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Yankees v. Red Sox Baseball
This is one rivalry that is bigger then all else!
Hands down the most intense and historic rivalry. These teams have played over 2,000 times. One of the very few where all the players and fans have a legitimate hatred for each other
So many classic moments. Can't wait for the sox to take the AL East this year!
[Newest]They have hatred throughout the people

2Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona
Truly, the El Clasico is the biggest event in club team Football, they have always the best players in their team (for ex. At the time Leo Messi is at Barca and C. Ronaldo at Real)


El Clasico, The 2 biggest Team in Spain. Also named match of the century in 2008
We are talking about a world wide rivalry right here. Yankees vs Red Sox what? Ask a person in Qatar about some Yankees vs Red Sox and let me know if he even knows what you're talking about, and also y'all might be what is Qatar well search it up and you'll see till where soccer has an impact!
[Newest]Manchester united into one to be the very best that no one ever was tin tin tin to catch is my dream

3Liverpool v. Manchester United Soccer
Liverpool vs Manchester United is undoubtedly the greatest football rivalry, if not sports rivalry. The most competitive and intense game. Last season it was Manchester United winning both games 2-1 and Liverpool finished 7th. This season Liverpool beat United 1-0 and 0-3 and United are finishing 7th. Shows the unpredictability.
2008--Liverpool 2-1 Man Utd and Man Utd 1-4 liverpool
2009-- liverpool 2-0 man utd
I h8 manutd
18 titles without killing anyone, and once we get our 19th in May we can stick your poxy little team back in their box for good


[Newest]The biggest sports match & rivalry

4Michigan v. Ohio State Football
A lot of people may not know this but this rivalry goes far beyond sports. It is a rivalry of States. Ohio and Michigan have actually declared war on eachother. These two have been at it for over 150 years and the college football rivalry is just an extension of this rivalry. So my response to the duke Carolina advocate is simply this, Learn your history these two schools have been at it for almost 100 years and an animosity that stretches beyond that. Their anger towards eachother pushes them to go above and beyond what their record says they can do to achieve great things. A good team doing well is expected but a low ranked team beating a the top team? That is rivalry!
Hands down the greatest rivalry in college football and arguably the greatest in all of sports. The only one it contends with is the red sox and yankees rivalry.
This rivalry in my book is the biggest because both schools are huge and over the years they had some of the best athletes of all time if you think about it this is the biggest games in sports history

5Celtics vs. Lakers Basketball
when they play, it gets tense. go lakers
Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, John Havelick, Larry Bird, Robert Parish, Kevin Mchale, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo VS Baylor, Jerry west, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Bryon Scott, Kobe, Derek Fisher, and Pau Gasol. The rivalry is still headed today. 16vs17
Green and Yellow Jerseys. What a good match up

6Auburn v. Alabama Football
Losing the iron bowl is similar to losing a relative. Simply the greatest rivalry in all of sports. The hatred shared between the two schools is unmatched. An Alabama fan poisoned the famous Toomers corner trees in auburn because Alabama lost in 2010. People become unhinged in November in Alabama. An added bonus is the caliber at which the two teams play at. The winner of the iron bowl has played in the last five national championships. I didn't really care that auburn lost the national championship as long as I had my 364 days of bragging rights against Alabama.
amazing atmosphere. I am there every year


7India vs Pakistan Cricket
India vs Pakistan is definitely the most intense. Cricket can truly be said to be the real religion of India, 1.4 billion crazy followers, Dhoni is a deity. The fact that both countries consider each other enemy and active threats right now makes it even more incredible, almost surreal.
The people of two countries love each other, mind it I said people not governments. But the love in the air dissappears when there is a Pakistan VS India cricket match, Intense, the roads go vacant, nobody is to be seen on the streets except where there is a screen, the parties and sleepovers take place. Both teams are equally good with best players in the world. Millions of fans...
Over a billion people tune into watch the game sometimes houses of players were burnt by crazy fans what else do you need to say more
[Newest]Cricket is said to have been a boring sport, until these two came along.

8Duke v. Carolina Basketball
The best rivalry in college athletics without any doubt. The fact that both programs are as good as often as they are (they account for 8 national championships since 1982 not to mention that one or the other has been in the Final Four 20 of the 28 years since 1982 and once both made it! ) is unparalleled in any rivalry in ANY sport. Although the Red Sox-Yankees and Liverpool-ManU rivalries obviously are professional and therefore attract much larger urban and national fanbases in a way that Duke-Carolina cannot, no other rivalry has as sustained a record of success for BOTH teams in their respective leagues for so long, making this the best rivalry possibly of all sports. The fact that these 2 play each other twice in no way diminishes the rivalry aspect, much as many proponents of the Ohio State-Michigan football rivalry like to claim. (No one claims that the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry is in any way diminished by the fact that they play multiple games against each other, to prove the point. ) The fact that both program ALSO are at top universities with perfectly clean records adds to the rivalry's pedigree, class, and mutual respect as much as its vitriol. The added element of the public "everyman" versus private "elite" adds a class warfare element that can only be replicated by intra-city rivalries between the Yankees-Mets and White Sox-Cubs or even USC-UCLA or Stanford-Cal, all great rivalries but without the incredible success of Carolina-Duke. The fact that these 2 campuses are only 8 miles apart only adds further fuel to the pot. There is nothing quite like Carolina-Duke in the entire world. The fact that THIS rivalry also includes ALUMNI who were integral parts of each community is something that no professional sports rivalry can ever replicate.
No contest best rivalry in sports. The number of times that these teams have been ranked within the top 3 in the country or 1 and 2 in the nation is unbelievable. They are annually a part of the top ten year in and year out. The same can not be said of Michigan and Ohio State. This explains why Duke and UNC is the best rivalry in sports.
Every time I watch the games I get chills. In 86 meetings Duke has out scored unc by 2 points and unc currently leads the series 43-42. It doesn't get Bette than that

