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Just amazing, the way he puts it toghether always blows me away, 2Pac isn't just a rapper, he's a poet.
A deep song expressing about the wrong we have done, and what changes we can do to undo our wrongs
tupac never fails to deliver! what a song!
[Newest]Best Rap song of all time!

I believed Eminem was that best, until I heard this one.
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2Hit 'Em Up
The best song I ever love tupac rest in peace your rap keep us thinking to be a rapper
Thanks man
Pac could not be censored his entire life and it provided us with great entertainment
In my opinion, the best free style song ever invented in rap history, B.I. G and other rappers mentioned before on this song could never answer it back
[Newest]Best ever diss song!

3Life Goes On
This is my favorite of Tupac's songs. This, to be exact is my favorite song of all time. The lyrics are written from his heart and he is the only true rapper that doesn't rap about drugs, money and hoes.
His most underrated song and I'd say #2 (after Dear Mama) Beautiful lyrics as he faces death. It's very deep and emotional. He mourns a friend and prepares for his own end.


This is my most favorite song of Tupac. This is my third most favorite song of all time. Next will be Changes, California Love, Me Against The World, and How Long Will They Mourn Me.
When ever I think of pac I just feel like am gona die the next day... If I had the opportunity I will exchange my life for his cus we missing a lot

4Dear Mama
How is this not number 1? If this doesn't make you love your mother even more, you really have no heart at all.
It's not everyday you see a hardcore gangsta rapper write and rap an ode to his mother. Very moving
This is the best tupac song and shows why tupac is one of the G.O.A.T not many rappers can show much emotion in their songs.
[Newest]I think that this should be the first one because it is telling you how you should treat your mom and dad because one day they might not be there anymore.

5California Love
This is the best 2pac's song ever!
I love this song its awesome super rap by 2pac dre is also awesome
Out on a bail, fresh outta jail california dreamin
Soon as I step on the scene I hear hoochies screamin
Unforgettable Song wuth Dre and the Beat is awesome love you rip

6Hail Mary
Id say in top 5 his rhymes are so sick! Tupac is definitely the king of the rap game.
Great introduction to what Makaveli is all about.
My favorite song from 2Pac is "Hail Mary". It makes 2Pac a founding father of Gangsta Rap. The beat is good enough to compete with modern rap beats up to 2012.
[Newest]Hail Mary, Come with me. Classic

7Thugz Mansion
Great song but he acoustic with nas is even better. My favorite on this list
Powerful song w/ powerful chorus. Amazing!
My favorite 2pac song of all time.
Awesome song gives a litle hope to the ghetto
Love so much this song

8Ghetto Gospel
Awesome. I don't care if its with or without elton john... No I'm glad that this song is with elton john: Pac left us some messages and one of them were: "everyone is the same - doesn't matter is he/she is asian, black, gay or whatever. "
I love this song! The slower version with Elton John is the best! R.I. P to a pretty good rapper and man
I absolutely do not mean the one with Elton John. I recommend you find Pac's full version without the omitted lines and verses
[Newest]"Those who wish to follow me I welcome with my hands"

92 of Amerikaz Most Wanted
Way underraterd. His combo with Snoop was exceptional. This song has one of the best flows in all of rap and outstanding lyricism. Snoop and Pac kill this ish.R.I.P. pac even though he's still living in his spirits.
Best song ever. Why so underrated?
Picture perfect, Pac paints a perfect picture with Snoop in this song.
[Newest]2 of amerikaz best

10Only God Can Judge Me
So true and heart touching lyrics
I loved it! That's what other rappers should follow the example.
All time favorite song for me number 1 can reach the level 2pac was on r I p the true rapper

The Contenders

11Keep Ya Head Up
Perhaps the perfect showcase of the man's softer side, "Keep Ya Head Up" is arguably his best individual performance ever. Over DJ Daryl's rendition of Zapp & Roger's "Be Alright, " Pac delivers a message about staying ahead of the struggle and showing respect to all, regardless of gender. ("Time to heal our women, be real to our women /And if we don't we'll have a race of babies /That will hate the ladies... ") HA
Pac preaching to the young ladies of the world to never give up, no matter how bad the struggle may seem
This should be like #3
Well I would say that this song is very DEEP and it somewhat always have me happy n this song it motivation

12Ambitiionz Az a Ridah
Messages in here that should be applied to lives everywhere! Simply amazing song, tupac at his best..
This song is Tupac just swaggin out. A great openening track to a great album. IT is so gangsta and makes you feel like a boss when you listening to it.
Lets Get Ready To Rumble!
My best 2pac song of all time
Pac goes HAM on this song.

