Most Annoying Zombies In Plants vs Zombies 2

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1 Octo (Big Wave Beach)

When he launches the octopus it is so hard to kill. If you had a really good plant and Octo just threw the octopus there it gets annoying.

Launches octopi that bind your plants, making them passive until it is destroyed.

Unlike wizard, the octopi don't disappear when he dies. And he's much faster than the wizard

2 Wizard (Dark Ages)

These things will turn a good defense of plants all into sheep until your defense gets so bad that you might as well not have any up. Your plants can't even kill the sheep or do anything about it, you can't even plant over them. You just have to wait for the wizard to get hit by a lawnmower or a cherrybomb.

Can highly agree. He takes forever to kill because he's usually behind another more stronger zombie. Also, why is he so overpowered.

When the wizard turns the plants into sheep they can't do anything until the wizard that turned them to sheep is killed.

3 Weasel Hoarder (Frostbite Caves)

The chicken dude is awful. After 3 hits he releases chickens that are weak but SUPER FAST! If you are in Big Bad Butte and chickens are in a lane without a mower, GAME OVER! The weasel hoarder is just like the chicken dude, except it's in another world, it's a girl, and it's minions are tougher. SO BAD!

Guys I have a theory. There is a world idea called Cenezoic Savanna, the age of mammals. One of the ideas is a shrew keeper zombie. CS takes place before FBC! The shrew zombie is weasel hoarder's dad! And the wild west came, and she and chicken guy MARRIED!

4 Jester (Dark Ages)

WHY? Why does he leave a massive hole in my defense? He can deflect so many types of projectiles, almost 4/5 of all plants in the game! And don't try using CITRON against it! He also comes from the worst world in the WHOLE game, dark ages.

This guy can deflect almost and kind of damage and takes forever to kill. And don't think about using a Criton, Repeater, or Cocnut Cannon's plant food move on him while he's spinning. Otherwise, you'll have a hole in your defense.

Like many people mentioned, he is an absolute nightmare to deal with. He is immune to all your good plants and PUNISHES you for using them?! How is this good zombie design?

5 Explorer Zombie (Ancient Egypt)

He could burn any plant, But cold attacks can extinguish his torch. But in vase breaker he is hard to kill.

Don't even get me started on burning everything...

6 Tomb Raiser (Ancient Egypt)

He takes up everywhere and then there are no defenses. I tried iceberg lettuce but he keeps STANDING on tombs so I couldn't.

He is so gross and he make an infinite amount of tomb. He is one of the most annoying zombie in ancient egypt.

An Anubis dude who spits out bones. I hate how he acts like a dog!

7 Newspaper Zombie (Modern Day)

When the newspaper zombie still has the newspaper and is not angry it's fine but once you break boy it's tough. It destroys plants in like what? 3 SECONDS!

Eats literally everything in less than 2 seconds when angry, be sure to keep a keen eye on them.

I just really don't like it when he goes crazy.
He ate my Tall nut in 10 seconds!

8 Chicken Zombie (Wild West)

The chickens from the chicken wrangler are just so annoying. They eat my wall nuts so fast and are like as fast as a newspaper zombie eating plants.

A zombie that come very quickly to your house to eat your brains? Nobody likes it!

When he releases chickens, even my electric reeds can't stop it

9 Pianist (Wild West)

He's slow but tough, and his music makes zombies switch lanes! NO!

10 Gargantuar Prime (Far Future)

Lazors, Bug Bots, and tons of health. Oh my. Luckily a Criton with Plant Food kills them instantly.

I wonder why the imp is controlling it instead off riding a gargantuar zombie

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11 All-Star Zombie (Modern Day)

WAY too fast. Basically a dolphin-rider zombie with the toughness of a buckethead and the ability to insta-kill plants! The speed of chickens too.

Cheese Louis! He is worse than in the first game.

Tackle straight to your defense! Touchdown!

12 Imp (All worlds)

The only annoying one is the Bug Bot Imp. They're stronger than other imps and there is usually a ton on the screen. Good god the Blover came back in PVZ 2.

The imp is fast, thrown over defenses and heads towards other plants and eat 'em.

These things are so weird. In Far Future, there is an ambush where tons of Bugbot Imps fall down! Good thing you get a Blover.

13 Bull (Wild West)

Tough and fast then slow, he launches his rider, who is an IMP!

Weaker Gargantuar that fires the imp way further.

Bulls can be stopped using E.M peach

14 King Zombie (Dark Ages)

Why he crush hos loyal imp instead of giving him helmet? Why does he give helmet to the peasant? What a terrible king!

15 Disco Tron (Far Future)

Out of all robots, this one is the most horrible. As soon as it enters, it starts a disco party that summons disco jetpacks! It's so annoying!

It's a twice as annoying version of the Disco Zombie.

The disco-tron takes for ever to kill!

16 Excavator Zombie (Lost City)

He is annoying. He is immune to almost every plants and he dig up the plants. He is immune to some insta-killer because he dig up with his shovel especially chili bean. Magnet shroom even didn't work for him!

Digs plants and block projectiles. Damn it.

17 Surfer (Big Wave Beach)

Surf his way to your plants, then when you finally kill him, his surfboard kill one of your plant and lock the spot until you kill it!

He makes weird sounds when surfing, then wipes out on land and crushes a plant! So rude of him!

Yes, He's more annoying than Octo.

18 Glitter Zombie (Neon Mixtape Tour)

They protect zombies behind them and instantly kill plants they reach.

19 Turquoise Skull Zombie (Lost City)

When it raises the skull it just burns all of your plant with the laser of the skull. It's like a Laser bean zombie. Imagine you got a good plant, the turquoise skull zombie appears and charges the skull and boom dead.

Steals your sun and then shoots a blue laser that destroy multiple plants in lane! OH NO!

Steals your sun and then shoots a blue laser that destroys multiple plants in lane! No!

20 Pirate Captain (Pirate Seas)

He sends his super fast parrot at you to steal your plants.

21 MC zom-B (Neon Mixtape Tour)

Destroys too many plants at once.

22 Fisherman (Big Wave Beach)
23 Rodeo Legend Zombie (Wild West)

Picture the regular bull, and then make it faster, tougher and make smash the first plant it encounters. And you get the Rodeo Legend. He is by far the worst zombie in any world expansion. But the worst part is that after he throws his rider, he takes a few steps forward, starts charging AGAIN, smashes a plant, and repeat. On a scale of 1 to 10, he is at -8/10.

24 Jurassic Rockpuncher (Jurassic Marsh)

Not even Cherry bomb kills him instantly.

25 Swashbuckler (Pirate Seas)

In the Pirate Seas, this one is WILY. He swings towards where there is just a sunflower, no offense or defense. Hate him!

Actually, now that I found that the zombies had set patterns, I see they were meant to do that.

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