Worst Countries In Europe


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It's amazing how such a small country can sustain one of the worst and widely spread mafias in Europe.
SUCKS so embarrassing thinking that they are better than Greece
Greece is much much better than Albania
Muslims in Europe, talk about being uncivilized.

Currently polluting Switzerland and ruining their culture, they'd be better off if they drowned in the sea rather than fleeing from Kosovo.
Truly is a stain on the continent.
Hey, take that back! Not all Muslims are uncivilized look at Turkey or Singapore!
[Newest]Cause of all troubles in recent years. also drug dealers and slavery
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Famous of suppression of human right, freedom of association and choice, supply military means to junta states such as Syria generally a vicious police state and human trafficking capital of the world.
The world's biggest nuclear arsenal aimed at western Europe.
A country that is proud of its power to destroy. The Russians suppressed half of Europe for 45 years and don't feel sorry for it.
These people are arrogant as hell. The Serbs in this country do not give a crap about how anyone else feels. What the hell would this country need to actually be liked by people? Plus, there is lot's of dead empty land. Just like the dead empty hearts of te politicians in this place.
[Newest]Nice country but has lots of sick rules
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I've been living in London for about 5.5 year now, which means that I should get used to it, but for whatever reason I can't. I just don't see a point in why people are asking me hundreds of times "are you alright" or "smile", when they themselves are pissed off all the time. Try to get on the tube between 8-10am and You will see how people are smiling, squashed like sardines in a tin. Of course You are late...again? Boss never understands that. At work You have to smile, because if You are not smiling then it means it's not for You. The weather is poor, people are very, very, very rude and arrogant, and these are the ones that usually will point out that it's You that is rude. What else...the food is really poor, people have got no taste whatsoever, You will bring them crap on a plate and they will say it was delicious but will be complaining that the waiter was rude because was not smiling. People here have got huge ego, and all You can feel all the time by walking on the street is peoples judgement on You. Loads of hipsters and dumb blonds, both poorly educated. Did I mentioned education? You are not serious...are You?!?! Why are You giving me tests before I can start college, at the age of 23, and ask me questions like how much is 2+3?!?! Loads of crime..right now I'm working on a home insurance, because I don't feel secure and I think there's gonna be one day that I'll be facing burglary.

There are some positive sides though. People are really crazy. If You go to a club in London, You will see loads of drunk folks just having a good time. On the other hand... You are even more annoying while being under the influence of alcohol. I want to leave this country. I found some people very lovely, but there are more bastards here than I've ever seen in my entire life! Peace
A lot of people come to England with a dream, particularly London. Your dream hasn't worked out, your obviously still waiting tables and not getting anywhere. Maybe it's time for you to return to where you came from. With the experience you've picked up, maybe you can make something of yourself in your own country now.
Born here, lived her all my life and I when I am old enough to leave, I will leave and never bring my ass here again.

Full of Chavs, crap government, immigration problems, unpredictable and appalling weather, football and skinhead hooliganism, Expensive living costs, teenage pregnancy and lots and lots more!
If government could stop Romanian immigrants, that would be great!
The UK went into serious decline under 13 years of Labour Government (1997-2010). They more than tripled the national debt (from £300 billion to over £1 trillion), dumb down education standards (by introducing weak/poor subjects rejected by employers/universities), increased bureaucracy (in education, health and other public services), encouraged open door mass immigration (without quotas/security checks), created a nanny state (with bigger state sector and a smaller private sector) and failure to control house prices, making it difficult for first time buyers to climb the property ladder.

Also the Labour Party have the worst councils than the other parties. They like to increase council tax and squander their budget on more bureaucracy and fake projects. Labour Councils cause the highest unemployment rates, poorer standard of schools, health, housing and other public services than quite a lot of non-labour councils. Labour Councils are mostly responsible for not recovering any uncollected taxes and fail to balance the local budget. Take examples like Liverpool, Bradford, Greater Manchester (Salford, Rochdale, Oldham), London (Hackney, Peckham, Brent, Lewisham, Tower Hamlets, Lambeth, Newham, Ealing, Haringey, Enfield), Glasgow, Birmingham and many more.

Labour Councils are more likely to cover up cases like sexual grooming of young girls, child abductions from loving families by social services. They are also willing to commit postal vote fraud to stay in power and continue to squander public money for their own pleasure.
I'm a home owner in London so love England. We need more immigrants in England to push my property price up further. Rule Britannia!
[Newest]I lived in England for 7.5 years, I tried to push myself to call it home but never felt like my home. The quality of life comparable to mainland Europe is below their standards. Never to return again.
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Poor country for good people.
Poverty, crime and corruption.
Serbia is one of the best countrees in Europe!
Well that is really a revelation for us all, wow, you know what I mean!
[Newest]War driven yet poor filthy country

We aren't war driven. Just because people bomb us, doesn't mean we are crazy maniacs who love war. We have been bombed over 59 times. All by different countries, yet we still are here. Do you know why? Because we fight back to DEFEND ourselves. It's not terrorism if we are defending our own soil


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The worst country of the Europe and of the world. There isn't freedom, and they just wish a war with Armenia. They want to ruin Armenian Nagorno Karabakh again! I truly hate this country!
Do not care about environment and exploiting their resources
This is not even a European country and why is Poland on this list? We are the best nation ever!