13I Ain't Mad At Cha
Awesome song! The beat and hook are good, but these lyrics are some of his best.

"Even though we seperated, you said that you'd wait don't give nobody no cuchi while I be locked up state. "
-2pac, Realest rapper alive
How can a 2pac classic be that low.
It is the best song of one of his best albums all eyez on me and one of the best rap albums of all time.
2pac's best album is me against the world (obviously)

14Starin' Through My Rear View
This song is f$$$ing awesome
It's not an easy choice, but since I have these words "I'm seeing nothing' but my dreams comin' true, while I'm starin' at the world through my rearview" tattooed in my neck, I will vote 4 this one!
If you have a heart vote for thiis
[Newest]This is the best, no doubt. It got chilling effect on me, lyrics and the beat come together to create this unbelievable mood of inevitability.

15Me Against The World
This song is how he faced his life to reach success because he met to many people that mold him to be a betta gangsta this song deserves to be number 1 it's the perfect song for watching the sunset

16To Live & Die in L.A.
I love how he reps LA
Ma favorite 2 pac song ever westsidee fo ever

17Soon As I Get Home
The Beat and the lyrics on this song are hands down the best recorded tupac put so much heart in his songs and always was talking about real. Rap today sucks so bad, We miss you pac the game needs more real rappers following in your footsteps. RIP to the GREATEST OF ALL TIME! HANDS DOWN!
Let's get my enemies not knowing I'm coming back.2Pac was the rap god

18Runnin' ft. Notorious B.I.G.
The nastiest duo ever to be in rap music. How is this not #1?
This song must be in the top 15 list
Surprised this ain't in top 3
Really good song - maybe one of the best

19So Many Tears
Some of the best and most personal lyrics he ever wrote: "I'm falling to the floor, begging for the lord to let me into Heaven's doors"
One of the most emotional songs of Tupac Shakur every time I listen to so many tears I shed tears this song is beyond every song in every music genre that was ever recorded
In my opinion his best song this is superb

20Can't C Me
A amazing beat of Dr. Dre and maybe the greatest diss-track against biggie. Even if you don't like classic rap this song is awesome

21Brenda's Got a Baby
The lyrics of this song are just awesome... Amazing story-teller. This song has to be in the top 10. If not, at least top 15. #35? Seriously?
Incredible story telling skills. 2pac wasn't just a rapper, he was a rythmic author and lyrical genius!
Indeed, not his best one...but needs to get more votes; at least top ten!

22Thug Passion
This is the perfect chill out song.

23I Don't Give a F***
Man this is a great song. This song is simply perfect, perhaps not as great as 'Changes' but it deserves to be in TOP 5. First time I heard this song on Radio Los Santos of
GTA San Andreas.
This song is really cool!

This retrospective of his life is very deep and emotional

25Better Dayz
Great flow. Great lyrics. Great rhymes. Great beat. Great meaning. Overall, GREAT SONG! Love this song to death. I love listen to this song when I'm down. I can definitely relate to this.
The lyrics are very emotional. I find the original better than the released version

26Never Call U Bitch Again
This is one of my all time favorite tracks from pac and very underrated.

This song is very sad and beautiful!... Tells the truth and is an inspiration to me! 2pac a LEGEND! One of the few to survive and prosper out of the ghettos! Love you! 2014!

28Picture Me Rollin'
Should be way higher.. Big Sky kills it on this song.
Picture me rollin' in my 500 benz...

29Run Tha Streets

30My Block
Amazing flow, I suggest you listen to the DJ Billy remix; 'Forever High. '
Absolutely one of the greatest song ever written by 2pac
Life is but a dream - this is one of his greatest and most touching songs out. Rest In Peace Pac, you may be gone, but not forgotten

This was my favorite and a great song to test the bass on your speakers

32If I Die 2nite
A coward dies a thousand deaths, a soldier dies but once... Come on how this song is not even in this list I can't believe it!
Yes its a very beautiful song and it should definitely be in the top 10 list.

33I Get Around
This is my favorite 2pac song maybe under changes but this is a great song
Wow the best 2pac song ever so good should be top 10!
Come on! Best 2pac song


34Stay True

35If My Homie Calls
One of tupac best song
This is amazing, man!

36Soldier Like Me (Return of the Soulja)

37Black Cotton

38All Eyez On Me
All eyes on meee!


