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21Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five - Paul McCartney
22It Don't Come Easy - Ringo Starr

Defiantly Ringo's best! Just as good as some of John, Paul and George's work! - Monners55

23Live and Let Die - Paul McCartney

The most awesome song ever! It is Paul in his hardest state, besides Helter Skelter. And it kicks ass!

24#9 Dream - John Lennon
25All Things Must Pass - George Harrison

No questions asked- number one post Beatle song. Just listen to it once.

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26Cheer Down - George Harrison
27Jealous Guy - John Lennon
28God - John Lennon
29Beautiful Boy - John Lennon
30What Is Life? - George Harrison

Just listen to it. It's a huge power track of All Things Must Pass- the greatest post Beatles Beatle album. It's so catchy and good, I was simply stunned by it.

31Blow Away - George Harrison
32Isn't It a Pity - George Harrison
33I'm the Greatest - Ringo Starr
34Sue Me, Sue You Blues - George Harrison

The drums, the melody, the guitar, this is an underrated masterpiece and the best song from Living In The Material world.

35Instant Karma (We All Shine On) - John Lennon

John Lennon was pissed of about whoever he wrote this song for. He was in anger town.

36Eat at Home - Paul McCartney

Super catchy, awesome rock track. Even John liked it.

37Photograph - Ringo Starr

Really? This song is amazing and should be 3rd, Ringo is the most underrated member of The Beatles and nobody notice the fact that he was a great lyricist

38How Do You Sleep? - John Lennon

The song is so badass! The guitar riff during the chorus is unbelievable. And the verses carry perfect vibe. The only thing wrong is "Those freaks was right when they said you were dead." Too harsh there, John. But otherwise it's perfect.

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