[Newest]Azerbaijan is not European. Who put this country in this list?!

I love Poland. When I visited Poland, compared to other countries in Europe like England, France or Italy, I loved it. Poland is the best country. It is beautiful, historic and powerful. Loads of people make fun of Poland just because they are worse at football than England. I agree but it is an amazing country it self.
I don't know how you can say that... Yes, polish are leaving our country but you can't tell to us it's the worst country in Europe. We are just weak and we don't have good politics. This country is poor and we was helping to Greece when they need that. We sent our money when we really need it too :(
None of you gave Greece money that's a German political joke... kid
Good at fighting for freedom and independence for themselves and other nations, too bad their politicians can't sustain it... Kind of a paradox
[Newest]Country which exists only to steal the money from their citizens.
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I am from Ukraine. Trust me IT SUCKS!
its very dirty country
Full of prostitutes, alcoholics and thieves. Do not walk the streets at night. Filthy place. Very cheap cost of living. But its like it was back in the war. Dated, dirty and dangerous. AVOID IT
[Newest]Typical Eastern European country. Nature etc. but people that you would not want anywhere near you. Rude, cold, ill-mannered, annoying, greedy, awkward and over-rated.

Turkey simply... SUCKS! The people are unfriendly, racist, hostile and rude. The food is heavy and so rich in fat. The landscapes are not something to die for, like Greece or Italy for example. Overall, WORST EXPERIENCE EVER.
Only 3% of Turkey's territory is in Europe, 97% in Asia It's religion and culture is Middle-Eastern.
It's a love country in Europe. Driving is fine if you can handle car and traffic. Other people are some problem with turkey.
Since when Turkey is in Europe? :-D Anyway, all the Turkish people that I have personally known were arrogant, backward people who thought they were the best things that ever walked the face of the Earth just because they are from Turkey. Funny how they are not even aware that no one cares what they think. Also they hate Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians, Christians, atheists etc. They come from different ethnic backgrounds but get hostile in the name of being Turkish too just like they do when it comes to their religion. I won't spend a penny in that country. Next! :-)
Since you were absent at school, you should study better geography!
[Newest]Turkey is the best country to visit and to live this summer I will go to Turkey 2. time and I am itching to eat Turkish food ;) and Turkish people are really friendly and welcoming to everyone and it is a very cheap country!

This territory should not be under Albanian/NATO rule. Crime rate is high, the Serbs are being treated terribly, etc.

This land would be MUCH better off back under full Serb rule.

At least Kosovo actually means something special to the Serbs.
This is horrible poor and not even aloud to compete in Olympics
Peace is for the people in Kosovo an unknown word.
[Newest]It hardly can be called "country". If its not for the USA support they won't last a day. Total scumbag.

Greece gave democracy and civilasation to the whole Europe.. We owe them for that.. I am not Greek but I've been there for vacations many times.. They are poor.. So what? Awesome hospitality, awesome food, awesome beaches with an awesome history to go with..
I'm not greek but I solemnly believe Greece isn't nearly one of the worst countries in Europe. Sure their economy is going downhill lately but it's improved everyday. Besides my country was in a worse position some years ago and now it's one the superpowers in Europe (Germany). I can't wait to visit Greece again this summer
Beautiful beaches, good food, amazing weather.
Economy sucks, people can be rude, dangerous drivers, and too many gypsies.
[Newest]It's economy is a complete failure, has too many debts it can't pay, a large amount of gypsies and many ignorant people.

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The only one in Europe that still has capital punishment death penalty.
They forgot the Ordero not kill!
A very beautiful place with a rich culture exploited by dirty politicians and invaded previously by dirty soviets for making their own shield.
Belarus dictatorship very bad. Support NATO and European values, not some dictator! They are for Putin who is evil, not good as us western imperialists an fascist. Heil Hitler! Viva Merkel and NATO!
[Newest]The only real city is the capital.

This is because this country was taken by the russians from Romania and after war the Russians let this country without money this is the true!
Moldova has to resolve issues over it's breakaway region of Transnistria.
People from Moldova are goodhearted, hardworking, peaceful and very patient... The problem with such a bad rating is: the circumstances that Moldova is dealing with... The high corruption and poverty in Moldova Is the consequence of being a part of Soviet Union... As we know most ex soviet countries have the same problems... One thing I know is the good attitude of most Moldavians, in the future Moldova will become a better place... I hope the Euro integration will help break through the iron curtain that paralyzed development in all aspects of life in Moldova... May God of Israel be With You Moldova!
I know people from Moldova and Eastern Europe and eastern European women don't like guys from Moldova, as soon as they mention they are from Moldova its Bye Bye. They have zero tolerance for them. Why is this?
Because Eastern European women are stupid enough, they only want money and supercars, so guys from Moldova are not that wealthy.
[Newest]THere is not much to see or to do there, apart from wine tasting. No resources, no money, no future, that why most people are fleeing the country. It can't stand alone as a state so it should have been a part of a bigger entity.
You can see there the World's Biggest Wine Collection and the Largest Underground Wine Cellar in the World, that was registered in the Guinness World Records!

