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Do I Wanna Know?
Absolute brilliance by the Monkeys. Gotta love that riffing trademark of theirs, keep it running through the song. And this song is a brilliant example of it. Brings up images of black and white footage with lots off cigar smoke in the air and the smell of brandy...
This song is musical sex. Hopefully as time goes by this'll get to at least the number ten slot. Turner is a genius!
This is by far my favorite Arctic Monkeys song. It's good such intensity to it, such an emotional rollercoaster when I listen to it. Amazing.
[Newest]Definitely the best ever.

2Fluorescent Adolescent
A very fun and energetic song! The lyrics are exceptionally dirty for an arctic monkeys song too. "You used to get it in your fishnets, now you only get it in your night dress".
The video for this song is as epic as the lyrics of this song. This is my favourite Arctic Monkeys song.
great song =], really like it... as well as the video xD
[Newest]Got me into this band

3R U Mine?
Such a catchy chorus and just an overall great song! It's up there as one of their best I believe, but there are many amazing arctic monkey songs for it to contend with! I think it should be a top 5!
This song is a cracker!
Although Arctic Monkeys early stuff was 10/10 quality, this song is surely 11/10!
Anyone who has seen its video will definitely agree on its very good quality. Without even hesitating, it's just top 5.
[Newest]This should be 2nd after Do I Wanna Know? Love the rhythm, the words and everything.

4I Bet You Look Good On the Dancefloor
Absolute stunner, such a quality song. I got all my friends hooked on Arctic Monkeys after introducing them to this song. Not only is the beat infectious, but the lyrics are too and even after all these years it has remained my favourite song of theirs. Hope they keep making music for years to come.
The signature track of the band. In October 2011, NME placed it
At number 11 on its list "150 Best
Tracks of the Past 15 Years".
One of their best songs, best lyrics too. I would definitely put it above Brainstorm for sure. My Propeller and Dance Little Liar from Humbug were pretty sick too. Alex's voice is amazing.
[Newest]Signature track of an always amazing band. Shows the raw sound they always have

5Mardy Bum
Mardy Bum was the first song I heard of Arctic Monkeys and it instantly got me attracted. Certainly, its smooth lyrics, chord progression, and tone, just make it beautiful. Too bad it remains an underrated song.
Agreed. Mardy Bum is extremely underrated and should be given more credit.
Extremely underrated. Should be in the top 5 of this list at least. Great song from the first album, vote Mardy Bum.
[Newest]There is a story in that song and that story makes me feel different. Fall in love

This song is excellent, it's quite sad to see it all the way down here.
The closer of their gigs. Its a beautifully written track. The tune is so awesome.
This is possibly the best song on the 2nd album, well for it's definitely the best on the 2nd album.
[Newest]Such a beautiful song

7When the Sun Goes Down
Immense song so catchy grips you straight away lyrics easy to remember part of one of the best albums in history
The first song I ever heard from them. At first, in the first seconds, I thought it was some brit folk. Then, giving it a chance, It blew me away and I was instantly hooked on the AM and have been since that day.
This is a fantastic track its from the first album.
[Newest]That my favorite song.

You rock arctic monkeys

8A Certain Romance
This song is pure genius, this is one of the best Indie Rock songs of all time, it never gets old. You can listen to this straight for hours and you will still want more. The beat, the verses, the rhythm, the long instrumentals, just everything. This song is perfection. Top 5 at least.
Simply perfect - the bass riff during the verses, the guitar melody at the end, and the crisp vocals contribute to the perfect resolution of a masterpiece
This song hexed me for the first time I heard, intelligence it is. It was really brilliant how they compose this sing. Really scientific for a music I say.
[Newest]This song embodies everything that truly is Arctic Monkeys. It opens up with the power of something like I Bet You look good on the dancefloor, then it takes you through powerful storytelling similar to the likes of Mardy Bum, and finishes off an extremely intense ending. It has everything. Their best song by far.

9Crying Lightning
This is an absolutely brilliant song! It is only overlooked because it was on Humbug but seriously this is an amazing song which deserves to be in the top 5!
How is this only #9? Crying Lightning is definitely the highlight of Humbug, and it's so discretely sexy with its memorable riffs that hit you perfectly.

