Top 10 Ways to Improve Princess Daisy

Please don't add bad things like killing her, that's way too far.
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1 Get a better voice actor

Her voice actress is fine, she just need to scream only when is really necessary.

I would like for Daisy to have a calm voice her current one is just awful.

I like her voice. I think it's just fine

2 Not make her scream as much

I'm sorry but that's kind of the thing that differenciate her to the other princesses, and not doing that would make her more of a clone.

Making Daisy scream less would just leave a big hole in her extroverted personality.

Well yes but she need to scream sometimes, it's a part of her tomboyish personality.

3 Make her more tomboyish

You know, I made a top 10 about why some of the reasons to like Daisy doesn't work. I mentionned how Daisy is not a tomboy, and that even if she was a tomboy, being a tomboy brings nothing to her character. So a good way to make Daisy better, is to show more of her tomboyish attitude. Show that she dislike having to wear a dress, show her fart in front of anyone without any regrets, anything that will show that she is really a tomboy. Also, bring more things along her tomboyish personality, like showing her confront her parents from having to act like a typical princess or something.

4 Get a better fanbase

Well of course, having a better fanbase would solve the biggest problem I have with Daisy, however, I think it would be a better idea if the game developpers made it so that most of the reasons to like Daisy would be good reasons. For example, the argument of Daisy being kidnapped less often than Peach would work if Nintendo decided to show villains trying to kidnapp Daisy just as often as Peach, but failing due to her strengths.

Guys, the fanbase comes as a result of the character. Changing your opinion of the character won't change the character itself.

5 Make her rival Rosalina

Actually, even though I understand why people wouldn't want that, I think Nintendo could make that to make Daisy as well as Rosalina more interesting if they done it right. The problem is that I don't see why they would be rivals. Not to mention that I have no idea why you would make Rosalina out of all things Daisy's rival. Making a new character that would be Daisy's rival would make more sense.

6 Not make her so conceited

Not so much conceited, every character is.

7 Change her outfit

Agree, an oriental dress based on flowers can be really cool.

I like her yellow and orange dress. They are better colors than pink

They should keep the colours but give her a more tomboyish dress (if possible)

8 Make her calmer

She is supposed to be an energetic princess.

She's supposed to be hyper and load.

9 Change her hair again

I personally think they should make it an inch longer. But not too much so she will lose her personality.

I hope Illumination gives her red hair instead of brown hair if she appears in the movie sequel.

10 Make more appearances

The important thing is not to make her appear often, but to make her appearances better. Bowser Jr's journey did not improve Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings by just putting them in the game, but by showing more of their personality, and even giving them character developpment. If Daisy got that kind of threatment, it would be really good.

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11 Give her different abilities

Actually, the flower ability could be really good, but the problem is that the only time you use is during special attacks in sport games, and with variation of Peach's heart attacks in smash bros. If you actually could use flower powers in the plateformers, it would be amazing.

No, her flower abilites are fine. She have flower abilites because of her origins, well the story is pretty long watch the video 'Daisy is AWESOME! ' on YouTube.

That flower thing really doesn't fit her. Maybe she could have the power of nature?

12 Have her own game

Again, if it ends up just being a ripoff of Super Princess Peach, it might still be a good game, but it wouldbring nothing to Daisy's character. However, if there is a game that shows more of Daisy's personality, and let you use Daisy's flower power, it would be very good for Daisy.

Exactly! She has tons of potential and is capable of being a great character.

13 Be in a main Mario game

An RPG game would be even better, knowing what they did with Bowser Jr.

14 Make her less obnoxious
15 Get rid of "Hi i'm Daisy!"
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