Top 10 Stupidest Reasons for Hating On Undertale


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41"RPGs are for losers"V2 Comments
42"Indie games suck"

I prefer regular games over indie games, but there are good indie games. - Skullkid755

V2 Comments
43"Game Maker sucks"V1 Comment
44The game giving you an actual morality system with actual freedom of choice is "too preachy"
45The enemy encounter rate is "too high"V1 Comment
46The game having actual consequences for killing things is apparently "too much to deal with"

It has a lot of consequences if you play the whole game but you losers don't

47The game reaching meme status on the Internet is apparently something that hasn't happened beforeV1 Comment
48"It isn't my type of game so it sucks"V1 Comment
49It isn't the best game ever, which automatically makes it "the worst game ever"

That makes no sense so every signal game in the world that is second best or lower sucks?

50Childish jealousy of how popular the game became
51The game "tries too hard to be edgy"
52The player character's movement is a little too slow

It's a kid. Probably not even 7 year old.

53The game's battle system involves no strategy whatsoever, which really isn't that much less than most RPG battle systems involve
54"Gameplay is the only thing that matters in a game"
55"Games like Pokemon Red/Blue are better than Undertale because I have so much nostalgia for them"

That I could agree with because I love Pokemon red and blue but after that is undertale

56Joke games like Megaman Sprite Game were funnier than Undertale, which apparently makes them "better" gamesV1 Comment
57Anything popular is "automatically terrible"

So Zelda,Mario,sonic,Samir,solid snake fear halo call of duty star wars games fallout games uncharted games and every signal Nintendo and Sony franchise sucks because it's to popular for you?

58The game is "too long"V1 Comment
59The game's target age audience is "too broad"
60The game's style of humor is "childish" compared to the boner jokes in most games with a much higher ESRB rating

Sorry but this games is also for kids that don't know what that stuff is and isn't supposed to be a porno

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1. Ten dollars is "too expensive" of a price tag for the game
2. The graphics are "not next-gen enough"
3. The game is fantastic yet extremely overrated, which automatically makes it "bad"



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