Top Ten Saddest Music Videos


Music videos that just want to make you cry. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Un-Break My Heart - Toni Braxton
Really SAD video... But still very beautiful, touching, moving. Toni showed a very skillful vocal abilities here


Really one of my most favorite songs ever!
No, I never cry on that song. It's actually my favorite one. I love it.

2Hero - Enrique Iglesias
The ending is so sad. The song and the expression on Enrique's face plus him being beaten to death by these gangsters in gut-wrenching even though I'm a normal bloke
As you can see that love Hewitt is from the scene in the music video he's stab him and Hewitt Crying in the ending of the music video...
It's so sad at the end when he walks to her and falls into her arms & then falls to the floor.

3When You're Gone - Avril Lavigne
Especially the part of the old mand at his wife's grave :(
It makes me cry because I imagine myself in that situation, especially the old man's, because we can relate to it. While no one in my family is in the military, I can't relate to that part but its still very touching and sad because others can. But I feel the old man's part really hit a nerve because we know its very likely going to happen to us.
I think "When You're Gone" by Avril Lavine is the 3rd saddest right behind Rascal Flatts's "Here Comes Goodbyes" and "What Hurts the Most"
[Newest]So sad that old man I make it so sad I was crying

4Confessions of a Broken Heart - Lindsay Lohan
SADNESS.. SADNESS... MADE ME CRY... Sorry for the caps.
Tshsfdhxvcghsydhnzdjjasdbujas woops sorry wrong thing your video was azmazing my friend watch it hgfggfjrwfdujsftawugy

5Stan - Eminem
A guy how just wanted to meet Eminem... He got crazy and killed his girlfriend with their baby inside... Damn!
This is one of the most powerful music videos (and songs) of all time. It really gives you chills because any one of us could be like Stan.

One of the best music videos of all time.
Wow one vote by me brought this video up 14 places

6Everytime - Britney Spears
This is very sad songs from Britney... Good voice, Saddest Lyrics... This is a Amazing songs!
It is very good she has a great voice I love her
I used to be indifferent to Britney's music, but this song turned me

7Grenade - Bruno Mars
It's the saddest music video and also one of the saddest songs ever
This song was really
It's so sad when he commits suicide at the end.


8Again - Janet Jackson

9Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day
Epic song! This is something that shows the least of Green Day's legendary capability... Wonderful melancholic tune, Sharp and cutting lyrics, Billie joe's signature acoustic guitar and unforgettable vocals-add it with a wonderful storyline for the music video-You get one of the best Alternative Rock music videos ever!
Whenever I see this video I think of 2 things: how my dad was fortunate enough to live trough cancer, and to think about your lover before you go and do something bad, even if it helps them.
The video has a beautiful story that reminds me of lost young love. I cry every time I see it.
[Newest]Classic song. one of Green Day's best

10This Used to Be My Playground - Madonna
I love this song. It's one of my most favorite songs, too.
I don't really cry on that song, either.

The Contenders

11Born to Die - Lana del Rey

12Bad Girl - Madonna

13The Power of Goodbye - Madonna

14Johnny Wanna Live - Sandra
Just watch it. Enough said!

15November Rain - Guns N Roses
How is this not number 1? It's 10 minutes long, tells a better story than most 2 hour movies, and cost more to make than most any other music video (It had a $2.5 million budget.
Axl rose is banging on a piano and singing, while Slash has three different solos. What's not to love?
I read the short story that inspired this music video, very emotional as well.
I watched it randomly and thought about it for the rest of the day
[Newest]Should be number one

16Hereafter - Dead Man Watching
Great song, great video. Hope they get the attention they deserve.
It's a sad sad sad song. I almost cried when I heard them for the first time. Love these guys!
Anybody knowing who these guys are, and where they come from?
Their sound is amazing, with heavy loads of sadness.
[Newest]Johnny kicks some serious butt.

17El Manána - Gorillaz
Such a nice song and the music video makes me cry every time.

18Because of You - Kelly Clarkson
She wrote this when she was young and her parents were getting divorced. The little girl in the video is supposed to be her and once I learned the story it literally brought me to tears. But you have to watch the video to feel like that.
Amazing vocal performance with a gut-wrenching theme. The close ups of her singing--especially when she gets choked up--are powerful. Puts a good perspective on keeping peace with your spouse.
This song reminds me of the family issues I face now.
[Newest]Kinda turns out to be one of my favorites.

19Illegal - Shakira

20Seize the Day - Avenged Sevenfold
The best music video ever! Amazing song too... Love avenged sevenfold!
It's beautiful and everytime I hear it I cry
Just Beautiful... makes me cry everytime I hear and Watch..!


