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1Daryl Dixon

Definitely the perfect person for the Apocalypse. He knows how to survive, fight, kill, and doesn't need other people to help him. What really makes him perfect though, is the fact that he isn't helping other people, smart enough to take orders and not sides, and work as a team with the rest of the characters - shadownite90

He's a character that really changes throughout the seasons he starts off a lot like his brother but over time he changes into a nicer person! He's a really complex character that I have laughed and cried with! He gets funny 1 liners and some badass scenes like pulling an arrow from his stomach to shoot a walker! And there is the potential for a relationship with carol (another great character)! I just hope do much he won't get killed in season 4 like the writer is implying I'm praying its not goodbye daryl if it is no one watching will have a dry eye!

Daryl is one of those guys that plays the perfect role. He's tough, he acts as if the apocalypse is nothing new, and he goes out there with worrying and does his best. Has great survival skills and cares, (you can tell he cares by how much work he put into trying to find sophia)

Kill Daryl, we riot

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2Rick Grimes

Good guy, marksman and a great father I couldn't think of a better character if I tried and if you think about how he has progressed of the seasons from being; season 1 a badass season 2 a leader and season 3 he shows his emotional side after losing so much and gaining so little.

He's the main character and always been there for them & is the leader & been through more then anybody had to do. like kill shane, raise 2 children by himself, and lost his wife, and he risk his life for anybody in his group.

For some reason Rick's a lot more interesting in season 3. Maybe its cause he actually has a reason to be so miserable now :P

Rick is an amazing leader and does a great job of keeping his family/group safe no matter what. He is an amazing father and makes sure his kids are always safe. Walking dead wouldn't be the same without him!

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3Glenn Rhee

At the beginning of the series Glenn always risked his life for the group and had the most upbeat nature. I felt in series 3 he got worse because of always having to worry about Maggie. I just wan't Glenn back to how he was in season 1 and 2.

Ever sense the beginning of the show, glenn has always been the kind of guy I would want to survive with. He is also, in my opinion, one of the best characters on the show, simply because of his development. Oh, and then there's the scene where he kills the zombie with the chair, making anything darrl has ever done look about as badass as cuddling with teddy bears.

Glenn is the one and only character that I care about staying alive and in the show. I know all the Darryl lovers out there say the same thing about him, but Darryl isn't as strong a character from beginning to end. Glenn has been swimming in hot water since episode 2 and he's always managed to come through while doing the right thing. Glenn is the closest thing to perfect the show has, and I would aspire to be half the man he is.

Without Glenn my hart will be broken

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She's the most badass girl on this whole show. I like how she's the strong but silent type. She can also be very funny and sweet (when she got Carl his picture back). How badass is it that she carried two walkers on chains and slices their heads off with a ninja sword?! The best character by far.

A girl. Good guy. Mysterious. Smart. Intuitive. Bad-ass. What more could anyone possibly want you in a favorite character.

I love Michonne! She is independent and also gentle. She can fight and handle herself! If I needed to partner up with anyone to outrun walkers it would be Michonne!

Michonne I feel is kind of like the female version of Daryl. She is fast thinking and can use the weapon of her choice well! She knows how to survive when it comes to shelter, food and being attacked by walkers.

One thing that Michonne has that many others don't (except for maybe Daryl) is she can tell a good hearted man from a not so good hearted. She wasn't fooled by the Governor. This is a big key to survival and not many have that!

I vote for Michonne!

Love her she is awesome and sweet and has been through a lot she's tough to crack though and I love her sweet bond with Carl

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5Hershel Greene

He's got a pretty dope beard. - Jamshidi

He's an asset to the team without him there is no medic

He's the new voice of reason.

He should've lasted longer. I hate how they make a character development/make someone regular then kill them off. It's really annoying. - chris267

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6Carol Peletier

Carol is my favorite character in my opinion because she has become the strongest person in the group, not physically but emotionally. I thought she would never cope with the loss of her daughter but she used that sadness and uses it to make her stronger.

The most consistently developed character in the entire series thus far. A capable, empowered female character, the last original female survivor of the entire series from the season 1 Atlanta Camp group and the last remaining survivor of her immediate family. A domestic abuse victim and frail woman turned total firm decision maker, vigorous survivor and total leadership material all in just 4 seasons. Amazingly portrayed and iconic! Carol!

Great overall character and has turned into a real badass.

