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1Disney Channel

Best channel ever! No offense but I really don't like other channels. Don't you dare tell me I am dumb or an idiot because it. JUST SAYING! Thumbs up if you agree with me!

Disney channel is awesome but I will say that cartoon network sucks the only shows on cartoon network that are good are regular show and adventure time so in conclusion cartoon network should be 3rd and Disney channel should be second Nickelodeon should still be first besides the girly shows

Disney Channel has sucked for as long as I can remember. The shows aren't funny and they pretty much rip off Nickelodeon. The only good shows were Phineas and Ferb, Wizards of Waverly Place and Good Luck Charlie.

I love Disney Channel!

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Nickelodeon has really good actors, the shows are hilarious, the cartoons are fun to watch even for teens, the actors are pretty unlike other channels, and much more! Its so enjoyable for kids and teens!

A place for teens and kids. Creative D.S. shows like iCarly, Drake and Josh or Victorious and classic cartoons without end like SpongeBob and Fairly OddParents. - roznar97

Do I even need to explain?! This channel is way too awesome that just watching 5 minutes of it will tell you that it's amazingly awesome!

Great but I like the old ones like icarly or victorious

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3Cartoon Network

First of all the only thing Disney Channel has most of the time isn't cartoons it's just these dumb cheesy shows nobody likes Nickelodeon is just a mix of Cartoon Network and Disney Channel but if you want shows that appeal to both adults and children and to make the whole family laugh it's Cartoon Network why well they take chances and yes they have made mistakes like when they wanted Cartoon Network to become Disney Channel by putting on shows like dude what would happen and destroy build destroy now ignoring that did you know Nickelodeon was going to take adventure time well you can all rest easy they didn't like the show and now it's the most watched show and who do you thank for having adventure time put on television that's right Cartoon Network PS Cartoon Network appeals to both genders unlike Disney who appeals mostly to girls and women Cartoon Network should be the best show and should be #1

Whatever you like it or not, Cartoon Network has the best shows you can watch during afternoons, Saturday mornings, anytime depends on your favorite cartoon shows to watch!

It's pretty much straight cartoons. Not the crappy soap opera for kids, that end up being super girly whether intentional or not(Disney). Nickelodeon did succeed with live action shows but when it comes to cartoons their only mainstay is SpongeBob, all their others can't hold a light to a Cartoon Network cartoon. Cartoon Network has the best cartoons currently, they have a few bad ones but so do the other channels.

Cartoon Network kids and even teens can watch this channel

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4Disney XD

Disney, please give more money for Disney original shows! The funniest side of Disney ever! "Kick Buttowski", "I'm in the band"... - roznar97

Disney is not like boomerang or teen nick because they show new episodes like new gravity falls which is bringing Disney alive still and it shows reruns of phineas and ferb which was a good show

Seriously why is there a Disney isn't one Disney Channel enough I mean I know Nickelodeon has more than one channel but there's makes since there's a channel for everyone nick jr for toddlers teenick for teens nicktoons for kids 7-12 nick at nite for adults and regular Nickelodeon for everyone it's better way better

Disney is a very good and funny channel which is seen by most of the children in every house of the world including my family...

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This channel was my CHILDHOOD! It used to be called Nicktoons Network, which had modern Nicktoons and classic Nicktoons. It also had great acquired programs like Martin Mystery, The Secret Show and Corneil and Bernie. It was the perfect kid network, having thumb wrestling tournaments and commercials with Nicktoons in them.

Nicktoons is better then the actual real channel: Nickelodeon. I say this because Nickelodeon In my option has made so huge mistakes over the years. Such as discontinuing The Mighty B, Danny Phantom, and Invader Zim. (The list goes on) this network on the other hand (even if by Nick) still holds the most memorable cartoons.

Nicktoons is just like boomerang and teen nick it is a dump of ANIMATED Nickelodeon shows its great like it shows SpongeBob (the one that was actually good) and fairly odd parents (when it was good)

Nicktoons used to be good from 200-2008, then it fell downhill with stupid, gross shows, rip offs and live action (Cartoon Network made that mistake).

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6Disney Junior

My sister likes Sofia the first she thinks it is cool WOW!

My favourite channel in the world - Audreycourbois

When I was a kid in seniors and junours, I always watch micky mouse on this channel.

7TV Land

Teen nick is just like boomerang but worse. It has old nick shows that are not animated and reruns them. It does have some inappropriate words but someone like me a pre-teen will like this channel

Teenick has awesome old Nickelodeon shows like full house, which is addicting, funny, realistic, yet sends a message.

Don't criticize me

Teennick and Nickelodeon best teen/kid networks ever!

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9Nick 2

I am doing this for my brother he loves your show I love him but I will do this for him he is 3 years old he thinks your cool and some he loves you WOW!

Same thing as nick.

10Nick Junior

I had to add this because it gave me memories when I was a baby it had good shows in my time but then again babies watch anything. BUT it had good shows like wow wow wubbzy (don't know how to spell) and blues clues. Good times.


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11PBS Kids


YES! Good fun for kids, specially on today's messy world

They should bring pbs kids go back!


Good old and only the good new cartoons of Cartoon Network and a lot of creative and super original shows also. (like 6teen, Total Drama, Stoked... ) - roznar97

Yep I'm picking it because I only like one show and that is ( drum roll) total drama but the only problem is I'm from the UK so YouTube is my options to watch it TT /

13Teletoon Retro

Like Boomerang, it's also a good idea! A Canadian T.V. channel for the best classic cartoons like "The Flintstones" or "Scooby-Doo Show". - roznar97


Boomerang is like a blast from the past. I'm not trying to be an 00's hater when I say te cartoons nowadays suck. Big time. Uncle Grandpa? What is that even? Sanjay and Craig is weird, the Breadwinners is just... Wow... Clarence is even worse, and I hate Teen Titans Go the most. It completely ruins the image of one of the coolest shows ever. If you're gonna make new shows, go ahead. But please refrain from ruining the classics.

Boomerang is like combination of all them. Yea it's the best channel. Best cartoons and what we need else? That's all about it yea

Good old cartoons. That's all. - roznar97

I here it's good! Does it have SpongeBob? No! It's not the best! - lizard302

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They SHOULD bring Jetix back!


I love jetix I want it to come back

I love jetix. Please come back

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17Fox Kids

The best T.V. channel I ever watched as a kid growing up! Also I loved to watch Disney channel but not as much!

It is the only kids show that isn't goofy and lame.

Brilliant! So creative and funny

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19Baby TV

The best EVER for young children. My girls learned so much from it and love it. It's so much better than watching cartoons all day.

My baby brother love baby T.V. my baby brother is not a slob bag and he doesn't cry that much he just laugh he never stop laughing 👶

UHH I hate this channel I always get bored to death when my brothers used to watch it.

20Cartoon Network Too

Please Pokemon and digimon because I like

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