Top 10 Philippine Rock Bands of All Time


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The Top Ten

Greatest Pinoy Band of All Time! They were not called the Beatles of the Philippines for nothing! The only OPM Band who have a Diamond Album status and has a single who is one of the Greatest OPM songs of All Time in and Huling El Bimbo. Saan ka pa? Eraserheads rules!
All of the emerging bands are always compared to the eraserheads. Eheads is the yardstick used to measure all Pinoy bands. All other bands in this list would not exist without the eraserheads.
Can Parokya ni Edgar beat a band where their songs were already sang by the mass before they release thier album?
[Newest]Eraserheads the number 1 pinoy rock band!
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2Parokya ni Edgar
you rock! all of your songs was great that I can truly relate... :)) keep rockin' on! m/
They are so cool, all the song that they made relate the filipino's life on how they show their love to their love once..
Amazing creativity in the lyrics and unpredictable mix of hip-hop and 90s rock
[Newest]Please produce more songs..

Their lyrics are very unique and interesting. It is so great, their voices' harmony is perfect. I like it very much!
Pretty amazing band...!
Keep up the good work...!
Always smile...! ^_^
Down right crazy and kicking ass and taking names... Keep rocking
[Newest]Amazing and unique band..

This is the best band ever! The original, Rico, Mark, Nathan, and Bamboo. up to the new generation, Mark, Mike, Japs, and Jayson. Tuloy ang ligaya!
This should place higher than the 12th place! This band is named Banda ng Bayan together with Parokya!
Rico blanco is one of the greatest songwriter in the philippines, rivermaya's hits are unbreakable.
[Newest]The songs of rivermaya sound like international.

5Juan Dela Cruz
Juan Dela Cruz is the foundation of Philippine Rock bands!
Without Juan dela Cruz band there would be no Pinoy Rock
Juan dela cruz should be in number 1 position.
Juan Dela Cruz is the Philippine's closest thing to Led Zeppelin
[Newest]They put the Philippines in the rock map and are recognized by other rockers in the world as the epitome of rock & roll in the country.

Bamboo is great! Their music is so good... And the members have their own capabilities in playing their instrument..
great vocal power, great songs, great band, greatest Filipino rock band ever...
[Newest]This is the best band I known

Slapshock is one of the premier rapmetal bands of the Philippines.

Whilst the band entered the business playing rapmetal, the members are influenced by a lot of rock sub-genres: Grunge, Metal, and glam, to name a few. It is upon hearing Rage Against the Machine that all the members of Slapshock all connected at the same time and decided that yes, they want to do something as prolific as Rage.
It is hard to brush aside a band as talented and hard working as Slapshock. Never negligent nor lenient, the band continues to grow, experiment, and mature. As such, Slapshock continues to make believers and fans of regular listeners and casual audiences.
First time I listen to their music, I just got hooked up right away! I will definitely buy their album when I get back home. forever support filipino rock and roll.
Creates hard music yet with a passion in their lyrics; Jamir has a voice of such a hard rocker and when he sings you can feel him inside your heart. The way he plays each word makes Slapshock distinctive from other bands in the market. Slapshock is a rock band with a heart!
[Newest]The original pinoy hardcore-alternative rock..

You guys rock. You are metallica of the Philippines. Old school rock and roll. One of the best of our time. You would appreciate almost all of their songs in all of their album.
Wolfgang is the best band OPM has to offer. They got the talent and the creativity of writing legendary music for the universe to hear. This band is definitely should be higher than a lot of bands above them. Best heavy metal band in the Philippines and even Asia.
Their music can be compared to foreign rock music. I think they are the only filipino band that was able to release an album overseas.. And their lyrics are not for the shallow minded
[Newest]Wolfgang should be the best Pinoy band next to Juan dela Cruz!

Every person have their own likes when it comes to music. Some want classic songs, rock musics, heavy metals, hip hop musics, and etc, some prefer country songs, ballads, love songs, and pop music. People choose for their favorite songs and/or bands that somehow at some point they can relate in the message brought by their favorite music. And sometimes, it also shows personality; it expresses emotions, life experiences, and things that is really true in this world.

