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Famous of suppression of human right, freedom of association and choice, supply military means to junta states such as Syria generally a vicious police state and human trafficking capital of the world.

The world's biggest nuclear arsenal aimed at western Europe.
A country that is proud of its power to destroy. The Russians suppressed half of Europe for 45 years and don't feel sorry for it.

These people are arrogant as hell. The Serbs in this country do not give a crap about how anyone else feels. What the hell would this country need to actually be liked by people? Plus, there is lot's of dead empty land. Just like the dead empty hearts of te politicians in this place.

"they ruin counter strike

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It's amazing how such a small country can sustain one of the worst and widely spread mafias in Europe.

SUCKS so embarrassing thinking that they are better than Greece
Greece is much much better than Albania

Muslims in Europe, talk about being uncivilized.

Currently polluting Switzerland and ruining their culture, they'd be better off if they drowned in the sea rather than fleeing from Kosovo.
Truly is a stain on the continent.

Hey, take that back! Not all Muslims are uncivilized look at Turkey or Singapore!

They think they are best... That's not true

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Poor country for good people.

Err, poor country!? Poverty!? Crime!? What!? Nonsense. US, for example, has a much, much higher poverty rate than Serbia. That's a lot. Many other countries who are more developed than Serbia have way higher poverty rates. Pretty much everyone here can afford the usual luxuries of today's world - a car, a house or an apartment, television, a PC or a laptop, a smartphone, etc. Of course, not everyone needs a smartphone or a computer so maybe they don't have them, but they can afford them. Talk about poverty. Really low poverty rate. The GDP may not be so high but neither is poverty.

Next up, crime. Crime!? Pfft. I live in a town with some 60 000 - 70 000 people. I can't remember the last time a major crime was committed here. Murder? Absolutely no way. Armed robbery? Nope. Of course, sometimes some crook is gonna steal something but even that rarely happens. Even in the capital with 2 000 000 people, Belgrade, the crime rate is low. Again, the US has a way higher crime rate, ...more

I am not Serbian, nor Albanian, nor European. I have many friends in Serbia (most in and around Novi Sad, as well as some in Belgrade, Kikinda, and Nis), and I have visited them several times while they have visited me in my home country as well.

Serbia has a young cultural undercurrent that is fed up with the stagnant, corrupt politics of the country and the destruction this has wrought. One of the main problems for Serbian society is a problem seen elsewhere: a mass cognitive dissonance. The people are raised in this culture that is quite tribal in its worldview, disdaining even its nearest neighbors to some extent, breeding suspicion and keeping alive ancient grudges, while simultaneously inculcating its people with this idea that they are uniquely good among the world's peoples and uniquely victimized. Serbs grow up seeing themselves as the altruistic, peaceful "heavenly" victims of European and west Asian powers - I've often heard an "Asterix and ...more - inexadra

No jobs, people on country side are racist and lazy I'm Really not proud on my country

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I am from Ukraine. Trust me IT SUCKS!

its very dirty country

Full of prostitutes, alcoholics and thieves. Do not walk the streets at night. Filthy place. Very cheap cost of living. But its like it was back in the war. Dated, dirty and dangerous. AVOID IT

The Counties/"Oblasts" in Ukraine and other former USSR countries should all vote weather to be annexed to Russia or not as a lot of them do, and a lot of them don't. - Harri666

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Greece gave democracy and civilasation to the whole Europe.. We owe them for that.. I am not Greek but I've been there for vacations many times.. They are poor.. So what? Awesome hospitality, awesome food, awesome beaches with an awesome history to go with..

I'm not greek but I solemnly believe Greece isn't nearly one of the worst countries in Europe. Sure their economy is going downhill lately but it's improved everyday. Besides my country was in a worse position some years ago and now it's one the superpowers in Europe (Germany). I can't wait to visit Greece again this summer

Beautiful beaches, good food, amazing weather.
Economy sucks, people can be rude, dangerous drivers, and too many gypsies.

