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Greatest Pinoy Band of All Time! They were not called the Beatles of the Philippines for nothing! The only OPM Band who have a Diamond Album status and has a single who is one of the Greatest OPM songs of All Time in and Huling El Bimbo. Saan ka pa? Eraserheads rules!

All of the emerging bands are always compared to the eraserheads. Eheads is the yardstick used to measure all Pinoy bands. All other bands in this list would not exist without the eraserheads.

Can Parokya ni Edgar beat a band where their songs were already sang by the mass before they release their album?

Nami nami gina ya!

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2Parokya Ni Edgar

you rock! all of your songs was great that I can truly relate... :)) keep rockin' on! m/

They are so cool, all the song that they made relate the filipino's life on how they show their love to their love once..

Amazing creativity in the lyrics and unpredictable mix of hip-hop and 90s rock

You can do rap, rock and chill music like the your song is one of my favorite than para sayo.

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3Juan Dela Cruz

Juan Dela Cruz is the foundation of Philippine Rock bands!

Without Juan dela Cruz band there would be no Pinoy Rock
Juan dela cruz should be in number 1 position.

Juan Dela Cruz is the Philippine's closest thing to Led Zeppelin

Juan De La Cruz band need to be number 1, They started pinoy rock and the second generation look up to them.

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You guys rock. You are Metallica of the Philippines. Old school rock and roll. One of the best of our time. You would appreciate almost all of their songs in all of their album.

Wolfgang is the best band OPM has to offer. They got the talent and the creativity of writing legendary music for the universe to hear. This band is definitely should be higher than a lot of bands above them. Best heavy metal band in the Philippines and even Asia.

Their music can be compared to foreign rock music. I think they are the only filipino band that was able to release an album overseas.. And their lyrics are not for the shallow minded

No falter in philippine rock scene... This band is really one of Filipino rock icon from the 90's and beyond!

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This is the best band ever! The original, Rico, Mark, Nathan, and Bamboo. up to the new generation, Mark, Mike, Japs, and Jayson. Tuloy ang ligaya!

This should place higher than the 12th place! This band is named Banda ng Bayan together with Parokya!

This band is great. Their songs were pretty good and while you listening to their songs you can truly understand the lyrics of their songs and it's also interesting! Rico Blanco is one of the best songwriter in the Philippines but the bad news is Rico Blanco is now like Bamboo they are now both R&B singers. Ely Buendia is still the best and loyal pinoy rock icon in the Philippines!

Rivermaya deserve to be top 2 or 3

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Bamboo is great! Their music is so good... And the members have their own capabilities in playing their instrument..

great vocal power, great songs, great band, greatest Filipino rock band ever...

Totally, he is the voice. Men mimic how he sings. Best rock vocal our country has!

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Their lyrics are very unique and interesting. It is so great, their voices' harmony is perfect. I like it very much!

Down right crazy and kicking ass and taking names... Keep rocking

I like the maturity of their lyrics throughout the course of their albums, I do believe that they're the best. These guys were the reason why a lot of kids went out to form bands, every song was a hit and it was embraced by everyone which proves how big an influence these guys are! More power and rock on!

I love their songs, very catchy and full of soul..

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Every person have their own likes when it comes to music. Some want classic songs, rock musics, heavy metals, hip hop musics, and etc, some prefer country songs, ballads, love songs, and pop music. People choose for their favorite songs and/or bands that somehow at some point they can relate in the message brought by their favorite music. And sometimes, it also shows personality; it expresses emotions, life experiences, and things that is really true in this world.

I prefer Siakol as my favorite OPM Band. "SIAKOL" is pertaining to be free, happy and sometimes a naughty state of mind. What makes Siakol be my favorite Pinoy Rock band is that all there songs is originally composed and written by their vocalist Mr. Manuel "Noel" Rivera Palomo. And another is, all there composed master piece are very fascinating, it makes you realize that it is really true and somehow open your eyes or senses and makes you smile.