I prefer Siakol as my favorite OPM Band. "SIAKOL" is pertaining to be free, happy and sometimes a naughty state of mind. What makes Siakol be my favorite Pinoy Rock band is that all there songs is originally composed and written by their vocalist Mr. Manuel "Noel" Rivera Palomo. And another is, all there composed master piece are very fascinating, it makes you realize that it is really true and somehow open your eyes or senses and makes you smile.

God bless Siakol...
Siakol.. One of the best bands with very great songs. They're song are sing with. Ang daling sabayan. , and some songs contains lyrics which are true to the real world and shows reality of life and politics. A patriotic band indeed. Siakol is really a great band for me. Shine again SIAKOL at GAWING LANGIT ANG MUNDO..!
The best punk band in the philippines
[Newest]Siakol is the number 1 band

Gracenote. This band is the one of the best bands I've heard. When I first heard one of their songs, they instantly became my favorite. Gracenote also became my inspiration. This band inspired me to love and support OPM music more. I also have a band, and now because of Gracenote, I am more inspired and motivated to create music that will move the hearts of the listeners. Thanks Gracenote! More power. Gracenote is simply the best!
They really were awesome band! The first time I saw them playing their songs, I was easily got hooked, twas just like watching Paramore, Paramore but spiced with their own style and uniqueness... The members were young but yet, skilled and talented individuals... The thing that I liked the most about them was they're approachable and appreciative at the same time... That's why soon enough, they could possibly be in the limelight! ) don't stop stop, and keep on rocking' GRACENOTE!
I'm not really a fan of Paramore. I'm not even that much interested with their songs either.. However, Gracenote's unique way of delivering their cover of Paramore's songs really hooked me up. Even their own songs has that catchy tune that make people(fans or not) listen til the music ends..

They were still slowly starting the first time I heard them play, but I already know they would be "BIG" someday.. And they really did. They're fun, and play songs with their hearts.. Even fans can feel how they feel when they play.. They're true artists and can be great friends as well.. They treat their fans as if we all are just childhood friends.

In summary, Awesome band, Great Members, Cool Music.

P.S. kahit di kayo pumasok sa Top 10, you'll still be inside my list of Top 10 Philippine Rock Bands. Good Bless and More Power -edt-
[Newest]Just want to hear new twist from there songs
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The Contenders

11Sponge Cola
One of the most popular band... & is sponge cola and I like the way they play their music.. & ROck! And ROll
A very versatile and sensible band! Not to mention that they are now a certified diamond record awardee!
From their first Album up to the Last album, all of their songs are all really really good. for me Sponge Cola is the number one OPM band. Go Sponge Cola keep making beautiful songs and inspire people.
[Newest]I love their song "Puso" because it's very inspirational!

12The Dawn
The Dawn ruled the new wave / alternative airwaves during the 80's.
Almost all their songs has a very good and intellectual lyrics. A serious band... Rock on the dawn!
[Newest]They ruled the 80s new wave generation of pinoy rockers! Long live The Dawn.. We miss you Teddy Diaz!

Great Musicianship. Great lyrics and great inspiration to the broken hearted individuals. Definitely worthy to be called the great band of the south.
Calla lily and Sponge Cola shouldn't be at the top ten. I think Urbandub and Franco is more worthy than them. Because Urbandub has a smooth lyrics and most people relates on their song. And the way they mix up their tune the way you'll hear them that's what you call ROCK.
Pride of ubec city... The giant sound of the south!
[Newest]These four are great musician and composers! Has a lot of heart in performing live!

14Silent Sanctuary
I really really love this band, this is my favorite because I think this band is so unique,.. especially the song "kismet"

Keep it up "silent sanctuary"

I'll be waiting for your new songs, ^_^
Their music not only touches our ears with its beautiful melody but also touches our heart because we can really relate our own experiences with their songs.
They play music as if we are reading our diaries and reliving our memories about love-first love, heartbreak, loving again, true love, etc.
Keep it up Silent Sanctuary!
It was I was in first high school when it happened that silent sanctuary became my favorite band because of my crush when I was also still in first year that became my love ones...
Until now your my favorite band AND UNTIL NOW, (I'M NOW COLLEGE)HE'S STILL MY LOVE ONES...

