Best Glee Kisses

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1 Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson

How can you not love this kiss? I went absolutely aww... It was so sweet and kinda cute. Plus later they just talked, and Blaine was just like, "I love you," like it was the most natural thing in the world. I think this couple is the BEST... EVER!

Best kiss ever! Not only does it show that being gay is okay, but it also shows their natural chemistry and that they are both AMAZING characters. It also shows the friendship between Darren and Chris.

I think that this is the best kiss and one of the best couples because it shows gay people being free and doing what they want, not caring about others' opinions.

2 Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce

I love their wedding kiss, their hallway kiss where they get sent to the principal, and their winning nationals tongue-tied kiss! My OTP forever!

I love Santana and Brittany. They are so adorable together and are brave, strong, true to themselves.

Great chemistry equals a flawless kiss. It was totally unforced and just awesome! Such role models.

3 Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson

They will always be meant to be together. They are the most supported couple on the show. GLEE ROCKS!

And they're finally back together! Let's hope it lasts.

I'm always like "Yay!" or until the next episode. And it barely ever lasts.

4 Quinn Fabray and Noah Puckerman
5 Kurt Hummel and Dave Karofsky

Absolutely cute and adorable! And surprising, of course.

They could have been an interesting relationship.

The best unexpected and dramatic gay kiss.

6 Quinn Fabray and Sam Evans

Such a beautiful couple. I know people think they are boring together, but come on. They are so sweet, and there are sparks flying like crazy every time they see each other.

I know that their storyline wasn't that dramatic to make the audience ship them, but they have chemistry, they are fun together, they are both really lonely, and it's hard for them to find the perfect lover. And Sam has proved that he might be what Quinn needs. I ship them like crazy. I hope they will end up together.

7 Quinn Fabray and Finn Hudson

Quinn just grabs his head and smacks her lips on him. The best Glee kiss! I love it so much!

8 Rachel Berry and Noah Puckerman
9 Coach Shannon Beiste and Will Schuester

Even though I would never consider wanting Coach Beiste and Mr. Schuester to be a couple on the show, this was definitely one of the most sweet, meaningful kisses on the show. It reminds everyone of how Will is a really great guy, even when he gets caught up in romance drama.

10 Tina Cohen-Chang and Mike Chang

I love them. They are so cute together! They are both awesome singers and dancers.

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11 Rachel Berry and Jesse St James

I love Finn and Rachel together so much, but Rachel and Jesse are both STARS. It's awesome to see two stars come together. They both have incredible, strong voices. Broadway voices.

12 Tina Cohen-Chang and Artie Abrams

I love those two characters! They are awesome together. Don't get me wrong, I like the couple Tina and Mike, and I think they are a very cute couple, but there will always be a spark between Tina and Artie.

13 Will Schuester and Emma Pillsbury
14 Noah Puckerman and Shelby Corcoran
15 Santana Lopez and Noah Puckerman
16 Santana Lopez and Sam Evans

Santana and Sam are totally perfect for each other. They are opposites, and opposites attract. We all saw the connection they obviously share. They are both the hottest people on the show. When they kiss, I can practically feel the fireworks through the screen.

(And anyone who doesn't see this is either blind or lives under a rock with no romance. I mean, I'm just saying.)

They only kissed once in the show, in the episode Blame it on the Alcohol.

17 Mercedes Jones and Sam Evans
18 Britney S. Pierce and San Evan
19 Rachel Berry and Blaine Anderson
20 Sam Evans and Tina Cohen-Chang
21 Marley Rose and Ryder Lynn
22 Rachel Berry and Brody Weston
23 Mike Chang and Tina Cohen-Chang
24 Holly Holliday and Will Schuester
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