Top 10 Ideas for a Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog Crossover

Mash together the Mushroom Kingdom and the Emerald Hill Zone and you get a crossover between two of the most iconic video game franchises in history, Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. Whether you're picturing Sonic spin-dashing through Bowser's Castle or Mario leaping to gather Chaos Emeralds, there's a universe of crossover possibilities to explore.

From epic boss battles that pit Eggman and Bowser against our heroes, to adventurous levels featuring iconic locations from both universes, there's no shortage of mind-blowing concepts out there. Picture the platforms, the puzzles, the power-ups and, of course, the high-speed action that could result from blending these two worlds.

As you journey through the maze of ideas, imagine how each one would play out. How would Sonic's speed interact with Mario's platforming challenges? What would a boss fight between Mario and Eggman look like? Consider the potential gameplay mechanics, the character interactions, and the sheer joy that could come from seeing these two legendary franchises sharing the screen.
The Top Ten
1 Mario & Luigi: The Sonic Adventure
2 Mario & Sonic

Bowser and Dr. Eggman combine the power stars with the 7 chaos emeralds and creative a joined universe. Mario and Sonic run to Bowser and Dr. Eggman to see what's going on and the villains explain what happend. After laughing evily and going away Mario and Sonic met each other as well as their friends. Mario's friends tell Sonic about a device able to separate joined magical items. Mario and Sonic need to get to Bowser/Dr. Eggman to separate the power stars fused with the chsos emeralds in order to separate their worlds.

3 Mario & Sonic Kart

If this happens, I hope there are some elements from Sonic R. Seriously, imagine what would happen if Mario Kart crossed over with Sonic R.

4 Super Mario Galaxy X Sonic Colors

Both games accurately describe my childhood, as well as that of a number of other 2000's kids!

Do you want Super Mario Galaxy 3? Do you want Sonic Colors 2? Well, how about a Super Mario Galaxy/Sonic Colors crossover?

5 Mario & Sonic at the NFL

As if the Olympic Games series wasn't enough.

6 Mario & Sonic Heroes

That would be cool, especially if the controls were polished.

Sonic Heroes had these:

1. Team Sonic (Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles)
2. Team Rose (Amy, Cream, and Big the Cat)
3. Team Chaotix (Espio, Vector, and Charmy)
4. Team Dark (Shadow, Rouge, and E-123 Omega)

For Mario, let's have these teams:

1. Team Mario (Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi)
2. Team Mushroom (Toad, Toadette, and Toadsworth)
3. Team Princess (Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina)
4. Team Kong (Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and Funky Kong)

7 Mario & Sonic at Disney World
8 Sonic & the Paper Adventure (Sonic the Hedgehog & Paper Mario Crossover)

Ideally, it would follow in the footsteps of Super Paper Mario. I enjoyed the original two and Sticker Star (even though it was different in many incorrect ways), but Super Paper Mario just felt the most enjoyable to me.

Remember the Sonic Storybook series? Sonic & the Secret Rings and Sonic & the Black Knight took place in storybooks. This one would be the third installment of the storybook series.

9 Mario Party Shuffle (Mario Party X Sonic Shuffle)
10 Sonic Unleashed 2: Powered Up

During the day, Sonic is a hedgehog. During the night, he's a werewolf/hedgehog hybrid, a werehog. For Mario, he can use power-ups. That's why I had the subtitle be "Powered Up".


1. Super Mushroom (Various Mario games)
2. Super Star (Various Mario games)
3. Phoenix Suit (This is a made-up Mario power-up.)
4. Frog Suit (Super Mario Bros. 3 and Paper Mario: Sticker Star)
5. Carrot (Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins)
6. Blooper Suit (Made-Up Mario Power-Up)
7. Blue Shell (New Super Mario Bros.)
8. Penguin Suit (New Super Mario Bros. Wii and U)
9. Super Acorn (New Super Mario Bros. U)
10. Super Bell (Super Mario 3D World)
11. Polterpup Bone (Made-Up Mario Power-Up)

Nine out of 11 listed are animal power-ups. Three out of the nine animal power-ups are made up and should totally be introduced.

The Contenders
11 Mario vs Sonic
12 Mario And Luigi Worlds Collide
13 Mario and Sonic RPG

While fighting Eggman/Bowser, Eggman uses the 7 emeralds and Bowser uses the Crystal Stars, and accidentally creates a parallel universe to each world. Then they talk and stuff, then Popple wants revenge on Mario and Luigi for defeating him before. Then he finds Wario and Waluigi robbing a Toad, and Nack the Weasel hunting for emeralds, and after talking to them, they agree to join. Also, some of the Koopas have been robotized by Eggman. The bosses with emeralds/crystal stars are Mario: Koopa Bros, Crystal King, Boulder Geist, Shadow Mario, Fawful, X-nauts, Dark Star Core. Sonic: Egg Emperor, Earth Dragon, Mecha Sonic, Chaos, Egg Dragoon, Mecha Sonic 2.0, Dark Gaia. And other mini-bosses are scattered throughout the game. The final bosses are when Eggman creates the Death Egg Robot 3.0 and Bowser turns into Giga Bowser, and people around the world cheer for them. But it turns out the power of the Emerald and Crystal Stars combined has created a monster with the power of both combined. So they both turn into their super forms and defeat the monster. The ending is when they return to their world.

14 Mario & Luigi: Sonic Blast
15 Mario and Sonic + Marvel
16 Mario and Sonic Kingdom Battle
17 New Super Mario Bros: Hedgehog Edition
18 Mario & Sonic Collision
19 Mario & Sonic Battle

Remember that GBA Sonic game, Sonic Battle? How about we have a Mario and Sonic fighting game like it?

20 Sonic Adventure IV: Saving the Mushroom Kingdom
21 Luigi vs Tails

Come on, people! If it came to Mario versus Sonic, then Sonic would win before Mario could do anything, but a Luigi versus Tails game would be cool! (I only put this on the list because they are probably my two favorite characters ever!)

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