It's really only nice if you're coming to visit out country I don't really see the point in living here we moved to Canada when I was a kid because we lived in poverty and we were very poor but the people are genuinely kind and giving for what they have not to mention its extremely hot in the summers here

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SO racist! I came with an IVY league diploma, and their employment-office offered me a cleaning job! I have worked for 3 governments as an analyst- but according to them, I should clean, since I am not Swedish! Lived there for 2 years, and NOBODY helped me with my kids stroller if I needed to get on the bus, nobody ever said sorry for bumping into me, VERY uncivilized people, and STILL they think that they invented technology, they only talk about how great they are. They BBQ EVERYWHERE, even on balconies, like next to your window, on the 6th floor.. It is like they came from caves, they just don't know how to behave around people- like Neanderthal-like creatures. They STARE at people, my husbands black friend felt so bad after a walk- they ALL stared, and even went after him in the shop so he wouldn't steal anything. They, or many, won't move even if you ask them politely. The girls sleep with anyone for a drink - like prostitutes really. They puke everywhere, and get drunk like it is still Viking era - they even pee outside on houses and openly. Women spit on the street, men too. They burp openly, in the middle of the day, on the street.. I have seen people in restaurants picking their nose, and have been forced to leave a meal because a guy next to me tried to get out his snot trough his mouth- like clearing his trough by trying to get up this huge mucus ball- you could hear him getting closed to getting it up, but it kept slipping, he sounded like a pig, and eventually I just couldn't eat. The rest of the Swedes appeared to find it normal. It felt like I was in an unwelcoming place surrounded by stone-age people. It was like I arrived in year 1546 and people were from then, but somebody gave the some technology and modern clothes. Never seen a more backwards place in my life- and I have lived in India, Pakistan, Serbia and China. The most uncivilized country in Europe. And they can't dress, they have no mirrors in that God forsaken place - and to make it all worse- they all look the same and dress the same!

Italians are rude, arrogant, coarse, uneducated, unpolite.

They believe they are the best of the world, and their country is just a ruin apparently tourists love the ruins

They hate anyone is not Italian they are or xenophobe or they treat you like a kid.

They 'drive' like unbrained people, they do not take care of their cities, landscapes, rubbishes every where, beaches all private and expensive, just for rich ignorant Italians and carbon copy of Italians.

Horrible country to live in and to visit.

I live in this country and agree with everything said before. I can't wait to leave this place. People are ignorant they don't like French for no reason, they do not realize the problems that they have, absolutely not accepting, they think if things in the rest of the world are done differently from Italy then they are done wrong! Economics sucks, politics corrupted, they don't even invest money in their famous architecture, everything is falling apart. During July and August everything is closed. People are lazy, very slow, loud, rude and silly. There are of course some exceptions. But still there is nothing to talk to them about, besides food, which there is none, besides pizza and pasta. Educational system is poorly organized. People lack respect. But of course there are some polite and happy people here despite all the problems they have. A lot of bureaucracy, disrespectful attitude! People don't know how to do their jobs. The salaries are low, the prices are very high. For young people it's hard to find a job. Worse about it is just Spain. People and trains are always late. A lot of girls are envious and bitchy, terribly dressed, often in dirty old clothes. A lot of young guys are jerks thinking they are the sexiest guys in the world with clothes that are suitable only for girls and terrible haircut. VERY dirty A LOT OF graffiti everywhere! People don't have respect for they cultural heritage while bragging about it. Like, "Why to go anywhere, if Italy is the best country in the world? ". It is beautiful but soon they are going to lose even this. Nobody follows any kind of rules. No international fast food, only McDonald's and Burger King. No Starbucks or Subway (Subway I saw only in Rome with no Italians inside, just tourists), people hate it, while they coffee id small and expensive and sandwiches are terrible and expensive as well. It could be the right place for some, but not for people like me.

Dude, I work in IT for several months and this comment totally made my day. The best comment on this site. I think you took it out of my head... can't believe how exact it is. Every single word is true. Thank you

I was in Milan for a week because of work. Amazingly (for just a week), I fully recognize all the negative comments posted. Arrogance, disdain to foreigners, poor education, incompetence are traits of the Italian people I met. The infrastructure is poorly taken care of.

Apparently Milan is at the top of Italian cities for doing business. If this is the case, this is a country that is definitely not appropriate for hosting international events.

I will certainly avoid any type of business that could be bring me back to Italy. It goes without saying that I will also avoid spending my vacation there.

