dancing in a tight space suit in a disco parlor. I never imagined how graceful his voice sounded when he truly sang it almost made me cry how beautiful it was - hetalianmonster

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5Amy Lee

Yeah, in my opinion Amy Lee has the most distinctive voice of anybody I've ever heard. It's sort of throaty, in a good way, and very very powerful. Her voice just really stands out to me. Every time I hear it I go, " it's Amy! " and I have to stop and listen to the song.
And she sounds just as good live as on her studio recordings - even without artificial touch ups on-stage and all that jazz.

Avril Lavigne beat Amy? Whoahh Amy Lee has one of the most unique strongest female vocals, perfect pitch all the time

Excuse me, Chester Bennington? Yes he is an unique singing but Amy Lee is different. Her voice is very RARE AND UNIQUE! Amy is should be in top 10.

Go Amy! You're is the most unique voice ever. She is the best. Sorry Chester!

Try singing one of her songs and you find yourself giving up halfway through because she hits extremely low notes then goes through the roof with a high one. It's fun to try! Her voice amazes me.

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6Kurt Cobain

Kurt easily has one of the most unique voice ever, took influences from previous musicians and made it his own. No singer has accomplished individuality the way he has.

This is THE UNIQUE, I was shocked when I first time heard it! SUPER!

Kurt's voice is amazing its raspy and unique he's personally my favorite singer

He was amazing. It would be amazing to hear him sing now. If only he hadn't been murdered, bumped off by his wife. RIP Kurt, so sorry Frances Bean.

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7Sarah Brightman

I've always loved Sara's beautiful voice. She has one of the most unique soprano voices I've ever heard. I have all of her albums and love every one. She is my favorite female artist of any I've ever heard. Plus she is down right beautiful. Donald Braswell is my favorite tenor, in fact, to me, he is the greatest male performing artist of today. Like Sara, he has a beautiful unique voice and the most handsome man I've ever seen. I would love to see these two do a duet together. What great sounds that would make plus both such delicious eye candy.

Sarah Brightman has the most angelic voice the believe I have ever heard. She is just so amazing. I could listen to her forever. Her voice is unique and unmatched by any other person alive!

There's no one like you. On of her songs that fits her pretty well. Her voice is so beautiful and unique, there will never be anyone like her ever again. Why? Because her voice is so angelic and it touches everyone when she starts to sing

The most perfect voice of all times!

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8John Lennon

John lennon not just touched lives, BUT he also wrote great lyrics. Has a unique voice that even my dog can recognize!


John Lennon should be way higher on this list. His voice is so unique and amazing all he has to do is sing for a couple of seconds and you know its Lennon.

Best song writer ever!

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9David Bowie

A carrying voice that penetrates through the loudest and boldest of music, you recognize instantly when David Bowie is singing.
His baritone catches attention and breaks away from all other sounds, making everything else only ENHANCE it's quality. Listen to Time Will Crawl or Underground to see for yourself.
Even if you don't take into account his amazing ability as a composer and lyricist, this man should still have reached the Top Twenty.

There's a lot of people that are voting on this list that have no idea what they are voting for. The list is "most unique singing voice", not "greatest singer ever" or "my personal favorite singer". The singer with the most unique voice is definitely David Bowie. To have a unique voice, you have to have a voice that cannot be compared to another singer a voice where there is no mistaking that voice. This fits David Bowie. I've never heard anyone sing and sound like David Bowie. Do I think David Bowie is the greatest singer ever? No, but he's definitely in the top 10. Does he have the most unique voice ever? Definitely yes.

David BOWIE HAS 2 B IN TOP 10 AT LEAST I MEAN WHO PUT AVRIL LAVIGNE UP HIGHER THAN David what people. AVRIL GOT NOTHING ON David, she can only sing pop/rock. David's range is extremely wide, he can sing really deep to really high and has changed the way he sings over time, about every decade. I mean come on this guy has done everything and nailed it, from folk to funk/soul to electronic and he experimented with heaps of genres like ambient and drum and bass.

He is photogenic in any setting at any angle as his voice is adaptabe in any tone in any genre. what's not to love?

To be honest David Bowie scares me oops the only thing I'll listen to of his is Under Pressure Queen+David Bowie.

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10Josh Groban

No one sings like Josh so I'd say his voice is unique as I'd recognize a song of his anywhere! Just beautiful! - anetnut

He is original with his voice and his songs are so different from other artist's songs. He continually sings great and can reach notes other singers cannot. He also is a talented piano player,

Josh makes me feel relaxed, yet excited. I don't know how to describe his voice except for heavenly! I truly ADORE his song 'So She Dances'. Makes me smile every time!

His voice is one of the best voices I have ever heard! It is just so beautiful.

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The Newcomers

?Bryan Ferry
?Toru Kitajima

He has a voice that is difficult to describe but it borders on scream-like with an ability to become delicate all at once. His singing voice is not your average, common singing voice like anyone such as Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber. It is an actual rare signing voice. To make matters even more interesting his voice is incredibly flexible and versatile. Probably one of the reasons many might not know of Toru Kitajima or as his fans call him TK is over him hailing from Japan.

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11Chester Bennington

I can't believe he is so down. His voice is best in the world. Ill recognize his voice even if I dead. He is not good he is best.
And he is best singer I ever heard

Chester definitely has a unique voice unlike any other artist. I'd definitely be able to recognize Chester's voice without truly knowing if I'm listening to one of his songs. His soft voice is something you don't hear many artists pull off with such emotion and beauty, and when he gets gritty and dirty his screams totally come off unique as hell. It's as if he's screaming, but singing at the same time, like two different voices at once. This list isn't about how good your voice is, but how unique it is. Chester does both. He definitely deserves to be within the top ten at least.