[Newest]I love the song "Ikaw Lamang."

I really like dong abay of yano
Yano is like, what the hell. I'll have to say every good thing about them if I have to say one. Suffice to say that Banal Na Aso has the greatest guitar solo ever from a fellow Filipino. Eric is a guitar god. Anyway, getting incoherent here. I don't have much time. I'll just end this message for now by saying that Yano's a close second to Eraserheads, and would have topped my personal list if they went on to be more prolific. But in the end, their 1994 self-titled debut is the best album ever made in the Philippines. Not even Cutterpillow can touch it.
Simple yano the best
[Newest]Yano and eraserhead must be number one and two.. If not, this is a complete bull.

A super group composed of old timers but nonetheless a breath of fresh air in the music scene! OPM at its finest. Not riding the pop bandwagon of this day and age, the band continues to make quality music. Not your usual average guitar and drum-wielding quartet.
Having ely Buendia as the frontman of this band, no wonder how can they make new music with new band members and of course new styles.
This four members are super massive together!

I'm a 100% Japanese citizen but I love their songs even though it's difficult to understand, but I still love it, just like K-pop songs some of other country love k-pop song etc, but these band are unique and I hope that they have a lot of english songs so that these band well known not only in the Philippines but also around the world :)... Sorry if my english is bad kekeke

I hope t0 see them in person someday

Callalily ROCKS
Callalily was the BEST AMONG THE BEST band ever!
I was so in-love with this band way back 2006 or 2007 and until now.
I was 8 when Stars became my favorite song and Kean became my crush. Haha!
Kean, Aaron, Tatsi, Lem, and Alden (former member) got the looks and talents. Everything!
They have their original music. Kaka LSS pag narinig mo.
"Tulad ng mundong hindi tumitigil sa pag-ikot... "
GREAT! Sarap sa tenga!
And Destination XYZ was the best album ever!
Young Band with BIG DREAMS!
They deserve to be on the top... They are really so cool... And they really rock everyone who watches them... Their band vocalist, KEAN, he was so cool... And I hope they will become at the firs spot...
[Newest]Well guys cool kayo

18Up Dharma Down
They've got such a great unique sound. They're world class musicians.
Come on, UDD? Post-rock, now electronic? Only forward thinking band in mainstream music. Lyrics, arrangement... The musicians are genius.
Who doesn't know at least one song from Up Dharma Down?

Asin initiated songs about about our mother earth, war in Mindanao, love and the innocence of the children, using only acoustic guitars accompanied by genuine tunog pinoy instruments. Asin should be considered as one of the pillars of original pinoy music.
Pinoy Folk Rock Music Giants!
This should be considered a a Hall of Famer awardee!

Paraluman is a relatively new band of Alternative, Rock and Pop in the country's ever-busy music scene. Considered as one of the youngest band to ever hit Metro Manila, the band offers music that is daring and edgy yet versatile enough to shift from one genre to another. Sounds like Moonpools and Caterpillars, Plumb, Michelle Branch, D' Sound and Paramore but did not forget to incorporate their own style to the songs thus making it more interesting to the listening public.

Paraluman is composed of Madeline, Arjay, VR, Jay and Jimbo. Madeline Ramboyong with her fine crooning style make her worthy to front the band and handles the vocalist's duties. Arjay Romero plays the lead guitars while VJ Romero on bass. Jay Macalincag deals with the rhythm and Jimbo Cuenco complete the sounds with his drumming tactics. Though members are technically new in the field, some of them are experienced musicians from other bands and are very eager to learn more and grab every opportunities of paving them to be one of the mainstream artists.


