Best NPCs In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

NPC means non-playable character for those of you who don't know. Basically every character in the game apart from the Dragonborn.

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He's like the Stephen Fry of dragons

If you kill Toriel/papyrus/Sans, that's the equivalent of killing Paarthurnax. A true supporter along the way. - Canuck101

I killed him thinking a would get gold. Then found out you don't. Tried to redeem myself by killing the blades and the greybeards still hate me. Don't kill paarthurnax or the greybeards won't teach you new shouts

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"Oh yes, I was there for that whole sorted affair. Marvelous time! Butterflies, blood, a fox, a severed head, ohoho! And the CHEESE, to die for! " - Sheogorath, Best video game character of all time (joking of course, but he is really great). Personally, I do think Sheogorath is the main character of Oblivion, if you consider the Shivering Isles canon, which I do. Sheogorath is just so deliciously insane, hilarious and evil at the same time.

"Do you mind? I'm busy doing the fishstick. It's a very delicate state of mind! " "Ta ta, come by again, or I'll pluck out your eyes! Haha! "

He's simply hilarious! And the cheese... It's to DIE FOR. Wait. We weren't talking about cheese, were we? What were we talking about? WAIT! Don't tell me! I WANT TO GUESS!

I mean come on "I'm doing the fish stick it's a very delicate state of mind" go doesn't love him

Best character in the entire Elder Scrolls series by far.

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3Jarl Balgruuf

Now listen well, he's Jarl Balgruuf, and he be ballin, ballin, ballin, Jarl Ballin, ballin, ballin. Swag, he's Lord of the Rings, and the Jarl of Whiterun, holla if you need him...

Sorry, can't ever forget that. But I like Balgruuf because he is probably the smartest Jarl out of all of them (though I also quite like Ulfric) and is loyal to his people, first and foremost. And he tries to stay out of the war for as long as he can but when Ulfric threatens to besiege Whiterun he fought back because he was no coward. If I had to choose which Jarl to be the next High King, my vote would go to Balgruuf...

Great man. If it weren't for him, Alduin would not be dead. Sure his kids are sassy,and he's ignorant about the war, but the dragons are a greater deal. - Canuck101

Come on, he's the best Jarl! He's not an idiot like some other characters, he's helpfull and in general an enjoyable NPC (Plus he's Ballin)

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4Aela the Huntress

Is it weird that I crush so hard on her?

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5Legate Rikke

How come in the subtitles it says her name then

Everybody thinks that she sentenced the dragonborn to his/her death, but the person who did that was killed by alduin. Legate rikke wasn't even at Helgen.

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Isn't he you favorite insane guy dressed weirdly, too? Excluding the Joker?

Insanely funny as well as insane. Loyal to the old and true Dark Brothehood ways. Sneaky as can be and his added dialouge always has me laughing.
"Cicero wants sky forge steel. Sharp sharp sharp to stab stab stab"
Did I mention, he is insane?

I I find a signing bird ill snap it neck before its heard hehehehehe

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7Mjoll the Lioness

Am I the only one who thinks that she should be the Jarl of Riften? - aldwych94

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8M'aiq the Liar

He tells you all the features of the games and other Easter eggs, but in riddle form.

M'aiq should be a playable character, it would be very interesting

If M'aiq was a follower, then I would never stop playing Skyrim.

I loved him in oblivion and skyrim

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9Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak

Ulfric is the true High King of Skyrim. DOWN WITH THE EMPIRE!

He is the true high king of skyrim

He's really cool man. And his voice is unff. Major character crush

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She was not just the type to say yes because of a necklace. You had to say the right things.

Possibly the most developed character in Skyrim and seems more human than most other npcs. However, she was the "forced in" kinda type. They wont even let you ditch or dismiss her until you complete the ENTIRE Dawnguard questline.

A character with an actual interesting backstory, that means something.

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He helps out when you join the legion and turns out to be a great character. - aldwych94

Only important briefly. Afterwards he's irrelevant. - Canuck101

12GabriellaV1 Comment
14Hold Guard

I used to like the hold guard but then I took an arrow to the knee.

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Her death was one of the saddest in the game. - aldwych94

Astrid shouldn't even be on this list


She gives you a pretty good bow at the and of the thieves guild storyline.

How could anyone forget the one who always sounds like they are whispering lol.

She's good but her voice is so creepy

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19Kodlak Whitemane

He's such a sweetheart, but still a badass

I literally made him into a death machine when I play skyrim - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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