Top 10 Scariest Creepypasta Characters

There are lots of scary looking creepy pasta characters out there.

Here are the top ten...
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The Top Ten

Jeff The Killer
Jeff the Killer is without a doubt THE scariest Creepy Pasta character. He climbs through your window at night, stands beside your bed, waits until your wake up, when you do wake up he smiles at you with the most horrifying face ever, says, "GO TO SLEEP" and kills you with his knife. ULTRA MEGA SCARY!
Wait if Jeff has no eyelids, then what would pepper spray do to him. Also if you don't blink for that long your vision gets REALLY blurry so unless Jeff uses eye drops every minute or so, then he can't see, also what would protect him from getting his eyes poked out. This is one flawed character swimming in the garbage section of the creepy pasta website known as "crappy pastas". 3/10 Bad
THE FACE I TELL YOU! THE FAACE! The face is extremely terrifying, his smile goes to his cheekbone and his eyes are bloodshot and tiny! He has NOO nose! Then, in the story, he climbs through your bedroom window and whispers "Go to sleep" While smiling like the Joker but a thousand times scarier! Then he kills you! (But don't worry, it's fake)
[Newest]Do some people not realize that there is more than one Jeff The Killer story, and some are a bit creepier than others?

2Slender Man
Slender:The Eight Pages is probably the scariest game I have ever played (besides Amnesia) because your in a forest trying to collect pages but when you least expect it.. THE SLENDER MAN POPS UP AND KILLS YOU WITH HIS BLANK FACE! He is terrifying.
Slender is the scariest. He stalks you for an eternity. He is always there. How do you know he is not behind you right now when you are reading this?
Truly terrifying. He's just as scary as Jeff the Killer seeing that Jeff is just a man with a knife and Slender is a supernatural being.
[Newest]I found a page

3The Rake
This is no doubt THE scariest pasta there is, I am an avid horror reader and fan. This is one of the few stories that made me want to sleep with another person in my room, check all the corners in my room every 30 seconds, AND stay up until 3 AM being paranoid about it having been/being in my room watching me while I slept.
Stare into his eyes for 3 minutes strait at night and sleep great and I will give you 1000000000000 dollars. I'm not scared cause I live with creepy pastas (I'm only 12. slender is my favorite. )
Only really kills kids, so if you are 18 or older then you are safe

4Eyeless Jack
I say Eyeless jack is the scariest creepypasta for 3 reasons; 1: He cuts open your body and eats kidneys while you sleep, 2: He is anonymous having it where no one knows his true face and the only thing you can look at his is deep, black, eye sockets 3: Jeff the Killer has become a lover from fan girls :/
Eyeless Jack is freaky for many reasons. He's able to sneak into your room, practically unnoticed and then eat your kidneys while you're asleep. He's by far the one I'm in the middle of the night, being paranoid beyond belief for.
Yes this should be the very best number 1 the big king the most scariest it is better then jeff the killer it is better then all of them

5Laughing Jack
Laughing Jack definitely deserves a higher spot than 5. He's a psychotic, monochrome clown who makes people kill their loved ones, mainly children, and then they go insane. He's one of the scariest and most popular creepypasta characters and for a very good reason. I'm not a huge fan of clowns but I love this one. However, I'm NOT a Fangirl. He and Jeff the Killer are my favorites, but I'm not obsessed with them and I don't call them my boyfriend.
Unlike most of the other creepypasta's, he was created to be good and a friend to lonely kids. But he was changed when he saw the boy commit murder. His story is actually unique and extremely scary.
Read the story about him and now I hate clowns

6God Sonic
SO SCARY THIS IS THE MOST SCARY THING I EVER WATCHED. By the way it's called sonic. Exe not hod sonic
I had no idea god was a red-eyed blood coated blue hedgehog...
This is scary I don't have the game downloaded but I watched the video
[Newest]He's not that bad but his eyes are kinda scary

7Smile Dog (Picture)
A smiling Siberian Husky in the dark is truly an artwork by the devil
It must be scary if people have killed themselves over the picture. A Husky with human teeth and a bloody hand in the background.

8Bloody Painter

9Smile Dog
After you look at the smiling husky picture, this satanic freak of nature appears in front of you whispering, "Spread the Word" meaning, show everyone my picture. SUPER SCARY!
Smile Dog, by a lot.
Smile dog is the coolest one ever made
I couldn't sleep and kept checking my email for the next week.

10Seed Eater
A bird-human hybrid that feeds on children. Definitely deserves to be in the top ten.

The Contenders

11Ben Statue
If you play majora's mask and have read BEN DROWNED you will agree it should be in the top 10
Who the hell is ben and how can a statue be scary


This was one of the first creepypastas that I heard of it scared me badly because I have nothing but technology in my room.

12Tails Doll

Not even the slightest bit scary, but it was when I used to play Minecraft.
He's not too scary, but it is creepy for Minecraft fans.

14Abounded by Disney Mickey Mouse Costume
He Has The Opposite Colored Mickey And He Pulls Of His Head! ABANDONED BY GOD!
This is why I'm scared of mascots.

15The Rugrats Theory
This will definitely ruin your childhood.

16Ticci Toby
My favorite he is way beyond better than Jeff he is just winning because of the fangrils, but Ticci Toby tells a story I can relate to, and that's why he deserves to be on this list!

17The Grieving

18Lavender Town Pokémon

19Mr. Bear (1999)
Very creepy... More of a mystery though. Loved this character, as well as the creepypasta


20Opposite Collared Mickey Mouse Costume
This Is Part Of The Creepy Pasta Story Of Abandoned By Disney... Not Sure If Its The Scariest Creepy pasta Or Just My Favorite... ABANDONED BY GOD...

21Happy Appy
Same as Seed Eater but instead KILLS children

22Rap Rat
I can't play board games because of this creepypasta :( so much for family game night


23Happy from McDonald's

24The Girl in The Photograph
She may not look scary, but when she's tapping on your window at night giggling you can't decide whether to scream or pass out.

25Zombie Flippy

26The Yellow Devil




30Rubber Face
When you go to sleep he injects you with sleeping meds and then drag you to his camp a cut your body parts off and store

31Jack the Ripper
He is a ripper of your guts

32Dr. Andonuts (Radiation's Halloween Hack)

33Mr. Trenchfoot
Come on it's a creepy story and awesome cp

34Sexual Offenderman
He stalks women and they end up dead. What all can I say?

35SpongeBob (Bootleg Episode)
Try looking at the picture and sleep just fine the following night.
Hi SpongeBob is creepy

36Squidward (Squidward's Suicide)
He may not look creepy even with his eyes but if you stare at him long enough then you will know he is beyond creepy but I still like him and his creepypasta story.
His eyes are so scary
Maybe, but in the end, he is the same Squidward just... You know... Maybe just maybe suicidal... No that's stupid, he's completly normal


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