Top Ten Music Genres That Shouldn't Even Be Considered Music


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I don't even wanna know what this is...

Pornogore = Pornogrind (just synonyms).
I don't know why both are on this list as different items. - Metal_Treasure

Pornogore = Pornogrind (just synonyms).
I don't know why both are on this list. - Metal_Treasure

22Pure Satanic Black MetalV1 Comment
23National Socialist Black Metal

It's not a music genre, it's just black metal with specific lyrics.

And we can't say it's not music based on its lyrics because it's already another type of art - literature, or "poetry" if you wish. - Metal_Treasure

24Classic Rock

Classic Rock is more likely a term. - malamJONES

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25Danger Music

This literally isn't music. It's some kind of post-modern avant-garde performance art. And by that I mean it's absolute garbage. You thought black metal was just some guy screaming? How about watching a guy on stage literally just scream with no rhythm or melody and knock stuff over.

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26Rape Metal

I guess this isn't a genre, maybe it's just a group of bands from different metal subgenres focusing on certain lyrical themes.
Never heard of this genre before (if it's a genre). - Metal_Treasure

27Bro Country
28Rap Metal
31Heavy Metal

This is for reals not good music u can't even understand what there saying

32Punk RockV2 Comments

It's awful - some music genres just don't mix.
But it's still music because it's not only some unstructured noise. - Metal_Treasure

Disagree completely. Nu-metal is very interesting and full of genre-mashing. It's a great genre. - AngryByrd

Some genres just don't mix, don't go together. Nu metal is the worst musical idea ever. And rap metal, too. - Metal_Treasure

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