"And your past times consisted of the strange and twisted and deranged and I hate that little game you had called... CRYING LIGHTNING..."
The single debuted at #12 on
The UK Singles Chart on 12 July
2009 by downloads alone. So dark and awesome
[Newest]Everything about this song is just so amazing and perfect!

Powerful. Exciting. Gets you dancing.

What else do you want from an Arctic Monkey song?
The most popular track of the band it was on guitar hero matt is awesome on the drums on this one
Can't believe this isn't on the top 5.
It is pumping and the drums are fantastic!
[Newest]Time ago I didn't know much about the monkeys until I listened this song on a friend's car and I was like 0-0 "dude whats the name of this song? Its awesome! " So yeah this song got me into their music. Top 3 at least.

The Contenders

11Teddy Picker
The song refers to the popularity
Of celebrities. The song
Expresses annoyance with people
Who are so desperate to be
Famous that they do over-the-
Top things to get attention, such
As participate in reality shows. One of the best songs ever
I loved the 2nd album, my favourite by the Monkeys but I feel as if Brianstorm is getting too many votes, yes it's great but it doesn't need that many votes, 505 and this deserve more votes than they have atm as do Leave Before the Lights Come On, Do Me A Favour and Old Yellow Bricks.
This should at least be in the top 5! Much better than the other 2 overrated singles, this is proper Indie Rock right here!
[Newest]The best song by AM.

12Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
Such An Epic Song, This Deserves to be in the top 5
Top 2 favorite from the new album, should be top 10 at least
This was the first song I listened to by the Arctic Monkeys and I became instantly addicted to them. Not sure why this isn't in the top 5 but it should be!
[Newest]A big YES to this song

13From the Ritz to the Rubble
Last night these two bouncers and one of ems alright the other ones a scary one, his way or no way totalitarian, he's got no time for you looking or breathing how he don't want you to, so step out the queue he makes examples of you and there's nought you can say, behind the go through to the bit where you pay and you realize then that it's finally the time, to walk back past ten thousand eyes in the line, and you can swap jumpers or make another move, instilled In your brain you've got something to prove to all the smirking faces and the boys in black, why can't they be pleasant why can't they have a laugh, he's got his hands in you chest he wants to give you a duff, but secretly you think he wants it all to kick off, you've got arms flyin everywhere and bottles as well it's just, something to talk a story to tell yeah...
Best arctic monkeys song. Love the way it's really frantic to start Edith and it gradually calms down before the heavy instrumental at the end
Again, a song that firmly established AM's strengths as a band in their ability to progress a song. It's like a machine gun of lyrics rolling off Turner's tongue for the first verse that last's a solid minute. Then into an explosive chorus and moving into a bridge and some amazing guitar riffs and stellar drumming. Never a dissapointment. Dance Little Liar, R you Mine, and this song are tied for my favorite AM songs


[Newest]Now the haze has ascended, it don't make no sense that this song is #12 on the list! Come on guys, at least top ten.

14Fake Tales of San Francisco
This song is plenty of energy, I am fan of this band since the first time I heard this song. Every time I listen this song I find the energy to do whenever I need to do. The voice is great, it sounds really natural... The drums and guitar give the power to the song and during chorus the voice of all band gives to the song something I cannot explain that makes it so exiting. "I'm not from NY city I'm from.. Any where.. " Thanks Artic Monkeys!
Maybe people think the beginning's kind of weak. That's the only thing I can think of as to why this isn't at least in the top ten. The ending is awesome, and the lyrics and pretty powerful in that sort of backstreet, British way.
The beat of the song is awesome... It gets stuck in your head... Only vocals are little squeaky...
[Newest]One of the best son of them for me.

Arabella is really an awesome song and the lyrics are just perfect
Awesome song. The best in AM. Everything is perfect and the lyrics are one of the best of all time "And when she needs a shelter from reality she takes a dip in my daydreams"
One of the best songs from Arctic Monkeys. Really groovy track that hits you smoothly and enters in your favorite song list.