God bless Siakol...

Siakol.. One of the best bands with very great songs. They're song are sing with. Ang daling sabayan. , and some songs contains lyrics which are true to the real world and shows reality of life and politics. A patriotic band indeed. Siakol is really a great band for me. Shine again SIAKOL at GAWING LANGIT ANG MUNDO..!

The best punk band in the Philippines

This band does not need to shout, growl, crawl, etc. great Lyrics and soft voice of its vocalist would bring you on cloud9..

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Slapshock is one of the premier rapmetal bands of the Philippines.

Whilst the band entered the business playing rapmetal, the members are influenced by a lot of rock sub-genres: Grunge, Metal, and glam, to name a few. It is upon hearing Rage Against the Machine that all the members of Slapshock all connected at the same time and decided that yes, they want to do something as prolific as Rage.
It is hard to brush aside a band as talented and hard working as Slapshock. Never negligent nor lenient, the band continues to grow, experiment, and mature. As such, Slapshock continues to make believers and fans of regular listeners and casual audiences.

First time I listen to their music, I just got hooked up right away! I will definitely buy their album when I get back home. forever support filipino rock and roll.

Creates hard music yet with a passion in their lyrics; Jamir has a voice of such a hard rocker and when he sings you can feel him inside your heart. The way he plays each word makes Slapshock distinctive from other bands in the market. Slapshock is a rock band with a heart!

I love this band

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Yano is like, what the hell. I'll have to say every good thing about them if I have to say one. Suffice to say that Banal Na Aso has the greatest guitar solo ever from a fellow Filipino. Eric is a guitar god. Anyway, getting incoherent here. I don't have much time. I'll just end this message for now by saying that Yano's a close second to Eraserheads, and would have topped my personal list if they went on to be more prolific. But in the end, their 1994 self-titled debut is the best album ever made in the Philippines. Not even Cutterpillow can touch it.

Are you serious? Number 19? Yano's dong abay is one of the greatest lyricist ever. Social and political issues with a mix of great melody? This band should be in the top 5

Yano and eraserhead must be number one and two.. If not, this is a complete bull.

The best band of the 90's and the best debut album ever

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11The Dawn


The Dawn ruled the new wave / alternative airwaves during the 80's.

Almost all their songs has a very good and intellectual lyrics. A serious band... Rock on the dawn!

Should be in number 2 spot, next to Juan dela Cruz

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12Sponge Cola

One of the most popular band... & is sponge cola and I like the way they play their music.. & ROck! And ROll

A very versatile and sensible band! Not to mention that they are now a certified diamond record awardee!

From their first Album up to the Last album, all of their songs are all really really good. for me Sponge Cola is the number one OPM band. Go Sponge Cola keep making beautiful songs and inspire people.

One of the consistent band that I've ever met! Keep the fire burning!

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Great Musicianship. Great lyrics and great inspiration to the broken hearted individuals. Definitely worthy to be called the great band of the south.

Calla lily and Sponge Cola shouldn't be at the top ten. I think Urbandub and Franco is more worthy than them. Because Urbandub has a smooth lyrics and most people relates on their song. And the way they mix up their tune the way you'll hear them that's what you call ROCK.

I think Urbandub sounds more rocking than Gracenote! Well that was my opinion because I'm a huge fan of this band forever URBANDUB!

Clean tone, great arrangement and very ear friendly for their chosen genre of music..

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Gracenote. This band is the one of the best bands I've heard. When I first heard one of their songs, they instantly became my favorite. Gracenote also became my inspiration. This band inspired me to love and support OPM music more. I also have a band, and now because of Gracenote, I am more inspired and motivated to create music that will move the hearts of the listeners. Thanks Gracenote! More power. Gracenote is simply the best!