The best music video ever! Amazing song too... Love avenged sevenfold!
It's beautiful and every time I hear it I cry...
[Newest]Makes me feel nostalgia for a person that I never met

21Halo - Beyonce
It's so sad when someone died in it


22So Far Away - Avenged Sevenfold
This song makes me cry every time I hear it and watch the video!
But if you aren't an Avenged fan you might not be as sad as the fans when you watch it, but it's a fantastic song, one of the saddest ones I've heard.
Has really taught me to cherish the ones around me and to enjoy the time I have left.

A7X foREVer!
It was sad enough anyway, but the video where
They are driving round reminiscing about the Rev makes it
So much sadder :(

A7X's best ballad song!
This song is so sad and the video is heartbreaking.

23Whiskey Lullaby - Brad Paisley
Extremely sad video makes me cry every time I watch it, it should be in the top 5 instead of top 20...
The saddest song in the world! It gets me every time. I've cried to this on numerous occasions.
I tear up every time I watch this it's an amazingly beautiful but sad song

24Better Than Me - Hinder
Guys! Ultimate song! Attracts the person into world of artists emotions itself
No clip makes me cry more than this one. The atmosphere is just... Unsustainable?
So sad, when the woman comes back home and the guy is tripping out.

25What Hurts the Most - Rascal Flatts
The song just tears your heart apart just because the thought of losing someone you love with all your heart and soul squeezes your heart and breaks it in a million pieces!
I don't know why this isn't number 1. and here comes good bye which goes along with it, its about a pregnant girl who loses her boyfriend and in here comes goodbye she loses her son and father.
When I saw the video it nearly made me cry. The flashbacks actually develop the characters in the video, which made it very sad. It wouldn't be so sad if they didn't show the flashbacks.
[Newest]Well, I used to cry on this song when I was little, but not anymore.

26Stole - Kelly Rowland
I cry like a baby whenever I watch/ hear this music video and song. First boy commits suicide, the one girl gets pregnant, and the last guy gets shot. Its so sad, but so good at the same time.
It's really sad that you have to kill yourself to get people to notice and respect you

27Not Alone - Linkin Park
I'm surprised that linkin parks castle of glass is not there its the saddest music vidio ever how the military family's dad dies

28Footprints In the Sand - Leona Lewis
The sight of those children in Africa is so sad.


29Concrete Angel - Martina McBride
Oh... My God! I saw this video once as a pretty young kid, and I was traumatized just by hearing this song for years! Legitimately the only song that still can make me cry. How does any song, and especially video, rank higher than this one in terms of sadness?
I just watched this and I am sobbing! This should be number! 1 It's so hard and terribly frightening someone could do that to her own child! R.I.P. angela Carter!
Both the song and the video disturbed me as a child... And still kinda do. Its horrible and too effective... The images McBride gives us of the abused child.

30Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye
Very emotional story. The story starts that she dumped him and he wants her back, then you find out he cheated on her.
Yeah, it's one of my most favorite songs, but it doesn't make me cry, though.
Oh, come on! This song isn't THAT sad, now!

31Earth Song - Micheal Jackson
Should be number 1 because it is one of the few here that could truly happen to the ENTIRE world, not just 1 or 2 people.
Really 26! This video is really sad, it shows a man dead. I agree this could have been a real problem some other people.
Very nice video. It shows the real world of what we are doing to this planet.

32Hurt - Johnny Cash
This video was... Amazing. It really showed his pain and his state of hurt.
This one made me cry more than the NIN version. You have sad lyrics sung by JOHNNY CASH! Plus after he released the song he died 7 months later
I do prefer the Nine Inch Nails version (the original), but this one made me cry. You think it couldn't be any sadder, but then he starts to CRY.

33Lullaby - Nickelback
Should most definitely be above katy perry, watching this makes tears roll down my face almost every time. Its about never giving up even when things get hard, and the video is just heart breaking.
Makes me cry all the time. It can make people have hope in others. This music video I wish was in the top 5 instead of the bottom 20. I wish there were people like this who never gave up and never lost hope.
When the phone falls out of the blokes pocket and there's the video of dearly departed mother and baby stops crying... It gets me every time by my opinion should be 1st
[Newest]It is a very good song to listen to.

34The Ghost of You - My Chemical Romance
It's one of the saddest and most amazing videos I've seen. It really shows how terrifying war can be, and the raw emotion shown by gerard when mikey dies is just heartbreaking.
The song is truly beautiful. The video when Gerard brother mickey dies in the war it pulls on your hearth strings.
It's Mikey, not Mickey.