For me, Certain Romance and Cornerstone are the band's best, despite the fact that I love almost each and every song by them. But Cornerstone is just top notch perfect. Rarely do the chord progression, the guitar riffs, the bass line, the drums, the voice, and the lyrics fit so perfectly. Alex Turner tells a story through his song about the quest to find his lost love in such a masterful way that it leaves me marveling. It is fool of romance, love, misery, humor, and despite being a love ballad, the song does not shy away from taking a slightly dirty yet funny twist at the end. I think this song is extremely underrated, and I am glad that the band is playing it live again.
Such an romantic song, while the meaning is so sad. He loves the girl so much that he sees her face in every other girl he's met, and I think while hearing the song you can imagine the scene.
Simply great, and you could listen it over and over because it's different from any arctic monkeys song, with a guitar riff that plays like a viola, I think it's good enough
[Newest]I love all of the music from these guys. But Cornerstone stands out for me. It's such a simple and powerful song, and I recommend that everyone give this it a listen.

17The View from the Afternoon
This is first song of the first album its awesome. Alex Turner said "This is one of
The last songs written for the
Album. There's nothing clever,
It's just about anticipating the
Evening, finding comfort in
Familiarity and the fact that you
Know you're bound to send a
Daft message or something
Before the sun comes up. I think
I've stopped doing that now.
This song is simply amazing. Period.
Fantastic song with epic guitar this song really shows what artic monkeys are really made off!
[Newest]This is amazing because its moved and it better be in the first place of these list. Is simply Amazing on the drums

18Dance Little Liar
Simply the best arctic monkeys track. The lyrics are epic. This should be number 1. The bass solo is epic and the drums are awesome. Alex Turner is awesome.
I love this song! It's very slow but it keeps a steady beat and very enjoyable vocals. Love the bass in this one. The liar takes a lot less..
Love this!
LYRICAL MASTERPIECE one of their best songs ever, massively underrated like the majority of Humbug also the bass solo is beautiful

19Do Me a Favour
Such a powerful song. The lyrics are amazing; they really portray a sad scene well. Plus the music is amazing. And Alex's voice just sells it
This song is a real sad movie even if you're in a good mood and you listen to it it takes you where the song takes place amazing feelings amazing music it's definitely should be in the top 5
I had an orgasm when I heard it live
[Newest]Absolute favourite song from my favourite album, the drums at the beginning and the bass, amazing lyrics as well

20Leave Before the Lights Come On
This is frickin brill, I could listen to this song on repeat for hours without getting tired of it.
Quick let's leave, Before the lights turn off! Wow wow wow wow wow Makes me fall in love with music!
This song is brilliant, so underrated please everyone take a listen

21Still Take You Home
The ferocity and chaos that comes off the first riff draws you in. The song may come off slightly misogynistic to people who don't read into things. It's not really, it's condemning the type of woman with more boobs than brains.

This song's lyrics have a confidence and a swagger to them that strangely contrast with the anger and anxiety behind the music. Yet it all comes across so self assured that you don't question that he's wrong, you assume he has this person figured out.

This is the quintessential early Arctic Monkeys song to me. This is them at their funk punkiest and Alex Turner at his most interesting.
Such an energetic song, with a sick funky riff and funny lyrics... Deserves to be in the top five!

22Suck It And See
I think it's an absolutely beautiful love song and a true representation of the maturity brought into their sound with the release of this album. They still have the quirky yet great metaphors "you're rarer than a can of dandelion and burdock, and those other girls are just lost mix lemonade" accompanied by a good chord progression and the rhythmic expert that is mathew J helders. My favourite by far.
The kind of song that would remind you of your beloved. Such sweet song with good arrangement and metaphorical lyrics. I think this is my 2nd favourite song from Arctic Monkeys.
Best Song, up there with Mardy Bum and Fluorescent.

23Old Yellow Bricks
This is one really good song. I like how it keeps it tune though-out the song from star to end. One of my best and favourite songs.
This song is very underrated, should be at least in the top ten in my opinion. Definitely one of the best songs from the 2nd album!


15? Are you crazy guys? It was the first AM song I've heard and it had me hooked on em ever since!
Should at least be in the top 10
[Newest]Old Yellow Bricks definitely has a unique sound compared to their other songs but is still catchy. This song should be in the top 15!

24Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair
This song is by far my favorite! I know the songs from their first record are considered the best ones, but, please! This song is just amazing! Oh, and for goodness shake, it's not brAInstorm! It is brIAnstorm! Really! Check this on wikipedia! Could someone please correct this?!
Yeah yeah yeah the lyrics are hilarious on this one
Only 20? Really people?
[Newest]How can you not love this song

25Knee Socks
So cool and beautiful...
Knee socks is the best arctic monkeys song no doubt. Absolute beauty
The intro of this song is so contagious, I love it.
[Newest]This should be closer to the top!

26Snap Out of It
Awesome sound, great use of different vocal styles, and classic instruments, even if it is a little simple for some people
Both lyrics and music are amazing in this one. I love it! So underrated. One of the best from AM.
Such a catchy tune; gets stuck in your head for ages & that's a good thing
[Newest]This is definitely my favourite from the album, AM.

27Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You

28Love Is a Laserquest
Love this song! It deserves to be in top ten without a doubt. it's my favourite arctic monkeys song! Wonderful blend of instruments and vocals.. Great lyrics..
I think this song deserves to be at least in the top 10! Is an amazing song, not very known, though. But that doesn't stop it from being one of their best songs.
Personally, my favourite song from arctic monkeys.
[Newest]Do you still thinking love is a laserquest?

29If You Were There, Beware
This song deserves to be in the top ten list..
Its in Favourite Worst Nightmare but, sounds so Humbug.
Very underrated, but very COOL at the same time.

30Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured
Amazing beat, and such good lyrics. Alex's lyric writing skills is perfectly showcased in this song, and the music itself is so good! I have this song on repeat.

31Black Treacle
This is simply their best song! I'm shocked since it is 25th!
This should be up in the top ten! The lyrics are pure genius and the guitar riff in the chorus kills me every time. It's a gorgeous song
I've heard only this song of theirs and it is very good!
[Newest]Why is a whole album "Suck It And See" so underrated?

32No. 1 Party Anthem
First song I've listened by them, loved them ever since <3 Honestly, the whole song is gorgeous and I have never heard such a perfect song. Could listen to it for ages
Wonderful atmosphere to the song :')
Beautiful atmosphere, amazing song! Favourite of AM!

Definitely should be top 15, AM have so many good songs and this is one of the best. This House is a Circus should also be higher. Basically everything off the first 2 albums is class
I don't believe this song wasn't added yet, it's one of his best songs!
I was obsessed with this song. It's upsetting it's no. 45 while it should be in the top 10.

34Library Pictures
This is one of their catchiest and greatest songs. I don't know why this isn't in the top ten.

35Only Ones Who Know
Beautiful melody, and vocals. It's A good cool down song on an album full of excitement. However, it's still great as a stand alone.
This is a wonderful song. Very complete it was to be one of the Top Tens.
I love this song, wonderful n nice song

36Secret Door
This is a seriously underrated song, apparently based on alex's relationship with Alexa. Its brilliantly formatted and the end choruses are delivered with such brilliance I don't understand why people can rate songs such as"dangerous animals" and "my propeller" over this. This song, like most songs in "Humbug" certainly grows on you and is sometimes dismissed because people are not prepared to give it more time or another listen.
I couldn't agree more with that big para
I know that this is about his girlfriend, but this song always makes me feel strange and I just love its phsychadelic elements ( I spelled that wrong I know)

37You Probably Couldn't See for the Lights But You Were Looking Straight At Me
Love this song so much! The tune is absolutely brilliant, and the lyrics are very funny to listen to. The first verse is my favourite part of the song 'One look sends it coursing through the veins, oh how the feeling races
Back up to their brains to form expressions on their stupid faces
They don't want to say hello, but I can't want to say hello
My heartbeat's at its peak, when you're coming up to speak' Absolute tune to listen to.
Never again... never again will there be another one quite as desirable as you

38Riot Van
This song is so good, reminds me of me on the streets
For sure the best song
Love it, "I'm sorry officer, is there a certain age I'm suppoused to be? "

39No Buses
SO UNDERRATED. this is a great song a must listen for fans of the Arctic Monkeys. Has a kind of similar feel to the beginning of Mardy Bum
Slight error there. No Buses in fact reached number 49 in the UK charts back in 2006.
The lyrics are so true! Best song ever
[Newest]I actually find it as one of the lyrics of the band

40Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts
Just an insane song, should definitely have been released as a single

