Top Ten Music Festivals In the World

There are festivals going on everywhere around the world mostly in the summer, which topten really stand out?

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1Download Festival, UK

THe festival with the best music every year. May not be many people's cup of tea, but Download's atmosphere, music and entertainment makes it the best festival to visit!

2Tomorrowland, Belgium

This festival is absolutely EPIC! No festival in the world tops it and the only one where I believe most countries from around the world join together and watch amazing acts live. The music, the atmosphere, the people: doesn't get better than this!

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3Woodstock Festival, USAV2 Comments
4Glastonbury, UK

NO DOUBT THE NUMBER 1 FESTIVAL IN THE WORLD! It has the most stages and the most acts performing. The atmosphere is absolutely gold, people talking to nearby campers through the night, this festival gives you the true feel of what its like to be free and it's a must have experience!

5Rock In Rio, Brazil

It's crowd is like nothing deserves to be in top 3

6Rock Am Ring, Germany

This should definitely be up further, FFS, what is wrong with some people

7Donauinselfest, Austria
8Vans Warped Tour, USA
10Summerfest, USA

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11iHeartRadio Music Festival, US
12Lollapalooza, US
13Wireless, UK
14Global Gathering, UK
15Pinkpop, Netherlands
16Rockstar Mayhem Festival, US
17Ultra, USA
18Soundwave Festival, Australia

Suprised that Soundwave isn't up higher. Just because Australia has less people meaning the attendence isn't monumental, Soundwave is still a good time for 40 000-60 000 people. I enjoyed going and watching bands like AV7X, Green Day and the Offspring at closer quaters than say Woodstock (which should most definitely be in the top 5).
Cheers Kents

19Coachella, USA
20Paléo!, Nyon, Switzerland
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1. Woodstock Festival, USA
2. Download Festival, UK
3. Rock Am Ring, Germany
1. Tomorrowland, Belgium
2. Pinkpop, Netherlands
3. Donauinselfest, Austria



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