Top 10 Talk Show Hosts


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The Top Ten

Conan O'Brien
He is my all time favorite! Hilarious, makes his good friends do funny things and great with animals.
Conan is the best & funniest ever

2Ellen DeGeneres
Hilarious! She deserves number one

3Jimmy Fallon
He's creative, clever, and funny!

4David Letterman
Why does anybody like him? He makes ugly strange facial expressions and he's not funny.
Who doesn't like this guy he is absolutely fantastic and he is super funny.

5Jimmy Kimmel

6Oprah Winfrey
No one can do an interview quite like Oprah!

7Jay Leno

8Chelsea Handler

9Stephen Colbert

10Chris Hardwick

The Contenders

11John Stewart

12Anderson Cooper

13Jon Stewart

14Jerry Springer

15Dr. Phil

16Ricki Lake

17Craig Ferguson

18Steve Harvey

19Katie Couric

20George Lopez

21Steve Wilkos

22Seth Meyers

23Larry King
He may not be on the air any more but he is a true legend.

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