Breakthrough Artist of the Year- SOP Music Awards 2008
Best New OPM Artist of the Year- Monster Radio RX 93.1 Yearend Countdown
Favorite Indie Artist- MYX Music Awards 2009
One of the best band that I know! And all of their songs in In Lab! Album are originals, no remakes! All of their songs are great and beautiful! Their debut song Emily makes us think that this band has a very nice future and indeed all of their songs are VERY INSPIRING! They'll never let down their fans with new songs like Kapitan. The song Kapitan also have a good lesson. To be a good person and help others whoever you are makes us become heroes! I highly recommend this band it's because they have the best music, best vibes and best influence to us. The band are approachable they are so very very kind and thoughtful! And if you are lucky the band will approach you as well! Sweet! Keep up the good work Paraluman!
I love the voice of their vocalist "Madeline" and the way the band use to play their songs. Try to listen to their music just once, and you'll get hooked.
[Newest]They're not the greatest but I love how their music makes you feel good. You'll know that they're playing with their Hearts.

For they have generated a new kind of era mainly on pop-rock that instuated the birth of a lot of new acts, 6cyclemind opened doors for new acts in the industry.
Best band in the Philippines
Best band ever.. Lovely songs...

A true Philippine rock icon! One of the pioneers that started
The rock revolution of the early 90's. They just released a new
Album. They still ROCK!
I'm a 53 year old rocker and was blown away by this band. Rock and roll forever. Don't stop making muic. Long live Pinoy rock.
The Mighty Boars of Rock! My local band. They're one of the greatest! Enough said!

Philippines SUPER BAND The lineup consists of Franco Reyes (of InYo) on vocals, Gabby Alipe (of Urbandub) on guitar, Paolo "8" Toleran (of Queso) on guitar, Buwi Meneses (of Parokya ni Edgar) on bass guitar, and JanJan Mendoza (of Urbandub) on drums. Jah love!
Franco Music is what's their life all about... Not only singing and playing... But with good style precision unique music and high standard members that made a multi genre to ROCK you World m/

The band with the most attitude than anyone on this list.
[Newest]More than being a "super band," Franco basically influenced a lot of musicians from the younger generation to pick up an instrument and play music. He didn't even have to do that directly.

first of all, fearless triggering their unique blend of rock without knowing that it will be the lightning to the stage... their songz are original and catches your melting point even underground and metalz appreciated one of their songz.. and that's the fact!
Signature band back in 2006. For me this is the Filipino rock band
I just love the melody of their songs. Their song lyrics are also great. And of course, they have a very good vocalist!
[Newest]Their songs are full of emotion.

25FrancisM & Hardware Syndrome
FrancisM was the most versatile on the microphone, he could croon, rap and mosh.
His songs/works will be soon sung by the next generations!
FrancisM is the pioneer of Rap Rock/Metal in the land.

Eto lang and gusto ko sa buhay! Their noontime show album is the best!
The best itong banda na ito

27Moonstar 88
I love Moonstar 88 since my high school days!
I really love their song "Migraine" which became the theme song of the Korean Drama "Witch Yoo Hee" in GMA here in the Philippines.

28Tanya Markova
This band is so unique in so many ways. Rock and roll!

Legendary fathers of Philippine Punk! I love their song "Metamorphosis"

30Ginoong Vitalis
Ginoong Vitalis is Awesome as hell, Singing/Playing with a heart and with their soul.. I love them like I love myself.. And I will love them forever and ever. They inspired me when it comes to OPM music they are the reason why I'm attached to OPM today I'm seriously telling you guys the truth.. Seriously, they're perfectly awesome SWEAR!

More Power Guys and I love you! You know that =))) *Hugs*


This band is awesome! They make Good Vibes music and distinct sound here in the Philippines now a days. Their sounds and way of making music is futuristic and make me crazy.
Pilit is the best song on earth and please do check out their other song of ginoong Vitalis like Recall, Dreams, ngayong gabi, paano. Support opm.

I really like the songs MYMPS band played, especially the inspirational ones.
I really love the song "I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me" since my elementary days! I love MYMP's acoustic style of singing!