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I've been living in London for about 5.5 year now, which means that I should get used to it, but for whatever reason I can't. I just don't see a point in why people are asking me hundreds of times "are you alright" or "smile", when they themselves are pissed off all the time. Try to get on the tube between 8-10am and You will see how people are smiling, squashed like sardines in a tin. Of course You are late...again? Boss never understands that. At work You have to smile, because if You are not smiling then it means it's not for You. The weather is poor, people are very, very, very rude and arrogant, and these are the ones that usually will point out that it's You that is rude. What else...the food is really poor, people have got no taste whatsoever, You will bring them crap on a plate and they will say it was delicious but will be complaining that the waiter was rude because was not smiling. People here have got huge ego, and all You can feel all the time by ...more

A lot of people come to England with a dream, particularly London. Your dream hasn't worked out, your obviously still waiting tables and not getting anywhere. Maybe it's time for you to return to where you came from. With the experience you've picked up, maybe you can make something of yourself in your own country now.

Born here, lived her all my life and I when I am old enough to leave, I will leave and never bring my ass here again.

Full of Chavs, crap government, immigration problems, unpredictable and appalling weather, football and skinhead hooliganism, Expensive living costs, teenage pregnancy and lots and lots more!

If government could stop Romanian immigrants, that would be great!

The UK went into serious decline under 13 years of Labour Government (1997-2010). They more than tripled the national debt (from £300 billion to over £1 trillion), dumb down education standards (by introducing weak/poor subjects rejected by employers/universities), increased bureaucracy (in education, health and other public services), encouraged open door mass immigration (without quotas/security checks), created a nanny state (with bigger state sector and a smaller private sector) and failure to control house prices, making it difficult for first time buyers to climb the property ladder.

Also the Labour Party have the worst councils than the other parties. They like to increase council tax and squander their budget on more bureaucracy and fake projects. Labour Councils cause the highest unemployment rates, poorer standard of schools, health, housing and other public services than quite a lot of non-labour councils. Labour Councils are mostly responsible for not recovering ...more

I'm a home owner in London so love England. We need more immigrants in England to push my property price up further. Rule Britannia!

Need to add lazy british employees...

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The worst country of the Europe and of the world. There isn't freedom, and they just wish a war with Armenia. They want to ruin Armenian Nagorno Karabakh again! I truly hate this country!

Do not care about environment and exploiting their resources

For all of you saying Azerbaijan is not European, it kind of is due to some sort of European border which I have no idea about (Otherwise Russia is basically not European either, as only the western part is... So if Azerbaijan is 'classed' as European, then so goes for Israel, Armenia, Georgia and Turkey. Ok I'll stop babbling...)

This country is a very horrible country, in certain places. Building walls to prevent competing nations in the 1st European Games from seeing all the awful poverty near Baku (So I herd) With a beautiful structure known as to The Flame Towers looks so great! Thank god it's a distraction from the semi-crap poor housing. Some are beautiful, but let's face it, the majority look like the cheap and god awful council houses in the UK. Not only is the population noted for selfish excuses for humans, but seriously lack kindness and compassion. 'Murderer' DNA engraved into there stupid heads (So I've herd). A country with such a crap government and a ever-lasting war with them Armenia, holy crap, maybe it's the oil fumes that's getting to them, who knows...

A filthy country which conspires with Turkey and bullies Armenia.

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Try and go in to the mountains. No stealing there and very beautiful landscapes... Or try old area called Transilvania. I will bet you will change your opinion

Only in to the mountains is no stealing, it makes sense - there are no thieves, and is not for sure, climber-thieves can reach you in to the mountains, so keep an eye on your equipment.

I know many Romanian people.ALL of them are decent hard-working people. Peddling crude and inaccurate stereotypes is intellectually indolent. A country of over 20 million people cannot be reduced to two or three character traits that all are assumed to possess. Anyone who does so is quite simply a cretin.

Young people see as cool to not care about school, they dream of getting rich by stealing.

Although old people are very nice, more than I have seen in many developed countries.

The bad thing it is that romania will be worse with this new generation and maybe the next even worse having such parents

I think it depends whether you are in Transylvania and the other regions or Romania - Harri666

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I love Poland. When I visited Poland, compared to other countries in Europe like England, France or Italy, I loved it. Poland is the best country. It is beautiful, historic and powerful. Loads of people make fun of Poland just because they are worse at football than England. I agree but it is an amazing country it self.

Good at fighting for freedom and independence for themselves and other nations, too bad their politicians can't sustain it... Kind of a paradox

I don't know how you can say that... Yes, polish are leaving our country but you can't tell to us it's the worst country in Europe. We are just weak and we don't have good politics. This country is poor and we was helping to Greece when they need that. We sent our money when we really need it too :(

None of you gave Greece money that's a German political joke... kid

Poland cannot into space!