Try and go in to the mountains. No stealing there and very beautiful landscapes... Or try old area called Transilvania. I will bet you will change your opinion
Only in to the mountains is no stealing, it makes sense - there are no thieves, and is not for sure, climber-thieves can reach you in to the mountains, so keep an eye on your equipment.
I know many Romanian people.ALL of them are decent hard-working people. Peddling crude and inaccurate stereotypes is intellectually indolent. A country of over 20 million people cannot be reduced to two or three character traits that all are assumed to possess. Anyone who does so is quite simply a cretin.
Young people see as cool to not care about school, they dream of getting rich by stealing.

Although old people are very nice, more than I have seen in many developed countries.

The bad thing it is that romania will be worse with this new generation and maybe the next even worse having such parents
[Newest]There's a lot of crap in that country.

Germany is not the worst country in Europe, but can soon be. Due to the decadency among the people here, everything else that once had such beautiful values has degenerated by time. Technology, business, politics and especially, culture. Native German families have a population growth of 1.3 children the family and can no longer sustain itself till 2060. On the other hand, the German government approves to “any” foreign immigrant due to politically correctness and not only supports them financially but also their families within the immigrants root countries, thus ignoring the welfare of their own people. More than 3000 Businesses in Germany declare insolvency within a year, due to not being able to cope with the ever rising taxes. The Old are getting their Pensions shorted while the pension age rises to 67 years of age. The laws are multiplying and are getting more and more confusing, plus restraining the freedom of the people by the year. This leads to desperation and the breakdown of the people’s mentality. Germany is a VIP country under the bound of the European Union because of its economic dimension earlier planned to pay off its 8 billion euro depths within a timeframe of over 100 years. I am not so sure about the exact amount of the depths the German government has made, but I know it is increasing rapidly. Fact is that there is no happy ending to its momentarily situation but an economical collapse that could give the people in this country a second chance for the future. However this collapse is not so far away. Germany is the engine of Europe. If Germany falls, Europe falls and with it the European Union. As for now People (especially German citizens) are losing more and more rights, freedom, and independency, and are not even aware of it due to the mind manipulation of the government. It starts with the control of the media and the restriction of the internet to the restriction of free speech. But it is not Germany of today that worries me, it is Germany after its collapse.
I think it's mainly the people that make Germany bad. Most of them are arrogant and rude, and have a nasty and snobbish way of dealing with things. They can also be quite selfish. Trust me, I unfortunately know quite a few Germans, and I, and lots of other people, know what they can be like
They don't care about each other. Harsh, silent, sad lobotomized people.
[Newest]Country of hateful & arrogant people, who think they are better than anyone else. They are too blind to see everyone despises them.

15Vatican City
The worst country in the world they have no freedom of religion and anything non-catholic won't be tolerated.
WHY DOES THE CHURCH HAVE ITS OWN COUNTRY. Or all the priests should have vatican citizenship and don't take benefits from the country they were born. And why is the other comment about Germany and Russia
[Newest]You do not want to be male and under twelve in this country believe me!

They cheated Europe, Germany is NEVER number one!
Well this list is kind of unfair, but I think I gotta choose this one
I lived there and had to move the nature is beautiful but dangerous and it's so corrupt the country is like one big mob it's dirty and everyone is an alcoholic
[Newest]Greece is so broke it probably couldn't even buy it's way into the top 10...

I don't like spain because they play soccer very well! Haha
Barcelona is a pick pocketer's galore! We went on semester trip and stayed right in the Plaza Catalunya and two of my classmates got their debit cards stolen on the first day. Not a good reason to take a negative stand on the city as a whole it is a absolutely beautiful cultured city and it has plenty of vibrant life, just keep in mind that it is plagued by pick pockets.
Spain is turning into a fascist police state where civil rights are quickly eroding. Worset of all they bully a little country called Gibraltar because they want it and can't have it.

18Bosnia And Herzigovina
It's beautiful but the people are poorer and the rich just steal. An average person there has a small pay and in other countries like Germany and Sweden where the pay is higher you will feel rich visiting there
Bosnia has a good chance to "repair" itself, but sadly the goverment has no moral or respect. Good at soccer, best tradition, kind people... But still not good enough, it just needs a good political move and that's it.


Shut up! Bosnia rocks! It doesn't belong here, it belongs by the best!
[Newest]Our government is bad, that's the only problem.

I really don't understand the statistics that the citizens are the most happiest in Europe. The country is REALLY overcrowded, you don't have any privacy in you're own house, especially in the garden. All the houses are overpriced for whats it offers, people are subdued arrogant and only cares about status and material possessions. Also the Dutch people are quite domb because of the media influences and VERYVERY low gifted Dutch T.V.. The Education system is really bad; has absolutely no connection to the labor market.

The worst is; NO NATURE only pastures, and ugly coastlines. And THE COUNTRY IS FULL OF STRESS. You can't find any private spot for enjoying the weather or surroundings.