How can you go wrong with "sugod"? It's a shame this band didn't even reach top 10. Props to raimund and the gang. Hip and always fresh.
How did it come that sandwich did not make it on top ten? This guys are hit makers too!
Sandwich? At 47? What the heck?

Oktaves? Once again I choose this band, for they are really creative in songs, I love them really.
The Oktaves had Ely buendia on their band.

They're are still the best!
Their hits are too good

Better than chicosci. The Lyrics are pretty good. They deserve more recognition
Typecast will always be known with their heartbreaking and "super feels" hits. They proved with How Your Influence Betrays You and their recent EP, Word Sits Heavy that they are getting better at what they are doing and that is to rock out hard and influence many musicians.
Why would TYPECAST is not on the top 10 list? They are the BEST BAND ever here in the Philippines. Duh! For me, TYPECAST is number 1! Metal/Rock band yet they can melt each heart of their listeners.

A five piece rock band born on April of 2003 comprised of Kat-vox, Kurt-bass, Gerard-guitars, Monx-guitars, and Paulo-drums. In early 2005, the band released its debut self-titled album. Upon the release Saydie has developed a huge following. Their own. Rock n' roll enthusiasts all around the Philippines: from heavy metal kids to punk rock kids to emo kids to doll freaks and blood sucking vamps, are all brought together by their music.

Their music is a monochrome of sound and art that fail the criteria of mediocrity since their music remains nonpareil. "We've chosen not to button down this art that we make and share to others simply because what ever it is that you hear is what you get. For Saydie? Music is an outlet of reality and the different delusions and emotions of life, therefore it should be free and abstract. "
If you really don't know them, you can say it is an international band because of its unique, playful and complicated riffs, and also the way the vocalist use her talent at growling/screaming... It is really unbelievable
Cool! Their music is a monochrome of sound and art that fail the criteria of mediocrity since their music remains nonpareil.
[Newest]I remembered the time the our band covering all Saydie's song!

They had a reunion concert. A lot of people went. How can they not be one of the best?
Astig pa rin to

Pinoy power metal!
skychurch RULEES!
Underground music did them
Great band is born

This band has done a marvelous job on their art! They have a rare kind of sound that makes me experience LSS without being annoyed and without being in a bad mood (Wily and Lito, please stop it! ). You always want to hear these kind of bands, it brings the "pump" in the PUMPED UP!
The people involved in creating the music for this band are some of the better representations of how the music scene can (and will) continue to grow in the Philippines.
This is the band which really puts its heart to their song! It never forgets to pinch the heart of the listener!

Undoubtedly one of the best bands ever. And I'm quite sure you've paid a lot of attention whenever you hear the lyrics to their song which hits directly on target. As in "sapul" talaga. Talented bunch indeed.
Sir ebe dancel with his heart-wrenching lyrics are superb, though they disbanded their songs echoes throughout the opm music scene.

This band just keep getting better and better. Ian Tayao can scream like a banshee and growl like a death god. I have so much love for this band

42Valley of Chrome
I've been looking for music from this band for 5 years now, THANKS WHOEVER POSTED THIS
My Favorite Metalcore Band <3
Zyrus Solibet

43Giniling Festival
The lyrics and Musicality is so GREAT!

44Chico Sci
they're filipino but they play music as if they're foreign
i could say that they could beat mcr if only they have the same popularity
"fly black hearts into the sky, we're never meant to fall, and we'll touch all the lost stars"
They really DID touch all the LOST STARS out there. Wherever they go, you can expect hearts flying everywhere. And one band who spreads the love for OPM all around, that is none other than Chicosci. My vote is here.
Coolest band ever!

They sing their songs as if they were national anthems,

A band full of energy and is criticized a lot

Nevertheless they are bad that reaches out to their fans having parties or gatherings chicosci rocks!
[Newest]Fans love them so much. Always get to in the crowd very energetic. Aspiring songs though it is rock. Genius music and lyrics they are deserve to be on top. Whether you like it or not.

