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161 Khatereha - Morteza Pashaei Khatereha - Morteza Pashaei

I love this son a lot... I love you morteza

Please vote him special family :')

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162 Say You Love Me - Jessie Ware Say You Love Me - Jessie Ware
163 Shower - Becky G Shower - Becky G

It's almost 2016 and I STILL listen to this song! I can't give this song enough praise. When I am able to relate to the song in some fashion, hear some beautiful instrumentals, and just sing along, that is one way to know a song has hit home with me, and this song, without a doubt, does. Definitely does not deserve the hate it got and should be a LOT higher on THIS list. One the biggest positive takeaways I've had from 2014.

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164 All I Need is You - Lecrae All I Need is You - Lecrae
165 New Flame - Chris Brown New Flame - Chris Brown

New Flame is superb in every way --- the definition of 2014. - madoog

Why on earth did you forget this song?

166 Crazy Stupid Love - Cheryl Cole
167 2on - Tinashe
168 Faithless - Black Veil Brides
169 Pills N Potions - Nicki Minaj Pills N Potions - Nicki Minaj

I still love. This lyric alone. This means, that even after all the hell someone put you through, yet you still love them. No matter what they have done, you have such true love that nothing can overcome it. This song is powerful. - SammMinajj

! Love it! It would still be popular if Anaconda didn't come along or Only. It was popular for a split second and then everyone started singing Anaconda when I didn't even look up the lyrics yet! - JHLover321

I love this song because it take me back to when music was GOOD, and that was when Nicki was at her prime!

This song is sad but at the same time, just brilliant. Pills And Potions has a positive message. - madoog

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170 Break Your Heart Right Back - Ariana Grande Break Your Heart Right Back - Ariana Grande
171 My Demons - Starset My Demons - Starset
172 Like I Can - Sam Smith Like I Can - Sam Smith
173 Instant Crush - Daft Punk Instant Crush - Daft Punk

It's Daft Punk and Julian. It's from 2013, but whatever, it immediately gets my vote.

I love this song. It's full of life. It should be way higher in the list.

I scroll down looking for something other than crap. it takes me 41 steps to get there. shame on the music industry

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174 West Coast - Lana Del Rey West Coast - Lana Del Rey

Her new album has changed direction from Born to Die but it is just so fresh every time you listen to it!

This song is amazing. Just a masterpiece.

This is the best son of the year, no doubt!

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175 Waves - Mr Probz Waves - Mr Probz

This should definitely be higher. It was on the radio every hour

I do not like Waves because of how it sounds. - madoog

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176 Booty - Jennifer Lopez Booty - Jennifer Lopez V 1 Comment
177 Battle Cry - Imagine Dragons Battle Cry - Imagine Dragons

One of the best sounds, that has ever been heard, which gives an extreme uplifting and alive feeling to it.

178 Red Lights - Tiesto Red Lights - Tiesto

Tiesto has lost his touch with this song. You've made a king of trance sound like One Direction. Should not be on this list. But there are worse songs that were released this year, that's granted. - PositronWildhawk

This song is underrated and addictive!

Red Lights is so relaxing and brilliant. It sounds so pleasant. - madoog

Number 1 song of the year!

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179 Oceans - Coldplay
180 3005 - Childish Gambino 3005 - Childish Gambino
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