Positive things are; the social safety net. Most of the uneducated people receive benefits from the government and disabled people getting paid for basic necessities and housing. However it is getting worst because of the Economic crisis. I think Austria and Czech Republic are the best countries for seeking happiness and in general aspects...
The Netherlands is one of the best countries to live, but unfortunately there are many racists here. If you visit Holland don't be fooled about their "hospitality" many of them are hypocrites...
I live here, I hate it, everyone is so grumpy and mean, when people bump in to you they don't say sorry, they get in front of you in lines, they are so extremely selfish.. they are racist. they have a political party against Muslims for crying out loud. (I'm not a Muslim). I just hate it here, can't wait to get out.
[Newest]This country is amazing
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The worst 'country'. Full of liars and crap. Macedonia was, is and will be Greek. Can you realize that your name is FORMER YOGUSLAVIAN REPUBLIC OF macedonia or FYROm. Kisses from the Greece and specifically from Macedonia (you know... The real Greek MACEDONIA! )
Macedonia? Why do we even call it that? And no, I'm not greek, I'm a swiss student who knows history and knows that everyone who opened a history book once, knows that these people are not Macedonian but slavs. Classic example of poor, undevelopped country with no historical past and uneducated people.
I hate this place! Why do I live here?
[Newest]Fake history=fake poor future=so called "Macedonia"

I'm originally from Hungary - yes, it's a nice country but lately it seems to go back to the 60's and 70's. The government is the worst we ever had since 1990! Well, visiting it as a tourist can be good but I'm happy that I could leave it and now I'm also just visiting (well, not the country but my relatives and friends)
Beautiful country with beautiful people, highly educated, friendly. My best vacation ever I spent in Hungary. Food is incredibly tasty and cheap. Budapest is marvellous, especially the panorama over the Danube from the hills of Buda. Rich history, nice architecture. Racism is not true. And 9 out of 10 women are really beautiful.
Viktor Orbán is the worst Prime minister ever lived!

I live in Finland now. People are calm, you feel really secured. Everyone is polite. All people are respected, mothers have a lot of benefits, disabled people are threated with special care. Almost everyone speaks English, you can always ask for a help, and people will actually help you. Very clean, pure environment, great!
I like to come there to look for a job.. I live in Poland now but my heart is telling me move to Finland but I don't known how cost of living over there
Government is the worst and there is no point to go work anymore.

The most horrible 4 years of my entire life! The truth of the matter is, you can be polite to Belgians and they will treat you with pure disgust behind your back because they suffer from a massive inferiority complex. They are ugly, sick, and completely devoid of any empathy for their fellow man. If you live here, YOU WILL REGRET IT! Trust me, I tried to give it an honest go, and in the end Belgium will just implode on itself. Only thing good to come out of here, is my child's birth, but that has nothing to do with this absolute crap country. If you meet anyone cool, I promise you THEY WILL NEVER BE BELGIAN. Now we will GTFO know we survived hell on Earth.. And return to sunny days and hope again. You suck and deserve the slow painful death you are undergoing. Can't wait to leave you in our review mirror.
Racist people, horrible weather. Full of bureaucracy, the only reason that this country is not on #1 spot is because nobody even gets powerful enough internet to load this site here and vote for Belgium.

This country is literally the worst place in Western-Europe.
I've been living in Belgium for six years and I can definitely tell you that this is the worst country in all of Europe. Every vacation we try to escape the horrible country we call home. The only reason I live here is because of my fathers job. When I turn 18 I will leave and never come back.
[Newest]I have been to Brussels once and it seriously stank of piss. At least look after your capital. Yikes.
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I live in this country and agree with everything said before. I can't wait to leave this place. People are ignorant they don't like French for no reason, they do not realize the problems that they have, absolutely not accepting, they think if things in the rest of the world are done differently from Italy then they are done wrong! Economics sucks, politics corrupted, they don't even invest money in their famous architecture, everything is falling apart. During July and August everything is closed. People are lazy, very slow, loud, rude and silly. There are of course some exceptions. But still there is nothing to talk to them about, besides food, which there is none, besides pizza and pasta. Educational system is poorly organized. People lack respect. But of course there are some polite and happy people here despite all the problems they have. A lot of bureaucracy, disrespectful attitude! People don't know how to do their jobs. The salaries are low, the prices are very high. For young people it's hard to find a job. Worse about it is just Spain. People and trains are always late. A lot of girls are envious and bitchy, terribly dressed, often in dirty old clothes. A lot of young guys are jerks thinking they are the sexiest guys in the world with clothes that are suitable only for girls and terrible haircut. VERY dirty A LOT OF graffiti everywhere! People don't have respect for they cultural heritage while bragging about it. Like, "Why to go anywhere, if Italy is the best country in the world? ". It is beautiful but soon they are going to lose even this. Nobody follows any kind of rules. No international fast food, only McDonald's and Burger King. No Starbucks or Subway (Subway I saw only in Rome with no Italians inside, just tourists), people hate it, while they coffee id small and expensive and sandwiches are terrible and expensive as well. It could be the right place for some, but not for people like me.
Dude, I work in IT for several months and this comment totally made my day. The best comment on this site. I think you took it out of my head... can't believe how exact it is. Every single word is true. Thank you
Cigarettes and dog poop is all you see in Florence


I did live in Italy yes their people or proud of history and nothing they have in future they are rude and they think they are best. I did see the drivers driving around the city and turning without the indicator sign,
[Newest]Ill-mannered, bad-tempered, arrogant people. You cannot deny there is an aura to them though. I think, they are the best looking in Europe.