45True Faith
True Faith is legit for its walls in this industry, probably one of the longest standing bands in the country...

Eevee may not be as prestige as the Eraserheads and Rivermaya, but because of them, young Filipino musicians are inspired to share their music because of their sincerity in writing songs. They make their message in their songs accessible and easily to diverge. They were the ones who put Davao on the music scene. Di man kagwapuhan ang vocalist, maangas at mabagsik naman. Haha! It only shows that its not the looks but the talent that spawned their popularity
I've heard Eevee's single before "Gusto Ko Lang ng Girlfriend" and to me back then was like "Okay. Another emerging OPM band. " Not until my brother became the bassist of the band. Now, I may not be the number 1 fan but my support is with Eevee for continuing promoting OPM. Time will soon find its way for Eevee to become legendary.
They may not be the best but their song is inspiring and I know that you would agree to that and even if their not your top 10 today but they would be the best someday

Even so they are not in the list well its just a list
[Newest]Nothing to say simply the best!

47South Border
This group is really amazing. Their songs especially the old ones like "Kahit Kailan" and "Rainbow" are still hits. They're classic! The singer's voice has that unique cool sound that they can perform in the US and can gain popularity.
I love your songs guys...
When luke was still on the band, the band was great.

Ate em who is their vocalist is really approachable and they make great music for their listeners, they also keep in touch with their fans using facebook and other social networking sites so that they will be updated for their releases and upcoming gigs..
Just waiting for them to release their album calling all labels this band deserves an album what the hell are you waiting for? Sign them
The first time I saw this band in rock the riles, nice music! I like their performance. You guys rock! I hope to meet you guys in person!


50The Youth
I can't believe the Youth is almost at the bottom @ 50. There are some on top of this list not worthy of their place. Let's go Taken by Cars, Techy Romantics, Bonehead, Mutiny, Feet Like Fins, Sarcoma...
I think this band is on top the list the songs are very true
When start the music called PINOY BATO... This band the youth is the one of a favorite band on that time until now... DODONG CRUZ. Is the best...


How it happen that this band is in 47th place?
How come Shamrock is on 53rd spot? I really love the song "Alipin" and "Hold On." The song Alipin has a very poetic and romantic lyrics.

53Running Late
Great band, good music, pure OPM songs. Please support this band.

Marc is a beast since Sandwich days.
Kjwan music has no use by date. Instant classics. Highly recommend Lifeline, Pause, Invitation, Meron Ba and Walang Kaso to start you off.

55Not So Fast
Awesome band with such great music! Their own compositions are really good and creative when it comes to the lyrics. All band members are professional musicians. They are actually like more than a band. They are like a 'family' because I've seen them being there for each other. When they play on stage, you can see the passion in each and every member of this band. You see them enjoy and not only play music just for the sake of performing.
I just hope that someday soon this band NOT SO FAST... Will make it to the top and... I hope I will listen and watch more of them. They are simply awesome, and their passion for their music simply oozes, you know like the cup runneth over... It would be a pity if their music and performance would not touch more people. I just love watching and listening to them. Hey guys! Let's have more of your kind of music, wholesome, meaningful music! I'm sure your fans like me would love that!
[Newest]Punk is not yet dead.

56Never the Strangers
Amazing songs, and all four members are skilled creatively and technically. Add the fact that despite their new found fame, they're still all down to earth and approachable. Watch out for this band, they're the next big thing.
This band is one of a kind. Their other songs, compared to the recent ones they have released are mind-blowing! Great songwriting, great arrangements, great musicianship. Watch out for them. They're gonna revolutionize how people look at OPM and music alike.
This band started really young as Leonecast. They've been through several lineup changes. They still create good music. Part of what makes them great is their ability to persevere.

57Death by Stereo
Death by stereo the best of all filipino Metal go yeah.


You guys rock. You are metallica of the Philippines. Old school rock and roll. One of the best of our time. You would appreciate almost all of their songs in all of their album.
SUPERHERO Is one of the coolest song they made
They are one of the coolest band I've seen.. They are so natural and they really rock! They deserve to be at least on the top 20..
[Newest]I love the song "Superhero" because of its poetic lyrics and beautiful message. I also love its melody!

