The Most Disappointing Movies of All Time

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281I, Robot
282Mr. And Mrs. Smith
283Ice Age: The MeltdownV1 Comment
284Scream 4

Not that bad. Strangely enough it's not Neve Campbell but Emma Roberts who steals the show in this movie.

285The Man with the Iron Fists

It"s actually not that bad. If you have to compare it with a Hong Kong movie ( the real thing ), it's not that good.

286Army of Darkness

Does not continue the quality of the previous two movies.

287Resident Evil

This is actually the best of the Resident Evil movies. They should have stopped after this one.

288Saw III
289The Final Destination
290The Grey
291[REC] 3 Genesis
293Eat Pray Love
294Mortal Kombat
295Hide & Seek
297Planet of the Apes (2001)

Doesn't come even close to the original.

Watch The Reboot Franchise From 2011-Present Instead

298Alice In Wonderland (2010)
299Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
300Napoleon Dynamite

Everyone was talking about how great this movie was. All throughout the movie, I was waiting for something funny to happen. Funny never came. Someone decided to make a clean comedy, but yet they used stupid jokes. Common Hollywood! Show us that you can make funny movies without resorting to cheap sex jokes and strings of profanities.

All the weed in the world still wont make this movie funny. It's not one of those cynical movies that requires a bit of intellect to understand, it requires a bit of retardedness and a lot of stupidity.

I thought I had missed something after watching the whole movie twice and not cracking a single smile once. And then it dawned on me. My friends are just stupid.

Al the actors looked extremely high, I'm not saying that's not good for a comedy movie, but they didn't act like so

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