41Perhaps Vampires Is a Bit Strong But...
I absolutely love the guitar solo at the end.
In an interview
Alex Turner was asked what the meaning
Of this song was. He answered that it
Actually was written regarding the people
Of Sheffield (their home town) and their
Lack of support. When he was asked
Whether they were glad to be called
Vampires his rebuttal was that they wasn't
Very happy with the title but he stood by
The lyrics.
Glad I'm not the only one that can see the true genius of this song. Raw, honest and cool garage rock! I adore their style back then, don't get me wrong, the American indie stuff is cool too, but this.. man.. this is the: let-me-think-about-sex-but-also-scream-and-jump-around-like-a-lunatic kinda music I feel like we are missing now
This song's just awesome!

42I Wanna Be Yours
How is this so low? 42?! Are you serious? Oh my god, listen to this song. It's lyrics are beautiful.. damn.
This song is based off of a poem like the bands name. Both by the same poet.
When a band turns a poem into a song you can feel the intensity in the air!
[Newest]Definitely the best lyrics

43Who the F*** Are Arctic Monkeys?
If you are a true Arctic Monkeys fan, you will know this track, and realize that it acts to a brother to Leave Before The Lights Come On, in terms of pure badassness and epicness. And then there is that riff that comes in 3 minutes into the song... It needs to be in their top ten along with Cornerstone

44That's Where You're Wrong
This, like most of their other album closers, is one of their best songs. The lyrics are fantastic and the guitar sounds great. The whole album is underrated, but I don't know how this song has ended up so far down.
Doesn't get the recognition it deserves, much like the whole of Suck it and See. Definitely should be top 10, in my personal top 5 Arctic Monkeys songs


A favourite can't believe it's not here. had to check the list 5 times

45One for the Road
Definitely a great song
Should be in the top 10 yo
Top 25 arctic monkeys songs

46Despair In the Departure Lounge
Alex's best lyrics in my opinion. This song will tear through a happy mood in thirty seconds.
Probably the best lyrics I've ever heard.

47Piledriver Waltz
It's a travesty that this has placed under some boring derivative stuff. I love this song so much, it's lyrics are very human in a way that flows so perfectly and sounds so good with the instruments. I do prefer the Alex Turner version though.
Should be in top ten at least! This song is amazing! I especially love the end!
This song has such beautiful imagery and conveys emotion so well
[Newest]What this song is pure genius!

48This House Is a Circus
THE best song by the Arctic Monkeys. I'm not one of those who is just into the poppy stuff. I think that humbug and fwn are by far the best albums, but this song is just amazing. I just love the high vocal bit. "now that we're here, we may as well go too far! "
Alex and matt are sharp in this one. Its a crowd favourite. The tune is fantastic
This, Potion Approaching and The Fire And The Thud are the top three easily. But thanks to all the fanboys and girls Mardy
Bum and IBYLGOTDF are...

49Potion Approaching

50The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala
"Shalala" that's all it needs

51Dancing Shoes
This is their best song, seriously! It gives power and the chorus is just incredible, trust me, if you never listened to arctic monkeys, listen to this song and you ll fall in love with them
I'm surprised this isn't one of their most popular songs. It has some many great elements, infectious beat, just seems like a song fated to be a huge hit. So confused why it's so underrated and under appreciated?! One of their most fun and sexy songs definitely.
AMAZING SONG! Greatest solo! How can't this be in the top 5


53The Bakery
WHAT?! This song is so amazing! It's one of their softer songs, but it's so lovely. Alex sounds so sincere and full of longing. Totally underrated- listen to it people!

54She's Thunderstorms
Damn it! I really enjoy it! Restart playback, restart playback!
Beautiful guitar picking going on throughout the whole song. And wonderful lyrics too
That guitar picking and those lyrics... Just amazing

55I Want It All

56Settle for a Draw
This was not only the best B-Side they did, but also one of the best songs. It has some of the most catchy chord changes ever written. Alex Turner is a God!
Really good song! Great music plus great voice.

57Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend
I really love this song, even though not many others do.

58Cigarette Smoker Fiona
Would almost certainly be considered one of their best songs if it had been on one of their albums.


