Top 10 Taylor Swift Love Songs


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The Top Ten

You Belong With Me
This song is very good! A song with more than a thousand mean.. I think it must be the 1st not the 3rd! Go go go Taylor Swift.. You touched my heart by your songs.. I love you more than other female singer.. I want to meet you and hear yo sing this song! Keep calm Taylor!

By Real Swifties
This is such a good song. I listen to this song every day and I know every single word to this song. THIS IS SUCH AN AWESOME AND AMAZING SONG! Peple what the freak is the matter with you for putting this NUMBER 3!
I just love this song to its to its last punctuation, I sung this beautiful song to my new boyfriend... That's how I got him to be mine forever
[Newest]I love it much

"Please don't be in love with someone else" A pray from the deepest corner of a girl's heart.
love this song so catchy and happy she puts her heart n soul in this one defiantly about Taylor Lautner
This song is such a great song!
My favorite words are: My thoughts will echo your name
Until I see you again, these words are the words I held back and please don't be in love with someone else.
[Newest]I love this song plus you can make really cute lyric art with it!

3Love Story
I do not understand. Love story is the best song ever by taylor swift, best song of the 21st century, and definitely one of the best songs EVER. It is the best song around since its been written and its the best love song that's EVER been written. And yet, its not the top song, but behind enchanted! This is absolutely so not cool. Come on everyone, vote this one up! Vote this up to give it back its rightful place, that is AT THE TOP of every chart!
It sounded like you felt disgusted when you said, "Behind ENCHANTED?! " Excuse me, I respect your opinion but that happens to be my favorite Taylor Swift song. No need to be disgusted...
I love this song it is the ultimate love song. I think Taylor Swift rocks and I hope she finally finds her romeo. People need to stop being to hard on her and mind their business not everyone finds true love the first time they date this song is about her love story and I hope it comes true taylor swift rocks!
This is about a love story about a story about romance and it is so romantic when they dance with each other and little did taylor swift know because she was shy and liked him. They got married and sneak to see each other because they love each other. I, m really surprised this was not one of the top three of the list! Taylor swift rocks!
[Newest]I think this song should be voted for because it is a really true song

4Back to December
I surprised! How such beautiful song like this no topped the list? I think this song is beautiful, and the lyrics itself is has deeply meaning, even craziest guy ever will considered this song as the one of most beautiful song that ever been created!
This is a great apology song. It shows Taylor Swift's regret of breaking up with Taylor lautner. I love the lines: "so if the chain is on the door, I understand" so haunted, sweet, sorry and special! Go Taylor!


Hey! Are you kidding me? This is the best song by taylor. The lyrics are unbelieveable, the music has a snowy winter touch in it and obviously taylor's voice and emotion made this an awesome song of this album. Please guys vote for it. This deserves better position
[Newest]I love this song

5Today Was a Fairytale
I just voted for this song to tell dixiedragondog6's mom to have a life
Me and my 27 year old mom <2 this song


That's the cutest song ever. LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT
[Newest]I heart this song

Totally best taylor swift song out there after stay stay stay
Great song! I love it
I love you taylor.. You are the best thing ever in my life.. I've heard every of your song.. I love you..

7Sparks Fly
Great song. The drums guitars and taylor's voice make it easy to love it. She captured the idea of sparks and fireworks going off when meeting the "one". Awesome
I find this good even if you're happy or unhappy with love. because you find this in a much like flashback or recall. It always fits and makes you chilled up. You feel seriously what it wants to say. Anyone with "experience" vote up! Boost it up to the top 5!
This song is original. And amazing,
[Newest]This song is the best!

8I Knew You Were Trouble
I love this song more than me. Plus it's about Harry Styles I think so ;D. The title speaks for itself. This song is about the classic cliche "good girl falls for a bad boy. " The good girl sees a bad boy, falls for him even though she knows he's bad news. She's entranced by him because of how new and exciting he is. She changes herself to be a part of his world. So the good girl becomes bad, but in the end when things end between her and this bad boy, she's left by herself and feeling more alone than before she got together with this boy.
This is the awesomest song it should be on the top list love this song love her
I love it (I knew You Were Trouble)
[Newest]? It's a good song, but not a love song.


9The Story of Us
This song is just very perfect the way she sings it is also so WOW the part where she says "I used to think one day we'd tell the story of us How we met and the sparks flew instantly" I was like
I love this song. It's about that feeling of not wanting to be the one to give in but not wanting to lose someone you know you love.
PERFECT! Everything about the song-her voice, lyrics video, music! Just everything <3 her
[Newest]'But you held your pride like you should have held me'! By far, the best Breakup song

Love this song. Sure had a good 22 birthday
This Song Deserves to be on this list!
My favorite taylor swift song
[Newest]I really like this song... Taylor is such a good singer

The Contenders

11Everything Has Changed
Oh god srsly I'm surprised this song was not in the list... I added and I think this song should be higher and vote this song because it's awesome and it's just beautiful... I haven't listened to her songs for many days and a few days ago I was spellbound by this new release and I love it... I don't listen to her too much anymore but after I heard this song I kinda like heard it all day and night and I still didn't get tired... The song has beautiful lyrics... The chorus is awesome awesome awesome... And I love the part " I just wanna knoe you better know ypu better now... "
Love this song. I always find myself dreaming about my first love when I hear this song.
I love this. It lyric so touch me. It always remind about my first crush when I was young

12The Way I Loved You
Easy listening. Well, try to listen it if you never heard this song
I heart this song
It's so catchy and relatable
Love you so much taylor😊😘 you're the best xx

13Hey Stephen
AH! You Kidding Me? Best Song Ever!
This is the best song ever I heard. Taylor is very unique she can composed a song through feelings... I heart you
It has the best tune out of all the songs. She songs great in this one.

