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41Better Days

Great rhythm fun song

42New York City Serenade

Walk tall... Or better don't walk at all. Great song. Diamond Jackie is what I named my cat cause of this song.

Surprising melody with a lot of style variations.. Very beatiful the first passage with the piano..

43I Wanna Marry You
44The Ghost of Tom Joad

HOW IS THIS NOT IN THE TOP 10?!?!? 1 Most underrated song about the falsehood of the American dream ever made

One of the most beautiful songs with amazing lyrics.

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45Spirit In the Night

Amazing song - classic Bruce!

46Cadillac Ranch

A fun song about dating, racing, and the famous Cadillac Ranch on Route 66. - rogertfeeback

47Lost in the Flood

I remember the first time I heard this song, the lyrics just left such a huge impression...the most under-rated Bruce song that there is

If Dylan wrote this, it would be considered one of the greatest ever.

48Bobby Jean

One of the best songs written about a lost love you�'d wish to meet again. Not as heartbreaking as "Martha" by Tom Waits but certainly the same leauge.

49American Land
50You're Missing

Not huge in terms of music or lyrics... but probably the Boss's most striking song of all.

Heard it today in the movie "The Crossing Guard"...sounded pretty cool to me.Wasn't the original version but way better than original..Jack Nicholson walking through the crowded pavement smoking cig and this song playing in the background made it super awesome 👌

51Pink Cadillac
52Blinded by The Light

Oh gosh! I was expecting this to make top 3 like it should. I love the lyrics, chorus, melody, and pretty much everything about it. I prefer it to manfred mann's version.

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53Wrecking Ball

One of the best songs of Bruce, so strong and powerful simply great

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54Sherry DarlingV1 Comment
55Highway Patrolman
56Tunnel of Love
57Murder Incorporated

This song flat-out rocks.

59I Wish I Were Blind

A really amazing song by the best artist ever to exist. One of his best songs by far and should be in the top ten, but I don't find it on the list. It should be placed on here for everyone to vote for.

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60Mary's Place

Amazing song, the saxophone in this song just gives you goosebumps. It is one of the best songs the E street Band can perform and it really should be in the top 20!

I love the line 7 picture's of Buddha

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