35Hurt - Christina Aguilera
The very last scene, where she reaches out to him, but she knows he's not there to hold her hand in return, it breaks even my ice cold, emotionless heart every damn time.

36Castle of Glass - Linkin Park
Why no one vote this clip! Please! This is inspiring video ever. It tell us a reality out there, the children who lost their father at war.
Saddest Video I've Ever Seen.. How the Father Dies.. And the End, The kid Dies.. And the Daughter Cries.. This is what actually Happening..

37Cue the Sun - Daphne Loves Derby

38By the Way - Hinder

39Untitled - Simple Plan
A showcase of real raw tragic emotions and confessions where an individual is forced to face such harsh reality, where his dearest are forever gone.

40My Immortal - Evanescence
Very sad song but missing is way more depressing song
Literally the best Evanescence song.

41One - Metallica
One is based on a movie - johnny got his gun. Even without watching the movie the music video is just intense and moving, especially at the very end when you realize how helpless somebody can feel
This song deserves to be in the top 10... Its lyrics are so meaningful and the music video just impacts the viewer. It is just so sad and is much better than any song above.
Its about a solder in a comer because he stepped on a land mine come in guys
[Newest]This is one of the only songs that makes me cry when I hear it; the other one is The Show Must Go On- Queen

42Coma White - Marilyn Manson
A lot of people think the video is mocking the assassination of John F. Kennedy, but the assassination is actually used as a metaphor for America's obsession and worship of violence. Manson's statement was always intended to make people think of how they view and and sometimes participate in these events.

So the video is in no way a mockery. It's a tribute to men like Jesus Christ and John F. Kennedy who have died at the hands of mankind's unquenchable thirst for violence.
The saddest song ever heard
This song and music video is very emotional.
[Newest]Easily one of Manson's best songs.

43Bedshaped - Keane
just a very sad video. reminds me of a very sad time in my life.

44Come Here Boy - Imogen Heap

45Kill the Messenger - Jack's Mannequin

46The Scientist - Coldplay
This v1deo will always be the best for me, its sad how the accident happened and he wished he could just go back to the start before it happened, the video is such a tear jerker. I can never get tired of watching it
This song definitely wouldn't be the same without this video.
Why is this so low in the list? Has no one seen the video?
[Newest]Makes me upset even hearing the song

47Lover I Don't Have to Love - Bright Eyes

48Nobody's Home - Avril Lavigne
Hmm.. As rambunctious and rebellious Avril can be, she can hit that spot in your brain triggering sadness. Just by listening to the song, you can kind of sympathise with Avril, because everyone gets that sad abandoned feeling at some point in life. So, judging by the story in the song, the music video must be amazing!
The whole video is basically in the mind of a girl, she feels like she's homeless, home is not home, I think this song is about domestic abuse

49Aberdeen - Cage the Elephant

50Adam's Song - Blink 182

51How to Save a Life - The Fray
The video reminded me how lucky I am, when I was younger I loved this song but I started listening to the lyrics and then it hit me... If some things can be terrible and somehow ultra this is it
This music video is beyond sad... It shows the true heartbreak of troubled teens.
The video makes me cry every time

52The Mixed Tape - Jack's Mannequin

53Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinead O'Connor
This was such a riveting song and video...


54Like Toy Soldiers - Eminem

55Handlebars - Flobot
32? Come on this video has so much different meanings, but what makes it even more sad is when two best friends go completely different ways then one ends up killing the other.

56Here Comes Goodbye - Rascal Flatts
One of my favorite songs, since childhood. Enough said!
This song wasn't really a sad song to me.

57Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
If you think this is sad, then suit yourself, but it wasn't intended to be. The meaning of it is that death should come upon you in the form of your fondest memory. In this case, death came upon the hospital guy in the form of a parade (which was his fondest memory). It's very inspiring, and happy actually.

58Carry You Home - James Blunt
This is madness! How is this one in number 71? Please vote for this beautiful song and video.
Cannot believe this is so low down on the list... Unbelievable song. Great video...
How come this sad music video isn't there on the list? It should even be within the top 10s! Those who havnt seen it, its recommended that you see it. And please vote for it.