Beautiful country, friendly people, proud to share the Danube border with them!
Very nice country with beautifull nature and very friendly people.
Amazing climate (4 seasons) and ski and sea resorts, fantastic mountains, party center with wild night life (Sofia, Varna, Golden Beach). The food is totally delicious and people are hospitable and friendly. They also have precious culture and free spirits! People are white cacausins - mainly slavs and tracians.
[Newest]I hate this country because that's where my ex boyfriend is from and he's a jerk so I'm assuming the people here are not friendly at all

I'm ashamed that I'm Norwegian. We're a bunch of cowards.
Why so many male prostitution in Norway?
36 on the Rangers.

Well I think a good country can't have the highest suicide rate in the world. And If we count, we'll see that at least 50,000 people has committed suicide since 1991. Yeah guys, this seems crazy, but it's a fact, you can check it when you want.


Nice country with nice people and an impressive ancient culture.
True... It actually is a bad country, bad politics, ignorant people I can go on and on about it.

I am yet to meet a British person that I can warm up to and trust.
I couldn't have said it better, we have to blaim dishonest and lazy politicians and dogooders for the state of the country the population have nobody to look up to any more.
Food is Fit for Dogs only! Too many takeaways, and ready meals, People Dumb and uneducated! Health and safety has gone banana's, Fat ignorant lazy women and fat unhealthy men. Everyone robs off each other. Children are plebs & only play video games. Greedy businesses, overpriced products. Freedom of speech gone. Too many mosques! Political correctness totally overboard. Too many scumbags, Chavs, Young girls having babies like rabbits.
Speed limits are all over the place, up and down like whores drawers, speed cameras every 100 meters on the roads. Roads like African wildlife trails, due to councils spending revenue on more cameras instead of repairs. More speed humps and roundabouts then anywhere on the planet. Daily gridlocks on roads blocked and lanes reduced by lefty loony overpaid councils. Face it Britain its time to close the doors and switch off the lights!

Armenians are one of the oldest nations in the world... Unlike some sad, dependent nations whose strings are pulled by other countries and whose culture is nothing but a combination of cultural aspects simply stolen from other nations... :-))) I know pubs that are older than their pathetic country but hey, they are the best, right? :-)) I would love to visit Armenia.
I am from Armenia and I hate this country. No freedom, the army is forced and you can't do anyhting to dodge it. Awful government, they only think about their money, they don't care about their people. People here are not very nice well most of them. They don't get people just they way they are.
[Newest]Armenia is not a country. It's a Russian joke.

Sweden is different from other countries because people never say or show what they really think. As a tourist they respect you but for living they treat you in different way. Very hard to understand them and they never accept anybody from out of Sweden in their circle of trust and friends! The atmosphere is very cold and if not drunk they hate talking to people but again they hide it very well!
After living three years here, I should say IT IS THE WORST COUNTRY I HAVE EVER BEEN. Swedes are so proud and racist. The value of foreigner in Sweden is less than Dogs. Most of them are very unfriendly, arrogant, bastard. They never trust foreigner because they are not trustful themselves. Never open your mouth here, cause it will be used against you.
Horrible weather, it's cold and grey almost every month of the year. The policy is the worst ever, especially the criminal policy. The most people are rude and unfriendly with no respect. I can't think of a positive thing with this loathsome country, you can't trust the people and you can't be safe anywhere.

31Czech Republic
Beautiful country with wonderful history-no religion is just due to communism- and now I would personally say that people are just scared to say whether they are religious or not-racism- however I can understand why, many times, czechs act the way they do towards gypsies- most of them want to kick them out of their country and get them set up their own country somewhere far away from them- great beer! And especially, the most beautiful women...
Dull. Dull, dull and, well, dull. Boring. Nothing going on, nothing to do other than getting drunk. Couple big cities, and tenth rest are either villages with bored people in them drinking themselves to death, or heavy polluted, very polluted industrial s-holes with sick people all over it. Lying and cheating everywhere, with everything. Racism and backwardness, as in general attitude that anyone who's not Czech is not good, is making a mess or stealing their jobs and their women. There's more jobs and money going on than Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine, but still it is a tremendous s-hole.
They are just simply the best country in the world only one problem... THEY DON'T HAVE ANY RELIGION!
[Newest]Great porn. Very nice people well the ones we met. Only place (prague) where people randomly asked us if we needed help on the street when we were lost.

Full of drug trafficking and other crime. It's not a country, but there is an independence movement which I guess is why it's here.
Never heard of that?
This is not a COUNTRY, it's just a russian project, it belongs too Moldova, but for Moldavians it's like an hemoroid, they need to get rid of it, sell it to russia

Amazing country - BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. Stunning women everywhere and a very friendly and warm people. Definitely a must see place
Beautiful country.
Amazing Nature.
Awesome girls.
Just stunning culture.
... And yeah, they are very friendly.
This is very bad country

Have not payed their war bill in years to any nation, and still thinks it is a big short that it don't have to speak another language but others have to speak theirs. Unkind to anything that is not french E.G. germany, britain and other smaller Europe country's trying to make them look the best by making the others sound worse, my next would have to be Italy as it always likes saying it is the most fashionable, tastiest and honest nation out of the EU etc. Then I say Germany but only because of the government and its plan for austerity that is damaging other country's that is not German however I have nothing against Germany besides that.
French people are so extremely left wing that it is hard to believe. Even Marine Le Pain would be called "left-wing" in normal state but French call her "far-right wing" what makes me laugh. There are no right wing parties in France - French nation has always been full of extremes - in 16,17 and 18th century France was fanatically catholic state and now it is extremely anti-catholic. I also can't stand French films which are full of awful French culture. It is not weird that Pol-Pot, who killed 25% citizens of Cambodia, studied at Sorbona. There are movements of Lenin in this country.
French People are so extremely arrogant, they refuse to learn any other language. And I was in France a few years ago when I was 11 years old, and they hated me because I'm German. The war was around 60 years ago and they asked us: "Are you Germans? " "Yes" "Hmm".
And I couldn't speak French, only a bit English and they didn't stop talking French and start talking English to me.
So in my opinion France is the worst country in the world.
[Newest]France is the best in world

