Top 10 Ways to Get Banned from Animal Jam

Guys, this is so important. It's worse than getting scammed. Do you want to get scammed or just not be able to play AJ at all because you're banned FOREVER! I hope you read this list because it's important.
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1 Say bad words

Well someone said that the if you type the word as with whole, you get suspended. I had no idea it was even a bad word. I typed it in and I was scared. So I slowly clicked the enter button and got suspended. I asked my mom if it was a bad word, she said it was. I told her I didn't know what it meant. She said ''never type in something that you don't know what it means.'' by the way, this happened last year.

Trust me, everyone acts like bad words are such a big deal. Sinning any sin is just as bad as that. But I cussed to this boy because he made me so mad, and almost all the grades knew about it in school. (by the way, I don't cuss anymore) It is SOOO rare you would ever see me cuss. But hq makes a big deal about it because cuss words are harmful, and they just seem real mean. I don't know why.

2 Hack

I'll choose this one because hacking is the worst things on animal jam and play wild, I can tell you that we had a holiday called hack day. That holiday is about black bunnies that try to hack you, on my moikonda4 account, I did not get hacked. BECAUSEEE, it's fake. Once I scammed people for pretending to be hacked, plus I was playing on the play wild version. On the play wild version, you wont get hacked for scamming. Story long time ago.

I give this my vote because people do this to get rarer. I don't play Animal Jam anymore because of scammers and hackers. And to this day it still goes on. Animal Jam better do something about this otherwise the only thing they'll be losing is their players.

3 Mate

As a lesbian, I have to say I have never witnessed 'extreme mating,' and seeing as these are pixelated animals, I would honestly be surprised if any genuinely heterosexual youth were turned homosexual by this. Again, they are moving pixels, nothing more. I'm not saying it is okay, but there is no need to specifically bring in homosexuality as the problem.

This extreme mating NEEDS to stop. It is very disgusting, kids like 8 year olds could be seeing it which creates them to become sexual, and has 99% chance of them becoming gay/lesbian. This disgusting thing REALLY needs to stop. If not, lots of people will get involved which leads them to being


4 Scam

Well, I don't play AJPW anymore due to the dangerous possibilities. Scamming items, well it might depend on which item it would be. If we are talking all items which includes gem items, then there's like a 23% chance ( I think ) you'll get singularly reported enough times to get banned.

Overall, AJPW is in fact a good game, but the problem is that we have multiple people ruining the experience because they think it's a game where nothing matters.

But for those scammers ( especially big ones ), don't think your going to get away with it, because the HQ will solve this problem with a simple ban ( or suspension ).

warri0rtale by the way is my rich account. search it.

5 Create inappropriate looks

If ajhq saw you look in' bloody, that ain't good. Now you are probably thinking they can't tell. But if you named your self something like Daredevil awesome shark And made yourself look bloody, they can tell.

I have all ready done this for two days straight and nuffink happened apart from the fact I got reported.

Why tf would they put inappropriate outfits anyway? Animal jam is stupid now

6 Log in to the beta days

Yup. I know you don't believe me but you can log in to the beta days in animal jam. There's this thing called the way back machine that can bring you back there. The point is not to log in, but to see what the beta days looked like in 2010. I almost got banned believe it or not. It's basically a hacking process.Remember that the only point of going to the beta days page is to see what the beta days page looked like. Don't log in because you WILL be banned from animal jam.

Can I rephrase what I said in the first comment? Your login information could go to another player in animal jam. That's what happens when you log into the beta days. Now it COULD go to another player. You never know where your account info goes logging into the beta days. And that player could get on to your account and say something innapropriate and ban you.

7 Call people mean names

Oh yes, this happened to me. I buddy requested someone, and they said, I'm not your friend lady! You are crusty, and not smart! Rude right?

There is a girl named wonderw106 who said that she did not care about somebody and said it was good that he did not make any friends.

To be honest, I remember that someone said "I hat you because you don't have Tophats." Rude, right?

8 Repeat the same thing over and over again

Actually one person kept saying fish are the best and they were not banned... I also tried doing it, I didn't know it would BAN me because people said I would not be BANNED, guess what? I was not banned or suspended!

This may be a stupid ban, but it's one of the most annoying things people ever do. If this happens just block 'em. Or head to ya den.

Yup it's true. They will suspend you for being anoying! It's happened. I just kept saying do a little dance, and about the 7th time I was banned. don't DO THIS!

9 Say inappropriate phrases

I said Purdy was a very cute cat and I got suspended for trying to repeat it after it was blocked. Seriously, why is it in the chat system if it gets blocked and leads to suspension?

Today is 1/1/19. I was being an idiot and I scrolled through this and tried this one. I said "stripes club" 2 times and it only said "WARNING it looks like the conversation you are having is not appropriate" so.. yup!