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Turkey simply... SUCKS! The people are unfriendly, racist, hostile and rude. The food is heavy and so rich in fat. The landscapes are not something to die for, like Greece or Italy for example. Overall, WORST EXPERIENCE EVER.

Only 3% of Turkey's territory is in Europe, 97% in Asia It's religion and culture is Middle-Eastern.

Since when Turkey is in Europe? :-D Anyway, all the Turkish people that I have personally known were arrogant, backward people who thought they were the best things that ever walked the face of the Earth just because they are from Turkey. Funny how they are not even aware that no one cares what they think. Also they hate Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians, Christians, atheists etc. They come from different ethnic backgrounds but get hostile in the name of being Turkish too just like they do when it comes to their religion. I won't spend a penny in that country. Next! :-)

Since you were absent at school, you should study better geography!

It's a love country in Europe. Driving is fine if you can handle car and traffic. Other people are some problem with turkey.

Turkey, simply put, hates anything that borders them.

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The only one in Europe that still has capital punishment death penalty.
They forgot the Ordero not kill!

A very beautiful place with a rich culture exploited by dirty politicians and invaded previously by dirty soviets for making their own shield.

Belarus dictatorship very bad. Support NATO and European values, not some dictator! They are for Putin who is evil, not good as us western imperialists an fascist. Heil Hitler! Viva Merkel and NATO!

I don't know anything about Belarus but I love their 2014 Eurovision song cheese cake.

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13Vatican City

The worst country in the world they have no freedom of religion and anything non-catholic won't be tolerated.

WHY DOES THE CHURCH HAVE ITS OWN COUNTRY. Or all the priests should have vatican citizenship and don't take benefits from the country they were born. And why is the other comment about Germany and Russia

You do not want to be male and under twelve in this country believe me!

Heard it's beautiful, I would never bring my children there though

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This is because this country was taken by the russians from Romania and after war the Russians let this country without money this is the true!

Moldova has to resolve issues over it's breakaway region of Transnistria.

People from Moldova are goodhearted, hardworking, peaceful and very patient... The problem with such a bad rating is: the circumstances that Moldova is dealing with... The high corruption and poverty in Moldova Is the consequence of being a part of Soviet Union... As we know most ex soviet countries have the same problems... One thing I know is the good attitude of most Moldavians, in the future Moldova will become a better place... I hope the Euro integration will help break through the iron curtain that paralyzed development in all aspects of life in Moldova... May God of Israel be With You Moldova!

I know people from Moldova and Eastern Europe and eastern European women don't like guys from Moldova, as soon as they mention they are from Moldova its Bye Bye. They have zero tolerance for them. Why is this?

Because Eastern European women are stupid enough, they only want money and supercars, so guys from Moldova are not that wealthy.

It's pretty much the little Romania of Europe

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Germany is not the worst country in Europe, but can soon be. Due to the decadency among the people here, everything else that once had such beautiful values has degenerated by time. Technology, business, politics and especially, culture. Native German families have a population growth of 1.3 children the family and can no longer sustain itself till 2060. On the other hand, the German government approves to “any” foreign immigrant due to politically correctness and not only supports them financially but also their families within the immigrants root countries, thus ignoring the welfare of their own people. More than 3000 Businesses in Germany declare insolvency within a year, due to not being able to cope with the ever rising taxes. The Old are getting their Pensions shorted while the pension age rises to 67 years of age. The laws are multiplying and are getting more and more confusing, plus restraining the freedom of the people by the year. This leads to desperation and the breakdown of the people’s mentality. Germany is a VIP country under the bound of the European Union because of its economic dimension earlier planned to pay off its 8 billion euro depths within a timeframe of over 100 years. I am not so sure about the exact amount of the depths the German government has made, but I know it is increasing rapidly. Fact is that there is no happy ending to its momentarily situation but an economical collapse that could give the people in this country a second chance for the future. However this collapse is not so far away. Germany is the engine of Europe. If Germany falls, Europe falls and with it the European Union. As for now People (especially German citizens) are losing more and more rights, freedom, and independency, and are not even aware of it due to the mind manipulation of the government. It starts with the control of the media and the restriction of the internet to the restriction of free speech. But it is not Germany of today that worries me, it is Germany after its collapse.