59Running to the Edge of the World - Marilyn Manson
One of the most sad video of the legendary Marilyn Manson, the video should be in the top 10

60Say Something - A Great Big World
The old people make me burst into tears! I'm Still crying now. Watched it two minute ago. 😭
It's okay. I don't really go around, and cry on this song.
I didn't cry. But the girls in my class did

61Our Deal - Best Coast
This video is so sad. I cried so hard that I finished a whole box of tissues to wipe away the flood of tears coming from my eyes
I agree with the last comment the saddest part was when she pushed him off the cliff And he dies. Plus the guy was really cute
It's so sad the way they love each other And she kills him at the end and finds out what the message really was
[Newest]The guy is cute which is what makes it sad when the dumb girl kills him... So sad: (

62Song to Say Goodbye - Placebo

63Try, Try, Try - The Smashing Pumpkins

64Never Too Late - Three Days Grace
Well, it's a wonderful song, the video is sad, but makes you want to cry when you see that even after a total breakdown, the character doesn't give up. The music video is crafted in darkness but throws a ray of light
Anything by these guys is a masterpiece.
I still like it, but it doesn't really make me wanna cry, though.

65Crazy for This Girl - Evan and Jaron

66Everybody Hurts - Helping Haiti

67Breathe Into Me - Red

68Hold On - Good Charlotte

69Yo Side of the Bed - Trey Songz

70No Matter What - Papa Roach

71Wavin' Flag - K'Naan

72The Day That Never Comes - Metallica

73Just One Last Time - David Guetta
I was really embarrassed because I got all teary when I saw this for the first time on the treadmill at the gym.

74Don't Take the Girl - Tim McGraw
This song brings my mom and me to tears every time that we watch it. It starts off with a boy named Johnny and his dad going on a fishing trip. They are going to take a little girl with them but he doesn't want to. He says to his dad " Don't take the girl. " It then goes to the same girl and boy ten years later and they are on a date when a man pulls a gun on them and tries to take the girl. The boy gives him his wallet and says "Don't take the girl. " The saddest part is five years later they're married and she is giving birth to their first daughter when the doctor says "the baby's fine but the mother is slipping away. " The boy drops to his knees and starts praying. He tells God to take him instead and he says once again "Don't take the girl. "

75White Flag - Dido

76Mad - Ne-Yo

77I Just Had Sex - The Lonely Island

78Viva Forever - Spice Girls
At first, I thought the video made no sense, but after I watched the whole thing, I was in tears. What a beautiful song.

79Legacy (Save My Life) - Nicky Romero ft Krewella
This video leaves a nice message ^^
:') Nicky Romero Rocks

80Family Portrait - P!nk

81Roses for the Dead - Funeral for a Friend

82Don't Cry For Me Argentina - Madonna
No, I don't think the song is too emotional to me.

83Vanilla Twilight - Owl City
The song is quite sad (in a way) but the video is actually really happy, not sad. It gives you a nostalgic "winter-y" feeling.

84Bronte - Gotye

85The Vision of Love - Kris Allen

86Just So You Know - Jesse McCartney
This deserves #1 spot beautiful all the way through video and song

87I Miss You - Aaron Hall
Every time I watch this video I liter cry like a baby... Saddest video ever in my book.

88Small Hands - Keaton Henson
Really Good song but I am tellinf you, you will cry!
You really need to see this great song but you will cry

89Oh Father - Madonna
The scene with the mother's lips sewn shut and the little girl looking down at the casket is one of the most troubling scenes ever, especially in a pop video. Starts off like a happy innocent song, what follows is heartache and despair. Never cracked the US top 5, but a moving song and video.

90Last Kiss - Pearl Jam
How is this just NOT the saddest song ever?

91Finer Feelings - Kylie Minogue

92House of Pain - Faster Pussycat
Clearly no one watches this video, it is very very sad how this kid lives almost his whole life without his dad. And then after a series of " those were the days" flashbacks he finds him at work living life like his son never existed. If you don't know this song go look up the video come back and VOTE!
Clearly no one watches this video. It is really sad seeing this kid live almost all his life without his dad. And things only get more intense after a series of "those we're the days" flashbacks, when the son finds his dad living like his son never existed. So look up this video come back, and vote!
It is so sad watching this kid living his depressed life without his dad and seeing all the good times they had before he walked out on the family. It was especially sad at the end when he finds him at work like his son never mattered.

93Use Somebody - Scala & Kolacny Brothers

94The Rains of Castamere- Jackie Evancho
The video itself has a happy ending, with the dragon being subdued but not killed.
The song itself is from Game Of Thrones "Red Wedding" episode, and anyone who saw it knows it is a VERY sad ending.

95Cleanin' Out My Closet - Eminem

96Moving Mountains - Usher

97Llamado de Emergencia - Daddy Yankee

98Love Can't Lie - Sarah Geronimo

99Hymn for the Missing - Red

100Skimming Stones - Sleepthief

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