Best Video Games of 2016

But let's be real for a second, if I would'nt make this list someone else would make it before 2016!
So quit whining and come back December 2016 so that you can vote for the games that rocked the hardest this year!

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1Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

This game is the definition of awesomeness. The single player campaign is great and the graphics are remarkably beautiful. The game just be the best in the series. Like any other game in the Uncharted series, this game has crazy, gripping actions. I don't know why some of them dislike the story line or its length but I like it. No to mention the gameplay. Its amazing. The climbing. The shooting (I find it real smooth). The exploring. Stealth! The game is just great and worth playing. - LightningBlade

Definitely one of the best games of the year. I just loved the single player campaign, despite the first few chapters being boring. My only gripe is with the lack of modes in multiplayer. - MKBeast

This was a pretty weak year for games, a lot of disappointments, so it's easy to see why Uncharted 4 comes out on top. It's honestly the only game that stood out this year and also happens to be one of the best video games ever made, there is just no competing with that. - UnjustNation

These are one of those games you get hooked to. I had the same vibe for The Last Of Us. Storylines are great, and has depth, and of course, FUN

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As a HUGE Blizzard fan I played almost all of their games (Didn't play Diablo I and Warcraft I-III) And I will buy this game for sure It's golden just like all Blizzard games. And Overwatch KILLED Team Fortress 2 A game that's made by valve and it got Crushed by Blizzard. - Aguythatpeopleignores

This game is the greatest. The heroes have several awesome abilities to use and are all super fun. Multiplayer in this game is crazy fun and addicting. The only downside is that it is pretty much only online. - AlBrEv2003

I love this game, pretty much everything about the core game is wonderful. Ranked mode sucks though and the progression system is also trash but they don't really bother me much. I still enjoyed doom more but this is a close second place for me.

Overrated but still good. The abilities are awesome but the ranked mode and 'only-online; thing sucks to the core. - LightningBlade

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3Battlefield 1

This game is so awesome! I don't even have it but the gameplay is so badass I pissed myself! The different guns and classes make the game so diverse and unique compared to other games cough cough infinite warfare. The maps are almost real it seams I'm at the battle myself. This game deserves to be on the top three and all of you know it. I'm SO HYPED FOR IT!

The game isn't even out already and it's already high on this list. From the trailer the game looks far more promising than infinite warfare. Just don't over hype the game.

Stop voting for a game that is not out yet it could be terrible for all you know

I wanna battle on your field

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4Pokémon Sun

Pokemon Sun and Moon are possibly the best Pokemon games in the franchise up to date in my opinion - Ruee

Okay I beat the game and Pokemon Sun and Moon are my most favorite Pokemon games in the franchise. - Ruee

Because of the storyline Sun/Moon are now my all-time favorites - moonwolf

Pokemon sun is going to explode my brain

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This is a mostly old school shooter in 2016 and is so good. This is just pure intense violence and joy. This is almost as good as the original (one of the best games ever) as much as I love overwatch I just appreciate doom more and the fact that a game like this was made in 2016 and became a success. The game also does a very good job with characterization of the simple protagonist and I love how the protagonists emotions are delivered though no word and though action and the felling of doomguy perfectly matches the players emotion. Multiplayer and snap map suck but the single player is just so good.

This is a perfect example of homage to a great series. It's everything you want from a DOOM game. - MKBeast

I thought nothing... NOTHING could beat Uncharted 4... Then I played this masterpiece!

This was a great example of how to do a reboot of an old game!

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6Tom Clancy's The Division

It's march, so I'm voting for something that has actually released lol

The updates ruined it for me. Fun while it lasted though!

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7Dark Souls III

This is the perfect swansong for Dark Souls. Its difficulty is back, its combat is a lot more fluid and fast paced, AI is very smart, graphics are stunning, weapon arts change up tactics, and more. This deserves game of the year, hands down.

New to the souls series and I love it! - Aguythatpeopleignores

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8Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Maybe the best fighting game of 2016

Why the hell are watch dogs 2,no man's sky, street fighter and pokemon go above this?

Vote for this! It's going to be one of the best games of 2016, maybe better than Nsuns4

Dragon ball is stupid it's just the same thing going on forever

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9Pokemon Moon

It may not be out, but it's Pokemon! They've never failed the main series games.

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10Far Cry Primal

This game will kick ass when it releases!

I don't have the game but I've seen the trailer and its awesome

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The Newcomers

?BlazBlue: Central FictionV1 Comment
?Paper Mario: Color SplashV1 Comment

The Contenders

11Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

A great conclusion to an awesome gaming franchise! - DenBoro

This games are better than the anime and manga

Never heard of it but myself being a Naruto fan I'm no interested

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12Pokken TournamentV2 Comments
13Shadow Warrior 2
14Watch Dogs 2

It could be just like assassins creed 2

The graphics have evolved a lot. - LightningBlade

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15Fire Emblem: FatesV1 Comment
16Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

I really don't think you should make a list about games you likely haven't played fully yet, but since I can tell that Paper Jam will most likely obliterate every other Mario and Luigi game so far, it gets my vote. - Garythesnail

Paper Mario + Mario & Luigi = Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

17Odin Sphere Leifthrasir
18Street Fighter V

This shouldn't be here this game was incomplete at launch bad servers and no arcade mode - ikerevievs

I feel so sorry for those who went through this shallow cash in. - MKBeast

This game was terrible to be honest. - LightningBlade

19NHL 17V1 Comment
20The King of Fighters XIV
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