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81 Polo
82 Fencing

Fencing is one of the greatest sports I have ever played. The glorious combination of Tactics, Patience, Speed, and Footwork is put to work in this sport. Fencing is extremely underrated mainly because is is expensive, but otherwise it is the most enjoyable sport I have been a part of.

the coolist sport ever and surprisingly one of the most tiring

Great back and forth sport that is very interesting to watch. I don't know why circus sports such as juggling and unicycle hockey are higher than this.

Although fencing requires lots of physical and mental patience, as a fencer myself I can say it is the best sport - Clayttles

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83 Juggling V 1 Comment
84 Speed Walking

Totally agree I won the walking Olympics in 97 too

Sport for lazy old guys why are trying to impress girls with their "elite" sporting skillage

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85 Quidditch

Potter fans, This is what you need to vote for.

You can really tell is running out of sports to put on here - DCnative211

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86 Softball

I know it's practically the same as baseball, but it's not because there are many different pitches and the pitches can be fast and really hurt when the ball hits you. I think it's a great sport because I played tee- ball
In kindergarten and worked my way up until now. Today My team won championship. Since softballs are bigger it doesn't mean they are easier to hit. You have to work on getting your sliding right, and baseball players don't slide, they dive to the base.

Softball should be number one have you ever of if it was easy everybody would well that's what makes softball number one in its quality

I think it should be in at least the top 5 I mean every girl I meet plays softball softball is fun and nice to get out there and feel free I love it I mean I said five but if not that top 10

My dad plays softball

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87 Athletics V 2 Comments
88 Squash

I don't even know how squash isn't already on here... One of the most physically demanding sports and a true test of your athleticism.

Squash is the best sport. its just unfair that just because not many people know abt it u will put it at #1

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89 Weightlifting V 1 Comment
90 Slamball

have any of you seen this its amaing

91 Orienteering

Everyone can do orienteering and it's really cool especially urban orienteering.

92 BMX racing

It's a fast pace dangerous sport that has only just been recognised

93 Competitive Bodybuilding
94 Triple Jump
95 Synchronized Swimming

This is by far the greatest sport. It's hard, requires endurance, grace, flexibility, memory, strength and you have to practice a lot. It is an olympic sport, which a lot of the sports above it aren't. It is both sharp and precise and graceful. Please vote for it.

I do synchronized swimming myself. It makes no sense that it is so low on this list - pez

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96 Sailing

Sailing is so underrated! No one understands how much hard work is involved in RACING. Look up 'Sailing Shack' on YouTube to see what sailing is really like.

Being out on the water is an amazing feeling. Feeling the boat power up and the spray washing over you. Its just awesome.

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97 Kabaddi

Wonderful sport need more time to get popular but its worth watching...

Its too amazing to watch a kabaddi match...awesome game but unfourtunately not popular - 9992456365

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98 Shot Put V 2 Comments
99 Pole Vaulting

Pure athletic ability. Lower body, upper body, speed, strength, balance, coordination, technique, and courage. The only thing better is gymnastics but that is not as fun!

100 Puntball

I made it up you just punt a football the football supposed to hit the fense and you get a point.

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