This is a very beautiful country, with very good roads, good peoples and beutiful landscapes. Must seen.
Beautiful country, nice people, good food, excellent wine, Got to see it before you kick the bucket.
Best and most beautiful county on a planet!

Cold, arrogant, selfish, rude, hypocritical, narrow-minded, racist and dumb people, always criticizing the neighbour countries (especially France) without knowing anything about it except what they read in newspaper or see on T.V. , which often are lies, and absolutely unable to have their own mind. A real bunch of sheep who close their ears and eyes when we tell them there are bad things in their country. Different cultures in the same country, but unable to live together without hating each other. Laws are completely unadapted to today's society. You are punished much harder for driving to fast or parking without paying that for dealing drugs or killing somebody after having raped this person. If you want to live in this country, you have to forget about relationships and to work until death.
This country is very well organised from A to Z for hiding the truth about their incredible discrimination with strangers in order to protect their international prestige. Jealousy, patriotism and discrimination at the top of pyramid.This is all I can add to this article.
Best place to live... would be better if they would kick out all the Albanian thieves. Proof on why opening your doors to Muslims is a death wish..

Over populated, more people than jobs or housing even though both Scottish & UK Government will claim that the job situation is good in Scotland.

Inner city areas have a lot of problems with crime.

Expensive place to live, it works out cheaper to move from Scotland to other areas of Europe (and financially better off in the long term too) to start a job than it does to move to another area of Scotland.

This country has a major problem with alcohol and drugs.

Only good things are the people are genuinely nice and there's some amazing scenery in the North.
Grey towns, miserable wet weather, full on drunks and people who cannot speak the Queens Language. Smoke and drink too much. Dream about Scotland the Brave and sing about fighting the English.
Dreary dump populated by cowards who haven't even got the courage to run their own affairs but yet blame everyone else for their massive social problems.
Scotland looks like a Soviet Bloc nightmare and shares with those regions some of the highest stats for heroin, cocaine and alcohol abuse in Europe.
Despite all of this they are insufferable, self regarding narcissists.
[Newest]Should it even be included on the list? Most historians now agree that Scotland was invented in 1995 by Mel Gibson.

Irish people are nice and friendly people I live there so take it from my view it is a AWESOME COUNTRY full with stuff to like fairs to theme parks nice restaurants cafes pretty parks NICE architecture sure the bills are a bit high and some litter. Also crimes pretty low
Unfriendly? Compared to who? Or what? Ireland is one of the friendliest, if not THE friendliest countries on the planet. Do not begin to tell me that the english are any friendlier, because that would be politically incorrect and extremely false. Plus, the english have always opressed it's surrounding countries, so ireland can thank your violent and opressive country for all they have done to the irish eceonomy. Many have lived peasant lives due to England's abuse of power and aggressive behavior of their government. Who would even dare to talk about Ireland OR Scotland like that? Afterall, England signifficantly contributed to their innocently poor population. Another word you mentioned was 'fat'. Please define 'fat' for me. England has been and always will be a fatter and more obese country than ireland. Next to the fattest country on this planet (U. S), England is following close behind, while not even recognizing their overall health. God save the english!
Its history is really irrelevant man, in my humble opinion Ireland is a bleak, boring place, full of stuck-up, ignorant, dull (and most often than not drunk) people, which makes for one of the last places I'd ever want to live in (definitely the last in Europe). Even Scotland is more interesting with its landscapes and cheerful, friendly folk
You people IRELAND IS THE AWESOMEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD AMERICA IS LAZY, GREEDY AND NOT NICE Ireland loves everyone don't listen to those other coments
[Newest]I love this country

Pretty nature, but I have to say, they have a lot of hate going on in this country. Much like Romania, they don't like Roma, or Hungarians. Not even they know why they don't like Hungarians. You will be fined for speaking Hungarian or gypsy language, but English is fine. How screwed up is this? The riot police love to attack minority groups. It is screwed up, and there are no equal rights between Slovaks and minority groups. It's got to be the most chauvinistic country, alongside Romania. Terrible discrimination. TERRIBLE.
Beutiful women but way too full of themselves. Needs to rid itself of that old cold war thinking. A little too self righteous and pretentious. and if your American they love to tell you whats wrong with your country.
My Grandad is Older than that "country"

Beautiful country. Uneducated people. Bigots and nationalists. Violent population. Orthodox Christians majority rules the country.
Have never been in such an amazing and underrated country, I will visit it again soon!
Fantastic small country, so beautiful! Where Mountains and Sea meet each other!

41Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland isn't a country. It's land occupied by the UK where they oppress the native Irish
Beautiful place full of friendly down to earth people, never had a bad time here
I'm Northern Irish and the fact is that ni is a country in Britian them taig bastards are just selfish and want everything for themselves. This country is crap as every we are out rioting in our streets, from twelve we drink buck fast there's a take a way on every street corner and there's so many taig lovers

One of the worst countries in europe, we don't have jobs, a lot of us don't have jobs. A lot of low paid jobs, expensive food and a lot of things.
Slovenia is the worst country in EU... Government corruption
It's a country where it is legal to lead the government from prison. The leader of SDS (opposition political party) in behind bars but he also has a good chance for winning an elections this year. Beat that Europe!
[Newest]Racist people who only know how to hate and oppress.

As was said before it's corrupt and incompetent country full of liars that brainwash people with patriotism to just strip them off as much money as humanly possible. Living there is impossible with all the hateful selfish people that will get on you at a slightest with their indoctrinated minds.
Nice country. Friendly and talkative people. Roads could be better. Really cool and clean beaches. By the way it's one of the cleanest and safest countries in the world.
Country full of ignorant people. Sums it up.
[Newest]A dark, depressing hell hole.

I love Denmark, proud to be born there!
These people are geniuses! You judge this place because of the weather? This is the home of Lego!
Denmark is simply the best place to live!
The medical system is great, and the oppertunity to create your own life is very good and unique.

The worst thing about the country, is the weather... it's simply not warm enough during spring, summer and autumn.

Well you didn't still saw nothing about it it is full of stalkers who wanna know every thing about you and they are always trying to do other peoples lives theirs they care nothing about freedom and they are obsessed with money school(wanting to be better than each other) and politics and they also fight on there own religion on feasts like which is the best cause each town has it's own feast (and there are tons of reverends and all of them do nothing really do worst) any reason is good for them to fight I needed years to understand until my son came from school and told me that teachers where teaching students that they have to be the best, best then each other even children are jealous of each other(and before I went there my friend who was born in malta and lived there till age 11 told me that but I thought it was because she hated it but now I do not know what I really think about it, (i do not think that all are like that cause my friend was there really her parents are like that too but she came here with her aunt that was adopted from an american after her mother (the aunt's mom)died she doesn't declare her self like a maltese cause she is crazy about usa but she loved that tourists where threaten well cause they where her only friends and I thank god she came here and her parents left her. Something amazing is how here aunt is she is kind and sweet as candy while her mother is cruel(well a bit less but at first that was what I thought when I saw her the first time) and when I said I was divorced(but in good relations with my husband she woke uup and hit my friend (her daughter) in her face because according to her, her daughter shouldn't be with people like me (divorced)i literally threw the hot coffee on her not because she referred to me as a "bitch"but because she hit my friend cause (I can't say that is her daughter )her two siblings still live there ad they are awesome people maybe there are three people every few years haha!
Boring and nothing to do here.
Only things you can do is work or party (which as hell I sure don't).
The living expenses are cheap and the tax rate is one of the cheapest in the world, sadly the primitive mindset of the Maltese and the lack of activities the country presents make it one of the most, if not the most boring country in the world.
I'm from Malta and believe me its one of the WORST countries ever
Its extremely boring and very small in a week you can visit all the island
People are double faced and very nosey all they do is speak behind your back
They are also very closed minded and extremely rude and homophobic
Jobs are a disaster so is politics
[Newest]Worst places to live. Low salaries, rude conservative people, overcrowded entertainment areas. Only good for a holiday but not to live

Icier than Iceland :(
You idiots think Greenland belongs to North America? DO YOU HAVE SCHOOL WHERE YOUR FROM?
Grrenland should be Iceland and Iceland should be Greenland


47Isle of Man
Worst isle in the world

The bad: Too far to get to anywhere. No prospects.. Awful weather. Very anti English (not English myself). Always thinking they are better than the rest. Grim looking, especially the Vallys.

The good: beautiful coastline & beaches. Beautiful wildlife. Good shopping
People with nothing better to do than slate the English cause their country is full of unemployed sheep.
Best country in the world, the rugby is great and they DON'T stink of sheep and aren't fat.
I went to a place called Swansea, the coast is great and the shops are too, views are breath-taking and there is a lot to do there.
[Newest]Wales are the best amazing wildlife and you need to go to st. Davies

Really nice people good places love it

I don't even know what kind of country is that, and I didn't even see it on the Europe map.


Nobody called France, Holland etc Germany when they were attempting genocide, why is this terrorist state been eradicated like Nazi Germany was.. War criminals in every neutral organisations eyes, Middle East not Europe
IsraHELL, crappy country in pretty much every sense... War, the religious Jews control the government and aspire to create here a religious dictatorship! The nature is dirty, the cities look like , a city center looks like some suburb of post war kosovo :X The people are extremely annoying and like to push their nose into each other's business! Traffic is crap, mandatory military service for BOYS AND GIRLS ALIKE! The Jews of Arab descent (Or as I like to call them: ARABS) ruined this country with their subculture of crime and violence. I mean it's not enough to have Muslim Arabs, Jewish ones are here as well!
I was born here and live here and currently waiting for the first opportunity to leave!
By the way if someone has ever told you Israeli girls are hot than it's a complete lie! They are all fugly!
Not in Europe you idiots.
[Newest]Last time I checked, Israel is not in Europe


