Top 10 Worst Video Games of All Time

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481The Adventures of Bayou Billy

The Adventures of Bayou Billy, released in Japan as Mad City or The Adventures of Forest Steam

482Universal Combat

How is this here? It's one of the greatest games

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484Call of Duty: Black Ops - Declassified

We don't need the EXACT SAME GAME on a handheld console.

I admit it is a fake but it's still an okay game

485Rugby League Live 2
486Rugby Challenge

I like the sport but not the game

487FIFA 14V2 Comments
488Dark Souls

Why do people put such amazing games on the worst list. It pisses me off I do not understand how this website hasn't died yet. 6k votes for everything. YAY. I do not see them picking out people so yeah they are just liars and I just, I don't know. This website is just horrible I mean seriously they put so many great games here and guess what in the top 1500 YouTubers the worst and best was PewDiePie. WOW! The people they have to vote just aren't people you would see playing games or watching YouTube or just giving facts in general. They are complete dumb asses. ALL OF YOU PEOPLE WHO MODERATE THIS DYING WEBSITE

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489Pokemon Y

I apologize, my friend put this on here because he likes X better...

Only idiots hate Pokemon to the core. - Goatworlds

This is the same trash we seen for the last 10 year

Self destruct your life is garbage.

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491Mario Party 2

Why wasn't Princess Daisy playable in Mario Party 2? & why was Tatanga's last appearance still in SML2: 6 Golden Coins?

492Super Mario Bros.: The Lost LevelsV1 Comment
493First Crossing

Most best game ever you can do anything go into space go to heaven or hell and can see god and the devil at mars you see aliens and you can go inside anywhere if you tried to see every place in this game t would take 14 days you can go to all country's and states make a time machine and see Abe Lincoln or George Washington go to the dinosaurs and play a bunch of games drive almost every car out in the world THIS GAME ROCKS GET IT

494Last Cry

Last cry best zombie game ever explore the world do anything smash zombies body parts and see BOOBIES.P. S FIRST CROSSING DOES TO

495Hard Time

Wrestling Revolution 3D may be a great game despite all the bugs, but Hard Time has is a bad game, I watched the gameplay video and I think its bad. In the end, they let you out and YOU HAVE T START ALL OVER!

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496White Knight Chronicles
497Ethnic Cleansing

WORST game of all time! Even worse than Superman 64!

Why? I tell you why! The game is absolutely racist. You play as either a member of the KKK or as a neo-Nazi skinhead and go around killing Mexicans, Jews, and Afro-Americans (who look very stereotypical by the way, go figure). Add annoyingly awful Neo-Nazi music, ugly graphics and a VERY limited view of distance and you have it: THE WORST GAME OF ALL TIME!

If the developers weren't the product of ten generations of inbreeding, the game might not crash so much.

Apparently about a hundred places better than our lord a savior's game, shadow the hedgehog

This crazy joke doesn't really qualify as a video game.

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498Mario Kart 64

Not the worse game it presented itself with 3d graphics and was enjoyable for the n64 era why is it on this list only the person who post it will know.

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499Mario Kart 8

Yeah, Mario Kart 8 gets average reception anyways. Also, Orange Gold Daisy should replace Pink Gold Peach (who is very criticized) anyways.

No, it's really fun! I have the Animal Crossing pack on mine!

I hate this game because Princess Peach was in it. Also, the Koopalins sure beat the pompous Pink Gold Peach.

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500WWF King of the Ring

I'm trying to think of a saving grace for this NES title from 1993, but I can't. More hilarious than bad, really...

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