I love her she risked her life and tried to protects the group, I love her bond with Daryl so sweet and still when she got banished she killed Terminus to save the group

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7Merle Dixon

Merle was my favorite character because his whereabouts and whether he's dead or not is unknown. This is a mystery in the rest of season one and all of season two but even though it took him sol long to return, he wasn't forgotten about because of the fact that his brother was in the group and someone would mention him every now and then. His return was a shock and he also had a knife on his arm, which I think was the most badass weapon on the show. The way he went out was heroic and sad for a lot of people because they just started to like him. I've always liked him but was glad to see him go just was hoping it wouldn't be this soon.

Merle was the most interesting character to watch in The Walking Dead It's a real shame he's gone, and just when he started to be the hero!

He was killed off too soon. The character had so much potential to become so much more. By far my favorite character on the television show.

Merle was a racist at first. But by Season 3 it's obvious he loved his brother. I found that aspect of the character very interesting. Someone so hateful and vile but driven by love. Merle and his brother Daryl were both products of their environments. However Daryl became something more and matured. Merle didn't, until the very end of his life. It's very poetic and engaging.

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8The Governor

He was the most compelling character on the show. I can't remember an episode he appeared in where every moment he had on screen didn't fascinate me. I'd kill him on sight in real life, but I find I really miss his presence on The Walking Dead. He was just so unpredictable. It's a rare villain that can both garner my sympathy and make me thoroughly enjoy watching his heinous actions. In fact, he has to be one of my favorites of all time, and I can't commend David Morrissey enough for his portrayal. I really hope he's worked in again somehow.

He was the best character on the show, but he was too far gone. I'm pretty positive he's dead. Although, he was predominantly a charismatic sociopath, there were moments when I felt like he was once a good man before the apocalypse. Morrissey was a sexy, charming, yet despicable Governor. I could never completely hate his character, even though I really wanted to.

He was one of the best characters... I just think people hate on him because he could sometimes be irrational. He was one of the most interesting characters of the show, and it would have been interesting to see how long he could survive. The Prison should have killed his crew, and he should have escaped. He would meet the Rick Later and he'd die in some badass way

He did what he felt he needed to do to protect himself, his daughter, and his group. And he didn't apologize to anyone for it

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9Maggie Greene

I love her, almost as much as I love her love interest Glenn. She can kill walkers, take care of Judith, all while remaining feminine and kind-hearted. She's cool and I can't wait to see more of her.

She is such a strong woman. She some how takes care of Judith and ask very motherly toward her, she loves Glenn and he loves her probably because she's a fighter and can probably kill a walker in her sleep. She is my favorite on the show because she has so many aspects to her that I aspire to be

Love how she is open to being a fighter.

Can someone explain to me why Merle and Daryl awful characters, are above Maggie?

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10Carl Grimes

This kid is only like 12 and he acts more grown up than anybody else in the entire group.

Why the hell would you try to spoil the whole show for everyone? It's great that you read the comics, but you can leave the endings to yourself.

He's just an amazing character, and how much he has grown I just find him to be an amazing character and the fact he was able to shoot his mother and come back from it I must applaud, and the responsibility he has at such a young age I just think he deserves the votes

In the comics he get shot in the eye

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She was so sweet and made people look at a better side of things like with her dads leg and with Daryl

Sweet, innocent and caring... It's cute when she takes care of baby Judith and everyone else.

Because she is sweet

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11Dale Horvath

A man who stands by his convictions with a fair and kind heart, he might be seen as a relic of the world before the apocalypse. But if the group came across you in the wild and you needed taking in, no one would hear you complaining about Dale, the man who would invariably have your back.

Just an interesting character who kept his humanity closer than his fear.

Great character, a voice of reason. When it seemed every one had lost their ethics, Dale was there to talk fair reason and sense into every one. When 99% of the world stopped caring about one another, Dale was the 1% and you really need characters in shows like this to relate to. Luckily Hershel had similar moral principles and sort of took over after Dale went.

Best Character in the whole series. I was crying when he died.

I miss Dale! Gone too soon. He was a man of his words. He cares for everyone else and he is fully aware of everything.

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12Shane Walsh

Shane served a similar position to the Governor for me in some ways. During his time, Shane was the most interesting character on the show, and I was inclined to agree with most of his decisions. His friendship with Rick was great. He might have been one of the group's most valuable assets if Lori hadn't thoroughly screwed up his head. It's tragic, really. By Season 5, Rick has surpassed Shane in the "warped" morality department. Shane was just ahead of his time. Poor bastard.

He was the most realistic in a zombie apocalypse and made the show entertaining with rick he chats and talks things out and shane will just kill best character and certainly better then daryl

Shane well I've got a few words for shane beast, strong, quick, and willing to do anything for the group and have you seen him star in snitch

If Shane hadn't tried to kill Rick people would still be rooting for him

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13Theodore "T-Dog" Douglas

He's black... That's all you need to know.

They should not of killed him off.