59Orange & Lemons
Orange and lemon 4 ever
Pinoy Beatles! If you want to chill just listen to Heaven Knows or Hanggang Kailan.. They have the best APO revival ever in Yakap sa Dilim and best Eraserheads revival in Huwag Kang Matakot, their English songs are Smiths/Beatles like and they sound unique compared to other Pinoy bands, that's what separates them from others.. Should be at least top 20!
The best to reunion dapat! By the way join our group on Facebook just search Moonlane Gardens Keepers and like the fan page search Orange & Lemons Fanatics! :))

60Grin Department
Masyado kang caring and thoughtful, hilarious and very entertaining band.

61Brownman Revival
Mean reggae band. Should be in the Top 10! Really like their energetic and chilled music. Really looking forward to their new songs. All the best BMR!

62Sugar Hiccup
My favorite songs of this band are "Moden De", "Siesyatnebonsotneicostolim", "Five Years", and "Womb"... maybe I called their music as "OPERATIC ROCK"
One of the best. 'enough said.

63Taken By Cars
This band is one of the only few Pinoy bands who can pass the international standards and better than most of the bands above this list. Their sound is very unique and original. No wonder they can represent our country in the annual SXSW in Austin, TX.
Best Post-punk/New wave revival from the Philippines. If they make it, they might beat the Eraserheads from the 'best' spot.


64Men Oppose
These guys are my favorite band since they were just started I love all of their songs up to now its on my playlist. Keeps it up men oppose, love yah! Great band ever!
Voices behind men oppose was so great, they have that taste of music where you can say "and galing"
Regards to all band members

65Side A Band
I just love their kind of music, because their songs are very soulful and it really has a good melody, well written and it is really straight to the heart of the one listening to it. My personal Favorites are "FOREVER MORE" and "UNTIL THEN"
Every song of this band inspires all lovers and broken hearted partners, why not choose them as one of the best, they deserve to be on top ten list
All time favorite and their music never dies!

I'm in love to this band for the first time I've watched them performed...

And I'm looking to watch and hear more of their new songs...

KEEP rocking'!

Too much mainstream! Too much underground! Too much confused! Good job! We'll wait for your new songs.
Great band, One of the best bands, coolest band ever!
Napanood ko yung music video nyo! I hope you guys have CD available to buy na.

Should be included in top 10 because they have female vocalist! Girl Power!


I love this band all time favorite
I wil never forgot their songs
This band is a legend, the lead singer got a powerful voice and can sing high notes while playing electric guitar ( while doing lead guitar ). his band member was also professionals in music like him. all of them were genius in term of music try to search them in net you can read awesome articles about them... LEAD SINGER/LEAD AXE GUITARIST - PAUL SAPIERA, LEAD GUITARIST - NORMAN QUIMSON, BASS GUITARIST - ALAN SANMILLAN, KEYBOARDIST - HASSEL SULIT, DRUMMER - RODEL AGSALUD.

One of the best pinoy band.
They have a great song
The songs like "Mangarap ka", Habang may Buhay" " Next in line", to name a few have inspired a great number of 90 generation.

I like their rendition of Sampaguita song Laguna.
And their original songs are not shallow like most of the modern bands.
I'm still waiting for their album.
Their mix is just great.. I love their music and I think that they a great future ahead of them.

Knowing their roots made the way they present their songs now extra special..
Galing nila mag cover ng mga 80's and 90's songs. I saw them in route196 and I think that they deserve a break.


Good vocals, good lyrics... Relates to a lot of people's emotions.
Should include to top 10

75Barbie's Cradle
One of the pioneer bands during the 90's

I love their lyrics. They should be at the top 10 spot.
Dapat nsa top 20 man lang to...