9Packers v. Bears Football
Hands down the best. Games usually come down to the wire and they have played almost 190 times over the course of 90+ years.
The bears suck go packers!
The packers suck the bears
[Newest]Go Bears Packers Suck!

10Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal
I play tennis and this rivalry is fierce

The Contenders

11Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal Canadiens
This definitely is the most violent rivality up in the North since the Nordiques 'r' gone...


Have you WATCHED one of these games? They're electrifying!
Oldest hockey rivalry is between these two teams


[Newest]They hate each other


12Inter Milan v. AC Milan

13Bruins v. Canadians Hockey
I don't know how you could not have this in the top ten. Two teams that have faced each other almost 900 times including 33 playoff series and 8 game 7 battles. Colts vs. Patriots? You're out of your mind.
ANYONE that know anything about hockey would rank this well above Leafs Canadiens
Biggest, and most brutal rivalry in sports. Any time the two teams meet, its extreme high intensity, and a blood battle. Should be top 3, if not, then first place on this list. Most bostonians would agree this rivalry is much more intense than sox's vs Yankees
[Newest]They hate each other

14Giants v. Dodgers Baseball
This is the best rivalry in all of baseball for sure, and the best of all. While it is terrible, fans of both teams have been beaten and stabbed at games.
You have got to be kidding me! 13th?!?! This is easily better than the Yankees-Redsox rivalry.
By far the greatist rivalry in sports..

15Colts v. Patriots Football
Its just not the same anymore ever since Peyton left, but the games are still pretty fierce. Just wait until Andrew Luck becomes more experienced, and Colts vs Pats is gunna be the game to look for again.
agreed just because of moss


16Notre Dame v. USC Football
The two greatest teams in college football history. The Irish and Trojans historically have fought for a national championship as the two programs claim 11 National Championships each all though Notre Dame has 11 consensus championships compared to USC's 6. Both schools have 7 Heisman winners and have produced the most NFL players, NFL Hall of Famers and College Football hall of Famers in history. This rivalry is a respectful one but stakes are always high. They fight on the field and in the recruiting war. MICH-OSU may have more hate for each other but and-USC is the rivalry of champions.
Notre Dame-USC is the rivalry of champions *

17Boston Bruins vs Montreal Canadians

18Seahawks vs. 49ers
They run the nfl right now and probably will for another 5 years. Every game is a physical, intense game
So many penalties against each team in every game they play

19Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady
Adding this for all the people that accidently voted Colts-Pats. Colts-Pats is NOT the rivalry. Its all about Peyton vs Tom!

20Rangers V Celtic (Old firm)
Fiercest and greatest rivalry ever

21Germany vs Netherlands Football
I don't think any of the upper 10 belong there because the worst rivalries are the Eastern-European soccer rivalries which cost hundreds of casualties yearly (! ) For a sport!
This is revenge on a war by the Netherlands

22Rangers vs. Flyers Hockey

23Larry Bird vs Magic Johnson
Greatest duel of all time. The 80's had both.

24Blackhawks vs. Red Wings Hockey
Blackhawks are Chicago's NHL team
Red Wings are detroit's NHL team
NHL is ice hockey not American football.
Who ever said that the red wings and Blackhawks are football teams is a moron.
Go Hawks! My Favorite!


25Ayrton Senna vs Alain Prost, Formula 1

26Cubs v. Cardinals Baseball

27Brazil v. Argentina
Oh no! Its Brazil vs France. Look at the times both have denied each other to be in the the top 4!

28Lionel Messi vs. Cristiano Ronaldo
Come on... Who plays football whithout knowing these two firecest rivals.. Messi always beats him up in every game but.. Dude it is the best rivalry along with Barcelona Vs Real Madrid!
These two hate each other


They sould be top five


29Fernando Alonso vs Lewis Hamilton

30Steelers vs Ravens
Should be number 1. Everybody in America knows this rivalry regardless if they watch football or not. Way too low on the list!
What, how the hell is this not even close to top ten?
Should be top 10 at least! Some of the ones above it I haven't heard of! Only can't be #1 because ravens have only been around for 17 yrs.

31Kentucky v. Louisville College

32Broncos vs. Chargers Football

33Bayern München vs Borussia Dortmund
The giants in Germany1

34White Sox v. Cubs Baseball
Chicago is a city split in two. The North Side and the South. At EVERY game between these two you can expect an intense atmosphere between not only the teams but especially the fans. It gets crazy!