14Dear John
! Dear John is so beautiful and so inspirational and I just love her singing it. Her voice makes me so happy and she is so amazing and such a great singer and songwriter and I just love this song so much. It's inspiring.
I am in love with this song. But I'm not so sure that it is a love song. She is really talking about realizing that a guy is pretty horrible and saying that she won't let him get to her.
The lyrics are the most heartbreaking and brutally honest I have ever heard. Also her voice reflects the raw emotion in this song.


16You're Not Sorry

17Last Kiss
Even though last kiss isn't my favorite Taylor song, it's a very good song and is perfectly suitable for the theme: Love Song. Personally all the songs above this are better, but seriously, they aren't as LOVE as this! SO passionate as she sings those meaningful words so beautifully.
Its a really great song. Once you hear it you just wanna hear it all along the time. Simply a GREAT WOW!
If anyone is supposed to hear a song it ought to be this one...
I Could listen this song whole night such an amazing song... Wont leave your mind easily... It just lingers
[Newest]Noway to speak for it, just listen & feel it

Guys, haunted is my song for when I fell in love with this guy, who I thought I knew and he turned out different. This song helped me through the hard times so please vote for it!

19Stay Beautiful

20Mary's Song
Come on! This is one of the most beautiful songs she's ever written! Like Seriously! <3 Its so adorable... You can totally picture it as she sings, you know... Kids growing up together.. Falling in love.. My favorite
This song shows the cutest possible love story of two kids growing up! This made my friends and me cry
This song is adorable! I think its not at number 1 because its "old". Its the most romantic songs EVER.

Ausumn song I have ever heard its good to listen this song everyone feel good to listen this song I like all the songs of taylor swift but I liked it the most I don't know why and how but it is very nice
It is the best SONG EVER!
Did you hear this song? This is the best

With Miley Cyrus's "The Climb" I could say this is the best of Hannah Montana: The Movie.

23Never Grow Up
Such a beautiful song by Taylor, as usual. This song should be no. 1 love the lyrics about someone young and innocent that Taylor doesn't want to get hurt...
Really touching song by Taylor Swift. I think this song should be in the top 5. It's really beautiful.
Awesome song. Totally should be number one.

24Speak Now
This is my favorite song! It's the best!

25Tim McGraw

26All Too Well
I fell in love with this song. I could relate to the fact that those you love the most could just leave you in a flash. But it's the beautiful memories we share with them that we miss. "I remember it all too well..."

How is this not higher in the list! I love taylor swift but this is her sweetest song!

28Blank Space
I really become happy when I listen to this music very nice rhythm it should be at the top of the list. I suggest you to listen to this music more and more, more than 1000 times haha


I just love this song. It's just awesome. I listened to it more than 15 times. I think it's the most popular song of 2014

You could leave the lyrics of this song on someone's doorstep as an anonymous love letter.

30Safe & Sound
Safe and sound is the best song literately

Why is this not higher up? 22 is above this! For best Taylor Swift love songs?!

What's more heartbreaking than loosing your child from cancer at a very young age of 4? I get very emotional every time I hear the song..

33If This Was a Movie
A really cool song by Taylor Swift. Should be at the top.

I am a huge fan of Taylor swift, and I have so many favorites, but Treacherous is definitely one of my favorites! I love the overwhelming sound of the music during the chorus. Listening to that part makes me feel so joyful as if I am the one in love
Completely agree with you:)
"Your name has echoed through my mind and l just, think you should think you should know "
Much moved by that overwhelming sound

35White Horse
I is a wonderful song, I am shocked that how is it no. 32
I just love this lovely song

36Forever & Always

37The Last Time

38Begin Again
Why this song is on number.37. I mean this song deserve to be in top 15.. Every time I listen to this I get emotional. This song music video is also very nice.. Come on everybody vote please.

39Sweeter Than Fiction
Love it its great

40Jump Then Fall
Its really pretty song!
Like its a really good pleasing song.

41Teardrops On My Guitar

42Picture to Burn
This is really a nice song

43State of Grace
This song is so amazing and perfect! It has the most beautiful lyrics: "we learn to live with the pain; mosaic broken hearts"

44The Outside

45We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
This song represent's an on and off relationship which she want's to discontinue but somehow she's attracted to the guy's charm. The song is something which every teenager can relate to. I had a girlfriend and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together! I love this one.

This Songs has a good imagination of scenes inside and beautiful solo Guitar Play!

47Our Song
This is an amezing song can't taylor is awesome she sings very enchantedly which sparkles red in your mind and bcm our song
Lovely song. Its best after you belong with me and love story...
But where's love story?
I love really this song until I died I hope that TAYLOR SWIFT will come back again here in the Philippines after she sing the song red TAYLOR iloveyou

I Really Love this song.
Hope Taylor Swift will come to Indonesia soon
And sing this amazing song.

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