They are young and talented! The best alternative band I ever heard! Either slow or upbeat melodies they are really great! Relating with their music while they play is remarkable! Mind you... You will stand up on your feet while they play!
As a finalist of Nescafe Soundskool 2010, Soundvent was able to enter the mainstream with their singles Tayo and Di Na Lang. Their songs are mostly in Filipino, thus one can easily understand and relate to them. Their music ranges from slow to upbeat melodies that talk about love as well.
Soundvent is a hardworking starter band. They don't give up or just stop for a while to rest. I've seen how they workout with what they have today. They always have purpose when standing and performing on that huge or kinda like small stage. I bet you guys wouldn't forget when you hear them sing, especially my brother jhoranz. I am so proud of these people. They are awesome! God Bless you guys!

78Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus
Walang katulad sa local scene

One of the earliest rockers who rocked Pinas from 70s to 80s influencing and opening grounds for other rockgroups later.. How can you forget this group? We still hum and remake their songs until now..
Hotdog is one of the most popular pinoy band in the 80's. Most of their songs are pop oriented on love (Ikaw and Miss Universe ng buhay ko), work (Annie Batungbakal), and places ("Manila).

Best rap metal band of the Philippines.. The lyrics of their song is so meaningful.. Go HOUNDZ..

Indie bands like this really rocks.. Better than some mainstream bands right now. This band knows how to make good songs. Watched them live and heard their songs, so good! And talented.
They're an awesome band. They look all young, but have great music and very lively on stage. First time I saw them I got hooked. Now they're one of my fave indie bands.
I saw this band a couple of times before. Intense performance and good songs, one of the best independent band in my opinion.

82Orient Pearl
They have a nice song that touches the hearts of their listeners... Keep it up
I love the song "Pagsubok" because it is very inspirational and gives a person strength to make it through difficult times in life.

83Rizal Underground


85Color It Red
It match from what they are

86Blue Boy Bites Back

87Inday Bote

... You should listen to this guys...
Stonefree for the win!


Keep supporting Nexxus original, check out their Facebook account... Just type Nexxus Original. Thanks!
I love the song "I'll Never Go" ;) which also became the theme song of the Korean Drama "Stained Glass" here in the Philippines.

91Maria Cafra
Aside from being the fact that they are as good as juan dela cruz band(the father of rock music pinoy style in the phils. ) they had a unique concept of kundiman rock fusion that distinctively apart from other rock legend at that time. One of the most inspiring band of all time. Maria cafra is a 70s band fronted by Resty Fabunan, doing the vocals and lead guitars. He is one of the best guitarist of the 70s and usually burns his guitar after his set. The name of their original band was Psyclone band. They changed their name to Maria Cafra in support of the Pinoy Rock movement in early 70s. Their manager was Double A, the then station manager of DZRJ AM.
Their early hit songs were Buhay Gapo, Kapalaran and Tayo'y Mag rak en Roll.
I spent a lot of time in the Philippines during the late '70s while in the US Navy. Every time we hit port one our main goals was to locate Psyclone/ Maria Cafra. They were all amazing talents and Resty was one of the best guitarists I've ever seen, plus if you got them out on the town, they could party!

92Big Thing
This band is very very FANTASTIC unlike PNE that is very pampagod

93Tropical Depression
I can't believe that the vocalist of this band, PAPA DOM (RIP) was a former vocalist of the 80's pinoy punk band BETRAYED... I think its hard to shift your music genre from punk to reggae...
He helped a lot of local reggae artists althrough out the country... Such a tragedy... If he is still alive until today, man he could help a lot more aspiring bands by giving them a chance to step up to another level...
Trying to be cool

94Join the Club
I just enjoy their music=)
Deep meaning of songs. IDOL!
I love this band really,

The Bloomfields are EPIC! They're definitely one of the most underrated bands out there. Everyon has to at least try to see them perform live.

A band that were to conquer the stage in muziklaban. They can bring the house down and make you go home thinking why the hell is this band good.

97Boss Band


99Prettier Than Pink
The best thing about this band was all the members are female...

One of the first band who revolutionized Electronica, Drum & Bass and Techno music!
One of the only few bands in the 90's who have futuristic sound.

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