I think it's mainly the people that make Germany bad. Most of them are arrogant and rude, and have a nasty and snobbish way of dealing with things. They can also be quite selfish. Trust me, I unfortunately know quite a few Germans, and I, and lots of other people, know what they can be like

They don't care about each other. Harsh, silent, sad lobotomized people.

Country of hateful & arrogant people, who think they are better than anyone else. They are too blind to see everyone despises them.

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I live in Finland now. People are calm, you feel really secured. Everyone is polite. All people are respected, mothers have a lot of benefits, disabled people are threated with special care. Almost everyone speaks English, you can always ask for a help, and people will actually help you. Very clean, pure environment, great!

I like to come there to look for a job.. I live in Poland now but my heart is telling me move to Finland but I don't known how cost of living over there

Government is the worst and there is no point to go work anymore.

Hate being part finnish

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This territory should not be under Albanian/NATO rule. Crime rate is high, the Serbs are being treated terribly, etc.

This land would be MUCH better off back under full Serb rule.

At least Kosovo actually means something special to the Serbs.

This is horrible poor and not even aloud to compete in Olympics

Peace is for the people in Kosovo an unknown word.

Where is the stupid country Belgium

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They cheated Europe, Germany is NEVER number one!

Well this list is kind of unfair, but I think I gotta choose this one

I lived there and had to move the nature is beautiful but dangerous and it's so corrupt the country is like one big mob it's dirty and everyone is an alcoholic

'I love Iceland... Whats wrong with you people

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Irish people are nice and friendly people I live there so take it from my view it is a AWESOME COUNTRY full with stuff to like fairs to theme parks nice restaurants cafes pretty parks NICE architecture sure the bills are a bit high and some litter. Also crimes pretty low

Unfriendly? Compared to who? Or what? Ireland is one of the friendliest, if not THE friendliest countries on the planet. Do not begin to tell me that the english are any friendlier, because that would be politically incorrect and extremely false. Plus, the english have always opressed it's surrounding countries, so ireland can thank your violent and opressive country for all they have done to the irish eceonomy. Many have lived peasant lives due to England's abuse of power and aggressive behavior of their government. Who would even dare to talk about Ireland OR Scotland like that? Afterall, England signifficantly contributed to their innocently poor population. Another word you mentioned was 'fat'. Please define 'fat' for me. England has been and always will be a fatter and more obese country than ireland. Next to the fattest country on this planet (U. S), England is following close behind, while not even recognizing their overall health. God save the english!

Its history is really irrelevant man, in my humble opinion Ireland is a bleak, boring place, full of stuck-up, ignorant, dull (and most often than not drunk) people, which makes for one of the last places I'd ever want to live in (definitely the last in Europe). Even Scotland is more interesting with its landscapes and cheerful, friendly folk

You people IRELAND IS THE AWESOMEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD AMERICA IS LAZY, GREEDY AND NOT NICE Ireland loves everyone don't listen to those other coments

People are bitter and rude! They market themselves as a happy country to draw in tourism, which is the only thing that keeps the country afloat. The economy is weakening and it's obvious when "rich" foreigners visit the endless gift stores to buy anything with a green clover. The sales people are very pushy and are rude if they don't think you will buy anything. Very desperate.

If you go out at night be very careful of the thugs. Drugs and poverty are rampant and if you look like a tourist you become a target.

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French are among the kindest people I have ever met and France one of the most beautiful and peaceful country I have ever visited, and even lived in.

The food is amazing, and even though there is an attitude of being somewhat cool, this country is friendly and welcoming, and does not deserve to appear in this list.

Also, French people have a sense of fashion. The accent, food and attitude of the people, along with the various monuments to visit are all factors which contribute to the fact that France is great, and is a country one must visit in his lifetime.

I'm horrified about comments I van read here.

People hating France are just mindless people who have nothing else to do to vomit on the other ones and masturbate on YouTube.

I want and will live soon in this marvelous country, far from those hating people.

Why? France is beautiful country I wanna go to France hopefully when I graduate from my university people are pretty happy there they say its rich but anyhow I'm loving to visit France right now and I can't wait to go there I feel pretty excited to go there

France have so many famous places. The Eiffel are amazing. French are gentle and nice. France needs to be out of this list. I recommend to visit France and not only Paris, there are so many funny and delicious places to be there.

Everything in France is fantastic including people..

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