This song is amazing! 60? What

59Too Much to Ask
Though nearly no one has heard this amazing b-side, it is, in my mind, the greatest song Alex Turner has every written. Through sombre and passionate lyrics, he weaves the tale of an entire relationship through a series of poignant vignettes. This entire song drips in atmosphere, from the soft crooning of Turner's voice to the subdued Nicholson bass line that strings the entire melody together. The unbelievable poetry that is the lyrics somehow manage to impart the most sublime detail whilst still slipping perfectly into step with the music that tugs at your heartstrings and pulls you on and on. If you're an Arctic Monkeys fan and you haven't heard this, get on it. NOW. If you love music, do the same. Again and again, this song's magic reminds me of the power of music.
Music in it seems so deep. The song is full of emotions.

60Evil Twin
Probably their best B-Side and should have definitely been on Suck it and See.

61All My Own Stunts

62The Blond-O-Sonic Shimmer Trap
Very underrated indeed. From the psych bends and slides to the dark and gloomy sounding vocals. This song is grooving and could fit in any album.
The rhythm of the song is great, quite underrated though!
A clean piece of rock and roll material! Pure geniues in my opinion.. Heavy with a beautiful rhythm and a dark edge to the lyrics! Classic

63Mad Sounds
Ooh la la la, their finest moment

64Da Frame 2R

65Fire and the Thud
Just the rhythm takes this to top ten

66D is for Dangerous
Seriously under rated song. Should be higher shocked that I had to add this one
One of my fave Arctic Monkeys songs, why the hell is this at number 99?! Its like in my top 5! -_-
In my top 10 for sure, so good live. Very underrated Monkeys song.

67Curtains Close

68Come Together
A great cover of a great band, that's it.

69You and I
Great song! I especially the inhaling part of Richard Hawley. The clip on YouTube is also amazing. Just give it a try and you'll understand what I mean. The temperament... The lyrics... One of the best solos... Ah

70You're So Dark
One of my faves

71The Bad Thing
What! The guitar solo is pure bliss. This should be higher
This is a masterpiece of song writting. How he manages to but the imge of a 10 minute conversation with all his feeling and moodswings is amazing as he tells us how much of a good guy he is even though he jokes goes around flirting with girls that have boyfriends making him to loose hope on love.

72Don't Forget Whose Legs You're On

73Plastic Tramp
A really great Bonus Track from the Fluorescent Adolescent single. A fast energetic song that shows much of their talent!
Just listen to the drums, that is all

74Bad Woman


76Ravey Ravey Ravey Club

77Choo Choo

78Reckless Serenade
Had the instrumental bit at the end for the last two years. Class
Alex Turner at his finest!
Should be much higher!

79Take It or Leave It

80What If You Were Right the First Time?

81My Mistakes Were Made for You
My mistakes were made for you is such a great song however this is even not an AM song. It's a the Last Shadow Puppets song, I'm afraid.
Pretty weird that this great song doesn't appear on the list. My other likes include cornerstone and black treacle among others

82Fright Lined Dining Room


84I Haven't Got My Strange

85Chun-Li's Spinning Bird Kick

86The Afternoon's Hat

87Joining the Dots
It's really rare song. But my favourite with Love is Laserquest


89The Death Ramps

90Little Illusion Machine (Wirral Riddler)
Catchy guitar, and a sort of psychedelic feel. Miles Kane added to this greatly.

91If You Found This It's Probably Too Late

92Only You Know

93Hold On, We're Going Home

94As Long As You Love Me (Am Mix)
Best arctic monkey song

This isn't even a song!

96My Propeller
This should be way higher, top 20. I can't explain how intriguing and just plain sexy this song is.
This song is the best for me. This energy, kinda sexual in a way... Turns me crazy every time.
Still, the other ones are my favorites too. For sure.
This is their best song ever what

97Pretty Visitors
This is the best of Humbug and its 32nd? This is blasphemy
98? You people probably never heard Pretty Visitors.
This is a really good song and deserves to be in the top 10

98Baby, I'm Yours
This, after Mardy Bum. Love the music love the lyrics.
How is this song not in the top 20? How?
What?! It's my favourite song by Arctic Monkeys, how can't it possibly be in the top 10? Jeeez

Must be one of their best songs, great riff, awesome lyrics. A must-listen for all you AM fans out there


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