40I Wonder If Heaven Got a Ghetto

Can't believe it wasn't on the list. This is a phenomenal song!

42They Don't Give a F*** About Us
Some say they expect illuminati take his body to sleep...

43Do for Love
This should be at the top, so chilled with great beat
Come on, this has great rhymes and a sweet bass part

44All About U

45Me and My Girlfriend
I jux love you 2pac

46Unconditional Love
This song is so damn smooth and relaxing. It explains how one should feel about there significant other while giving praise to the others you love in your life. Why this isn't top 5 makes me wonder whats wrong sometimes. This is one is his most kindest yet motivational songs.

47Last Wordz

Either the original version (with E.D.I and Napoleon) or the released version (Napoleon and Kastro), the song has a very nice beat (both versions) and good lyrics


50When Thugz Cry
Should be WAY higher!

51Ain't Hard 2 Find
I heard a rumor I died, murdered in cold blood dramatized
Pictures of me in my final stage you know Mama cried
But that was fiction, some coward´╗┐ got the story twisted
Like I no longer existed, mysteriously missing
Although I'm worldwide, baby I ain't hard to find tupac still alive?
I've been ballin' since ma adolescent years, steady climbin'!

52Troublesome '96
Real Gangsta Rap...
Great ryhmes and lyrics...It should be in top 10...
The most underrated song on this list... Should be in the top 3 if not 1

Probably the most underrated Pac song ever
Epic and extremely underrated. Should be in the top ten.

54How Do U Want It
How Do you Want It at #63?! Lolol. What's wrong with you people? This is his best song by far! Best damn rap song ever made! Makes California Love sound like a boring opera song.
Words cannot describe how awesome this song this is.

55Only Fear of Death
This showcases Pac's paranoia and feeling that his young death is inevitable. Very bone-chilling

56Lord Knows
"I hope the lord forgives me because I have the spirit of a thug in me. " One of the better tupac songs. "

57When We Ride

58Can U Get Away

59Pac's Life

60Old School

61Heartz of Men
This needs to be in the top 10. If you haven't heard this song, listen to it.

62Thug Luv
This Should Be way higher like top 25 or something

63Bomb First
The best and why its not in this list is pretty surprising. Well nown here it is
Probly the best song other then California love

64Dopefiend's Diner

65Toss it Up

Come on, people! This is one of the most cryptical and - at the same time - amazing songs of 2Pac. If not in the Top 10, at least in the Top 25.

67No More Pain
Way his lyrics just flow and fit together is incredible. A perfect example of why 2Pac was the greatest ever.

68White Man'z World

69Nothing to Lose
You should listen dis song

70Lil Homies
Heartfelt Song, to show the ghetto youth the way
This song is a masterpiece!

71God Bless the Dead
I can't believe this wasn't in the list! Come on everybody! This song is ultra fantastic! Should be at least at top 10!

72Ballad of a Dead Soulja

73Street Fame
For me this is the best

7416 On Death Row


76Definition of a Thug N****
This song goes hard, awesome instrumental which I find overall lacking in Pac's music because he recorded at such a fast rate and didn't mind settling for mediocre back beats.

77F*** the World
Chorus is a bit off but lyrically is tight as hell

78Happy Home

79Letter 2 My Unborn

80How Long Will They Mourn Me?
This son deserves to be on this list. This track completely swags out.
This song is ultra incredible! Why is it at 75?

"Do what you gotta do, but know you gotta change, just to find a way to make it out the game"

82All Out

83Holler If Ya Hear Me

84Holla at Me
This song is really really good and smooth

85Against All Odds
I Like It And Found It Cool

86Got My Mind Made Up
Everyone's Verse on point

87Soulja's Story
This song is too deep "cops on my tail so I bail till I dodge em they finally pull me over and I laugh remember RODNEY KING and I BLAST on his punk ass... Got me a glock cause the cops got a glock too! His Souljah voice is incredible!
Coolin' in the pen, where the good's kept. Now my little brother wants to follow in my footsteps, a soulja.

88Playa Cardz Right
Inspitarional song for old and modern days. Very Inspirational. Cool one.

89F*** Friendz

This song is amazing. I can't believe it's so low in the list!
Not his best, but a damn shame this is only 88th

91Thug 4 Life
Has A Killer Beat and some great lyrics

92The Good Die Young

93Bury Me a G

94Remember Me

95As the World Turns

96Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II)

97Check Out Time

98Cradle to the Grave

99Fake Ass Bitches


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