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This is a list of the greatest songs of the Japanese Rock-Band "One OK Rock". Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

The Beginning
Ending Story, Nobody's Home, Liar, the same as, Smiling Down, Answer Is Near and many more are all worthy candidates but to me it has to be The Beginning. I can not describe exactly what makes it so good except for the fact that 500 plays later I still leave it on repeat.
I love this song so much. It was the first song that I listened to to from One OK Rock, and it is now my most played song.
It's should be number one in top ten list
[Newest]First song I've heard and first song in my list

2Nobody's Home
As a musician, this is slightly superior from the rest in terms of of melody, arrangements, emotional build-up, skills & satisfaction.

I don't know, I just want to scream this song out to someone. Haha
So emotional! So deep! So true!
I've always loved the drums on this one...
[Newest]Is the best of this top 10!

4Never Let This Go
I think this is the most powerful song of One OK Rock. The combination of scream and clean vocals with these variety of guitar riffs are incredible! Sometimes soft parts between the heavier ones make the song balanced and really diversified. Perfect!


My first song of ONE OK ROCK and the best too!... Perfect combo of all elements

5Answer Is Near
I always scream this song driving in the car. Much higher than 10 in my opinion
Should be in top 3 just saying
By far my favorite song!

6Ending Story??
I thing this song about move on and make me want to sream.. good songs good scream

7The Same As...
Why this song is in seventh?
This's very impressive song, arigatou...

8Deeper Deeper
I don't know what makes this song so much better in my opinion, this is one that offers a nice break from the style of some of the others, and keeps itself fresh all the time.
I personally thinks that deeper deeper should be in top 3!


10Clock Strikes
It's the first song me one ok rock I've listened to and it's the best
This song is really amazing, I dunno why it's so down in the list..
This is my first song to know ONE OK ROCK

The Contenders

The chorus is a typical amazing work of One OK Rock, but the guitar in the intro and verse gives "Karasu" an alternative and catchy touch! Really love this piece of them.


The lyrics, the sound, and Taka's voice!

12Keep It Real
Gives me a really chilly kind of feeling. The fast rap between truly catchy and awesome choruses!
The melody of this chorus is in my opinion something really special.


This song is so catchy
I love it when the chorus of any song is catchy

13Et Cetera

Philosophy lesson from One OK Rock :P
Also one of One OK Rocks most powerful songs! Heavy Guitars, Bass and Drum and a beautiful voice in between. :D


15Smiling Down

16Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer
Is best song forever for me
I love love LOVE this song. And the video :D
This song give me spirit...

17Wherever You Are
Such a beautiful song, sung buy Taka's warm voice...
So deep, I cried when I hear this song...
My favourite one ok rock song

I love The Beginning, clock strikes, karasu, Jibun rock, no scared, and all their upbeat songs. I know, they are Rock band. But, why is this not in top 10?

Re:make is my own favorite though.

20Jibun Rock
This is a good song is should be on top 5
Best song of One OK Rock hands down; amazing gutar riffs and drumming along with Taka's piercing vocals - how could this not be #1?
I agree this is my favorite, so it sud be top 5

21Be the Light
I can listen to it all day over and over and I'm not fed up with it. The best song ever.
Well, it's not like rock-ish song, but just like easy listening. Worth to listen. This song is my favorite actually
This song, included the music and voice can enjoying my mind

22No Scared
This is my number one song of one ok rock in my song list..
But, why doesn't in top ten?

This song make me goosebumps all the body.

24Nothing Helps



27My Sweet Baby



"So just let the small s*** go"; words to live by!


32Living Dolls
Toru's song.. A special song for me


34Mr. Gendai Speaker

35Kimishidai Ressha


37Mighty Long Fall
This song is awesome for those of you that haven"t heard this before you should it's my favourite
This song is simply great (of course the rest of their songs is great too). But there's something, the little something, that makes this song so overwhelmingly beautiful, esp. that bridgepart, the 'get up, get up, Time to make amends for what you did'-part, that's arrg just perfection.

38Hitsuzen Maker


40Melody Line No Shibouritsu

41Sansan Dama

42Crazy Botch


44All Mine


46Koi No Aibou Kokoro No Cupid

4720 Years Old

48Break My Strings

49Sonzai Shoumei


51Viva Violent Fellow


53Bossa Nova

54Tsurai + Ichi = Shiawase

55And I Know

56Konzatsu Communication

57Yes I Am

58Shake It Down

59Adult Suits

60Mikansei Koukyoukyoku

61Lost and Found

62Seken Shirazu No Uchuu Hikoushi

63Let's Take It Someday



66 (You Can Do) Everything

67Yoru Ni Shika Sakanai Mangetsu


69Yokubou Ni Michita Seinendan

70A New One for All, All for the New One

71To Feel the Fire

72Rose Blood

73Rock, Scissor, Paper
We can't vote all, don't we?

74Yume Yume



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