Top 10 Songs You Would Like to Hear In the Next Hatsune Miku Concert


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21Romeo & Cinderella doriko ft. Hatsune Miku

Hopefully, there won't be too many little kids at the performance because of the lyrics, but otherwise, yes!

22Eazy Dance
23Heart beats
24Love Love Nightmare

Honestly I want to see a concert performing a song with three vocaloids just like how they did with Project Diva F. It would be really unique and a first time thing.


This isn't in the top 10? Boo. Let's make it happen!

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27Hirari Hirari

Oww, I don't know why people in the world love 'World is Mine' so much? I think Hirari Hirari from Hatsune Miku Append-Dark is more awesome and beautiful. Please, vote Hirari Hirari, if you never hear the song, you can download or watch it at YouTube.

I heard this with Sukone Tei first, and it was breathtakingly wonderful. I can only imagine how much better it is with Miku. I would love to hear this!

28The Wolf That Fell In Love With Little Red Riding Hood, Rin and Len

This song is the perfect song for the duet. I DEMAND THIS ONE (also, please perform more rin and Len) - CielKitty

29Judgement of Corruption - Kaito

We barely see kaito in concerts and I think he should make a comeback with one of his best songs, judgement of corruption

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30Enbizaka no Shitateya. Mothy/Akuno-P ft. Megurine LukaV1 Comment
31Shiroi Yuki no Princess wa...
32Yume Yume

It's a very uplifting and catchy song!

33Paper Plane

Just love this song so much! And I'd love to see Miku and Kaito duet in the concert! :3

35Paradichlorobenzene, Owata-P, Dios, and Kagamine Len

Face it: it's awesome. Why else would it be in the first place of weekly vocaloid rankings for three weeks straight? They've even added it in project diva extend. It may be a dark song, but it's very deep and meaningful, like the story of evil. And Dios uses Len the best, so far that I've heard, and there hasn't been a single song with them at a concert. JUST LISTEN TO IT. Len sounds as amazing as he'll ever get.
By the way, if this is chosen, please pass on my plea to Crypton to NOT USE THE GAME EDIT. It may save time, but please, if you really can't find the three minutes to do the whole thing, please don't cut out all the transitions? Cutting out some of the verses might be okay, the speed couldand I guess I could forgive the butchered chords at the beginning, but taking out the transitions just makes it way too rushed and

36Stomp the Enemy
38Dancing Samurai

It's a very good song. The beat is really catchy and it makes people wanna dance

39Sekiranun Graffiti

This is such a cheerful song, and great to dance to! I would be ecstatic if it's in her newest concert. I would travel to wherever it was held, JUST to here this song!

Yes! This is so uplifting! Perfect for the start or end of a concert! I'd do anything to get a ticket to a Vocaloid concert regardless, but especially if this song was playing.

40Eternal Song
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