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41 Go Gentle Go Gentle
42 Radio Radio
43 Heart and I Heart and I

Fantastic song should've been a single. Classic Robbie stadium-like song love it!

44 Lovelight Lovelight

One of the sexiest songs ever!

45 Misunderstood Misunderstood V 1 Comment
46 Your Gay Friend Your Gay Friend

This is a really catchy song with a really deep meaning, one of his best along with advertising space

47 Monsoon Monsoon

Love the lyrics to this song

Come on it's one of robbie's best songs.

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48 Dogs & Birds Dogs & Birds

Is this song swing because I like it

49 Rudebox Rudebox
50 Starstruck Starstruck
51 Lazy Days Lazy Days
52 Email From a Vampire Email From a Vampire

Has this song never been released anywhere? It sounds amazing.

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53 Shine My Shoes Shine My Shoes
54 Deceptacon Deceptacon

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, voice, music & lyrics. I'll listen to this for ever & vEry often.

Incredibly beautiful voice, lyrics & music. It always gets played with Somewhere & Superblind; great trio!

55 It's Only Us It's Only Us
56 I Will Talk and Hollywood Will Listen I Will Talk and Hollywood Will Listen

Such a great big band song. Lyrics powerfully sung. My personal favourite performance from the albert hall concert

57 Beyond the Sea Beyond the Sea
58 Blasphemy Blasphemy

My favourite song from my favourite album

59 Minnie the Moocher Minnie the Moocher
60 The Pilot

Should be much higher?

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