T-DOG so sad he died they really should have done a lot more with his character.

He's black and he died in prison. Wow

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14Beth Greene

Beth is my favorite character by far! She has had a hard time in the zombie apocalypse by getting attacked by her dead mom, suicide attempt and seeing her father's head get sliced off. She isn't the usual character to be able to survive a zombie apocalypse and that's why I like her she is a usual 18 year old girl trying to live and be happy

In season 4 she shows her talent to make bad things better. Want to see more about her with daryl. maybe relationship? Yes, I think daryl needs to be loved in fact of his past. and beth would be a good decision while she isnĀ't hard-nosed and can show good things in an apocalyptic world (time to relax, time to speak about the past, hanging loose).

Beth is without a doubt my favorite character in the walking dead. I really don't get people who hate her because we'd probably be exactly like her if we were in an apocalypse. She's been through so much yet she's so strong.

I don't know why but I really love hard not to

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15Morgan Jones

He feels more human than the other characters. I am not sure if I would be able to pull that trigger in the very first episode. In Season 3, he was so emotionally broken due to the brutal loss of his son, so now he has nobody in his life. For me, he is the most intriguing character on the show.

Though he is not my favorite I think he should be higher because all the stuff he went through, losing his son and going crazy, writing stuff on walls, setting up traps. I would like to see him in season 5 or something.

Hoping for a comeback season 4! This guy knows how to survive!

I'm voting for morgan jones because Andrea is 1 rank ahead and that is insulting. Andrea is the most annoying character of the show and should be the second last character on this list, behind Lori.

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Actually Rick's my favorite and Carol a close second, but I'm voting for Andrea since y'all were just horrible about her in the third season (well not all of you, but enough and I found that sad! ). Andrea and Carol were always my favorite female characters although I think Maggie's great too. She has a good heart- beautiful, strong, compassionate, emotional, ultimately good values... She did a good job before the apocalypse, and she was trying her best afterwards to find herself and her values again, especially after the loss of her little sister. How can you hate on someone who was just trying to do the right thing, as well as find a little something worth living for? The fact that she still tried to find love where she could and had innocence in her heart after everything was hopeful, not stupid. Also, Michonne is cool and all but she should have spoken up more and actually told Andrea what was going on, instead of leaving her there in ignorance as some sort of punishment for not ...more

People don't understand that Andrea wanted Peace. She had just gotten over illness and she was grateful for the stability woodbury offered. Michonne should have pulled Andrea to the side and let her friend know whats up. Andrea finally found peace at woodbury and her mistake was that she didn't see the bigger picture. I love/hated her. She was the most realistic character on the show. A beautiful strong female character with so many flaws. That made her interesting. I liked hoe she always stood up for Shane and even fell for the Governor because she is a human being. She got herself caught in between two worlds. I miss her being on the show but I loved the way she died. It was epic to me! She finally got her peace... just in death while the others are still fighting to live in a world that may already be doomed.

She should have lived because she suffered for Amy's death but she copes with Dale's help, also she's very brave and suffered a huge transformation since the Atlanta camp

She's a dumb hoe that made so many stupid mistakes that got herself killed. *Keeps talking to Milton* - chris267

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Why in gods name is he not first? He, rick, carol, and Daryl are the ONLY characters developing at all and learning the benefits of forgiveness and apology. Carol just admitted to tyreese in "the grove" that she killed Karen and David, she did so right after she shot her adopted daughter. That's tough right there. But tyreese forgave her and that's the damn toughest thing anybody has ever done on the show.

Badass zombie killer, not my favourite, but he deserves better than 15. Tyreese would be the perfect last man standing together with daryl

Tyreese is a real zombie slayer... Good guy and tough ass iron :-) should absolutely be in the top 3... Real MAN!

Tough as nails, heart of gold.

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Nice guy and funny. kindhearted sorry to see him go... Really brutal got shot in head by governor

He was awesome and he had the best mustache around! And then the governor shot him! R.I.P. Axel we will always remember you...

Flirty and funny always brings a smile on ya face

Funny had a lot to learn about hair

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19Abraham Ford

"Extremely intriguing and hilarious sentence composition with this guy. Super bad-ass, redneck way of speaking, and relatively complex. There's a lot of potential to develop this guy in Season 6.

Best gun and mustache! He's the definition of bad-ass. Can't wait for him to be in the show!

The toughest and all around most bad-ass character in The Walking Dead.

He uses a can to kill people!

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20Milton Mamet

His weapon should have been a sling shot.

Died trying to kill the governor, he was epic, shouldn't've died, yet he did kill andrea

Judith, a character with no lines, and axel, a character with no dimension, are above him on this site. people are idiots.

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