They really were awesome band! The first time I saw them playing their songs, I was easily got hooked, twas just like watching Paramore, Paramore but spiced with their own style and uniqueness... The members were young but yet, skilled and talented individuals... The thing that I liked the most about them was they're approachable and appreciative at the same time... That's why soon enough, they could possibly be in the limelight! ) don't stop stop, and keep on rocking' GRACENOTE!

I'm not really a fan of Paramore. I'm not even that much interested with their songs either.. However, Gracenote's unique way of delivering their cover of Paramore's songs really hooked me up. Even their own songs has that catchy tune that make people(fans or not) listen til the music ends..

They were still slowly starting the first time I heard them play, but I already know they would be "BIG" someday.. And they really did. They're fun, and play songs with their hearts.. Even fans can feel how they feel when they play.. They're true artists and can be great friends as well.. They treat their fans as if we all are just childhood friends.

In summary, Awesome band, Great Members, Cool Music.

P.S. kahit di kayo pumasok sa Top 10, you'll still be inside my list of Top 10 Philippine Rock Bands. Good Bless and More Power -edt-

Just want to hear new twist from there songs

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Asin initiated songs about about our mother earth, war in Mindanao, love and the innocence of the children, using only acoustic guitars accompanied by genuine tunog pinoy instruments. Asin should be considered as one of the pillars of original pinoy music.

Legendary asin, their songs never die.

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16Silent Sanctuary

I really really love this band, this is my favorite because I think this band is so unique,.. especially the song "kismet"

Keep it up "silent sanctuary"

I'll be waiting for your new songs, ^_^

Their music not only touches our ears with its beautiful melody but also touches our heart because we can really relate our own experiences with their songs.
They play music as if we are reading our diaries and reliving our memories about love-first love, heartbreak, loving again, true love, etc.
Keep it up Silent Sanctuary!

It was I was in first high school when it happened that silent sanctuary became my favorite band because of my crush when I was also still in first year that became my love ones...
Until now your my favorite band AND UNTIL NOW, (I'M NOW COLLEGE)HE'S STILL MY LOVE ONES...


I love the song "Ikaw Lamang."

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A super group composed of old timers but nonetheless a breath of fresh air in the music scene! OPM at its finest. Not riding the pop bandwagon of this day and age, the band continues to make quality music. Not your usual average guitar and drum-wielding quartet.

Having ely Buendia as the frontman of this band, no wonder how can they make new music with new band members and of course new styles.

This four members are super massive together!

One of the best.

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Only few knows but this guys were revered by the bands of today, hard hitting lyrics of the first album!

Legendary fathers of Philippine Punk! I love their song "Metamorphosis"

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I'm a 100% Japanese citizen but I love their songs even though it's difficult to understand, but I still love it, just like K-pop songs some of other country love k-pop song etc, but these band are unique and I hope that they have a lot of english songs so that these band well known not only in the Philippines but also around the world :)... Sorry if my english is bad kekeke

I hope t0 see them in person someday

Callalily ROCKS

Callalily was the BEST AMONG THE BEST band ever!
I was so in-love with this band way back 2006 or 2007 and until now.
I was 8 when Stars became my favorite song and Kean became my crush. Haha!
Kean, Aaron, Tatsi, Lem, and Alden (former member) got the looks and talents. Everything!
They have their original music. Kaka LSS pag narinig mo.
"Tulad ng mundong hindi tumitigil sa pag-ikot... "
GREAT! Sarap sa tenga!
And Destination XYZ was the best album ever!
Young Band with BIG DREAMS!

I really love the band.. Their songs are so cool.. Yeah.. Rock on callalistas

Nice Song always.. Callalily

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I really like the songs MYMPS band played, especially the inspirational ones.

First of all, I don't think MYMP is a rock band. And most of their songs were revivals, they don't have many original songs. They mostly played songs that were famous before. I don't think that they have much contribution to "Original Pinoy Music." Though, Juris is a good artist, I just don't think that they contributed a great impact on Pinoy Rock Music.

I really love the song "I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me" since my elementary days! I love MYMP's acoustic style of singing!

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