*I voted here before* Once I said, "My cat's real name is Midnight." I guess 'real name' is a trigger word for the system to autoban you, but saying what your cat's name is isn't harmful in any way, shape, or form.

10 Ask people for their password

I got banned for a day. It said "This Account Has Been Suspended for 1 day(s) and cannot login at this time".

This just happened to me and I was so mad that I made a new account! (got suspended, my new user is thenameisgolden)

Someone banned me this way. I contacted ajhq, they fixed it.

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11 Spell out a swear words using props

I've seen that happen before... a New Jammer came and somebody was like "NO NEW JAMMER DON'T LOOK! " But er... she did
It said f***... another time I did see a huge heart... when a few people got there they sat in the middle. Not sure what that means but then probably a spare came on and sat there? Then they slept so uh... I left and reported...

Someone wrote Sex in their den
Someone wrote D... in their den
Someone wrote Poe in their den

I saw someone wrote "welcome to our meeting" in their den

Are you into reading

12 Tell people to kill themselves

I never told people to kill themselves and I never will.

This is cold. It's not okay. Never tell anyone to do that because they actually might. This leads to suicidal thoughts. Guys this is serious stuff here. :(

13 Send a picture of something inappropriate to AJHQ

"I did this everyday, and it was very fun. You get spike Collars from them for free, for every INTERESTING drawing you send! "
"For example, send in a drawing of you hacking your friend. Or alternatively, just say Frick You. Youg et 25 rares for that."

Hey, I didn't think about this one. Cool.

14 Do bad role play
15 Send an offensive help note to AJ

If you email a help note that is offiensive to AJ, who knows what the consequence could be. Maybe they'll send an email to your parents. If your parents don't care, you know what the other consequence right? Getting banned.

Okay? Maybe animal jam did some stupid crap like make everything cost diamonds and force you to buy them

16 Trust trade

I was gifted an actual spike yesterday and nothing bad happened... I thought he was going to trust trade my rares...

Well you don't get banned but trading gets suspended for 1 day (24 hrs)

17 Create a gory looking den

I don't know. There are these beta sword things and then make your den have a red carpet and creepy music with ghast in it.

But how can you report someone for an innapropriate den when hq doesn't put innapropriate stuff for you to put in it. I mean sure, red paint used as blood, but they deleted that.

How can you make a gory looking den?

18 Saying things that can be taken the wrong way

Like if you were to say " Guys, we need to work as a whole team." ajqh would be fine. But if were to say " Guys, we need to work as whole team." ajhq would suspend or even ban you.

If you were to be hosting a clan or something and you called it " The Stripe Club" ajqh would instantly suspend or ban you.

If you don't get why or how these can be taking the wrong way, ask, because the first one is simple to most people and the second is a little more complicated but I get them both.

I wanted zebras to be in animal jam, keep in mind this was before they were added, and I typed "Let's start a stripe club to get zebras," and I got suspended for a day.

19 Impersonate a player

AJHQ does know if you're pretending to be Fman122 or making your name ''Fman122''. AJ will just change it, or ban you because they may be worried you may have glitches to hack the game and jammers.

Already I have seen a bunch of people inpersonating Wistieramoon with the name Wistamoon or something. Whoa.

20 Act in love

In AJ play wild you actually may act like love, seriously people in the pillow room say like:school role play my den! Crushes! Dorms and more! seriously it won't get you suspended, it's actually cute! I have a girlfriend on ajpw, by the way I'm bisexual atm so ya... I'm a girl and ya.
Ajpw username is newmrsblackandwhite1
I know it's long

Yeah... I was roleplaying and my friend in the roleplay decided to get 'married'?
When I logged back on she said she got a kid. I asked really, wow, how?
Err... mistake
She said she had se666 and then AJ suspended or banned her or something... been playing on spares so I don't know if she got banned or not

21 Bully

If you are a bully, most people will report you, because who wants a bully? The more reports you get, the more likely you get suspended.

22 Make inappropriate jokes
23 Share personal information

This always gets you suspended. One time, I gave my pass away, and got suspended plus hacked! But you wanna know what annoys me? Hq bans YOU for giving your pass away, and DOESN'T ban the person that hacks you just because you're the one who gave your pass away. But still! They did wrong too right? They shouldn't just get suspended, they should be banned for life!

I gave my password to my real brother, and he hacked me, wasted all of my diamonds on multiple hyenas. I was quite pissed, but I bought a new membership and deleted all of those hyenas. Except the cute ones.

24 Fake gift

I gifted someone a lava spiked collar, I didn't want it anyway figuring they'd give me at least something of it's worth but they gifted A FLIPPIN NECKLACE.

25 Share passwords

AJ does not want you sharing passwords because of people being hacked not even with your best trusted friend.

I tried it and it gets you suspended a little bit later when AJHQ notices.

Yea I shared my password then the next day the girll who shared her password with me, her spike went missing thought it was me and took all my good/rare stuff, and I had a lot of good stuff

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