I recognize his voice anywhere. No one can sing, scream or sound like Chester in anyway possible.

Come on there is now more epic sound like chester I mean it is rock isn't it rock must be epic plus his got the voice for shouting make you feel heroic when your down got it? - radmehrzn

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12Jared Leto

Jared's voice is incredibly beautiful and unique. His voice makes me feel like I'm soaring through the sky and it touches a part of me that I had no idea that existed. When I listen to him sing, I feel like no one can touch me and it truely makes me feel like I can conquer anything I set my heart to. He's created this new world for us, all you have to do is believe and you'll fall into the right path.

Jared has the unique voice indeed! - Myhapypyha

Jared has a great voice. He reaches hight tones and his velvety voice makes his fans shiver! He does a great songwriting with emotional and catching lyrics! He is the most wonderful singer I have ever heard in my life! Love his voice and his charisma!

Incredible, hypnotic, inspiring, emotional and beautiful.

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Beautiful powerful emotional voice


Bjork should be in the top ten. She has the most unique female vocal! Most people at the top shouldn't be there because they don't have unique vocal bjork does no-one else sings like bjork

Her voice touches my heart... it's weak and strong... like a pixey... it's gorgeous, there's no other warming sound like it. I love her lyrics... they open feelings that you can never recollect from anyone else's voice... she's amazing.

Why is she this far back on the list? Her voice is much more unique than, say, Nick Jonas?!?! Bjork is the most unique voice of the avant garde, and is one of the greatest modern "composers" of our time. She is underrated. Her voice is mind-altering.

Technically I don't think she is a great singer, but that is what just WORKS with her music! Love her

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15Serj Tankian

Umm... People, read the title of this list... That's right, most unique voices, not most popular singer.

I apologize to everyone else on this list, but I HAVE to vote for Serj Tankian. He does have an amazingly unique voice, and I know for a fact that anyone who has ever listened to has voice, then heard it again later, in an entirely unfamiliar song, would know instantly that it was him singing. I had only ever heard him sing in System of a Down, but was listening to Pandora a while back, and I heard his voice. I was shocked, because I know every System of a Down song, and this was none of them! I checked the song title and artist name just to be sure, and sure enough, it was Serj!

Unique, inspiring and amazing! Serj's singing is so individual and some of the noises he can make just add to what makes him so unique!

You can't get anywhere near his voice

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You can definitely tell when this member of Super Junior is singing. His voice is so unique and pretty

He is so Talented! When you hear his voice you could actually say quickly, hey it's Super Junior's Kim Ryeowook. His voice is so clear, when he sings you can feel his emotions. He always leave his listeners in agape.

Ryeowook and yesung both have amazingly unique voices, however ryeowooks voice stands out much more in any song!

He has that sweet honey voice, you will never listen to a clear and pure voice like him. Also he have that high note you can recognize too.

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17Axl Rose

This list is a joke.. I haven't even heard of half the people on it so there's no way I'd instantly recognize a song of theirs.. And even most of the ones I have heard of are not particularly unique... Axl Rose for all he isn't the best vocalist on this list, I would say has the most unique sound.

Axl rose has an awesome voice it is literally impossible to mistake his voice for anyone else's his voice is so hardcore and meaningful it actually makes you want to listen to his songs whether you like rock music or not
by the way why is Rihanna number 27 on this list? Why is she even ON this list it is most unique voice not whose voice could mentally corrupt your brain the fastest if it was she would be right underneath Justin bieber.

Axl has one of the most distinctive voices I have ever heard. If it were up to me he would be no. 1 on this list. I've never heard anyone sing like him him in that sexy, screechy, two voices at once style... I love you Axl..

Deserves at LEAST top 3.

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18Elvis Presley

This poll is just a joke! Elvis Presley has the best and most recognizable singing voice in the entire world. I have never even heard of most of the so called artists that are featured here. Elvis has sold more records than most of these put together he remains the King of music many years after is untimely death. Long live the King.

Why is Elvis down by the 70s? Elvis is known as the king of rock. No one could compare to his amazing rich voice. When one of his songs come up on the radio, you could tell that it is him singing it. He makes the song meaningful.

I love Elvis! His voice can be so soft and soothing, or anything he wanted it to be! He is truly a legend and will always be remembered. Just as someone already said, he had an amazingly recognizable voice :) I loved all his song when I was little, and still do! He's the King of Rock and Roll! RIP Elvis.
PS: Why isn't Jason Mraz on her? Or John Mayer...? Hm!

He is 1 just amazing singer

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19Morten Harket

Although I prefer his songs as an A-ha member, I agree that his voice is deep and eerie

Mortens voice is the most unique. His voice makes me dreaming...


Her voice is so unique. I could recognize it anywhere, and it is never tiring to listen to. Her songs are unique in themselves, and the way she sings them is so great. Adele is amazing

It's one thing to have a great strong voice and another thing to have a great unique voice. Many recorded singers, have great strong voices but in my opinion, Adele is one of only a handful that have both a unique voice as well as a strong voice. I can think of two other singers that have very unique voices. Sam cooke and Julia Carpenter. I can't understand why they're not on this list.

Adele has a very unique, recognizable, and enjoyable voice. I have yet to hear anyone else who can sound like her.

Not many people at all can sing as soulfully and have the same range and accuracy as Adele Atkins.

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