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101Do We Need This?V3 Comments
102Jimmy Kane

Stop deleting my comments aren't I allowed to like jimmy Kane?

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This song is really sad, it's also sad that it wasn't voted for, because everyone just voted for uprising and Cydonia there good but please listen to everything by muse

One of muse best. It's a great buildup song and the piano is extremely haunting.

Absolutely haunting, amazing song

Great song probably there saddest

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104SoakedV1 Comment
105Nature 1

106? For real? Nature_1 is simply amazing

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106Execution Commentary

Still meaningful than some of the meaningless crap I hear these days.

Still better than the crap music I hear today.

Love the guitar. As well as the vocals.

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Such a great/fave instrumental and remake of the Hot Butter tune from the early 1970's.

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109Sign O' the Times
112Where the Streets Have No Name
113Falling With the Crowd
115ForameusV1 Comment
116Man of Mystery
118We Are the Universe

I love this song, so epic for the intro of a great concert!

120Jigsaw Memory
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