Portugal has some of the worst politic criminals around. They ruined my life and many other millions life. That is the very very worst of this country. I hate them so MUCH!
There is famine and old people with health problems, but the media hide it. Believe me, there is a lot of hidden misery and poor people around here.
Bad designed roads make a lot of accidents happen. Besides a lot of stupid blokes think they can drink and drive and a LOT of accidents happen because of that.
There a lot of destruction of nature. Its shameful and depressing, because we had a lot of nice places and biodiversity in the past.
The country does not stimulate outdoor life. Its all about being in shopping's and at home. People get fat and develop diseases. You cannot go to walk/cycle and camp in the forest such as lucky Norwegians or swedes do. If you stay in the woods for the night, you are seen as weird and suspect of something and the national guard comes to arrest you and you have to pay a lot of money.
There's excruciating hot in the summer, too much sun, and its becoming dry and dry. Besides there is a lot of criminal forest fires. Less vegetation, more heat.
Most people in cities suburbs are blokes and uneducated, noisy and picky.
I avoid to say in public I'm Portuguese, because I don't have anything to do with those criminals who ruined my life here. Don't come here, unless you like holidays in the sun and nice coastline (you can keep it, I don't like it) and go away back to your polite and educated countries.
being Portuguese is a curse. The economy is a disaster, politics deserve to die, a lot of people are rude and stupid and pick on others peoples life, colleagues on companies are envious of others success, there is always someone trying to steal you, be it the government or gangs in the streets. The weather is hideous through summer, the cities are dirty, the forest is burning all the time. People are blokes and uneducated in the suburbs, there is too much noise all the time. There is a huge unemployment due to corruption, college fares are extremely high for most students have to skip college, many woman are mostly futile and try to pretend they are rich dressing chic clothes all the time, a lot of men are just interested in football and beer. A lot of people have huge debts on the bank because they are buying expensive cars just to show off. They are also too judgmental, picking on how you dress and music you listen too. You can only get good jobs if your parents are rich or friends with a company owner. There are a few nice, intelligent and respectful people but those are being underestimated and destroyed by all these problems.
Coming from a person that was born in this hell-hole and has lived in quite a few countries throughout Europe, I must say that this is one of the worst (if not The Worst) country to live in, in terms of surviving the living costs and even getting along with others - watch out fr your back because the Portuguese are, not solely o my experience, the most fake people that you will ever encounter. They are always ready to stab you in the back to ruin your life because most are literally raised from childbirth to envy and annihilate anyone who may be more successful in anything, even in university.
In economic terms, this country is plainly absurd because you hardly earn any income even if you work to the bone (crime is the only way to prosper here) to pay nearly half of your basic living expenses.
It's a great place to spend your holiday, that is, it would be if the damn criminality rate wasn't so high (and don't take much notice in the statistics because most are lies, like on G. Orwell's 1984). But, if you want a good example to illustrate the Portuguese living society, imagine yourself in the working-class during the English Victorian times.
I am stranded here.
I'm too old to work at 35 and don't have enough money to get out of here, given that the borders in Germany and England are starting to close in. Who would ever give a Portuguese man a job expect fellow comrades in other countries that will suck your income to the last drop?
Being born as Portuguese or as a Romanian gypsy is pretty much the same nowadays. Little does it matter that I have a master's degree - as long as I'll stay labelled, cursed forevermore.
The list of other bad aspects of this wretched nation could go on but I reckon that you wouldn't believe it. People around here also appear to be too blind to see. But I'm not alone with this dark perspective.
[Newest]Portuguese are horrible. Not polite, arrogant, racists, they don't have basic social competences, they liars, they hate foreigners. I am foreign student here, they never say me hello in the class. Horrible. Professors are so arrogant. Unfriendly. Unhelpful... I will never come back here. Never. I didn't expect this. Its big difference to be here and to be the tourist in Lisbon, Porto, etc. Of course, when they want to sell you something, they smile.

Turkish troops out of Cyprus! Cyprus is Greek Island
Cyprus in only spent for holidays nothing to do

55San Marino

56South Africa
Whaat?! South Africa's in Africa! Not Europe. Get your face straight!
Beautiful country but a bit unsafe
Are you insane! South Africa is in Africa! And it is far away from Europe!
[Newest]Um... It's called South Africa.


57Faroe Islands

I guess you meant New Jersey and that is not a country. That is a state.
Nice islands. Peacefull people. No poverty

Yugoslavia is now Serbia
It is rude to Bosnia Slovenia and more

In comparison to Germany, this country rocks! I (German) will never move back again! People much more friendly, better job opportunities and a sense of decency towards those who may have a hard stretch you'd never see in the "model European country" - dear international readers, please stop buying into the German legacy, the country's been going down the drain for years... They just don't tell ya!
Full of Nazi xenophobes with delusions of grandeur. The coffee is excellent but they don't deserve it.
This in the best country in Europe.. Both on social life and financial aspect... It is a land of opportunity..
[Newest]Racist, boring and money driven

This is the only one that's the right place



This isn't even in Europe
Kazakhstan is actually in Asia.


A little bit of the areas of Kazakhstan if in Europe.
[Newest]A little bit of the areas in Kazakhstan is in Europe.

Estonians are so goodlookibg! Greets from Finland
Such an unfriendly place! People are cold and racist

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