35Falcons vs. Saints

36Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur

37England vs. Australia Cricket
Dating back to 1882, this is the grand-daddy of all international sporting rivalries.
They have their own rivalry. Check out the Ashes dude. All for the the little Trophy full of Ashes.
Rivalry at the core

38Springboks vs All Blacks
The greatest rugby union rivalry in the history of the sport! Spanning competition of a century, these two teams have settled as the number 1 and number 2 sides of all time, constantly replacing one another in the rankings and always keeping true to the spirit of rugby.
I am an all out All Blacks fan. Every time they play the Springboks though, I know it is going to be a match to remember.

39AC Milan vs. Juventus
The greatest soccer (football) teams in Italy, Americans wouldn't know, I am an American and I know all they care About is baseball and football me and few others know about soccer.


40Yankees v. Mets

41Eagles vs. Cowboys

42Geelong vs Hawthorn AFL
To any Geelong supporters who may read this- I'm a loyal Hawker, and you can say that hawthorn supporters take losses badly, but when we beat you 2013? All my Geelong supporter 'friends' were hiding under rocks. Make of that what you will

43Cowboys vs. Redskins

44Raiders vs. Steelers
Some of the best games in football history, and some hotly contested ones.Raider nation
From Mel Blount pile-driving Cliff Branch headfirst into the dirt to George Atkinson popping Lynn Swann's skull open, these teams REALLY didn't like each other.

45Bulls v. Lakers Basketball

46Penguins vs Flyers Hockey
This one needs to be higher.
Flyers suck! Go Pens!
Go pens I loathe the flyers.

47Steelers vs Cowboys Football

48River Plate v. Boca Juniors
Should be top 10, but some american (United States) made this list...
NCAA Basketball rivalry top 2? Are you kidding me?


49Club America vs. Chivas de Guadalajara FMF
Dates back to 1943. Fans from each team are one of the most loyal you'll see for any team. They love their team and hate the other team with a passion. Each match up causes several riots in Mexico and in Hispanic communities in the US.

50Army V Navy

51Oklahoma vs Texas Football
This is at 47? Idiots

52Australia v New Zealand Rugby
New Zealand just goes on there and beets Australia and Australia has only ever beaten New Zealand once or twice. I'm an all blacks fan

53Brumbies vs Waratahs
Always a buzz when they play... brumbies team originally made of rejects who wernt good enough to play for the waratahs, brumbies win nearly every time

54US Olympics v. Russia Olympics

55Galatasaray vs Fenerbahce

56Indiana v. Purdue Basketball

57Canada vs Russia Hockey

58Canadiens vs Nordiques
There has been blood, some bad calls and, mostly, great series. It's the most intense rivalry of alls!

59Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier
Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!

60Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians IPL Cricket

61Bengals v. Steelers Football

62Ateneo v. La Salle Basketball

63Toyota v. Crispa Basketball

64Spurs vs Mavs

65Stanford vs Cal

66Georgia vs. Florida Football

67Benfica vs Porto Football

68Perspolis vs. Esteghlal

69Bill Russell vs Wilt Chamberlain

70Coe vs Ovett Athletics
How is this not on the list? Greatest athletics rivalry ever. Also, its not another soccer rivalry thank goodness.

71Angels vs Dodgers Baseball

72Kimi Raikkonen vs Fernando Alonso
2014 is coming... Watch this space.

73Seattle Sounders FC vs. Portland Timbers
No competition, Seattle almost always!

74Björn Borg vs John McEnroe

75James Hunt vs Niki Lauda
1976 World Championship of F1 Drivers

76Bulls vs Pistons 1996

77BYU vs Utah Football

78Persib Bandung vs Persija Jakarta

79Imran Khan vs Nawaz Sharif
The most entertaining and fierce political rivalries ever

80Slovakia vs Czech Republic Ice Hockey

81Kaizer Chiefs vs Orlando Pirates
Sport brought South Africa together but when the Soweto derby is on it splits it back in half.

82Rabbitohs vs Roosters

83Flames vs Oilers Hockey
The Battle of Alberta Canada!

84Cardinals vs Cubs Baseball

85Celtics vs 76ers Basketball

86Maple Leafs vs Senators Hockey

87Rangers vs Islanders Hockey

88Portland Timbers vs Seattle Sounders Soccer

89Dodgers vs Diamondbacks Baseball

90Michael Phelps v. Ryan Lochte

91USC vs UCLA Football
This is a great matchup.

92Capitals vs Penguins
Who cares if the Pens always wins, but its Crosby vs Ovechkin

93Kobe Bryant vs LeBron James

94Blackhawks vs. Blues, Hockey
Go Hawks! My favorite!


95New South Wales vs Queensland Rugby League

96Phil Taylor vs Raymond Van Barneveld

97Canterbury vs Wellington Rugby

98Boca Juniors v River Plate

99Kansas State vs Kansas

100Broncos vs. Chiefs Football
You can't be a fan of both. They can't handle each other.

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