Top Ten That 70s Show Characters


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The Top Ten

Steven Hyde
Hilarious, mature, surprisingly smart, cynical, sarcastic, loves good music. Best of the group, by far.
I totally agree that he should wear a master of puppets shirt if they made a second series
I wish there were a That 80's show and Hyde wore a "Master of Puppets" shirt


[Newest]My favorite, always had a huge crush on him.

Fez is just hilarious! His accent, his personality, his obsession with candy! I'd seriously just watch the show only to see his trademark "I said good day! "
He just gets better every time I watch this show.
Fez is my favourite, he's so funny and I love his accent and lisp, AND the silly smile after everything he says! He really cracks me up
[Newest]I said good day!

3Michael Kelso
That kid is a dumbass! One of the top 3 characters, along with Leo and Red.
He is so stupid it will make you laugh every time you watch him.
That thing you are smoking? He should be number one for much
[Newest]He can be cute

4Red Forman
Whoever didn't vote for Red is a dumbass!


He's the best role model for every fathers in this generation.
Consistently the funniest character on the show.

5Eric Forman
Eric is the funniest character on the show! Roleplaying:
RED (as Eric): I'm just a skinny, smart-mouthed kid who always has something to say about everything!
ERIC (as Red): I wish I was an octopus, so I could put 8 different feet in 8 different asses HAHAHAHA!
Red (as Eric): Star wars, star wars, star wars!
ERIC (as Red in funny voice): Dead commies, dead commies, dead COMMIES!
Definitely. Along with Donna one of the most underrated characters on the show!
Eric you're awesome man but did you ever think what would happen if Eric and Jackie hooked up?...
The show wasn't at all the same without him in season 7.

6Leo Chingkwake
Leo was a typical stoner and hippie. He was a properly funny character


7Jackie Burkhart
She is funny smart and pretty. She is the only one inn which they actually showed any proper character development to. In my opinion, she is the best by far!
She took down a karate teacher, her friend's sister and her other friend. JACKIE IS BADASS
She's a genius with her looks. Also super funny!

8Donna Pinciotti
She's the best female character in the show! I LOVE her!


9Kitty Forman

10Bob Pinciotti

The Contenders

11Laurie Forman

12Midge Pinciotti

13Pastor Dave

14Randy Pearson
He was really cute and funny.

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